Who Said It: Obama Or Hollande?

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Via Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box,

French Fried

              -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?
The United States is becoming French. Those that have should give their money to those that do not and be proud of it. That was the clear message from the President’s inauguration. How we arrived at this place is clear enough; the Democrats appealed to the less fortunate and those who do not work and those who want the government to support them and those that do work and those that do stand on their own two feet are being asked to pay as a matter of national duty and conscience. There are very few ways to couch this that do not use rather charged words or call strong feelings to the fore but there it is; America is becoming a Socialist country very similar to France.
“I don't like indecent, unearned wealth.”
                -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?
During the recent debates on the budget deficit and the raising of taxes we have been told that entitlement programs are not up for discussion. We cannot afford what we have now and yet the only response we are given is to raise more taxes, increase the social programs and incur more debt. The Fed is going along with the program and buying the government’s debt to keep interest rates low so all of the hand-outs can continue but, at some point, there will be a score to settle and the United States will be on the losing end of the stick. It will be Inflation or Valuation and the burgeoning debts of the newly socialized America will exacerbate the polarization of a nation that used to applaud a man joining the American dream and standing on his own to feet to create wealth for himself and his family and now adamantly criticizes this notion as being un-American.
“We do not believe that in this country, freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few.”
                 -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?
Debt is composed of three primary considerations; the total amount owed, the interest rate paid and whether the principal can be re-paid. The world, these days, as focused and primed by the central banks has focused the attention on just one component which is the interest rate. So we have lower interest rates in America and in Europe due the coordinated efforts of the central banks and various governments and yet the total amount of debt keeps growing which will overcome the interest rate factor as the economies underpinning the ability to re-pay the debts are eroding. Whether it is the United States or in most of Europe the economic decline is serious and in some cases close or past insolvency except as bailed-out by their neighbors fearing the dissolution of the European Union. In America, given the rather opaque statements made in the Inauguration Speech, we have hardly begun to see the calls for more social programs, higher taxes and curtailed deductions held high under the banner of providing more support for the less fortunate and the needy. The social safety net, long prevalent in America, is being replaced with an equalization of money and life-style past anything ever seen in the country. Karl Marx may not be quoted but he seems to be idolized by those lording power at the present. It is no wonder that Mr. Obama is held in such high regard in Europe; he is one of their own and a fellow carrier of the Manifesto.
“We cannot succeed when a shrinking few do very well and a growing many barely make it.”
                 -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?
Let me tell you this; the next four years in America will be full of more social programs, higher taxes, a larger deficit and a greater division between those that make money and those that do not. There will be a shift from those States with high taxes to those States with low taxes and even a move by the more affluent to find other places for residency. Those that have accumulated assets will look for places to protect them and the ability of the nation to fund the grand ideals of Socialism will find its capacity diminished as a result.

                  -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?
We are not at the end but at the beginning. America is just at the starting line of something new in our history which will shake the foundation of the nation to its core and pit wage-earners against wage-takers in a manner never before seen. We are past the crossroads and embarked upon a path that will lead the United States into new territory that I fear will be disastrous for the country and for investors. What you make and what you invest will be demanded for the fiscal equalization of the population and woe to those that protest, that want to return to the old values and who wish to accumulate assets to have a nicer life for themselves and their families. Under the guise of patriotism and social justice more will be demanded, more will be taken and the country will ultimately be poorer because of the experience.

                   -Barack Obama or Francois Hollande?

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Which one is the marxist.....and which one is the socialist?

surf0766's picture

Today it certainly looks like marxist=socialist=NWO

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Surprise ending......nice.

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Now, all of you faggety pussies stop your belly-aching and start paying your fair share, which under the Obama regime should amount to right around 90% of both income and wealth.

trav777's picture

hmmm...Obama, as a lifetime affirmative action queen, EPITOMIZES "unearned wealth"

Mister Ponzi's picture

The second sentence made clear who said it. American politicians always pay lip service to liberty. French politicians do not mention it at all.

CH1's picture

Marxist, socialist, fascist...

They're all rulers and they all intend to reap from you, so long as you live.

Work harder!

Whoa Dammit's picture

"Marxist, socialist, fascist..."  They all get the same script from Goldman.

francis_sawyer's picture

 "Can I have a mulligan"?


Teleprompter or Surrender Monkey?

Manthong's picture

my guess.. Obama.. based upon the first statement.

it is the kind of egregious statment that I expect from the elitist hypocrite he has revealed himself to be.

Dugald's picture

“We find ourselves in a difficult situation... There's a crisis, weak growth, unemployment... my duty is to ensure that by the end of my mandate (the country) is in a better state than it was at the beginning.”

Well....Good luck with that Mr. President...So much for  the advertising, now lets see the product....

You're what Mr. President?....Oh, proscribed by the limitations of your office....Ok got the message, lets you off the hook.....

Bob's picture

We're all muppets now.

philipat's picture

With a sprinkling of State Fascism on top. Yummy...

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

I would have guessed that all of the quotes were attributed to Ellsworth Toohey.

IamtheREALmario's picture

Read the manifesto. It is a guide on how to harness the masses, not to empower them. The utopian communist society does not exist so long as human beings are willing to cede their free will to others under the mistaken belief that they will be protected and cared for.

Pure Evil's picture

You just don't know how things really work.

You see, there's this tree full of monkeys, some at the top and some at the bottom and some in the middle.

Since a tree can hold more monkeys at the bottom and the middle than at the top we develop a hierarchy of crap flinging monkeys. If you want a visual representation just fly to India.

And, since gravity is the dominate force in these monkeys lives, when a monkey at the top takes a crap, it is more than likely that it will land on the head of a monkey at the bottom.

Now that monkey at the botton doesn't like this one bit and since its difficult to throw the crap back up the tree, that monkey in his anger will now throw those feces at other monkeys at his level in the tree, which in human terms is called politics.

And this boys and girls, is how a marxist community organizer from Chicago got to be President of the United States. Yep, that's right, he climbed to the top of the tree and crapped on the heads of everyone beneath him.

Jethro's picture

They give lip service to equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity....then fiscally rape the citizenry, and wipe off with the Constitution.

Captain Kink's picture

Bingo!  Since when does the Constitution guarantee happiness?  Since when is everyone entitled to a cushy retirement?  Earn your way, save, take care of your parents in their old age.  Isn't that the way it was when we were growing up? 

I can't wait to go Gault on these SOBs...

buckethead's picture

Hollande = Socialist

Obama = Fascist trying to appease a leftist base.

This is just so much blathering and misdirection. Hollande (although misguided) actually tried to impliment socialist policies. Obama continues on with neocon bush policies while verbally rebuking them.

The fact that people continue to whine about Obama the Socialist is ridiculous. It is mere pandering. When the rubber hits the road he is a neocon fascist.

Divide and conquor.... BITCHEZ

fonzannoon's picture

Who said it

"I'm outta here"

Sarkozy of Mickelson?

(trick question)

Jason T's picture

Benjiman Franklin said it best:" Where there is Liberty, there is my Country."

Fredo Corleone's picture

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”

Samuel Adams.

duo's picture

That must be on CNN's corporate charter, NBC Universal's also.

Captain Kink's picture

I just copied and pasted that quote into my email signature at work.  Thank you.

wrs1's picture

There is actually nothing wrong in what Obama said, the wealth on wall street is entirely unearned and it's not marxist to say so.  It's stupid to deny the facts.

CH1's picture

LOL... you really think Obama is really going to do anything against Wall Street?

Son, grow up.

wrs1's picture

Did you see that anywhere in my post?  It's not the point of my post, it's the factuallity of the remarks that I was simply pointing out.  I do think that Obama has done something that none of his predecessors have done, begin to free the US policy in the middle east from what benefits Israel.   It's not clear to me what he is doing in the absence of that since I don't think the US should be involved over there at all.  Of course it's the corporate interests that ensure the involvment of the US over there in any form.  There is clearly some dissent in the higher echelons of power behind the puppets on the political stage.

insanelysane's picture

Yet the POTUS insisted on taxing all income.  Watch what he does not what he says!

DOT's picture

Yeah !  What he said !

Er, what did he say? Which fact that spilled from dear leader's mouth do you reference?

Do you equate hyperbole with truthfulness? 


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

WRS, examine carefully what BHO said: "I don't like INDECENT, unearned wealth"

He didn't say he didn't like unearned wealth. Just INDECENT unearned wealth.

Obama has lived his entire life on unearned wealth. So obviously, looking at his life, he must feel his unearned wealth is perfectly decent. Apparently he thinks it's his job to decide whose unearned wealth is decent, and whose is indecent.

Obama is a master deceiver, truly diabolical.

Captain Kink's picture

My wife, usually liberal, now cannot stand him.  During the speech she shocked me by bursting forth with, "If that's what you believe, send your kids to public school in DC, you hipocrit ass!"

Needless to say, I love my woman....

falak pema's picture

why demonise him and not all the others?  All those neo-cons...

The list is so long...Demonising is NOT the issue, its value systems and doing what you say and what you believe in.

That has died in the USA...and its the fault of the people...as its THEIR country; nobody else's; that was the essence of the declaration of independence. We the people...

WallStreetClassAction.com's picture

It is stupid to deny facts, or discredit fact just because Obama "won't do anything about it". I recall his calling out "fat cats" once and all the panties jammed up in a bunch. Besides, the outsourcer Romney would be better? Your fucking tribalism on this site is stupid. You are against everyone and for no one. Is this some sort of online experiment in anarchy? 

darteaus's picture

Relax!  The Kardashians are coming out with a new season soon, American Idle just started up again, and Jack in the Box has a new food line-up.

Orly's picture

Cannot tolerate Nicki Minaj.  There longer she stays on Idol, the more ratings will plunge.  This will be the final season.

Water Is Wet's picture

Did you reply to the wrong post?  If not (and maybe if so) where did "fat cats," Romney, tribalism, or anarchy come into anything that was said?

Shell Game's picture

"Is this some sort of online experiment in anarchy?"


Yes.  But, volunteerism and self-sufficiency is most rewarding and effective OFFLINE. Give it a go!

koncaswatch's picture

WallStreetClass "You are against everyone and for no one. Is this some sort of online experiment in anarchy?"

I can't speak for anyone else on ZH but I'll answer for me, an unequivocal yes.

darteaus's picture


Uh, yeah.

Any anyone who disagrees is "...stupid to deny the facts."

Uh, okay.

Water Is Wet's picture

On the one hand I agree with Mickelson; on the other, he is an overly glorified professional athlete who makes most of his money from the firms who got the biggest government bailouts.  The big banks love to sponsor golf tournaments, and those purses are the biggest; in addition, they sponsor individual players.  Also, Government Motors loves to advertise/sponsor golf.

ClassicalLib17's picture

"Golf sucks" -- Lt. Col. David Grossman

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

He plays in golf tournaments and takes the money they give him. So that makes him accountable for bailouts? That is some absurd and twisted logic you are using there. By that standard, we should ALL be held accountable as a tiny bit of that bailout money has made it into everyone's pockets.

If you want to hate on Phil, do it because he acted like a pussy by retracting what he said, which was 100% right.

SheepDog-One's picture

Call it whatever name, they're trying to build a world nation state centrally planned and controlled....it will never actually work but that won't stop the lunatics from their 'ultimate power' quest.

Notice yesterday ObaMao AGAIN couldn't manage to get out 'United States' without flubbing it, and look at a D.C. license plate it clearly says 'Taxation Without Representation', that's what it's all about.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Trying? If this is "trying", then I'd like to see succeeding.

I think they've already succeeded. They just use artificial boundaries as a means to keep us separated, with a special assist from things such as flags and national anthems.

Oh, and the people love it. "Love of country" is nothing more than "love of your local sports team" at this point.

Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I always thought those DC license plates were like a giant FUCK YOU to the rest of the nation.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Yet somehow the rich just keep getting richer.  Go figure.