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Michael Bloomberg: "95% Of Murderers Fit One M.O. - Male, Minorities, Aged 15-25"

While representatives have reportedly tried to block the release of footage of Michael Bloomberg's remarks at The Aspen Institute on Feb 6th, audio has surfaced of the former New York City mayor’s controversial comments about getting "guns out of the hands of minorities."

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Stockman To Obama: Butt Out Of The Greek Crisis - You've Dispensed Enough Keynesian Poison At Home

Our clueless President observed, "You cannot keep on squeezing countries that are in the midst of depression. At some point there has to be a growth strategy in order for them to pay off their debts..." No, paying off their debts is exactly the wrong medicine. You do not kick the can and extend and pretend that Greece can service its crushing debt. Instead, you permit it to default, and then to rebuild it’s economy and credit the old fashioned way. In any event, its a problem for the Europeans and the Greeks to resolve. Obama should stop sending Keynesian witch doctors to spread more policy poison around Europe.

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"Optimistic" Putin Says US Already Supplying Arms To Ukraine

Vladimir Putin says he is "more optimist than pessimist" on Ukraine, but warns that there will be "no end to war if Kiev believes in a military solution." Noting that he believes there has been an "overall decrease" in military activity, he notes that Debaltseve was "possible to forecast," and then proclaims:


Of course, we already have "YouTube" proof of American military presence in Ukraine (which for Washington would have been good enough to wage war) but Putin offers no specific proof and adds rather pointedly that "most Ukraine troops want no part of fractricidal war."

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Holder Gives 90 Day Ultimatum To Bring "Financial Crisis" Cases Against Bankers

Speaking in Washington this morning, US Attorney General Eric Holder made some rather disturbing (at least for financial market participants) statements, that made him appear to be 'cracking-down':


Of course, the question is - does that mean after 90-days all bets are off (and everyone goes home free)?

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Failed Discipline, Failed Reforms And Grexit: Why The Euro Failed

It's not that difficult to understand why the euro is doomed to fail. Given its structure, there is no other possible outcome but failure. Greece's exit (Grexit) will simply be the first manifestation of the inevitable structural failure of the euro. To understand why this is so, we have to start with two forms of discipline: the market and the state.
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Which P/E Is Tech And Which Is Energy?

What's wrong with this picture?

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Ukraine "Truce" Fails: Withdrawal Deadline Passes, Debaltseve Situation Deteriorating


As the game of chicken between Greece and the Eurogroup hots up, it appears another - potentially far more deadly - is escalating in Ukraine as neither side is willing to follow through on the terms of the Minsk Summit peace deal - removing heavy weaponry from the frontlines - as a key deadline passes without agreement. As The Guardian reports, The Ukrainian military have stated that "as soon as the militants cease fire, the Ukrainian side will begin to withdraw heavy weaponry from the frontline," and the pro-Russian separatists proclaim, "We do not have the right [to stop fighting for Debaltseve]," adding that as far as the truce, "we have everything ready for a mutual withdrawal. We will not do anything unilaterally – that would make our soldiers targets."

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Fed's Household Credit Report Confirms It Is A Student And Car Loan "Recovery"

Since the Great Financial Crisis, the only two categories that have seen a net increase in debt are Student and Auto Loans.

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S&P Hits Goldman Sachs 2015 Year-End Target (10-Months Early)

Get back to work David Kostin... your 2,100 S&P 500 2015 year-end target just got taken out...

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Stocks Go Green, Euro Spikes On Report Greece To Ask Request Program Extension Tomorrow

Now where have we seen this before? Surprise contradictory headlines that occur shortly after vehement statements by leaders: *GREECE AIMS TO REQUEST LOAN ACCORD EXTENSION TOMORROW: OFFICIAL

This comes after Varoufakis and Tspiras specifically saying that they will not extend the current loan accord: "Salvation will not come by extending the mistake," adding that compromise on the current program "is not an agreement but a surrender that would complete the euthanasia of our country."

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Moscow-Based Security Firm Reveals What May Be The Biggest NSA "Backdoor Exploit" Ever

In a world in which the NSA's fingerprints are already on every form of electronic communication and information exchange, the latest revelation - conveniently presented by a Russian-based security firm - may have just implicated the US digital supespy agency in the biggest "backdoor" infiltration scandal of all time... and with it crushed the future revenue potential of countless US technology corporations.

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S&P 500 Nears 2,100; Up 120 Points In Feb

With earnings expectations collapsing, macro data disappointing across the board, Ukraine's truce failing, and Grexit looking ever more likely, is it any surprise that the S&P 500 (courtesy of yet another AAPL reacharound) is rapidly approaching the 2,100 level.

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Meet The New Greek President

He is the gentleman with the white hair.

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Turkey Central Bank Head Faces 2 Years In Jail For Not Lowering Interest Rates

Having questioned the need for an independent central bank a week ago, saying that if they can’t cope with their duties, they will be held accountable, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has filed a lawsuit against the head of Turkey’s central bank, Erdem Basci. As Trend reports, the prosecutor accuses Basci of serious material damage inflicted to Turkey’s citizens as a result of an erroneous interest rate policy of the central bank. One wonders if that gives any ambitious American prosecutors any ideas?

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Two-Thirds Of Citi Survey Participants Say Central Banks Are Now Fully In Control

From a Citi global credit survey: "...over 65% of respondents said they believed action from central banks in Europe and the US would be the principal force driving credit index spreads [and] surprisingly, in a year with major political catalysts in Europe, and ongoing regional tensions in the Middle East and Russia, only 4% of respondents felt that geopolitical risk would be the major factor driving spreads.”

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