Assistant Attorney General Breuer Gets DOJ Boot In "Untouchables" Aftermath

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Earlier today, we reported that "Assistant Attorney General Admits On TV That In The US Justice Does Not Apply To The Banks" when we commented on last night's PBS special "The Untouchables." Explicitly, we said that it was "Lenny Breuer who made it very clear that when it comes to the concept of justice the banks are and always have been "more equal" than others. He does so in such shocking clarity and enthusiasm that it is a miracle that this person is still employed by the US Department of Justice." As of minutes ago that is no longer the case as his employment contract has been torn up. The WaPo reports, that Lanny A. Breuer is leaving the Justice Department "after leading the agency’s efforts to clamp down on public corruption and financial fraud at the nation’s largest banks, according to several people familiar with the matter....It is not clear when Breuer intends to leave, nor what he plans to do once he departs, but it is certain that the prosecutor’s days in office are winding down, according to people who were not authorized to speak publicly about the matter."

From WaPo:

Breuer is widely credited with aggressively going after white-collar crime in the aftermath of the crisis. He also stepped up the division’s involvement in money laundering cases, launching a series of criminal investigations that have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements.


Critics have also decried Breuer’s routine use of deferred prosecution, which gives the agency the right to go after a company in the future if it fails to comply with the terms of the agreement. They say the use of such tactics amounts to a slap on the wrists of companies that have engaged in egregious behavior. Breuer, however, has argued that the agreements result in greater accountability for corporate wrongdoing.

Or none, as the case may be.

Brauer is not only known for being the bankers' lackey: his fingerprints are also all over Fast and Furious:

During Senate hearings in 2011, Breuer admitted that he failed to alert other Justice Department officials that federal agents had allowed guns to illegally flow into Mexico and onto U.S. streets between 2006 and 2007. The practice, known as “gun walking,” was also a key part of the Obama administration’s Phoenix gun trafficking operation, Fast and Furious.


The operation came under fire when many of the weapons later turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and the United States, including two where a U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed.


Several officials at the Justice Department resigned in connection with the operation, including Jason Weinstein, a deputy assistant attorney general in the criminal division. Breuer later apologized for his inaction, when the tactics first came to his attention. Sen. Charles E. Grassely (R-Iowa) called for his resignation, but Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. stood behind Breuer.As one of the longest-serving heads of the criminal division, Breuer’s tenure has been filled with controversy and high-profile prosecutions. He was admonished for his role in the agency’s botched attempt to infiltrate weapon-smuggling rings in the operation dubbed Fast and Furious. And he has been accused of being soft on Wall Street for failing to throw senior bank executives behind bars for their role in the financial crisis.

Either way, Brauer is gone.

And ironically it is his departure which confirms that everything that could be wrong at the US department of INjustice, is wrong.

Because, with all due respect to this banker muppet, he is merely the tiniest cog in a broken down judicial system, which works (and we obviously use the term loosely) in conjunction with the legislative and executive branches, as well as that implied fourth branch - the Federal Reserve - to further just one thing: the interests of the bankster overclass, who ever since the financial crisis have benefited to the tune of some $5 trillion, or the full amount of incurred debt that future generations of Americans will be responsible for, and yet which benefit primarily the financial oligarch right here and right now.

Fixing the unprecedented level of corruption that has gripped America will not be done with the voluntary retirement of one person who should have done more, but kept his mouth shut (for whatever selfish reasons). The system, sadly, is so rotten to the core, that only a grand reset of every social and political institution will help.

Luckily, we have the Fed for that, which courtesy of its lunatic actions is bringing this once great country every day closer to the abyss.

The good news: there is no turning back now - the entire financial system is now on crash course at a pace of $85 billion per month and accelerating.

The bad news: it will take a while before the final tide subsides for one final time as the status quo will certainly not go without a fight. A very big, and very lethal fight.

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AgAu_man's picture

Fastest Window Showcase Change on record.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

And bagged by William Banzai and ZeroHedge

idea_hamster's picture

First prize?  A Cadillac.

Second prize?  Steak knives.

Third prize?  You're fuckin' FIRED.

Carl Spackler's picture

Well then, the truth set him free !

Breuer apparently forgot Rule #1 of Fight Club.

And, he doesn't have any chips in the game for, say... Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Iran,




eatthebanksters's picture

How about his boss?...the second biggest asshole in DC!

chubbyjjfong's picture

The DoJ is like Willy Wonker on crack.  After the Chocolate Factory Xmas Party someone woke up with an Umpa Lumpa.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Now Lanny knows that, like non-corporate crime, 'truthiness' does not pay

Stackers's picture

They had an opening at another Soros funded "think tank" and he fit the bill

James_Cole's picture

I had skipped the wapo article, big mistake, it's a gem!

Tyler highlighted the best part but it bears repeating: "Yet Breuer is widely credited with aggressively going after white-collar crime in the aftermath of the crisis. He also stepped up the division’s involvement in money laundering cases, launching a series of criminal investigations that have resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements."

ROTFL - I feel bad for the onion these days, how can they compete with brilliance like that??

Troll Magnet's picture

so which TBTF bank will this jewish asshole go work for?

francis_sawyer's picture

If you're a fucking jew... You're immune to prosecution... Yu just get booted up to higher rank banking job...


Fuck this bullshit & ESPECIALLY the lame ass posters on ZH that think this is some sort of backwater ADL propaganda re-education camp... REALLY ~ Fuck you all... 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

His "in your face" incompetence was incredible.  How embarrassing.

wee-weed up's picture

Incompetence... yes.

Scapegoat... yes!

To save the "big boys"... yes!

jeff montanye's picture

his only incompetence is being too candid.

re: second place steak knives:


BaBaBouy's picture

YES, Great Fecking Jab Lannie ...


Just look at all the prosecutions at SackMenOfGold Inc...

Motorhead's picture

Fucking Lenny of "Of Mice and Men" fame had more couth and dignity than this POS.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I think he'll probably keep working for whichever TBTF bank currently employs him.

francis_sawyer's picture

every TBTF bank is full of jews... Might as well just cut the bullshit... I fucking hate bullshit...

Andy Lewis's picture

You ain't a troll magnet, yer a troll maggot.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

James_Cole said:

ROTFL - I feel bad for the onion these days, how can they compete with brilliance like that??

They can't. This story would never make it as fiction, because fiction needs to be believable to some extent.

It's even more difficult to write satire about this sort of thing. I mean, not only was Breuer

"leading [into a ditch] the agency’s efforts to clamp down on public corruption and financial fraud at the nation’s largest banks,"

he was mixed up with Fast and Furious® as well. Good satire takes a subject and exaggerates selected characteristics to absurdity. How do you exaggerate that which is already beyond absurd?

James_Cole's picture

He also got his start in gov defending Clinton's "indescretions" and has since been well rewarded!

The unforunate thing comparing the Onion to Breuer's bio is with the real thing the joke's on us unfortunately.

Let's face it though, this sort of corruption has gone on forever just seems having the internet around shines a bit of a collective light on the absurdity of it all.

Still, get your laughs where you can what else is there to do?

"He has been a driving force behind the prosecution of banks involved in rigging the global interest rate known as Libor."

Lol, wapo please! It's too much, gunna split my guts.

Go Tribe's picture

Don't worry, obama wants a more "active government."

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Obama is no Abraham Lincoln.

Obama is no Andrew Jackson.

Obama is no JFK.

Now that Obama does not need to worry about being re-elected, he can actually do what needs to be done, take back the money printing from the private banks. 

Random's picture

Lose the "L" and you get a very close description of O. He is very kind also, he only gives.

earnyermoney's picture

Barry = Tricky Dick Nixon and Herbert Hoover.

Pure Evil's picture

Did he get fired for telling the truth, or for telling the truth in public on TV.

I suspect he had the full support of the DOJ when he went on a network only watched by brain dead liberals. And while the episode was airing I have to believe all the liberals were nodding in unison that this was the proper thing to do because more than likely the Great One himself was behind it, sorta like North Korea apratchiks all crying in unison because they know its requried of them.

But, when an obscure and uppity little financial blog broke the story a knee jerk reaction was experienced down at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. As we all know, when you become a liability to Barry Sotero you're either suicided or thrown under the bus.

I can only guess Breuer is breathing a sigh of relief since he has yet to find himself hanging from a rafter in his attic.

The Monkey's picture

Are you implying somehow that it's wrong that HSBC can get off the hook wirh no criminal prosecutions after $800 billion dollars in money laundering including multiple transactions to Iran, organizations with terrorist affiliations and drug cartels (for years), while bills like FISA and the NDAA put ordinary US citizens in the crosshairs?

Troll Magnet's picture

i don't know if we should be calling anyone a terrorist. pot, meet kettle.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I believe it's spelled 'terrist'.

Just tryin' to help.

DaveyJones's picture

it's called "tearthis" and it refers mostly to the constitution

Woodyg's picture

Holder and Breuer are both from the Covington and Burling Law Firm - this firm represents the worst banking corps, mining and oil and gas operators as well as a perferred dictator or 2.

Of course they didnt prosecute the banksters - they represented them just before going to the (non)Justice Dept.

And will return there soon with a heroes welcome for holding off any prosecutions - they will also be well rewarded for that non prosecution and the codification of Rule by Men over the Rule of LAW.

El Oregonian's picture

"How about his boss?...the second biggest asshole in DC!"

How about his boss?...the second biggest criminal asshole in DC!



jumbo maverick's picture

And some Rice a Roni
The San Francisco Treat

AlaricBalth's picture

Truth is Treason. A lesson Breuer had to learn the hard way.

idea_hamster's picture

"Fired" isn't the hard way.

Gulag is the hard way.

The kid gloves will come off eventually....

DeadFred's picture

Club Gitmo is taking reservations, maybe he can get a room with a beach view.

Ms. Erable's picture

Memo to Breuer: Don't go skiing, and stay out of hot tubs.

cynicalskeptic's picture

Small plane flights should be avoided.....

Pure Evil's picture

I would suggest he ask for his own cell seeing how the Brothers Muslim currently serving time have a penchent for goats and little boys.

And since a lot of those terrorists have been incarcerated since the beginning of the Afghan war I'm sure they won't be concerned with which hole they fill with Jihad.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

It would be like the Native American tribes round the Great Lakes Region of the 1600's, keeping the white boys alive as merely a food source. Good fun.

Pseudo Anonym's picture

just like elliot spitzer

A lesson Breuer had to learn the hard way

Al Huxley's picture

You can always tell who the low-level gophers and lackeys are, because they're the ones who crack and accidentally spill the beans under pressure.  If he'd just flat out fucking lied more ('what do you mean no prosecutions, of course we're pursuing them to the maximum extent allowed by the law!') he'd still be working.  The true, master psychopaths and sociopaths - the ones at the top of the system giving the orders wouldn't think twice about it.