Webcast Of House Vote To Temporarily Suspend Debt Ceiling - UPDATE: Bill Adopted

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The House is now debating the "No Budget, No Pay" Delay-and-Pray bill debt-ceiling-extension and is due to vote around 1230ET. As CSPAN notes, the deal would raise the government's current $16.4 trillion debt limit until May 19. In exchange, the House and Senate must pass a budget resolution by April 15 or place members' salaries in an escrow account until the chamber acts. The bluff-calling continues...

Reps: 200 Yea, 32 Nay, 0 NV

Dems: 85 Yea, 109 Nay, 6 NV


Click image for link to live CSPAN coverage of the debate and vote...

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All in favor of kicking the can and leaving collapse to our children say Aye

Sudden Debt's picture

Aye... but which can?... there's so many...

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Most of these corrupt a-holes are filthy rich anyway, threatening them with delaying payment of a few grand to them is supposed to make some massive difference?  Ridiculous.  And obviously this thing would be DOA in the Senate to begin with, what's the point?

TerminalDebt's picture

The Senate Democrats think this is a win for Obama.

I think they will pass it.

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Tyler.... thanks for the  White house image against a dark background. Do you have a larger version?

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Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

aye aye aye...

pendejos! (435 of them)

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Correction:  only 285 pendejos...



kekekekekekeke's picture

Nah, he's right.  Fuck 'em all

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Yeah, the collapse will happen. Foreign holders of our treasuries take note. We don't intend to pay you back-- we never did-- unless you count hyperinflated toilet paper. I mean, SHIT! paying you off is much more of a national security risk than not paying you off. You think we're just gonna let you get strong while we get weak? WE DRANK YOU MILKSHAKES STUPIDS.

Sudden Debt's picture

they don't want money :)
Ohio as downpayment for the interests go to... the chinese

Ivanovich's picture

Let 'em have Ohio.  Maybe we won't have to hear about those hicks come next election.

unrulian's picture

Bought Alaska for 7.2 million

Sell Alaska for 1,2 trillion (with that bitch Palin)

pretty good return

EscapingProgress's picture

No, keep Paylin. She was really good in that Hustler film.

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These clown villains want a fiscal cliffhanger Ver. 2.0 to blame the mid-year market crash on.  

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With unlimited debt, there is nothing left to blame... except the people. Watch as in the end the blame is pushed on to the commoner. "It was all YOUR fault. You borrowed beyond your means and the banks suffered from YOUR irresponsibility. For the grave injustice YOU did the wonderful system we have erected for YOU... YOU must serve forever repaying YOUR debt, debt slave." Seems like a plausible outcome.

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C'mon children only count when they are dead on the front page.

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Jan 6th, was a great time to stack. With this news, Stacking today might be wise also. 

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LOL, the 'salaries' of so-called 'representative politicians' is PEANUTS compared to their haul from lobbyist all expense paid boondogles and junkets and their insider trading! 

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Not place in an escrow account, forfeit it

LawsofPhysics's picture

Make sure the vote is recorded so we all know who the traitors are.

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Madame Lafarge is knitting furiously today.

Spastica Rex's picture

No she isn't. She's watching the Food Channel.

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Are the repubs asking for a budget or a balanced budget? big difference.

pods's picture

Well that depends on what the script says for this act.


fonzannoon's picture

ah yes reality check. thank u kindly.

TerminalDebt's picture

they are asking for a budget thats capable of passing, thats impossible so no pay guaranteed if this bill gets to Obumbler's desk

NidStyles's picture

Traitors to what? Your ideas that we are any way responsible for each other?

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The "No Pay" thing is a complete joke. The paycheck they earn from the House/Senate position is just extra spending money, for the majority of these guys. It's akin to Steve Jobs taking a $1 salary at Apple, when he owned millions in stock options. A feel-good, "See, we're doing something!" measure.

Sudden Debt's picture

exactly! maybe Goldman sachs and JPM will give in a little extra this month?

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Bitch. bitch, bitch all over the internets - and no one, to my knowledge, is seriously trying to organize a tax protest, which is the only thing that will get the attention of these unremitting cunts.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Good point, and with the exception of those without wages, it is indeed not being done.  I'd hold on to those guns and ammo if I were you, because there may be a new requirement by the fascists in charge to keep the "bread" coming.  Just imagine if those EBT recipients had to "do something" for those benefits.  Think about it.  History is very clear on where this is heading.

fuu's picture

Grats on your 36 minutes!


Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

the most effective tax protests are silent


Zap Powerz's picture


Were too fucking busy working our asses off to organize a protest!

random shots's picture

10Year unchanged...noone cares or this means nothing?

EscapeKey's picture

If Gordon Brown was around, no doubt he'd proudly proclaim that "Risk has been eliminated".

Sudden Debt's picture

cspan... HA!
there's a docu about the breeding habits of the African fireant on Discovery channel. I think I'll watch that instead.

pods's picture

Well if you get bored you can put a dab of oleic acid on an ant and watch the other ants try to remove them from the colony.

Dead ants emit it and that's how the others know to remove the bodies.

Nature is so much more fun than the theater.



indygo55's picture

Can we put some  oleic acid  on the congress critters and see if they get taken out? Just asking.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I may be totally wrong, but I thought ants gave off formic acid when dying.



Pods was right - ants give off oleic acid upon death. They secrete formic acid for attack and defensive purposes. I stand corrected.

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The RINOs will fall in line with the dems and they will both blame it all on those stymieing 'tea partiers' holding up progress. Same as it ever was.

kito's picture

RINOS????? that would imply there are republicans that arent in name only.......lets see...ron paul retired..his son is pathetic traitor who endorsed nitwitmitt.....there is justin amash who may be the next ron paul.........thats about it..........................

Spastica Rex's picture

Wow - you and I had the same thought at the same instant.

kito's picture

we must be cosmic twins........................

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

private zh threads are $150/hr

clean templates

no questions asked

kito's picture

how do you deem a thread private if we post comments for all to see???? 

Spastica Rex's picture

Is there another kind of "R?"