It's Official: Worst. Recovery. EVER

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If there was any debate whether the Fed's policies have helped the economy or just the market (and specifically the Bernanke-targeted Russell 2000), the following two charts will end any and all debate. As the following chart from the St Louis Fed shows, as of the just completed quarter, US GDP "growth" since the "recovery" is now the worst in US history, having just dipped below the heretofore lowest on record.

A slightly prettier version of the same chart created by JPM's Michael Cembalest, is presented below:


But fear not: it is only the worst recovery ever for anyone unlucky enough to still rely on such Old Normal concepts as the "economy" to feed, clothe and provide shelter for themselves.

For those lucky 1% of the US population whose entire wealth is in financial assets (and who once again managed to avoid a tax hike on carried interest or any actual financial assets), times have almost never been so good.

Well, it's not the biggest surge in the market since the economic trough in history, but it is close. Which as Bernanke admitted some time ago (when discussing the level of the Russell 2000), is the only thing that actually matters to the Fed.

Yet oddly enough, the trickle down from the trillions in excess wealth created for those who hold financial assets, as a result of daily POMOs pumping some $85 billion, and soon more, into the stock market each month, has yet to materialize.

Oh well: just keep on doing more of what you are doing Uncle Ben, and if possible destroy the US economy even more than you already have - at this point, at least on a relative basis, you can't destroy it more.

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I suppose we can't get our money back at this point.

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Of course we can.  Didn't you see Dumb and Dumber?  All we need is a brief case full of IOU's.  "This one is worth 275 thousand.  Might want to hold on to that one."

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We all know recovery takes some time. We are now on the what 3-4 year since the recession ended.

Nothing has changed for the better and the Job market/ businesses are still going away.

Full Layoff/Closing List - Just check it for a few weeks


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Many more layoffs in  the coming months from companies like HP.

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Will you accept some "slightly used" LA gear hi-tops, a case of New Coke, and the remnants of a 1987 Yugo for payment...?

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I'm with you MDB. First let me sell my, and shares. As soon as settlement hits I'll send you a check from my Washington Mutual Savings account.

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“please buy just one or two Herbalife products from me?”

No problem... but first buy a few quarts of Amsoil from me to alleviate the friction in your rear end from Herbalife and some Mary Kay cover-up cream from my wife to hide the redness.

And thank you for helping me discover a new market vertical.  

How many Herbalife distributors and shareholders are there?

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Don't ever say ever

I'm sure there's worse ones to come

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Thanks for your post, MDB.  I have been looking to buy Herbal Life products in size, but don't know a rep.  Drop me an email at retarded1@lol.con.

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Is this a hard recovery? Yes. Thus why we should do more to make the economy better.

Instead of Congress complaining about trivialities why not pass another jobs bill. Jobs are an issue both sides understand.

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Dr. Krugman,  You sir, are a genius.

All this time all we needed to do was pass a jobs bill.  A law that makes jobs! Brilliant!

We indeed have a dumb congress for them not to see this.

I now understand why you were awarded the Nobel Piece (of shit) Prize.

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This is so true to life it makes my soul ache. 

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At the end of the day if you followed ZH advice and bought PM, you are a happy camper.

However, the Apple beat down coupled with a market rally needs to be adressed by the Tylers.  Actually, there needs to be an admission of being 100% wrong.

Btw, the sky is falling......the end is near and bernanke is a genius.

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Memo to Drudgies:

It's a Corporatocracy.  And they don't give a fuk about you. 

Detox is free here at zerohedge.

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I'm more bearish than ever. Acceleration in velocity is a force of physics to be reckoned with, and as that applies to the actual economy, the most reliable data demonstrates macro degradation is occurring at the fastest pace since 2008. The real economy is staggering & stumbling from a thousand cuts, and even The Bernank won't be able to print bandages fast enough to prevent blood from spilling all over the hopium, propaganda-fueled financial "markets."

The Bernank has just under 340 days until he leaves (as has been reported) & will try to extend the myth of his "virtuous circle" fraud of a macroeconomic theory with eveything he has, but will come up empty. Sorry, Ben, but you'll not get to leave under the shade & cover of the bubbles you intentionally inflated.

As an OT aside (I don't know where else to put this, sorry), Frontline's Martin Smith, who reported on the Lanny Breurer/DoJ inaction on bringing forth prosecution of Wall Street/Banking entities, has tweeted that the Department of Justice has essentially blacklisted him & told him they would no longer cooperate with Frontline because of his, and I quote (his words), "hit piece":


Martin Smith: Frontline - "Well, The justice department called and said they thought it was a hit piece, that I came with an agenda and that they will never co-operate with us in the future."


"Truth is treason in an empire of lies."

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Bandages?  We aint't got no bandages!  We don't need no bandages!  I don't have to show you any steeking bandages!  Give us your gun and we'll leave you in peace.

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T in S - How true!

Look to 'Frontline' having it's PBS funding pulled.

Muzzle the truth sayers and reward the fraudsters.

The damage is just too great to fix at this late stage.

We are all on the same bus until the end of the line.

Unfortunately,  at the bottom of the hill - the bridge has been washed out!

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Another memo to the Drudgies---


Don't take investment advice from MillionDollarBonus, he is doing a Jim Cramer-like comedy routine.

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MDB couldn't give investment advise even if it was presented to him rectally.

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My Neighbour owns and drives a fully functional Yugo. I salute his mechanical abilities.

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If only he could put his skills to good use...

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Not the ones with lights tho..

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Don't worry MDB, you'll be able to offset any loses with your fantastic Facebook overleveraging.

"Son, life is about choices" - my dad

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sheep: I'm broke
nank: ok .. we'll keep handing out cash to our buddies until you're not broke any more

sheep: I'm foreclosed
nank: ok .. we'll keep handing out cash to our buddies to cover your missed payments

sheep: I'm hungry
nank: ok .. we'll keep eating until you're full

sheep: I'm horny
nank: ok .. we got ourselves some hookers

endeavor to persevere!

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WHat's the rate of THC in your products ? Above 20% I'll buy you some oz.

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What varieties of Herbalife hash are available?

Also, what quantities? (e.g., gram, quarter ounce, half ounce, ounce, etc.)

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You better smoke a lot to forget about this mess. Or drink ... but don't sniff ! Could make you angry about what they do at the government level.

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I've been saving old sink sponges for years now and I'm only missing two. It's a helleva collection.

I'd be willing to trade you...

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that's one way to suck it up

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Dear Dr Bone US.

I'll trade you for something you won't forget. Meet me in the back alley. I know you turned your gun in because your congress person told you to do it.


How U like me now.

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Be careful, loopholes abound... as of now these aren't on the hitlist of illegal guns:

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I heard RoboTrader was looking for some anal lube... can you recommend anything to him?

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GerbelLife has a totally organic line of products for Robo, smartly priced for the urban man.

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I can pay with my Global Crossing and Enron stock.

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Funniest thing I've read all year MDB.

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MillionDollarBonus! Have you got any free samples?

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I'm sure we can arrange something, how's your appetite for Apple stock?

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I want to buy your Herbalife products, but I will pay with SILVER COINS !!!

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MDB, I hope the Herbalife products came with longer term expiration dates. If sales aren't going through the roof in this recovery, you'll need to vote for even more hope and change especially if they allow the will of the people to vote in a third term. But for now, I think I actually need my Tide a bit more.

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you are a true American MDB

I think Bernie Madoff would be interested in some of your action