Anonymous Lays Easter Egg In US Sentencing Commission's Website

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Go to


Have fun

(For more on Anonymous' hack of the USSC read here)

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Cyber attack is imminent, says DHS Secretary Napolitano No shit.   Meanwhile all the banking ceos, cfos, coos, are FREE AS A MUTHA FUCKIN BIRD.   Money laundering drug cartel money, securities fraud, bid rigging, and further market manipulations have gone unpunished.    FUCK YOU, ERIC PLACE HOLDER, BEN BERNANKE, BARACK OBAMA,  I dunno, but it seems this plays right into the FUCK THE RIGHTS OF THE PEASANTS playbook.
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A drill in every emergency....
a chicken in every pot.


(Oh but for the promised land we journeyed, 40 years before the mast long away form our kind and kin but to find them all ensconced in the Isle of Perpetual Summer Camps)

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It's already fixed, and they haven't released shit.

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Can you say "False Flag?"

I knew you could!

DHS/CIA etc. Directed op to discredit.

I mean - really! You could see this coming from space! Nearest DHS drone maybe?

For your protection of course.

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Probably copying everything on your hard drive when you visit the website.

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Its an app availabe at the app store too.


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Next week they plan to dump a truckload of fizzies in the pool at the swim meet...

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Understand that Anonymous is whatever the government wants it to be and do as a means to an end.  Ultimately they want control of the information on the internet.  Do you think they like having world truth available at your fingertips.  Things were so easy back in the 30's and 40's when all your news came from a single newspaper.  They could easily tell you that you need to kill some Nazis or Commies.  Not now, the internet that promised global trade and finance to enrich the elite has also brought the evil of truth.  Swartz would agree.  And that my friends is the long and short of it....

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Or downloading Anonymous' file would be an excellent way to effectively distribute and unleash by stealth a  stuxnet-quality virus onto the web once the key escrow unlock is released with the promise of truth, justice and transparency.

It would be the ultimate torojan and the resulting damage a cause celebre for the implementation of draconian cyber security.

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It's all directed history.  Anonymous is deep cover for the elite....

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that is just buttfucking stupid

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Website hacked with AK-47's and AR-15s. 

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@ CH1

+ 1

I just went to take look as well, I saw nothing out of the ordinary.  What is it they always say?  "Put up or shut up!"

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Follow the "Contra" cheat code.

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"i'm a contra, too!"

-r. reagan

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Oh, you liked commies? Daniel Ortega was a friend of yours?

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nah game is still in the web site's source code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>'s website is shit slow right now. it loads up an atari type game that you can "destroy" the USSC website with, revealing the anonymous mask logo.

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Fuck Ya! Run Javascript written by "Anonymous" What could possibly go wrong?

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Time for real change!

Which will never occur until we stop obeying them.

What possible reason do the slavers have to change, while everyone obeys them?

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"Which will never occur until we stop obeying them."

Agreed! Fear and ignorance are becoming the only reason people still recognize their authority, even though their corruption and incessant incompetence have moved well into the open.

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We Don't Need Them

For the longest time (years) this would be the first google hit using "we don't need them" without the quotes even!  I can't help but believe that WAY more people have red this and or get the very thing that it is saying (and that you, CH1, are saying).

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Great link, seer. Somehow I missed it previously. Thanks.

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Jane Harman — director, president, and CEO of the Wilson Center — asked, "What would a cyber 9/11 look like and how soon could it happen?"

"It could happen imminently."

Jane Harman (of all people) pitching softball questions to Big Sis...ya gotta love it.

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A cyber 9/11 would look like a re-directed Hellfire flying up ZOGster Jane's ass. 

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"We say 'cyber' and everybody’s eyes glaze over. I can see it. I can see it in some of you." Napolitano said.


I say "donut" and Napolitano's donuts glaze over. 

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i wouldn't ever think about sexing neopolitan, let alone cybering with her/him.

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Could I interest you in a Janet Reno?

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I'll see your Janet Reno and raise you a Mary Jo!

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I would love it if Anon could make the Federal Reserve webpage into something where we can draw smilies and put clown noses on the Fed board members led by Bernanke and Yellen.

Cmon Anon, if you aint gonna unload the chaos payload, then at least let me have some fun smearing that smirk off Bernanke's mug.

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I'm not impressed with mere pranks.

Time to put up or shut up.

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Anonymous' demands are not going to be met and they will not release the "warheads". I'm starting to think Anon is just another arm of gooberment running cover.

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I'm starting to think Anon is just another arm of gooberment running cover.

Sure starting to look that way.

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Right on CH1, when Anon first came out they "May" have been for real, now just more False Hope so the Masses sit on their Asses and do NOTHING.  But I am afraid that the consequences of that reality are coming due real quick here, but YMMV ~ Be Well

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Or worse, Anonymous is not CIA, but are just spineless pranksters.

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Anon = Bread & Circuses

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I suspect that they've been coopted, just like the Tea Party, the Peace Movement et al...

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You don't think half a dozen hackers would fall for the 'you could take home this suitcase of cash' ploy, do ya?

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No, they probably fell for the old -We're-going-to-room-temperatureize-you-if-you-don't-play-nice game.  Works every time.

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The issue is that anonymous is set up with no internal structure so for anonymous to be responsible for an attack, all that would need to happen is that anyone commits the attack and then someone claims that they did it as an arm of anonymous.

Ive noticed their behavior changed noticably after the FBI rolled that psuedo-paedophile on the other 'members' of lulsec a few years back. I believe most of their action is actually that of gov't agents.  Look at the OWS protests.  There were two sources of violence. First was the police, and second was the police pretending to be members in order to egg them on.  This kind of childish and stupid behavior happens when you give individuals with an average natural capacity the power and budget of a federal agent.

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Anyone can claim and be "Anonymous", just as anyone can claim and be "Al Qaida" - it's just a blanket name, a vehicle for anyone to use for the intended purpose. Is everyone on Tor CIA? After all, they started it, didn't they?

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Let's not cut the defense budget. That's what is behind this.

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Let's not cut the defense budget. That's what is behind this.