Department of Homeland Security to Purchase 7,000 "Assault Weapons"

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Via Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The hypocrisy of the government knows no bounds.  I have said repeatedly, and continue to say, that I am against all gun control at the moment because our government is extremely violent and not only do I not expect it to protect the American people in general, I believe it is far more concerned with protecting the status quo from the people.  It has become crystal clear that the political and financial oligarchs are quite intentionally attempting to disarm the populace while arming themselves to the teeth in anticipation of some horrible economic event they know is inevitable.  From the Blaze:

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons” (PDW) — also known as “assault weapons” when owned by civilians. The solicitation, originally posted on June 7, 2012, comes to light as the Obama administration is calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.


Citing a General Service Administration (GSA) request for proposal (RFP), Steve McGough of reports that DHS is asking for the 7,000 “select-fire” firearms because they are “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.” The term select-fire means the weapon can be both semi-automatic and automatic. Civilians are prohibited from obtaining these kinds of weapons.


That being said, it is reasonable for the Department of Homeland Security to request these rifles as they are indeed effective personal defense weapons. The agency is tasked with keeping Americans safe from those who wish to do the country harm, and its officials should be equipped with all the tools they need to do so effectively.

See the meme being pushed here?  These guys want the entire population completely domesticated.  They want us to depend on the government for food.  For healthcare.  For self-defense.  Two sets of laws.  One for the “rulers” and one for the “ruled.”  This is the opposite of how things function in a free society.

I am sorry, but unless you think the DHS is preparing for an invasion by Al Qaeda, it is quite clear these weapons are being bought for future use against the citizenry of the United States.  The writing on the wall couldn’t be clearer.

Full article here.

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I would say "molon labe" but alas, I had a boating accident and there is nothing to take.

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Al-Qaeda sure won't try to start any shit now.

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7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons”

What's the worry? They said these are clearly "personal defense weapons" that they want to buy.

What I want to know is what are they planning to do to us that will make us go so berzerk that it makes it necessary to acquire them in the first place?

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bought with our money.

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A guy that works with DHS said these are intended for the extra border patrol officers they authorized awhile back. He stated they are intended for take home purposes and that the bulk of them carry all their gear, all the time. I pointed out that seeing as some dick-smack in CT proposed a bill seeking to limit guns to single round, single fire, that it was not in our best interest to allow the gov't to have superior small arms and tilt the firing line in their favor. Him and several like him agreed apparently. I think this and the bulk ammo purchases are probably within the scope of the growing militarized structure of the regime but that it's not solely intended for use against the citizenry but it could and would be used if 'they' felt a threat was imminent. Problem is who is threatened by whom that would set the tone of any such conflict and right now it's not looking good. And after a back and forth with the above and a number of LEO's and military, a goodly portion of that hardware would simply 'walk away' if any orders were given to indiscriminately fire on a civilian population on US soil. I have more of a problem with DHS being able to afford(using our money) a premium for weapons that should be able to go into the civilian market(now)  than I do with arming border agents, such as those killed in Fast and Furious. I also find the wording of the proposal as being for 'personal defense' to be laughable given the spewings of Cuomo, Bloomy, and that cunt Feinstein(or Frankenstein) against our natural rights to safety via personal defense of our property and well being. In my fantasy, those three take a Mexican holiday with Holder and end up on the wrong end of F&F weapons...

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I'll say it again, America = Dead Man Walking!

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Here is the link to the original RFP

Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation

Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-R-00011

Agency: Department of Homeland Security

Office: Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Location: ICE-OAQ-MS

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Hitler came to power with help of Ernst Rohm who was head of the SA (brown shirts)

Once Hitler had power he turned loose the SS in what became known as the 'Night of the Long Knives.' In which the upper echelon of the SA was lured to a Bavarian mountain resort for a celebration. After an evening of drinking and debauchery, the SA were slaughtered in their beds, along with all other opposition throughout Germany.

This paved the way for the SA to be disbanded and it's members absorbed into Hitler's SS, which was soon to be a part of the German army, but answered only to Hitler.

The DHS if allowed to be armed as much as the US army soldier's are, is well on it's way to be the new SS.    

Sandmann's picture

The SA was UNARMED. The Waffen-SS was NOT part of the German Army - it was separate like the US Marine Corps. It was a Party Organisation not an Army Organisation. The SS was part of the RHSA which controlled all Police, Secret Police and Security Units operating as Gestapo inside Germany and SD outside Germany. The Reichswehr warned Hitler in 1932 that if he attempted to seize power he would be crushed by the Army. In 1938 the Army - in the shape of General Beck asked for England's blessing in staging a coup against Hitler over Czechoslovakia - the British Government refused to support him

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I envision a day when we will lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown DHS solder.


The Marines are looking for a few good men......but the DHS will take just about anyone else.

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I am sorry, but unless you think the DHS is preparing for an invasion by Al Qaeda, it is quite clear these weapons are being bought for future use against the citizenry of the United States



welcome to al qaeda folks

apparently you are all members now

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Let''s also not forget that the Wicked Witch of the West Feinstein's bill exempts Congress from all the restrictions and bans.  I haven't read the whole thing, but I am guessing that former Congressmen are exempt, too.

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What you mean, "you are all members," Kemo Sabe? You think you're not part of the "target audience" too?

Bloodstock's picture

American gun owners will not comply.

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Uh.... with the US economy tanking, the number of illegal immigrants has been DROPPING. Those that are here are LEAVING.   

The ATF has been arming Mexican Drug gangs (and the CIA has been trafficking drugs for decades).  So what exactly are border patrol types doing?  

Maybe the whole US will end up as a giant FEMA camp.  They won't let YOU leave (having already made it near impossible for you to get your money out of the country).  Financial controls are a sign of a nation in serious trouble - trying to keep people from taking money OUT of a failing economic and financial system.

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Maybe DHS could conduct a gun buy-back program for the Mexicans the ATF sold all those F&F assault rifles to.

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Bill Maher ususally pisses me off, but this is spot on:

'The only thing that still has bipartisan support in Washington is not giving a shit about civil liberties.  And now, the only rights we have left are the guns and no civil liberties left to use the guns to protect.  We're like a strip club with a million bouncers and no strippers.'

Bill Maher On Guns And Civil Liberties In America
ParkAveFlasher's picture

Bill found God, then?  Or, he just needs ratings?  

GetZeeGold's picture



I'll give a sandwich to some kid in Africa....but there's no way in hell I'm watching that crap.


Then again....I've never followed American Idol or Dancing with the Stars either.

new game's picture

move the mutha fuka downstairs and thinkin to craigs list whole lotta big screen, surrounda and netfux monthly.

obsolete equip...

mindchatter minddrival

must keep the'upstairs' clear to all threats whether domestic or ....

Parabox's picture

But because it's Bill Maher, I assume he means that as a way to say that guns are no longer necessary becasue there is nothing left to protect.  Using the stripper metaphor:  Fire the bouncers because there are no strippers to protect.  I dont trust assclowns like Maher.

Shizzmoney's picture

Interesting take here by Bill, who was also a lover of SOPA and other copyright bills (which his employer obviously was a part of).

I think the 180 has a little to do with his love of pot, and alot to do with falling ratings and the fact that after this pro-SOPA rant, MANY of those under the age of 35 were turned off to his show.

Well that, and those under 35 can't afford cable anyways....which is why we "illegally" download shit.

new game's picture

7000 black beauties is nothing compared to homeland fraud, ops, security and their equiping of locali pd's over the last 8 years.

point is police depts are armed like they have never been before.

real qu,estion should be:is your neighbor or the reserve dude and national guard dude that you just grilled burgers with, gonna round ya up and cart your ass off to a holding area or jail?  are you ready to shot your neighbor that is now wearing a uniform?

could this happen? could these peace loving neighbors turn against their own citizenry? or will good honest peace loving americans get pissed off and say eneough of this crap, we are taking back our liberties.

IMFO we may be past the point of no return if semi autos gets passed and actualy implimented; at that point, if it happens, the call to arms will be heard.  will anybody be listening or to busy watchg and remaing braindead by tvee and pods???

it will be a small minority, like in lexington, that will fire the second shot heard around the world, cause imfo it is about world control of the last countrie with the citizens with a half a billion guns in the hands of 100 million peoples. and that 100m will be shareing with gunless as they see it is a winning cause-hope/wish-dream,.,.,.,,,. i digress, back to my fucking hole and cover up. good day!

new game's picture

or is the problem as simple as the fact that the american u may be hoping to join the cause is one fat mothafucking lazy iq of 90 dumb muthafucking gmoed out pharmacuticaled litarded worthless pos sitting on the couch watch'g tbee and clueless as to wtf is even happening????

Go Tribe's picture

This notion that LEOs and Guard won't fire upon civilians is baloney. They are carefully trained to keep the peace and defend infrastructure. If individual civilians do get fed up and begin fighting back for any reason - gun confiscation, taxes, regulations, etc. - there will be government offices damaged, government employees shot, foreclosing sheiff deputies shot, patrol cars shot up, etc.  Then...LEOs and Guard will have their "moral authority" to kill the perps who in many people's minds are simply innocent civilians. Remember, they are carefully trained and they are against us until they turn in their arms and stand down.

dwdollar's picture

Sounds like a clever ruse. How incompetent is the average DHS worker? No doubt there will be many accidents... discharges, thefts, etc. What a great plan to "prove" that having "assault" weapons at home is too dangerous. After all, if trained and "professional" government employees can't handle them properly, who can???

pine_marten's picture

7000 battle field pick ups!  Molon Labe indeed!!!

AlaricBalth's picture

And I plan on recouping my investment if the SHTF by scooping a few up as they are laying on the ground. The previous user won't have a need for it anymore.

francis_sawyer's picture

I see we have some Sam Elliott fans in the house tonight...

AlaricBalth's picture

Custer was a ain't.

ultraticum's picture

Custer was one of the bravest soldiers of the civil war. 

His problem:  the Indians at Little Big Horn had lever action rifles and his boys were only using single shots.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

You mean "bought with "hour" money",cause thats ists shelf life before it loses value.

tip e. canoe's picture

correction: bought with the FED's money.   we're just paying the interest.

ghengis86's picture

Spec'd for short barrels too. Perfect for CQC. Protecting the shit out of your home

agNau's picture

Plu-ugggggggggggs planelllllllly should own a shotgun.
It is far better protection. It is easier to hit your target.
That Plu-uggggggggggs is won smart guy!
Why would an effort like this allow someone this stupid on board?
He continuously steps on his own d**k!

francis_sawyer's picture

Reading that they're buying 7,000 PDW's is enough to make many go berzerk...

Kitler's picture

Just so long as there is no anal penetration planned...

Pladizow's picture

South Beach and San Fran disagree!

salvadordaly's picture

"PDW" from who? What are they so wooried about? Al Quida has been terminated, with Bin Laden and all. Just who are they protecting theirselves from? I'm sure their "clips" or "magazines" will be no larger than ten rounds anyway! This guberment is so over doing things for such a safe Amerika!

cynicalskeptic's picture

It's all about keeping those in power, IN POWER.  When the masses realize how badly their government has fucked things up they may actually start demanding real change - and those running things sure don't want THAT.

Your ruling class doesn't have any intenetion of being held accountable - they plan on defending themselves against mobs bearing pitchforks and torches and sure don't want them armed with anything more than that

zhandax's picture

Look around you tomorrow.  The masses won't realize how badly their government has fucked things up until those PDWs are stuck in their backs herding them onto the boxcars.

Rev. Right's picture

I heard you could convert a personal defense weapon into an assualt rifle just by thinking it.

RafterManFMJ's picture

LOL, or depending on who holds it...

All Risk No Reward's picture

>>What I want to know is what are they planning to do to us that will make us go so berzerk that it makes it necessary to acquire them in the first place?<<

That's easy.  Once they finish looting the Treasury and offloading trillions of their debt onto the chumptocracy, they will contract credit (society is debt saturated), the economy will collapse and they will...

1. Take their trillions in debt holdings and foreclose on the chumps in the chumptocracy, turning their worthless cash into your community's real stuff.

2. Use the looted money in order to buy up whatever they can't foreclose on for pennies on the dollar.

3. They will seize government infrastructure and their financed and promoted operatives within government will comply.

The monetary system is a fraud.  It is the world's largest con game.  It is also the most sophisticated Trojan Horse and most successgul Art of War implementation the world has ever seen.

Debt Money Tyranny Exposed

By my reckoning, about half the world's money supply will evaporate...  probably more.

See the first chart...

Don't worry, all you hyperinflationistas, it will come.  But only when it serves the interests of the Debt Money Tyrants.  You see, they defined "money" as "a covert long term societal assets stripping and enslavement mechanism."

After the societal asset stripping begins in earnest, the Debt Money Tyrants will be willing to bust the bond market (when you OWN REALITY, the bond market becomes meaningless, capiche?), end debt based money (it will have served its purpose (looting America in a way that Americans won't realize WHO did this to them or HOW) and seriously inflate to "balance the books."

See government isn't stupid.  They take society's guns but reserve the right to keep their own.  They criminally insider trade and get away with it.  They sh*t on the chumptocracy and destroy is by working for the Debt Money Tyrants and they keep getting elected.

But even if they didn't, the next politician is also owned by the Highest Bidder and media promoter - that would be the Debt Money Tyrants by definition.

They know exactly what they are doing, but they won't tell you.  Anyone who benefits from their assets better not tell you, either, which is why NOBODY will call out the Fed for breaking Section 2A of the federal Reserve Act and lying about a nonexistent "dual mandate."

The mandate is to keep monetary and credit aggregates commensurate with the long term production potential of the nation.  That's the mandate.

Look at the chart I posted above.  "Exponential to" != "commensurate with".

But they won't tell you.  Nobody in the media establishment will tell you either - unless they want to get kicked off the media circuit.

Vichy "media" is all around us.

99% truth and 1% falsehood when it counts is still Vichy.

tip e. canoe's picture

1) You are the resistance – so spread this message as wide and as far as you are able.
2) Vote with your money daily - shop local and pay with cash. 100% of profits stay in community.
3) Avoid mega banks like they were the plague because they are the plague. Use a local credit union.
4) Avoid mega corporations that siphon money out of your community and bankrupt it more quickly.
5) Get out and stay out of debt. A free person is not in debt. Value freedom more.
6) Gain more control over the necessities of life. Learn to permaculture gardening. Build community.
7) Value family and people above things. Lust for things is a debt trap that will destroy many.
8) Division precedes conquering, so don't fall for divisive tactics. Find commonalities and be positive.
9) Develop critical thinking. Question. Seek truth, not comfort.
10) Educate before you vaccinate (waivers exist), before eating GMO pesticide “food” or toxified water.
11) Research & implement an anti-inflammatory diet (organic, paleo Zone Diet w/ fish oil is my choice).

most excellent suggestions, gracias.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Spread the word.

Either we all hang together or we hang separate.

I almost always pay for stuff with $20 bills. 

Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill and the clerk gets a history lesson that goes like this...

Me - "Do you know Andrew Jackson said his greatest accomplishment was as President?"

Clerk - "uh, no.'

Me - "I killed the bank." and then I hand them the $20 and wonder if they have any idea how bizarre this moment should be for them.

Most people zone out.  Today, two clerks were into it.  I had to eventually leave because they weren't getting any work done.  -lol-

For those interested in more, I explain how debt money works using a $20.

"I'm the bank and I lend you, the society, $20 at 5% interest.  In one year, you owe me $21.  How much do you have?  That would be what I gave you - $20.  You can't pay me back unless I choose to let you because I've subjugated you.  BTW "government" is on your side, not my side.  America is not sovereign, by definition.  If I choose to let you pay me back, you have to be my servant or you have to sell your stuff to me as I sit on my lazy behind and do nothing.  If you pay me back, there is no money and I have your labor and your stuff essentially for free.  Over the last 100 years, they've chosen to create more $20 in order to make the previous $20s payable...  but each $20 has the same problem and debt increases exponentially.

It's all fraud - and both political parties are in on it, so don't expect help from the people who set you up.

Watch They Live from the '70s.  All these government people, high up bureaucrats, media personalities, university managers, etc... are exactly like the humans who get together at secret meetings (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger, Bohemian Grove, Davos, etc...) to help the aliens take over Earth.

In this cae, the aliens are criminal gang banksters whose idea of "camo" is a $3,000 and an interview on CNBS.

No, I'm not joking.  I'm 100% serious.  The truth will never be told to you by the estrablishment that only exists because of the lies.

Thinking critically is key and the Trivium method is a simple system, used by the likes of Socrates, to determine what is real, what is not real and what you don't know is real or fake.  Learnign to identify contradiction and fallacies and removing them to get the truth is also key...  the truth has no contradiction and doesn't sit on a foundation of fallacy.

BTW, the Trivium comprises the first three elements of the seven classic liberal arts.  "Liberal Arts" have been hijacked by gang banksters and counterfeited to hide this simple, but very effective, methodology from you. search "42 fallacies" and learn a couple a day.  Once you learn the fallacies, you will see that the Vichy "news" is built upon a foundation of fallacy.

Debt Money Tyranny - copy the link and send it to people with a personalized introduction from you explaining why you think it is important.  if you don't like it, fine, make your own super cool version and pass it around.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"The monetary system is ... the most sophisticated Trojan Horse and most successgul Art of War implementation the world has ever seen." Indeed! According to my experiences, the chumptocracy is almost 99% of the population! Very, very few people understand the Debt Money Tryanny, because very, very few people want to. However, since the Debt Money Tryanny will automatically get worse, faster, it will be "interesting" to see what might survive through that process ???