Greek Tax Tzar: "I Have Difficulty Paying Property Taxes"

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While it may be a little early for humor this week, this was just too ridiculous to pass up. As Keep Talking Greece notes, Charis Theocharis - Greece's new revenues general secretary - recently appeared at a conference and made the rather intriguing "me neither" reply to an audience member's “I have no money to pay property taxes" comment. “Me too, as all of you, I have difficulties to pay the property taxes,” a rather perplexed Theocharis told the audience in an effort to continue his speech.

This follows former deputy PM Theodoros Pangalos, a PASOK MP for several decades, who had often claimed he could not pay property taxes for his more than 50 residences.

If those who have salaries cannot pay property taxes, what should the unemployed or the pensioner do who has a roof over his head but no other income?

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Looks like the reality of 'we never really owned it after all' is coming through.

Dr. Engali's picture

The military is taking things to the next level getting the sheep used to their presence in the skies. Listen to the reporter explain things away like it's no big deal.

What the fuck are they "training" for ? Mudhut warfare ?

AldousHuxley's picture

military brings hell on earth, but stupid sheeple only learn to improve in dire conditions....


irony is that all progress is derived from wars:


healthcare.....humanity learned a lot about human bodies from casulties in world wars. US military paid for Japanese human experiments. Watch...soon we are going to have medical breakthrough in artificial limbs (3D printers --> custom limbs) due to all the research done by military with soldiers who lost limbs in the middle east road side bombs

technology.....real R&D like GPS, internet, computing, space technology, all from DOD labs. Go to your engineering department and you will see military funding pretty much all cutting edge tech. NASA is military and Mars "exploration" is colonization. IBM, German cars, rocket science, etc....

revolutions in political system....internal or external wars bring about real change to societal structures.




wisefool's picture

I agree to an extent. But can you point to a period in time where a signifigant component of civilization was not at war, such that we can see what they got done?

AldousHuxley's picture

right after world war got tired of promise of wars....

result?    baby booms



same thing in chimp colonies. abudance in female entertainment in resulted in tamer male counterparts as they didn't have to compete to procreate.

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I'll take free exchange, where everybody wins and even if there are losers, at least the losers are still alive to trade another day.

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shit I have difficulty paying property taxes too.  not financial, just moral.  I own my house outright yet I still pay someone every month for the right to live there.   sounds a lot like renting.

Mad Mohel's picture

Actually in the business it's called extortion. It's a damn shakedown. "We know wehere you live, now you pay your protection money or else."

Skateboarder's picture

Renting and extortion are the same in this case. Don't wanna pay dat extorted rent? You gonna get kicked out, fool. How can anyone be so fucking stupid as to think they actually own any property. If you owned it, you own it and that's it - there's no more exchange of money or wealth in regards to that property.

If everything else followed the housing model, I'd be paying, in addition to sales tax, a tax every year for the wonderful privilege my overlords have granted me of owning a guitar, a skateboard, etc.

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In several countries the first two houses (main and vacation) are property tax free unless you rent them. 

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And my guess would be that in those several countries there are either street riots or running sewage on the properties.

AldousHuxley's picture

1950....brand new house = $100, tax = $1,000

2010....same old house = $1,000, tax = $10,000


even with inflation adjustment, is the productivity value of the house worth ten fold to justify same increases in property tax?

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In order to prevent individuals from initiating force against other individuals, a small group individuals should be granted the right to initiate force against everybody?

rhinoblitzing's picture

Does that Apply to the Lincoln Bedroom?

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Rules for thee and not for me.  Fuck the state.

whotookmyalias's picture

Do as I say and not as I do applies only to parenting, not the Government.

Cheesy Bastard's picture

Hell, our tax czar, Timmy, had trouble paying his social security taxes, even though he was advised by his employer to do so, signed an agreement indicating that he understood that such payments were his responsibility, and received extra pay from his employer specifically for that purpose.

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"What do you have to say to this Mr. Geitner?"


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"what should the unemployed or the pensioner do who has a roof over his head but no other income?"


Well, provided that they are able-bodied and motivated, they really only have two choices.  Get busy living (fuck the kleptocrats and revolt) or get busy dying (via lots of "state-mandated" mechanisms).

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Sell your own house and move into one of Mr. Pangalos's 50 residences.

Doña K's picture

Move to a state with homestead rights FL, NV....

wisefool's picture

We all know what Keynes said about both taxation and deficit spending.

Bill Murray, Meatballs.

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What should the unemployed or pensioner do? Fucking revolt that's what they should do.

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aren't govt pensioners a huge part of the problem in Greece? I know they are here in IL

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While people in the EU have difficulties paying taxes to bailout tax evaders in Greece.

Joe A's picture

You're right, people are sheep. Taxing has always been a good way to subdue people. Tax revolts have always been crushed brutally. Nowadays the government just singles out people that don't pay or refuse to pay and punish these severly as to set an example for the rest.

AldousHuxley's picture

slaves never won revolts against their masters....they can only escape.


you can escape  future taxes by renouncing citizenship.

Rip van Wrinkle's picture

How come Greece is not going up in flames??

otto skorzeny's picture

that's a matter of opinion-some say it already has- hello-is this thing on?

smacker's picture

Theodoros Pangalos, a PASOK MP for several decades, who had often claimed he could not pay property taxes for his more than 50 residences.


Brilliant. A socialist MP with 50+ residences. Was it ever any different?

knukles's picture

Nope, not then, not now and not in the future.
Seems man's self centered less than honorable conquest for money, power, property and prestige remains amongst us, likely hard wired in some immutable way.
For if man were innately good, he would need no leaders nor laws.

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As long as man acts according to the drives of the zero-sum animal world, the positive-sum human world will suffer.

Stealing, rather than creating, will always undermine the creators.

Thanks government.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Unfortunately one man's (or animal) destruction is another man's (or animal) creation.  

ThirdWorldDude's picture

One man's sunset is another man's sunrise.


The games people play 'till the great eclipse comes!

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I'd really like to know if that Greek MP goes on election campaigns promising to help the poor and needy Greek people (many of whom are in desperate poverty), while claiming welfare himself to pay his 50+ property taxes. He'd then be able to hold his head up high and claim to be a true socialist!

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I tried to give you an up-vote but the system isn't taking it.

smacker's picture

You're right. I've just dragged my mouse over the up/down markers and they're dead :-(     But only for my comment!!!!!!!!!

Oh well.....thanks anyway.

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Sounds like he qualifies for a position at the US Treasury.

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*Incapacitated with laughter*

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Why not check his Swiss bank account? or is he another one of those "Aliens" who bought a McMansion in California?

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Cheeburger Cheeburger

jmcadg's picture

How about sell 25 properties you fucker, you would still have over two to live in every month.
Austerity's a bitch eh! 

Peter Pan's picture

This predicament is no laughing matter.

There but for the grace of God, food stamps and no austerity, goes the USA.

Amercans can laugh and point the finger (rightly so in many cases) at past sins of Greece, but the reality is that the USA would break down overnight if the same level of austerity was imposed in the USA.

Your turn will come America, your turn will surely come.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

You tax the velocity of money

You cannot (for a long period of time)  tax money.


Its what makes the Euro Soviet so much more different then the Anglo world.