Case-Shiller Home Price Index Posts Second Consecutive Monthly Decline, Average Home Prices Back To Fall 2003 Levels

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The Case-Shiller Home Price Index is unique among other economic data indicators for recommending that analysts focus solely on its Non-seasonal adjusted data series, as this is what the report uses in its own headline figures. It adds that "for analytical purposes, S&P Dow Jones Indices publishes a seasonally adjusted data set covered in the headline indices" - a far cry from the BLS, whose Arima X 12 models are the basis of the data "moves" on a monthly basis: moves which are based not so much in the underlying data but on the seasonal adjustment and fudging the government employees apply to it. And it is the unadjusted Case Shiller data that showed that in November, the 20 City Composite index posted its second consecutive monthly price decline in a row. Yes: on a year over year basis home prices did rise some 5.5%, but on the other hand, "average home prices across the United States are back to their autumn 2003 levels for both the 10-City and 20-City Composites." And while the price decline into the year end is somewhat seasonal, it certainly does not fit with all the other economic data released by the government showing a housing picture so bright not even the tiniest drops in prices were allowed.

And in what is the biggest paradox for homebuyers in New York, Case Shiller reported that of the 20 cities tracked, home prices rose everywhere... except New York, yet oddly enough it is in NY that the uber-wealthy from China and Russia come to park their money and buy any $50 million + available duplex, triplex and quadruplex regardless of price, and where the bubble at the ultra expensive end of the market is raging like never before (not to mention the record December Hamptons real estate prices).

Perhaps just as importantly, the bubble is back in the west:

In the 12 months ended in November, prices rose in 19 of the 20 cities and fell in New York. In 19 cities prices rose faster in the 12 months to November than in the 12 months to October; Cleveland prices rose at the same pace in both time periods. Phoenix led with the fastest price rise – up 22.8% in 12 months as it posted its seventh consecutive month of double-digit annual returns.

Keeping it real, Vegas - the biggest housing bubble pop in history, saw home prices rise 10% Y/Y, while Detroit was up 11.9%. One word (Un)sustainable.

But maybe this time it is different.


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BLOW you crazy maniacal monetizing bubble blowers BLOOOWWWW!!!

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Blowing away like an old ghost town, real estate prices will drop as gasoline rises and folks are not able to afford to live outside of Dodge

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Well i guess recovery winter was a bust, theres always spring.

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I found this guy's explanation of the CS numbers. He is often on Faux News and CNBC, but he is always less cheerleading and more anti-Fed.

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they dont mention that the avererage brick 3 bedroom in detroit with 100x40 yard, that was up 11% costs 15,000$

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But yet, if you're part of the masses... you read this on the illuminati controlled MSM:


Home prices see best yearly gain since 2006


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Single-family home prices rose in November, *** building on a string of gains that point to a housing market that is on the mend***, data from a closely watched survey showed on Tuesday.

*** building on a string of gains that point to a housing market that is on the mend***



=head trip



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When folks like me can no longer "afford to live OUTSIDE OF DODGE"  look out, because we're reaching for our illegalized guns and aiming for DC.  Living in the sterilized, butt-ugly, postage-stamp lawned generic human crapland called the "suburbs" will do that to ya.

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I believe the suburbs would be considered "outside of Dodge". Maybe you should move INTO Dodge and stay ahead of the curve, get closer to work, see your kids more, become less angry, etc.

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Before its over, there'll be many living IN a Dodge... a Dodge Pickup.

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They're tryin,' they're tryin,'

"Signalling the continued! recovery of the {U.S.} housing market......"

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If you look at a century long trend line, it still has another 15-20% to go... and that is minus a total economic collapse, which is still to come. Gravity is such a bitch.

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Strange .Faux News reported a 5% increase in house values.

Seems you can fool most of the sheeples most of the time.

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Thanks Ben for making American consumers numb to 27% credit card APRs, yet hypersensitive to 30-year mortgage rate DV01s.

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Phoenix led with the fastest price rise – up 22.8% in 12 months as it posted its seventh consecutive month of double-digit annual returns.

Make bubbles is fun for a child.  Phoenix must be filled with children.  As Bob Seger sang...."blow me away...won't you blow me away tonight..." 

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Phoenix is a prefect symbol of our new reality - watery abundance from a desert.

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Taking bets here!

Who wants to wager the S&P closes today +/- 0.15% from 1500? Bonus for 1500 even.

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That graph is amazing from Jan 2009 forward. Like a magic trick.

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Almost as magical as the SPX chart from '09 lows.

Don't question illusions, just accept them as fact.

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If technology can produce fake boobs, why can't it produce fake voices? Fingernails on a chalkboard.

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Fixed it for you.

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This article was useless, just BTFD and dont bother doing anything else

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It's time for the Wall Street whores and clowns to appear on CNBS and Boomberg to spin it.

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this stuff does not mean a thing. no data does, as long as the printing machine is in full force, this market will never absord bad news.


its sickening really

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In Case-Shiller err... FED... err... God... we trust!

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In the words of Scooby doo, RUT ROH!

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House prices up an average of 11.9% in Detroit? So what's that like a thousand bucks?

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Completely off topic but worth it for laugh value alone.

Got a phone call this morning off my mate (England 5 hours in front of East coast) asking to pick him up from the nick.  When I picked him up he explained what he got nicked for, he was waiting for the bus this morning when a local council gestapo unit pulled up in front of the bus stop where he was having a tab.

Now this bus stop is a pole with a board tacked to the top of it, not a shelter, and as he was having a tab the gestapo unit said he was in violation of anti-smoking laws and was now going to be fined.  He said fair play, but seeing as he is standing in the fucking fresh air he decided to give the gestapo bloke something worthy of being fined for so he gave said gestapo man a fucking hiding.

Not just fined but done for assault and breach of the peace.  I dont think I have laughed as hard for fucking ages.  Give it time folk, people have had enough.  And to top it off the gestapo unit was crying like a stuck pig (My mates no soft cunt).

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A "hiding"?  Please explain.  My laugh is on hold and I want to let it out!

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Slapped him about a bit Meat.

Sorry about that, gets lost in translation I suppose.


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LOL great story.

Your friend definitely has principals; he doesn't hit women, he slaps them.

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Still need to get back down to 1996.

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Looks like it proves that Banks have used bailout cash to pump the housing market. 4 spikes, 4 QE periods.


Hmm ~ I'd love to see the UK version.



Those looking for graph porn can find the FHFA report for 2012 here [warning PDF]. Pages 6, 8 and 9 are pretty interesting (esp. page 9).

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Just wait til 5-10 years and the millenial worker class a) has no money to get loans to b) buy homes.

And as political pundits and politicians try to scramble to "figure" out why (incomes), its going to be hysterical.

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I am waitng for those 1903 levels before jumping back into buying a home.


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The HyperLux market going crazy allows the average to skew to the upside. Considering how many homes are stuck in the shadow inventory also clouds the real picture. In Detroit and Cleveland, there aren't many $500 homes for sale anymore to drag down the average price. The speculators are driving the sale price for boarded up ghetto homes to the moon. I see ghetto sales in Cleveland averaging $20k for homes that were set to be bulldozed. I'm sure the Fed buying $85 billion in mortgages a month has nothing to do with that.

Just like every other economic datapoint over the last four years the wealthy and the welfare set make a mockery of statistics. The all important truth of the situation is obscured by bullshit.

What about prices for middle class homes? Still dropping like a rock because there are no buyers. There aren't many homes for sale either, because people can't sell. If and when they are forced to, it becomes a short sale. My house has lost 20% in the last year. My parent's home was appraised in 2009 at $279k and was just reappraised at $209k.

The uber-wealthy are buying everything. Hampton Mansions for them, ghetto homes to rent to the masses. Every Jew wants to b a slumlord like Potter. Got to herd the cattle somehow. That isn't being anti semitic, that's the truth.

MisterMousePotato's picture

Read an explanation for that (specific case had to do with a lawyer in Memphis, iirc, buying boarded up ghetto crap). Lawyer buys this crap. Somehow makes it livable enough to bus in a Section 8 family from whereever. Profit.

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My plan is to ride this next bubble, sell my house before it pops, rent a house while the real-estate market falls off the cliff again, then buy about 10 duplexes and retire.

Yep..........that's my plan.  I'm sure nothing could go wrong.

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The non-recovery recovery continues.

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More empty houses with no For Sale sign out is what I see even in Dallas and all over Houston now. yet builders are cranking out new boxes as fast as they can and handing zero down ( and almost zero down) loans out like Candy and passing on bad loans to the FHA.

House prices will continue to sink and sadly, the quality of these newly built wood boxes will not last for as long as that 30 year mortgage, I'm afraid.

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There are no appraisers signing off on 11.9% increases.  This is smoke and mirrors having to do with the number of bank owned sales in the statistical group.

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neighbor down the street keeps trying to refi-blames the same appraiser that keeps coming out,giving him a fairly realistic appraisal, and the neighbor is in complete denial that his house is really worth jack-shit. of course that didn't stop him from buying $75K worth of vehicles last year

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Exactly right. I've had two appraisals done in the past two months. One commercial and one residential. In both cases they've come in much lower than the standard ROI models for the area would predict based on their rents and leases.


But, the number of income properties in the area (northern New England, USA) on the market has dropped to almost zero with the exception of the ones that have been listed for at least a year.


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Wait until the USG refuses to back FNM, FRE and FHA loans.  It is going to happen eventually (out of desperation). Only then will we have real price discovery.

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I'm getting a bit fed-up with your negativism ZH

Twisting this positive piece of news into a negative one is a tad too much.