Guest Post: You Know You're Not Living In A Free Country When...

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Via Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

You know you’re no longer living in a free country when the government tells you what you can and cannot put in your body. Or when an unelected board of bureaucrats and corporate insiders can confiscate the assets of hardworking small business owners.

Yet these have become par for the course in the Land of the Free.

The latest bout involves a family-owned raw milk operation in Missouri that was decimated last week by the heavy hand of government, courtesy of the State Milk Board.

Of course, this isn’t even an actual government agency, but rather one of more than 200 such committees in Missouri which wield tsarist authority over their domains.

State Milk Board members include both state bureaucrats and corporate leaders from the milk industry. How convenient that a few big producers are given unelected, absolute authority to torpedo a raw milk competitor...

And so, last Friday, farm inspectors arrived to confiscate 18 tons of cheese that Morningland Dairy had produced from raw milk. They were met by a small crowd which had gathered to show support for the family… and to denounce these agents of government for carrying out an immoral act on innocent people.

It was all captured on video, including the police response.

You have to respect what these people were doing. They stood to face their enemies and peacefully demonstrate against abuse of power. They even tried to convince government agents to stop participating in the wholesale destruction of liberty.

It’s a noble thing indeed. But the uncomfortable reality is that their efforts were wasted.

The police, the bureaucrats... they are not the enemy. They are merely pawns of an entire system gone critically bad. In truth, there is no actual enemy. The enemy is an idea - a faceless government that is not embodied in a single individual or group.

Trying to ‘fight’ this enemy, this idea, is as futile as a government ‘declaring war’ on drugs or poverty. These are not enemy combatants. They’re nouns. Concepts.

As such, trying to ‘take back’ the country is a noble yet unfortunately misguided expenditure of precious resources. One would be more successful trying to train a potted plant how to juggle rather than trying to change the system.

As humans we have natural instincts to defend ourselves. Rationally, though, the best move we have is to simply refuse to play the game. That means leaving.

Our most solemn obligations are to our families, ourselves, and our chosen loved ones. Not to a society that no longer shares our values. Not to a passport. Not to a politician. Not to a piece of dirt.

Just as our forefathers did, when the walls of the social contract start closing in, you go find a new piece of dirt. Or at least have a plan for it; the time to consider your escape options isn’t while you’re packing your bags.

Ecuador could be a possibility. It’s pleasant here. The economy is growing. It has plenty of modern conveniences. It’s easy to become a resident– in some cases you can even use the funds in your IRA to qualify.

Plus it’s cost-effective. You can still live reasonably well for under $1,000/month. And real estate can be extraordinarily cheap. I’ve just seen a spacious 2,000 square foot home on 10 acres for about $100,000 dollars; they’re effectively selling the home at construction cost and throwing in the land for free.

Now, I’m not trying to convince you to move to Ecuador. But rather point out that as the steady march into tyranny continues, the best solution may be to stop playing the game altogether. You won’t be worse off for at least reviewing your options and having a plan.

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chubbar's picture

Here's another example of gov't assholes busting the balls of taxpaying citizens.

"Our first exposure to the town zoning authorities came a couple of weeks after Sandy. We'd met with insurance adjusters, contractors and "remediation experts." We'd had about a foot of Long Island Sound sloshing around the ground floor of our house in Connecticut, and everyone had the same advice: Rip up the floors and subfloors, and tear out anything—wiring, plumbing, insulation, drywall, kitchen cabinets, bookcases—touched by salt water. All of it had to go, and pronto, too, lest mold set in.

Yet it wasn't until the workmen we hired had ripped apart most of the first floor that the phrase "building permit" first wafted past us. Turns out we needed one. "What, to repair our own house we need a building permit?"

Of course.

Before you could get a building permit, however, you had to be approved by the Zoning Authority. And Zoning—citing FEMA regulations—would force you to bring the house "up to code," which in many cases meant elevating the house by several feet. Now, elevating your house is very expensive and time consuming—not because of the actual raising, which takes just a day or two, but because of the required permits.

Enlarge Image


Getty Images

Austrian writer Franz Kafka in 1910.

Kafka would have liked the zoning folks. There also is a limit on how high in the sky your house can be. That calculation seems to be a state secret, but it can easily happen that raising your house violates the height requirement. Which means that you can't raise the house that you must raise if you want to repair it. Got that?

There were other surprises. A woman in our neighborhood has two adjoining properties, with a house and a cottage. She rents the house and lives in the cottage. For 29 years she has paid taxes on both. The cottage was severely damaged but she can't tear it down and rebuild because Zoning says the plots are not zoned for two structures, never mind that for 29 years two property-tax payments were gladly accepted.

Kafka would have liked FEMA, too. We've met plenty of its agents. Every one we've encountered has been polite and oozing with sympathy. Even the lady who reduced my wife to tears was nice. The issue was my wife's proof of income. We sent our tax return to FEMA, but that wasn't good enough. They wanted pay stubs. My wife works as a freelance writer and editor. She doesn't get a pay stub. Which apparently makes her a nonperson to this government agency.

In "The Road to Serfdom," Friedrich Hayek noted that "the power which a multiple millionaire, who may be my neighbor and perhaps my employer, has over me is very much less than that which the smallest functionnaire possesses who wields the coercive power of the state on whose discretion it depends whether and how I am to be allowed to live or to work."

And how. But what makes the phenomenon so insidious is that many of the functionaries are as friendly as can be. It's just that they're cogs in a machine whose overriding purpose is not service but self-perpetuation and control."

Jethro's picture

The FEMA flood maps are what drives the NFIP determination of flood hazard. To me, this is regulatory capture of the government. If your house is "substantially damaged" by a flood (repair cost over 50% of assessed value), then you will have to bring the structure up to code. FEMA recommends that all municipalities exceed minimum Base Flood Elevation standards (formerly called the 100-year storm
Elevation). So, municipalities readily agree to this in hopes of getting cheaper flood insurance through the NFIP.

Now, here is some bad news. The NFIP is going to stop charging a flat rate for flood insurance soon for all grandfathered structures, and begin increasing insurance rates by 25% per year until they reach actuarial rates. Got that? Insurance rates will effectively double in about 4 years for these structures.

Henry Hub's picture

"The 44-year-old NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) is the federal government’s second largest fiscal liability, behind only Social Security, with taxpayers on the hook for the program’s $1.25 trillion of coverage.”

And I thought Food Stamps was the big giveaway.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Country? Government? These are just terms used to differentiate various tax farms.

tankster's picture

Yeah right, cause health care should be FREE!

The only reason there wasn't a public option is because the rebubs killed it...

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Health care is free. Eat light, work out, and take care of yourself, and it's the best investment you can make. Sickcare is what everyone is talking about, and sickcare is so expensive because no one worries about healthcare until it's too late. Most "disease" in the US is preventable, but people don't want to hear it. 

TheCanadianAustrian's picture

Agree except for the "eat light" part. I recently switched to a high-animal-fat diet. My body fat is going down, muscle tone increasing, all with less exercise than before.

Henry Hub's picture

***take care of yourself, and it's the best investment you can make***

That may be true when you're in your twenties and thirties, but not so true when your in your fifties and sixties. And we all get older (sooner than you think).

Shell Game's picture

Exactly.  One in a LONG train of abuses of State.


tickhound's picture

So the invitation read Attend Or Else? GTFO then.

krispkritter's picture

And Dick Taters who should be led to their timely demise via the barrel-end of the 'assault weapons' of their fascist cock-smokers and their Kenyan-in-Chief's anti-Constitutional beliefs in protecting the poor(ly IQ'd). Go fuck yourself and take Ben on the same side-show trip. I hope I see you both hang in public one day...

ebworthen's picture

davidsmith - you will wake up one day, and repent your ignorance.

Until then - please buy as much Amazon, Chipotle, and Facebook stock you can.

p.s. - And don't buy any Gold or Silver, barbarous relics as Uncle W.B. tells his flock.

jballz's picture

What is a flannel.mouth?

I am grateful to authorities for protecting me from the terrorists who would seek to kill my family through stealthy non pasteurized dairy product placement. I might have taken that home and put it on my pink slime tacos.

For those who think we don't need a homeland security agent with a machine gun on every street corner in this country, here is proof of how nefarious the enemy is, how far they have penetrated the fabric of our once safe nation, and how much we need them. We really do.

Give me mandatory homogenized dairy products or give me a Gestapo security apparatus! But no death, anything but that.

Giant pussies.

GMadScientist's picture

Flannel-mouth: n A person who talks big about their prepper plans, but is in fact a complete and uttter boob.

Hilarious that he had to go around his head to scratch his ear to find this sad story when the police state has been present and dangerous for decades and these 'freedom' protectors said not a peep when they started the war on drugs and made not a sound when the Patriot Act got rammed through and not a word when we invaded two countries on the back of the same "the terrorists are a comin'" excuse for logic. Now you idiots care about your freedom because they want your thought about your other stripped civil liberties, just focus on what the gun manufacturer lobbyists have told you to say while they tap your phone and strip search your loved ones.

Yeah, giant pussies indeed.

Oldwood's picture

Once you take their money they own you and have surrendered all rights to your "provider". As so many have enamored themselves to the concept that America is a democracy, rather than a republic, we are left with a world that by a small majority can eliminate everyone's freedoms and enslave us all to the "collective". We have allowed our government to cultivate these dependencies by not only depriving us of our property through taxation (and seizure) but by also allowing them to borrow trillions of dollars in our name. They have manipulated us into indentured servants whose only purpose is to service our debt. We must have "permits" or "papers" to be able to function and when faced with the functionaries of our masters, we realize we are but renters that have little say about our property. It is only when we as individuals find ourselves with our back to the wall, no recourse or defense from this, that we will finally concede the truth. Until then denial will be our state religion.

aerojet's picture

History suggests that people do not rebel until very late in the game.  We are watching that in Egypt and Syria right now, so pay attention.  The balloon will go up in Europe next.

Dr. Engali's picture

Do you realize how dumb your post was? You use the word "invited"... being invited offers you the freedom to turn it down. That is unless you are a mental slave to the word "okay".

Fish Gone Bad's picture

BSE - Bovine spongiform encephalopathy - is a nasty prion disease in cattle.  When they slaughter cattle, whatever they can't sell to people ends up in chicken feed.  The chickens eat their food quite messily, and spill it all over the place and into the droppings below their cages.  The chicken manure is then fed back to cattle to fatten them up.  So cattle are pretty much cannibals.  I really like steak and eat it from time to time.  I am thinking my chances of getting a prion disease from steak is pretty slim.   Something to think about when you are buying cheap hamburger at the grocery store. Raw milk doesn't scare me or honey badgers.

Teamtc321's picture

I read the article, viewed the clip tonight before going out to feed the cattle here in Texas. Actually took a look at a few of the comment's and noticed your "flannelmouths" slang. When I came back in tonight from feeding cattle hay, checking the horses, I thought I would stop back by and take a moment to post a appropriate political response just for you davidsmith. 



Al Gorerhythm's picture

You have the freedom to leave.

The Gooch's picture

Tyranny sucks. So does Lysteria?

ShrNfr's picture

TB sucks worse. Still, if people want to drink raw milk I guess a few nutcases would not be missed on their demise.

john39's picture

good to see you buy off on the corporate/government propaganda on raw milk...   good raw milk is a luxury and an elixir of health, which is exactly why big brother will never allow it gain popularity.

The Gooch's picture

Did people get sick from their product?


Does Simon Black know?

Doubt it.

No matter what, those pigs are out of their element. 

Judge not, John39.

john39's picture

exercising judgment is good common sense.  I don't need the government to make it impossible for me to buy raw milk.  And as far as the alleged health effects go... like everything else relating to the government these days, when you do a little homework and educate yourself just a bit, you realize that raw milk done properly is far healthier that mass produced, hormone laden sludge pumped out of genetically modified cows living barren corporate owned feed-lots....    trusting the government for dietary guidelines or health info is a recipe for disaster.... exhibit A, the food pyramid...  speaking of which, why do i keep seeing these damn pyramid symbols all over everything...


btw, wasn't me who junked you.

The Gooch's picture

I wholeheartedly concur(!)

Our family eats as healthy as possible and are pursuing farmland of our own.

This particular case has been going on for years and it started with a VOLUNTARY recall after people got sick. 

I caught this vid yesterday and dug into it AFTER I shared it with others.

As I stated, the PIGS should not be big brothers henchmen. Milk Board? Fuck off.

There was another episode of this last week (locally) where the PIGS were assisting the power company enforcing smart meters. They arrested two soccer moms and forced the meters on their PRIVATE PROPERTY.

I am a determined and driven SOB in the Liberty movement. Bet.

I organized a fair percentage of the opposition at this, a week ago Sunday-






john39's picture

it is true that anything can go wrong with food, including milk...  but, if you look at the history of raw milk, it is very clear that there has been an orchestrated effort to prevent any significant number of people for obtaining it...   and like with Monsanto planting evidence on private land...  raw milk tests get rigged... and raw dairy farmers get targeted and forced out of business through government harasssment.   the cost of fighting is simply more than an average farmer can bear.  truly sickening the times we live in.

The Gooch's picture

Just like the orchestrated effort to prevent people from obtaining the truth.

Or doing their fucking homework.

All I see coming from Simon Black (with few exceptions) on these posts are the "Abroad" meme. "Store your gold elsewhere in "..." and "...", Move to Ecuador...

Most of us don't have that fucking option and I'm simply trying to say (with some occasional SARCASM) Fuck that. (Don't like the "Ecuadorian Sacred Cow" joke? ) 


Or lay down in "..." with your gold stashed in "..." and "..." and wait for it because it will arrive if we don't take off the head right here.

Also, this involved GOATS MILK. Not Bovine.

jballz's picture


Is there some reason I shouldn't move to Ecuador?

Props to you for fighting to the bloody bitter end, but I find myself surrounded by retards, led by retards, outvoted and outnumbered and out of fucking patience. Nowe they are all raising up their little retard kids to not make finger gestures or talk about guns, god forbid you suggest the people have the right to challenge government, they won't know how to grow their own food so this whole drama will be long gone.

I don't want to stay here and fight for retards. 

My major concern is if I get to Ecuador and it is full of retards. Then what...



The Gooch's picture

Not about props. FIght or flight. Flight just prolongs the necessity to fight, however briefly.

You may use "retards" as human shields in the event of "fight". Especially elected "retards".

In the case of chaos, promise them bernanke bux, happy meals and cheese puffs. Have them walk in front of you.

Portable dvd players (on sticks) attached to their "backpacks".

As for Ecuador, You will be the "retard" read-mark.

MS-13 and corrupt Central American LEO's say HOLA!


Harbanger's picture

"Is there some reason I shouldn't move to Ecuador?"

These places may seem safe right now but guess what most of these countries local currencies are backed by?  No, not gold, The US dollar.  Overnight they will turn into hell holes.  Best place in the World to be when TSHTF is among your patriot brethren. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

No, when the hyperinflation shit hits the fan, you will beshocked how bad things turn.  There is a reason why the Ecuadorians have a far flung diaspora nowadays.

Ace Ventura's picture

I don't see the connection between 'statist nonsense' and 'patriot brethren'. The two are like oil and water. I believe what he is saying is that in the end, you're better off staying here and fighting alongside your fellow americans (those who understand the true concept of the American Republic, etc)....than trying to roll the dice on making it work in a latin american authoritarian system where you are a foreigner without blood-ties to the land.

There is no place to run that will not ultimately require the same sort of ugly fight that is coming to the US. In the end, those of us here will have to decide to either fight.....or kneel and accept more and heavier chains.


The Gooch's picture

+100 "Blood ties to the land"

klockwerks's picture

Had 31 foster kids 5 at a time and milked our goat (Nubian) twice a day. Sweetest milk you will ever drink. They would come to us with snotty nose from allergies and they would clear right up. Wonderful time of our life with those kids. Raised everything we ate and gave them a lot of love. If I were 20 years younger I would do it again

aerojet's picture

Louis Pasteur kind of put this one to rest as far as I'm concerned.  I associate this crap with people who let their kids get vaccinated for preventable diseases.  WTF?  Drinking raw milk is a bad idea, okay?  It's just that jackbooted thugs should not be involved...

chubbar's picture

I read this article the other day and it mentioned that they've been in business 29 years without any complaints of sickness.

unrulian's picture

the human race barely made it to the mid 20th century before the western governments saved us from extinction with corporate/gov't milk nazi cartels.....phew

A Nanny Moose's picture

This is why we drink the alcohol

The Gooch's picture

I prefer to call it "elixir".

smartstrike's picture

Milk is for cows. Are you a cow?

The Gooch's picture

It's sarcasm.

Move there.

Start a commune.

Watch out for MS-13.


pods's picture

I like my herrings smoked, not red thank you very much.


malikai's picture

Honestly, the smell always put me off big time. Until one day a good friend of mine coerced me into trying it using lies, deceit, and blackmail.

I actually loved it.

Strange world, this.