Spain Is World's Most "Miserable" Nation, Worse Than Greece, Venezuela And South Africa

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A quick ranking of the world's most "miserable" countries, based on the conventional measure of the Misery Index which is simply the Unemployment Rate plus Inflation, shows just why most people in Spain are, well, less than happy (and Spain is damn lucky there is no subset of the Misery index for just those aged 25 and under as we would certainly need a bigger chart). As the chart below shows, the Spanish "misery" is now the greatest in the world, at some 30%, and is worse than South Africa, Greece, Venezuela, Argentina and Egypt.

But fear not Spain: Croatia which is set to join the EU in July is forecast to have a debt/GDP ratio of 63.6% by 2017 from 29.3% in 2008 as growth stagnates. The country has one of the lowest labor participation rates in Europe at about 50 percent, the ILO says. In other words, at just 26%, it a virtual guarantee that Spain pole position is about to be eclipsed as Europe does the one thing it is truly good at: spread misery for the "common good."

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Miserable....but green as hell.


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Where's Trav?

He's so hard up for Spain.......Life goes on.

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right here, motherfucker

this is the problem, Durden is full of shit and so is this article.  funny how they deemed Spaniards miserable without actually asking any spaniards.

Just come up with your own metric and say "ZOMG those people must be MISERABLE"...why?  Because they don't have an american-style economy?

Look, fuckheads, WE are the people who are fucking miserable; look around you.  This is the most miserable nation...all we do is bitch and kill people.  We have diversity running loose, fuckin illegal aliens everywhere, our culture is in FULL DECLINE.  Look at our TV, music, art...anything.

Stop projecting, America.

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Why aren't the fucking losers in Spain revolting?

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it's to hot... they'll do it tomorrow... or maybe the day after...

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Right after siesta time... or, mañana, mañana.

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If Spain would have just listened to Paul Krugman... /sarc

Someday the peasants will discover Y = C + I - G + NX


I find it hard to believe Spain is worse than Venezuela with its 21,000 murders per year in a country of 28 million, 7’ high barbwire residential fences everywhere, 20% inflation rate, and 60 kidnappings a day.

But then again Chavez is on his death bed.


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Fat dudes in a speedo in any country are revolting to me.

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Why aren't the fucking losers in USAmerikka revolting?

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EBT cards and Jerry Springer.

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I... I... agree with you trav... WTF IS WRONG WITH ME TODAY!!! I NEED A DOCTOR!!! :)

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Croatia, generally speaking, always disliked associating itself with 'Yugoslavia.' Well, i wonder if they are more happy now?...or maybe when they join the EU?


I realize that Yugoslavia was a failed experiment...but thats beside the point.

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can't speak to croats, but the serbs I met when in serbia were considerably happier despite a relatively bleak future than typical americans.

Look- all these immigrants are only here to make money.  They're not here for anything else.

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As a Balkan-boy I can confirm that "happiness index" down there doesn't include the quantity of iPads, ferraris or yachts you possess,because people there know you cannot
buy yourself happiness.
You Westerners have a few thousand years and a couple of collapsed civilisation ahead of you until you reach that level.

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Not to digress from the main topic, but... Croatia, "be carefull what you wish for."  How has independence worked out for them?  They had a better 'deal' in old Yuogoslavia when they were 'somebody'. 

'Old Yugoslavia' was a great, safe and very cheap vacation destination.  'Tito-bandito' kept the various republics together, and as leader of the non-aligned countries, kept them in line also.  His "value add" brinksmanship was the cause for The West helping him financially.  Cost of doing business... for a tiny fraction of what we burn these days on any given day.


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Wow, I agree with you today, Trav.

Measuring "misery" as in the chart seems puerile at best. That is not to say the data displayed is not accurate.

In my experience, Americans are far more miserable than Europeans in general, and than Spaniards in particular.

While the data above will not make a people fell "miserable" by default, you know I don't share your perception of Spain at the moment. The thing keeping up Spaniards' mood is that they are utterly convinced that the crisis is over, and by summer we'll be at 2003 all over again.


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In my experience, Americans are far more miserable than Europeans in general, and than Spaniards in particular.

While this is largely true, you do not see self immoltation going on in the USA,as has been seen in Spain.

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That's true. That's what happens when people are not on a bijillion psychoactive drugs.

Come on, that kind of even is tragic, but you know it does not represent a society's feeling. I could say you do not see mass shootings in Spain. that's a retarded argument.


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Self immolation, no. We have the gubmint do it for us.

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Misery is a function of expectation.  Perhaps, on balance, the expectations of the American flock is greater than that of the European flock.

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Word to muh gold toof, u be spittin da troof and shit!

Stretch out the timeline, it's been all downhill since Constantine made worshipping the jewish God the only game in the empire and his successors literally killed off the "pagan" loverrs-- you know guys who actually preferred logic and thinking over stupidity and hocus-pocus. 

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the only ones miserable are the ones not taking their happy pills.. you need to get into the matrix

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Hey, Trav...

My friend in Spain sez they are fuckin' miserable. Verdad? She's waiting for Catalonia to secede.


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Que Viva Espana!!!

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There used to be days when those kind of numbers would guarantee that your President would not be elected...


Nowadays when you go over 25%, your election gets rigged, & the government takes away your guns & raises your taxes...

Note: I say 'over 25%', because if TRUE unemployment & CPI were reported in the US, it would be right about that number... Good thing BLS stats are bogus, CPI is 'ex food & energy' & we have a bunch of carrier groups floating around... [They HATE US for our freedom to bomb them back into the stone age]...


What sickens me more are these fuckin Bloomberg Charts [which paint an entirely false picture to anyone who doesn't know what's going on]... Nevertheless ~ they'll hand the chart over to some pretty anchor [showing ample clevage], & she'll proceed to deflect your focus on those poor saps over there... [if she can get your eyes off her tits]...

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how many of the retards commenting on Spain have actually ever been to Spain?

Europeans tend to be FAR happier than Merkins.  Merkins are comparatively spoiled fucking brats who throw violent tantrums at the first disturbance.

This nation is about overreacting for everything- it's jewish.  Neurotic, hyper passive/aggressive, and bitchy warmongers.

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Well I've never been to Spain, but I've been to Oklahoma...  (and it's not bad)

Again with the Yews.  Perhaps we should better designate by adding "Self-Styled Canaanite Yews"?  Lumping all Yuden together is as wrong as saying all Christians are murdering pedophiles just because the Smirking Chimp claimed to be a Christian (which of course, none of these evil bags of shit follow Laws of Moses).

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Trav you are a racist little redneck motherfucker, who needs to be taken to the woodshed and have your balls put in a vice, and squeezed like lemons until you agree to bake some cookies for the local Mexican or Chinese illegals looking for work at the side of the road!

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Well Eireann, can I glean from your username that you are, like I, an Irishman?


Let me as you this: Have you been to these places? What was your opinion of Dubai or Zimbabwe or South Africa? I haven't been so I cannot thrash someone else's opinion of them. Does having visited somewhere in the world and not enjoying something of the local culture make one a racist? that logic everyone who ever had a disappointing holiday is a fucking facist zealot.

You know Trav isn't the only one saying that whites have fared badly in S.Africa since apartheid ended. And we all know what has happened in Zimbabwe. Or are you now saying this isn't actually so? Or is it the fact that you wish it wasn't so? And if it is so, is Trav "racist" simply for pointing it out?

Get down off your fucking politically correct horse and come into the real world.

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Obama's mother is Irish Jew.  Jews consider the "Jewishness" to be passed through mother's blood.  Therefore, Obama is an Irish Jew.  Bet you thought he was a Mooslim?  :)

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"Irish Jew"?  Isn't that an oxymoron?  Or just made up?

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Yes there are Joos in Ireland. Our Minister for so-called justice is a Joo. Whether he's a real Irish man is another matter.

trav777's picture I certainly appreciate the support, you are REALLY going to ask someone for a logical explanation on why I am racist? 

Each and every time you justify this label this way, you give it legitimacy.  You are trying to make a logical assault on its legitimacy when you should merely REJECT IT.  You cannot make a logical assault on the legitimacy of miasmas or alien abductions, can you?  If you legitimize these labels you will end up having them used on you as others gang up to try to impose cloture.

I am racist by the definition of the word, as are you.  The word has no real meaning.  Call me a unicorn next.

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Chinese people mill around at the side of the road looking for work?  Where tf is this?!?

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I have been to Spain and have friends there, I agree with you in some respects, others, ehh. Spain is a great country that has internal and external problems like most, they way over spent "but in one regard, they over spent on infrastructure" this is actually a good deal, at least they have something to show for their lost money. If and when they come out of this downward spiral, they will not have to rebuild much.

Other countries in Europe "Italy, worst" have a extremely poor infrastructure and nothing to show for any money spent. Italians should be at the top of the list of feeling miserable, with the most beggars per capita I believe.

Face it, Spain is the bread basket, large varieties of foods and cheap labor, when Europe gets hungry this is where they will turn to for food.

Everything will just need to reset, wages, taxes, government size, etc......

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If it wasn't for all the great wine, food, cars, art, fashion and beautiful women, Italy would definitely be "worst".

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In Soviet Amerika, only infrastructure built with tax is democracy bomb to be dropped on brown heads.  Excellent investment for people!!!

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It's a good job for Spain that this does not also include retail sales numbers as Spain's have plummeted. Take a look at this analysis of what is happening..


"Retail Sales

The Spanish statistics office has told us this today about December.

The General Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at –10.2%, as compared with –7.8% in November

As this comprises the crucial Christmas season we can see that there was no seasonal cheer or pick-up for Spanish retailers this time around. In fact if you look at the numbers for the year overall we in fact see that there was a further decline.

In 2012, sales in the Retail Trade Sector dropped 6.8%, as compared with 2011

We get an additional guide to this below.

The variation of the General Retail Trade Index between December and November was 22.1%. This rate showed the lowest increase in the last five years.

The statistics agency probably now regrets also using a calendar or working day adjusted series as this shows an even worse decline in December as it is 10.7% below the year before.

Another worrying sign is that even food sales have turned solisly downwards as the annual fall in those in December was 5.1%."

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The black market is alive and well in spain..the retail black market and the jobs black market.

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True. In my working class neighbourhood in Madrid, we buy our foodstuffs, kitchenware and some clothes on a sunday street market.Prices are 30 to 50% less, and no VAT.

About 20% of my total expenditure on these products goes to licensed retail, and I'd say I'm above average in my neighbourhood. Supermarkets here hardly carry produce anymore cause noone buys it there. (And we eat more % of fresh produce than americans).

Half my friends are working black market (University graduates, masters degree)

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ZOMG you guys are not chasing retail merchandise from approved retailers with VAT and other taxes!!!  You are evil terrists who are anti-american!!!  I bet you are using CASH instead of electronic interest-bearing credit cards too!!  You are rejecting the system of USURY and debt serfdom and just getting on with living life and using bearer notes.  WTF is wrong with you, this is EVIL.

So sayeth our media and government.  They say it so often and so loud that I almost wonder if those in charge there are in some way related to those who benefit from the lending racket.  Hmm...thought gone, Bergeron device made a loud siren.

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1. Sun = +1

2. warm = +1

3. Nice chicks = +1



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You can eat neither the sun, nor the warmth, nor the to say.

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who says you can't eat chicks? :)


Just ask 5 woman you pass onto the street: CAN I EAT YOU


Watch their reaction...



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weather, scenery, yes...chicks, not so much.  Hottest chicks anywhere i've been were in Rome.  Tourism high season so assume that those OBVIOUSLY east euro chicks were not real romans, but whatever.  Eye candy everywhere.  Belgrade takes second place; every 10th or so is a supermodel.

The women in brazil are also pretty smokin and in the NE, the men are ugly.  If you're noncolored, you can score pretty much whomever.  Especially americans...we are the conquerors and you just gotta have that aura and you're set.

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Yes, chicks in Rome are hot. But they get even hotter and the outfits more sexy the closer you get to Milan.

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Man.. you need leason in Sex.

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Yu kneed a leson in speling

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Yu Amelican? Yu Spleak Amelican?