Why Are American Voters So Uninformed?

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The sad fact is that it appears completely rational to be ignorant about politics. The cost of being an 'informed' voter - as opposed to a bigotted closed-minded ignoramus - is high, from the time spent following (and interpreting) the news in the paper, online, and on the television. As the following clip notes, "becoming an informed voter is competing with a lot of other needs in your life," from American Idol watching to eating Cheetos in the bath. Of course, the sad truth is that it has never been more important to be 'informed' and so the 'bread-and-circuses' will continue lest we stumble upon the truth - but perhaps this brief clip will sway a few more to the dark side of 'the informed' - though just because 'you' are better-informed does not mean politicians will do a better job - as the probability of your vote changing the outcome of an election is for all practical purposes, zero!


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It's a global problem. Why the hell do you think the EU still exists?

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Why Are American Voters So Uninformed?



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Panem et Circenses: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bread_and_circuses

Thats why.


Have you ever questioned that these "inalienable rights" are alienated away by voting for some cock sucker in DC?

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And voting is just another circus for the fucking clueless.

Oh boy, "voting Tyler" is in da house!

And I'm outta here, as this is stupid squared.

Or should I say HuffPo Light?

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If you have inalienable rights... then maybe they should go hand in hand with inalienable responsibility.  End centralized representation and bring about self-representation.  The Founding Fathers wanted power themselves, although a lot smaller than a monarch but in the end still power.  They had the best idea of the time... and it has room to be perfected.

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They owned slaves.

Therefore, EVERY single thing they ever did is nullified, voided, invalidated, illegitimate.

And if you disagree then you are a racist as was America before 1969.  Old America, along with everything that came out of it, is to be relegated to the trashheap of history.

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“Why Are American Voters So Uninformed?”

Because the same people that brought you this problem have been “educating” the American voter for the last 50 years..


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Gov't is violence.

Violence always achieves the opposite of it's intentions.

Public schools (check out Charlotte Izerbyt's "Dumbing down of America)

War on drugs, more drugs

war on terror, gov't sponsored terror

war on poverty, 50 million on food stamps

War is the health of the state

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But they just went to war with our health(care). Oh...

Just kidding, we all knew what the result of that is going to be.

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I totally disagree with Tyler here. There is good reason why we are so uninformed. The cost/benefit doesn't add up! And contrary to the jokey comments about cheetos, those of us that are still employed tend to have incredibly busy lives these days! My time is at a premium. I am supposed to care enough to invest in the choice between a D and an R? Not.

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"Rational ignorance occurs when the cost of educating oneself on an issue exceeds the potential benefit that the knowledge would provide."


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All well and good for the individual, but this creates the prisoner's dilemma of each of us acting in our self interest (not giving the system the time of day) in a manner that brings about a worse outcome (the status quo) than if enough of us act contrary to that direct interest (spend the time to research and think through issue, and of course vote the fuckers out) to cross the threshold or tipping point of accrued benefit for each of us.


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I was gonna get informed but...

The NHL strike is over so...

maybe next time...

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It just seems to me there are so many more effective ways of making a positive change in the world than heading out to vote. I mean vote at the state or national level. At the local level, it's worth it.

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Voting is just a suggestion box for slaves.

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No. Actually the cost/benefit adds up perfectly. Vote for this guy or that guy and get free shit that someone else will pay for.

Someone else bears the cost and I get the benefit.

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Well, jimmytorpedo, I agreed with the other replies made to yours...

"Rational ignorance" is like being stuck inside the prisoners' dilemma!

You were obviously correct, in your overall statement of the situation.

War is the health of the state and success in war depends on deceit.

99% of the most important public powers have already been privatized.

That is why voting no longer matters, since all the most important powers of governments have already been given away to the banksters, for more than a Century. In that context, I agree with these great quotes regarding the THEORY of governments creating the money supply, to serve the general interests of the whole population.

Such as from President Lincoln:

"The government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. The privilege of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of the government but it is the government's greatest creative opportunity. By adoption of the these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity."

Or from the longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King:

"Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile."

Creating the money supply, as a public utility, in ways which strives to benefit everyone, should be government's supreme prerogative, and greatest creative opportunity, and its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility. That is what people should be voting upon, to decide how that is done. Instead, giving away the power to make money out of nothing to private banks was the most insane domestic policy that a government could ever adopt! However, it is easy to explain the history of how that actually happened. It was simply the history of the application of the methods of organized crime to take control over governments, in a runaway spiral of the success of fraud enabling those who did that to constantly be able to get away with even more frauds.

That was possible, and DID happen, due to the much longer history of militarism, which maintained the economic systems of slavery, throughout most of human history. The vast majority of people today are the survivors of those who adpated to being slaves. Those who did not do that tended to be discredited or destroyed. Therefore, the REAL social system has a tiny percentage of Vicious Wolves, who adapted to benefit from being dishonest, and backing that up with violence, in order to control the much larger population of Zombie Sheeple, who adapted to survive being slaves.

The reasons that voting is practically worthless are that the government has ALREADY been more than 99% privatized. Practically speaking, the only people to vote for are political puppets, working for the same puppet masters. None of them will do anything about the real ways that the powers of government have already been privatized. Voting does not matter much because we do NOT live in a democratic republic, we actually live inside a runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut, operating on the basis of MORE legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, which are the only significant aspects of the sovereign powers of governments still left operating.

The overwhelming vast majority of people are sheep that are getting rountinely fleeced, and being set up to be slaughtered. Since they were selected to be those kinds of sheeple, they are ignorant, and want to stay that way. The already established systems do everything they can to make sure that things stay that way. ... There are no good reasons to doubt that there will be genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law, that will massively cull the population of those sheeple, and their lambs, in the foreseeable future. However, they will continue to be sheep, inside a system which is totally set up to make sure that they continue to be sheep, and so, THEY WILL BE SLAUGHTERED.

Waking up to those social facts is NO FUN, especially since there is really nothing which is practically possible to do about it. As far as I can tell, we can only watch and wait, as this gets way worse, far faster. After spending several decades worrying about that situation, and doing everything I could think of to try to change it, I have belatedly come to the nearly 100% objectively depressing conclusion that that is HOPELESS.

The international banksters have already been able to almost totally destroy the democratic republic. They are getting ready to consolidate that through imposing democidal martial law upon the few remaining American people who are not already Zombie Sheeple. The ruling classes will be able to count on the same old divide and conquer strategies that will see Zombie Sheeple police and military forces working to destroy themselves, because most of them will not understand, and will not want to understand, what they are doing.

I WISH that there was something that could be done about that! However, apart from a relatively tiny audience, such as some of the readers of Zero Hedge, and similar alternative news Web sites, the overwhelming vast majority of Americans have already been brainwashed to believe in bullshit, despite that them believing in those huge lies will have extremely bad consequences for them, and their children.

Of course, I do NOT LIKE being stuck inside the worst of boxes in the prisoners' dilemma matrix of possibilities. I continue to hold on to the irrational hope that we MIGHT be able to agree on some better outcomes, than financial frauds, backed by force, automatically getting worse, until they cause wars and martial law. However, as far as I can tell, I have wasted my time, for several decades, by worrying about that, and attempting to do something about it.

I know, and have PROVEN, from decades of direct political experiments, that more than 99% of the people act like Zombie Sheeple, and want to stay that way! Their short-term "rationality" will become suicidal in the longer term, but they do not want to think about that! Social slavery systems become surreal, since they depend upon the majority of people adapting to live inside systems based on Huge Lies, backed by Lots of Violence, which automatically become more and more INSANE, since EVERYTHING IS BASED ON LIES, and so, everything that civilization actually does becomes crazier and crazier.

America has become so totally controlled by LIES, that it is headed towards some martial law situation, to try to continue that system of control by LIES. It is nicer to day dream that enough of us might understand more radical truth, in order to respond to our real problems. However, our fake problems, based on triumphant frauds controlling everything we are doing, are becoming too overwhelming, and everything we try to do about that looks like it is way too little, way too late.

Martial law in the USA is going to be far more insane than we can imagine! However, that is the necessary consequence of the ways things are going now. That martial law is NOT going to work, since no greater amount of violence can ever make the lies become true. But nevertheless, that appears the only realistic thing that we have to look forward to ...

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Ya know Rad MJ, they say the babylonians kept Marijuana away from the masses because it enhances the psychic energies of the humans mind. Truly, you are definitely an epic example of a real thinker and that which they feared the most. Here you have laid bare well the horrible truths, but will it change the coming future? Maybe not much, but somewhere the records of how it all went down like patients being shown the movie of the train going off the cliff and they still all sat there gawking out the windows of choo-choo oblivia and eating Cheetos while watching the drug TV.

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dude, NOBODY hates science more than liberals and progressives.

Evolution is THE TRUTH just up until it suggests that diversity is real instead of superficial.  Then it cannot be mentioned.

RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT.  Nevermind that there are blood tests and DNA analysis they do to determine if you are "native american" enough to get a casino or to assist police in determining a ton of the biological markers like skin color and skeletal composition of a DNA sample.  That stuff isn't SCIENCE, it's BIGOTRY and RACISM, STEREOTYPES and PREJUDICE.

Nevermind logic and fact, such as "does gun control actually work?"  These things are mere trivialities compared to the awesome weight of PROGRESS.  IQ, for example, doesn't measure anything if it shows ACTUAL human biodiversity or tends to refute liberal axioms.  However, it most certainly DOES measure something VERY important when it needs to save somebody with a low one from the electric chair, especially if they are of the right social construct, which doesn't actually exist except, again, when it's going to spare someone from the death penalty or fetch them some gov't bennies. 

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Trav, give it a fucking break...

Go play your bullshit game with someone who cares about that crap...

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But, he isn't far off in his estimation.

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All of the founding fathers owned slaves? No. For example, John Adams and his wife were opposed to slavery. When someone gave him a gift of a slave, he immediately manumitted her.

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why you gotta go bring facts in to it.....no fun ranting then

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You are correct, Trav.

I am an American racist.

The Old America was white America.

The New America is now and there is no turning back. Blacks have failed this country spectacularly; hispanics are overrunning it with crime, broken families, and Spanish. It's only going to get worse, not better.

Except I don't moan and groan about it. I accept the reality and am planning accordingly.

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The country was racist against blacks back then.


The country is racist against whites right now.


Tell you what, let's have the two cancel and get rid of affirmative action already and stop blaming whitey for all of their ills.

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"latin american indians are overrunning it with crime, broken families," There, fixed it for you.

There are at least several million "hispanics" in the U.S. that have european origins and match Euro-American IQ averages.

Race differences between the Latin Americal elites and the laborers are glaringly obvious, although seldom mentioned, and the elite politicians will always claim they are mestizos with a drop or two of indian blood at election time.

Ya can't take race out of politics.

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Thanks for the correction, MrPalladium. I was going with the US government designation.

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"The Old America was white America"

and praytell, who sold out the "Old America" to the bankers?  who put the Fed in place of the "constitution" and sold people into financial slavery?  who creates wars for profit all around the world?

crafty ole blacks I guess. . .

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Not only are you wrong, you're FUCKED UP wrong.  Please call me a racist now.

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That was Trav's harder edge version of MDB.


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They owned slaves.

Therefore, EVERY single thing they ever did is nullified, voided, invalidated, illegitimate.

And if you disagree then you are a racist as was America before 1969. Old America, along with everything that came out of it, is to be relegated to the trashheap of history."



Jeez Trav, poison the well much?


So if you are wrong on one thing, does that mean all future posts by you are null and void?

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did your meds get cutoff?

my irish great grandfather was concripted by force by the british and jumped ship to get here....  and my family has whites mexicans, blacks and filipinos.....save your stereotypes and false information for your drinking buddies.


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Wow.  Just wow.  It must be nice to be able to post an opinion, and then immediatly prevent any argument by saying anyone who disagrees with you is racist.  Come on - have a little more courage than that.

Yes, some of the Founding Fathers had slaves.  And some of the Founding Fathers were abolitionists.  Listen to Dr. Cornel West sing the praises of John Adams.  And there were many more - Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, etc.  Certainly, those Founding Fathers who owned slaves took part in a deplorable act.  But to say that because some of the FF were slaveowners, every single thing they did or said must be "nullified, voided, invalidated..." is just silly.  What if Einstein had been a slave owner?  By your logic, the theory of relativity would be void if it came from a slave owner.

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What? You think that there are no slaves today? So, people are not forced to work to be able to eat, wear clothes  and have a roof over their heads? Oh, right, there are those that the system has abandoned and just provide with welfare... they are not dependent on the masters at all.

Fiat is the paper whip.

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As opposed to the new Amerika, where everybody is equally enslaved.

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Your typical American voter is 90% dumb as a picket fence and 10% confirmation bias, so why would anyone want informed voters?

Much better to have informed Enemies of the State

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Precisely why I do not participate in such matters, and do as I please.

Alienation by law is one thing. Enforcement of said law is quite another.

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TV and Hollywood's 24x7 propaganda including TV news.  The NWO leftist have loads RINOs in the GOP.   The NWO Left/Dems can rig elections now at will.

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no doubt, why haven't we seen anything about a town that has mandatory gun-possession law to live there on any TV news?


 and guess what, in 2010 there were NO murders in Kennesaw, Georgia.

In 2010 the city violent crime rate in Kennesaw was lower than the violent crime rate in Georgia by 85.15% and the city property crime rate in Kennesaw was lower than the property crime rate in Georgia by 56.74%.

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According to the US Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 8.5 square miles (22 km2).

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Why are Americans so uninformed?

Well, for starters many of them are Fox News viewers.

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Minus 1 for being partially correct (because minus 0.5 isn't available).  You must include all corporate media, then you are correct.