China Unleashes Building-Gobbling Sinkhole To Spur GDP Growth

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While everyone knows that devastation and cataclysm are wildly bullish in a broken-window-fally-based Keynesian world where everything is incrementally positive and bad is good. It would appear that China has taken that 'fallacy' one step too far as a giant sinkhole is 'gobbling' up buildings across Guangzhou. We assume this sinkhole was unleashed to help maintain GDP amid the now factual decline in labor force that we discussed yesterday.


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Temporis's picture

If only that would happen at Constitution Ave NW, Washington, DC.

Between 20th NW and 21st St NW...

brewing's picture

easy way to get rid of excess home inventory.  the u.s. should try it...

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So, we get a bunch of broken window fallacies here, but we can also add in a new "sinkhole fallacy."

The big sinkhole we have in this country is the Congress + Executive Branch. And we see how that has turned out...

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At least the shower still works. As usual the build quality in China is still 'excellent'...

Second(s) to none so to speak...

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Has the Large Hadron Collider yet again unleashed another black hole?

idea_hamster's picture


Uh, excuse me, but the proper term is "deployes," thank you very much.

fourchan's picture

they build buildings to fill the sink holes. shovel ready, red china style.

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4chan, you crafty thunder-thief! I thought it rather smart of those industrious Chinese to fill their sinkholes with buildings! I wonder how that plan to use all those concrete trucks seen in the latter part of the video panned out. I guess that the damned thing's gotta' stop sucking up solids sooner or later...

akak's picture

In China, even the ground is blobbing-up.

Talk about being consumptionalized!

Make me laugh.

Harlequin001's picture

I bet that if you put all the gold that was ever mined in that hole you'd probably fill it, just.

Whereas the sinkhole that could be filled with all the paper money ever printed is probably the size of Yellowstone...

Just saying...

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Fire up them concrete pumpers and fill 'er up.  Probably build a new 43 story high rise on it in the next week.

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Oh look, nature has cleared the way for another nuclear reactor.


Matt's picture

Do you think they'll take the time to have geologists and engineers check if the sinkhole will recur?

Chief_Illiniwek's picture

Those concrete pumps weren't borrowed from the Fukushima site, were they?

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Sadly, the sanitation and sewage engineering is still a mite more superior here than in China (by a long shot).

I recall a friendly argument back in the early 1990s I had with a Chinese academic who marvelled at how easily the Chinese built their houses (couple slabs of wood thrown together) while Americans insisted on building sturdy houses.

The very next next a massive earthquake in China conveniently and sadly proved my point to him.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Sadly, the sanitation and sewage engineering is still a mite more superior here than in China (by a long shot).

Well, c'mon, what's it take to engineer a roadside?

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2 out of the 78,000,000 empty ghost apartments gone. Bullish; reducing supply like that to boost sales/prices.

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It's just the bottom that fell away in the US treasury...

looks like it passed the center of the world a while ago...


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Calm, calm; remember your blood pressure.

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No, style would have been to see a 50 floor building on the site at the end of the video.


Bunga Bunga's picture

There is a 50 floor building but visibility reaches only up to the third floor.

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Unless I am understanding it wrong this is a natural response like a sponge absorbing water to the excess liquidity of USD sloshing around in China (world economy in general) since it can't saturate into the economy here in the US.

metastar's picture

Whoa! Economic Sinkhole Crosses Over into Physical World.

The Bernank Money Pit.

The hole we're digging in the US has reached through the center of the earth and into China.

Unprepared's picture

... he saw, then he came again.

GeezerGeek's picture

Now if only he could conquer - his ignorance.

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CCTV ran this yesterday. They have a term for it here. It's called "Tofu project". The likely culprit is either a subway under construction, or something to do with the contruction plot next to the sinkhole.

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This sort of thing happens everywhere. For example, I remember watching a YouTube video of a (really nice, big old) house in San Francisco that disappeared into the ground. Burst water main or some such, iirc. My recollection is that there were dozens of such videos from all over. Really impressive one from somewhere down in South America.

One would be mistaken to view this as a purely Chinese phenomenon.

Having said, all that ... Hory shit!

You can't help but be impressed by the response, though - immediate. In California, it would take months (and millions of dollars) of studies, committees, public hearings, environmental impact reports, etc., before they filled the hole in.

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Florida has had its share. A few decades back one even managed to gobble up a few Porsches. It had the decency not to swallow any Ferraris or Lambos. 

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Might also be an old or poorly built sewer leaking and washing away the soil.  Or a former natural stream buried or re-directed into a drainage pipe.

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Or bad sewer/water systems that are leaking.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

WAARP caused the sinkhole. (Water Activated Apparatus for Reconstruction Projects).

Never One Roach's picture

Might be a worn-out air raid shleter from WWII. I saw them on TV one time in a WWII documentary. They are all over southern China ...built for protection from the Japanese who were bombing them.

Dr. Engali's picture

It's going to take a bigger sinkhole than that to fix Detroit. But hey...we are America damn it! We do everything bigger and better!

Tortfeasor's picture

Didn't know you could use a sinkhole to fix a sinkhole

williambanzai7's picture

I think that is the Greek budget in there.

Byte Me's picture

Just the local Elite selling the land from underneath the plebs.

Nothing to see (down) here.

Move along pliss

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The work shown in the video would take three years to complete where I live and cost $100,000,000. The Chinese roll out and have the hole filled and family moved in 8 hours.


Matt's picture

A 1-meter diameter water main broke in Montreal. It would have caused some creative destruction at the university, but the damned engineering students built a retaining wall around the entrances so it didn't flood. Not only were they not paid, but as students, they were paying to do it. How do we get more people to pay to work?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Silly Tyler.

That's just the new community swimming pool.

glenlloyd's picture watch, not so much probably for the owner.....