Santelli Blasts Bernanke: "Whatever You're Doing, It Isn't Working"

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While some would look at the surge in government spending in Q3 last year (ahead of the election) and subsequent plunge in Q4 as conspiratorial, CNBC's Rick Santelli takes a step slightly further back as he draws the analogy between the mystical monetary experimentation of Ben Bernanke and his horde of central bank cronies and the "bloodletting of leeching" of medieval medicine providers. The point being that if you were sick in the middle ages, leeches were applied; and if you returned weeks later (still sick), more leeches and blood-letting took place - with no lesson learned. The fact that we borrowed $300bn in Q4 and managed a dismally dire drop in GDP growth offers little hope as the world glares agog at the Dow Jones Industrial Average index while Bernanke, six years on from the start of the recession continues to apply the same medicine that has done nothing to resurrect our economy. In Rick's words, "Whatever you're doing; It isn't working!" and in fact the monetary support could potentially hurt the economy in the medium-term as debt piles up exponentially. An epic rant...

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<--- Santelli > Bernanke

<--- Bernanke > Santelli

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Bernanke has lost control of the economy. That is a fact. The rest is fluff.

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the fluff has lost control of Bernanke; that is a fact! 

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Rick, PLEASE!!  Don't you see that market indeces have never been higher???  How can you say that all the money printing hasn't done anything???  It's not all about GDP or earnings and PE, you know.

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Today’s GDP figure was actually a result of Trickle Down Economics and deregulation, which Santelli supports. You idiots need to read a bit of economics and history before you pretend to understand the economy. Look up toxic derivatives and read up on the OWS movement. You morons have a lot to learn, I'm afraid.

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Come on, Ben, fess up to being MDB.   Maybe change your login to TrillionDollarBonus.

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Reminds me of a Steve Martin sketch from SNL:

Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber

"You'll feel much better after a good bloodletting."

"But I'm already bleeding..."

"Hey, who's the barber around here?"

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"You look familiar.  Do I know you?"

Belushi as the Humpback: "You worked on my back."

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MDB could be in either party--only their scripts are different, but their backbiting dipshit economic rationale's are the same: it's the other guy's fault.  Both parties hope that you don't notice in the scrum that they are equally fucking incompentent where it concerns economic policy as they try to perpetuate the false premise that there's only two shitty choices.  We bitch about the public alot on this site, but give 'em the credit that tuning out of this dipshit dialogue is a rational choice.  Fuck you MDB and all who you represent.

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OT...  Germany wants it's gold, why not send them a $1T coin or 2.  Shipping costs would be minimal, and I bet that they could have it within a month instead of multiple shipments over several years.  Added bonus - no need to figure out who/where it is and "clean up" the books.  The only real problem would be designing the coin and determining the "bust" that will grace the coin.  The Bernak?  BHO?  How about Alfred E. Newman and his famous quote "What?  Me Worry?"

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More like trillion$platinumcoin

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MillionDollarBonus, I can't figure out if you are a fraud-committing, criminal, socialist, moronic, elitist hypocrite, or if you are just getting your jollies by pushing the buttons of Zerohedge readers.

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@ Supernova Born, when it comes to GOLD:

BTFD!  BTFS!  Just buy it!

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Of course he knows, he is a trader.  Pushing paper, skimming a living while producing nothing of real value.  He is entertaining however.  Now where's my bread?

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next to the circus tickets on the table.

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He is NOT a trader, you fucking dipshit!


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Hmm.. I just watched that video and didn't think Santelli was nearly bearish enough.   He seemed downright positive about the economy and the markets, and slightly miffed at Ben Bernanke.   Not sure what to make of these once-bears like Santelli and Bass that are increasingly bullish...



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popo new meme...ain't cha heard?

Oil from rocks will restore the country. All that worry about unpayable debt...that was just doomers selling advisory letters. Now, without explaining how the old meme (we are doomed) has been resolved, we are instructed to prepare for Obama's third term (because things will be so good every voter will get a pony and a blowjob). Apparently everything is OK now and the prior panic was just a test. Time to sell your gold, surrender your guns and love the coming utopia.

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can I get that blowjob upfront?

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If its in the back its not a blowjob.

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Actually, what Bernanke's doing IS working.

The question is it intentionally being done? Or is he being told what to do??

Because if you want to put down a large swath of the population, this is exactly how you do that.


It is working flawlessly i might add.

Not too much longer now, we are nearing the home stretch.


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He has been very succesful at his job, that is enriching the other banksters.

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I'd love to know what readers of this site do for a living.  Seems to me many that post here have very little understanding of markets, derivatives and economics

AlaricBalth's picture

That's the second time this month you have pondered the vocations of members of ZH. Some are butchers. Some are bakers. Some are candlestick makers. Some are in the Biz and some are not. There are farmers, office workers, machinists, programmers and analysts. There are many traders and entrepreneurs. What difference does it make! We do not adhere to generic labels. We are all here to learn and we are all here to teach. Many know more about Economics than those I have interacted with in my career. They may not conform to the selected schools of economic thought sanctioned by the acolytes in Ivory Towers, but I have found that most everyone here brings something to the table.

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Apparently WarHorse works down in the data mines.

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Do I need a fucking resume to post now WarHorse? Do I need to call you for approval before I snark? Dipshit.

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@ warpony   u first ....   oh , and blo me


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Bernanke has a fluffer?  Is it little Timmy G?

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As always, Santelli is spot on. This is the definition of insanity.

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your statement assumes the bernank had control in the first place...

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Early on, Bernanke admitted that he was in uncharted territory.  I think he never claimed to know how to fix the problem.  He was just interested in trying to keep things from getting worse.

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Or....Bernanke is in full control and knows exactly what he is doing, that is usurping for his controllers and the .001%

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He never had control of the economy, just the world's biggest magic checkbook.

To state that he "lost control" only empowers his ability to destroy further as you add to the fiction.

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You mean the illusion of control don't you?

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He never had control. He is just a half-witted shill for the London/New York banksters.

ATM's picture

He is just not doing enough!


That's what we will be told anywys. What the Bernenk is doing isn;t working so the scale of his non-working plan must be increased by magnitudes to really work!


Isn't that right Paul Krugman?

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I was in DC at the National Association of Realtors meeting and saw this guy mention the bad GDP numbers. But he also put up a chart of Fed Funds Target against the Case-Shiller index. And then lumbers costs rising over 50% in one year. YIKES! Here is some of what he said:

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Thät is why he now wants "Out".

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Here is the poroblem with Rick Santelli. As most people out there do, I watch CNBC on mute. I assume everyone else does as well. So what happens is every once in a while I happen to look up and I see Santelli screaming and waving his hands. I look around for the remote and look up again and he is humping a watermelon or sticking a tube of toothpate up his ass. Finally I find the remote and unmute it in time for him to yell "Back to you".

I wish I had some device to give me a heads up before he comes on.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

fonz, do what I do when there is something objectionable on CNBS:

Head for the can...


Especially the NYT ads...

fonzannoon's picture

But i'd spend all day in the can, no?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture



on how strong your stomach is

on how strong your prostate is

on how strong your sphincter is




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FWIW it is the freakin scooter store commercials that are going to take me down.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

But, you can LEARN a lot from the scooter store ads...  Social Security Disability Abuse Alert!  I mean they practically scream "Scam the government!".

Next time you go to Wal-Mart, you will see what I mean.

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"I didn't pay a penny for my Power Chair.  Medicare and my insuranced covered it all".

I'd love to thow that bitch down a flight of stairs!

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"You've fallen, and you can't get up --- and I don't give a damn!"


(Referring to the welfare state, of course.)