Chicago PMI Soars By Most Since October 2009, Biggest Beat Since September 2011

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Remember when the Chicago PMI was revised much lower in December, pushing it from 51.6 to some 48.9, as part of its annual revision. Well, the baffle with BS show must go on. Moments ago the PMI printed at a number that makes a complete mockery of all the regional Fed diffusion indices and the various confidence data, not to mention all other manufacturing data, miraculously soaring from 50.0 to 55.6, the highest print since April, the biggest monthly jump since October 2009 and a 5 sigma beat to expectations of 51.6: the biggest such beat in absolute terms since September 2011.

What is funny is that as usual the actual respondents are far gloomier than the headline would indicate

  • 2013 is starting out a tad slower than December of 2012, but after our 4th quarter it's actually welcomed, we will be busy, but not to the extent that we were in 4th quarter of 2012. The year is looking fairly good to start.
  • Some industries are consolidating, like linerboard/corrugate, giving remaining players pricing power despite flat to slower volumes.
  • The Flu outbreak has caused our hospitals to reach capacity - and the result is an allocation from manufacturers on masks.
  • Seems like companies have forgot[ten] how to provide service.
  • Small business still reviewing impact from tax changes. Worry about cost increases in near future.
  • Business is slow out of the gate for 2013.

And since this is Baffle with BS-ville, it is only (il)logical that in the aftermath of today's blistering data, expect tomorrow's ISM to be a miss.

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Well the Blackhawks started 6-0-0.  That must've goosed up the stats...

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and the jobs component was down big for a perfect report for the algos

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when it gets serious, you have to lie

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What part about CHICAGO do people not understand?



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I call it SHITCAGO.  Look where the turd in the whitehouse came from.  Anus of the midwest.

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Look what the Chicago pmi did the 2 months before the 2008 crash. It went from 49 to 56 then crashed to 37.


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Every single regional index in deep contraction except the murder capital of the US...hmmmmmmm things that make you go hmmmmmmm

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Maybe there is a reason some midwest industries are doing well in recent years. Maybe someone has their back and won't let them underperform....

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Morgue expenditures and coffin sales did it.

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Yet another piece of fucking crooked shit to come out of Chicago.

Fuck you Fed fucking shit covered assholes.

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We are all Schrodinger's cats.

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I wonder what there making? Hollow points?

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Is the PMI released at around 9:40 to the "corrupt banks"  the market bursted higher at that time.

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I believe that you can subscribe and get the release 15 min early...par for the fraudulent course

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I for one welcome our drone overlords.

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No ups, no downs, for the next 30 years.

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The leap in the report probably reflects the HUGE  jump in the funeral business, burying all the murder victims in "gun free" Chicago.

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I would have thought the hospitals were already at capacity from all the shootings in Chicago. I'm surprised they have room for patients with the flu.

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Shootings/guns are now passe - Chicago has a new weapon of choice.


"A man is being held on bond for robbing five girls at knifepoint.

Andre Stovall is charged with five counts of armed robbery.

Police say Stovall and another man robbed five girls at the Metra station on 83rd Street, Friday night.

Police say both men threatened to kill the girls if they didn’t hand over their phones and purses."

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Does anyone care Isreal is starting a war with Syria and Iran and Russia has pledged support

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I do! He said as he closed the hatch on his bunker.

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defense and oil companies

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Izreel is a pain in the ass.

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Sorry, Israel is protecting herself from islamist madmen in Syria who are preparing to use Assad's chemical weapons.

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some boogerman or other is always out to get izreel.

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We need to be concerned for another false flag.

Hacked Files Shows US Approved Chemical False Flag Plan In Syria.

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Oh oh.  Now you done it.  Crazy anti-zionists, muhamadites are gonna terror blog you.

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Teh interwebs are a scary place. I have to be on constant alert for spammers, scammers, porno-pops, and moslem extremists. Sometimes I think I'l have to stop browsing and read a book.

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I agree Isreal is doing what it has too.  I'm asking why doesn't the market care world war II is starting?

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I thought it ended 68  years ago in Tokyo.

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I think MR. O gave Rahm a contract to ramp up the hopium mine.

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Rahm is a fascist and his con game will continue. Kind of funny that the weather in Chicogo is so nice.

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Jeezzz... that was a close one...

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I have never wittness such utter courrption in America before this clown show entered the picture.  This is fucking disgusting.

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Goldilocks Numbers .... Bitchez, enjoy the "Recovery".

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Jeeez, economics is so easy. Who knew!

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Mustard seeds and green shoots are on the house.

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Looks like the Chicago Purchasing Managers got 'purchased'

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in this market-


gdp contraction- irrelevant

good pmi data- economy is coming back


this according to all the talking heads on cnbc and everywhere. its comical

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Michelle ordered her year supply of Chicago Beef. Barry ain't gonna get none

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Chicago appoints their mayors.

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We have higher unemployment claims, a negative GDP for the 4th quarter and the CHICAGO PMI is up?  Bullshit!!