Crunching Complex Concepts In The Corner - Caption Contest

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Is this what tax season prep looks like when you have a Congressionally-imposed ban from using TurboTax? We will let readers decide...


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Just ripped the face off the new acting IRS commissioner and he'll never even know what happened. Who's the Turbo Tax jerk now?! Ha!

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"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

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Lets see here, already told that lie, ummmm nope told that one too, errrrr ah ha heres one I havent used to often...there is no inflation!!!

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Fukk Ben- the printer z out of ink again !

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54,846 pages in the tax code......

Need to maximize my deductions.

Hmm, this may take a while.

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What? a toupee is not allowed as a business deduction?

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"Wait a minute...why is the Fed buying all our bonds?  Can they do that?  Ben - you have got to F**king tell me these things!!!"

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"I keep colouring outside the lines."

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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!

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"Wait, what the fuck is scarcity?"

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I hate it when they hand me these papers with the tiny black squiggles on them. They act like they're really important so I stare at them for a while with a look of concentration on my face. This seems to satisfy them.

I find that sometimes when I stare at them for a really long time and frown at the funny squiggle thingies that they act impressed.

Whatever I'm doing, I guess I'm doing a really great job. It's inate.

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I bet one day CNBC will post this pic of me and say "he is just a regular guy like us", love CNBC, they are the best!

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lets see...white papers on stuff we're giving to the banks, one yellow paper on conditions, pink folder with kissy face thank you letters from Dimon and Blankfein...(g'damn repo they'll take the curtains)...look, I really am Sec Treasury

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I pity Geithner. He's another tool of dark forces beyond his comprehension, betrayed by baby boomers whose parents and grandparents sacrificed for a better world....and then saw their complacent  baby boomer offspring profit, leverage up insanely, and dump their debt on the children and grandchildren.

Timmy looks like a bewildered toddler in that picture, and so he is.

'Crush the bourgeoisie between the millstones of taxation and inflation,' said Lenin, hero of the Democrats, and EUSSR.

'The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life. '
Theodore Roosevelt

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Homer: After years of disappointment with get rich quick schemes, I know I'm going to get rich with this scheme...and quick.

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Okay, so it's off off-Broadway, but I can kill this Tinkerbell role, then it's Hollywood, here I come, baby!

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Chocolate Chip QE Recipe

1. The blood of a newborn. *check*

2. The blood of a sheep..*check*

3. The public hair from barny "check".. eww.. but *check*

4. Willing participants.. .. "fuck.. where do I get those? "

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"public hair from barny..."

Thank you for that visual...... lol



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How to Build a Guilotine for Dummies

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" 1, 2 buckle my shoe.. 

3, 4 run for the door

5, 6, fuck some chicks

7, 8 run for the gate

9, 10 who's president again? MEEEEEEEE!!! that's whooo!!

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Yep, this restraining order looks to be legit - I guess I have to continue staying 500 yards away from competence at all times.

WallowaMountainMan's picture

"I know I saw chairs in the budget."

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Caption Contest:

"Whu can't I get a teleprompter?"

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"I have got this in the bag.  I am the perfect man for the job...awww fuck! I misspelled 'Resume'!"

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Future employment agreement from GS

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"I just need to finish signing these divorce papers so Ben and I can begin our life together as one."




"Why the hell is there such a tremendous amount of paperwork for Keebler citizenship?"

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"Why do they want to know all this just for a pistol permit?"

Vlad Tepid's picture

Nobody likes me,

Everybody hates me,

Guess I'll eat some worms...

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"Because you are special...and Gosh Darn it...people like you"


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Meanwhile in a Congressional antechamber.......

concerned that his usual m.o. might be getting a bit stale...

 ...Timmy hurriedly reviews his own private draft-copy  of the Introductory Chapter to "1,001 Prevarications & Obfuscations - Or, How to Lie with Impunity to Those Dumb Phucks In Congress" ( by Hillary Of Benghazi) -  grasping for any nuances - before giving his parting testimony to the Senate Finance Committee.

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Spitzer you c***...

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There's got to be a synonym for 'tax'... all these 'tax breaks', 'tax rebates', 'tax credits for industrial development'. It lacks variety, my audience is going to be counting the ceiling tiles for entertainment before I'm through. Will have to trade in my speech-writer.

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This is the last representatives taxes Im doing!

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"If Train A leaves Jonesville at eight fifteen and travels toward Smithboro at 45 mph and Train B ... What the ...? So I guess about now Timmah Junior is turning my Tax Return in to his math teacher. Well that's just FUCKING GREAT!!"

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"Hey, I just met you,And this is crazy,But here's my number,So call me, maybe?......"

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"Huh, so I guess I did forget to add tables and chairs to the treasury department's budget. Well fuck me then."