Germany Trounces France In Two Key Categories: Cars And Jobs

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Germany and France have a long and illustrious history of "competing" with each other, sometimes peacefully, sometime not. More importantly, the two countries are, incorrectly, considered to represent the stability "core" of the Eurozone. And perhaps that is somewhat true in the context of all the other peripheral European nations, where things are so bad we have run out of adjectives to describe the plight of the people and the economic collapse. Yet, at least according to two metrics: jobs and cars - when it comes to the endless Germany vs France match there is no contest.

From Bloomberg:

German carmakers are faring better than their French rivals as European demand for new vehicles drops. Sales of Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes Benz cars dropped an average 6.9 percent in December year-on-year, compared with an average 20.8 percent slump for Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. BMW grew 4 percent on the year. Volkswagen plans to invest about 16.7 billion euros a year through 2015. That contrasts with Peugeot which shed assets and cut jobs by 9,500 in 2012.

An index of labor costs for Germany at 107.9 was 7.5 points below the figure for France, according to the OECD, showing the former is more competitive after curtailing wage growth in the early years of the euro. The average unit wage cost for Air Berlin and  Deutsche Lufthansa was 14.8 in the third quarter, compared with 26.2 for Air France, a separate gauge of labor costs compiled by Bloomberg shows. The German unemployment rate was 5.4 percent in November while the French rate was 10.5 percent.

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LawsofPhysics's picture

Europe is almost conquered, next up, north America.  The red sheild is doing just fine...

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Cue up the next Pravda Op-Ed.


Guys we've already tried doesn't work.

trav777's picture

Germany didn't try to import half of Nigeria and pretend they were just tanned germans

Nussi34's picture

Category 3: Dick size!

Sudden Debt's picture


now let's talk business... as you conquered the place it's only normal that you refill the pension saving accounts, balance the state budgets and lower all taxes.

but before you do that...


richard in norway's picture

What that chart is showing is that the  high volume low margin market is collapsing while the luxury market is trerding water. Germany makes more luxury cars than france. But with all the qe money flowing to wealthy people and the resulting inflation hitting the bottom end hardest we really aint surprised

LawsofPhysics's picture

bingo.  In addition, princeton eCONomists don't "see" any inflation either.  The 1 % is doing just fine.  I wonder if France still remembers how to make guillotines?

Voice_Of_Unreason's picture

If you've ever employed a French person or driven a French car, you'd understand!

EscapeKey's picture

In other news - bureaucrats don't like being held to account.

Next up - elimination of what little transparency exists. Oh and capital controls. Lots and lots of capital controls (with notable exceptions, of course, but you'll never find out as the new laws will be considered "national secrets").

Winston Churchill's picture

Try going into a US bank and wiring money overseas.

New Treasury reporting form,requirin TIN number and purpose of paynent, on any amount.

The noose id tightening

Sudden Debt's picture

nobody reads the press and skips right through to the funny pages...

the only reason why people buy newspapers is because they use it to peel their potatoes on and use it as a starter for the fireplace...

DOT's picture

People can be funny- like reading the comments before (or instead of) the article !

Headbanger's picture

Bring back the Deux Chevaux! 

Byte Me's picture

Sooner than you think.

One horse left, one on the right. More likely, they'll have to eat the horses first.

machineh's picture

New 2CV is the Deux Souris -- two mice pulling a pumpkin.

Be home before midnight, cherie!

Byte Me's picture


Stabilitee you can beieve in?

Sudden Debt's picture



if point A is your driveway and point B is the workshop and the distance is no more than 5 miles...

edb5s's picture

Fix it again...Thierry?

Monedas's picture

"Yeah, but more unemployed Frogs get laid in the glut of Kraut cars !"  .... Monedas  1929   Comedy Jihad Sophisticated Humour World Tour 

Monedas's picture

These Democrats are snake bit with the curse of Jimmy Carter !

ApollyonDestroy's picture

Psh Obama don't need no stinking cars and jobs

Racer's picture

Hmm, and I wonder why the top end cars haven't fallen... could it be that the 0.1% are doing pretty nicely compared to the rest of us?

GetZeeGold's picture



Hmm, and I wonder why the top end cars haven't fallen


Because everyone in DC drives a BMW. Except for the interns...they all drive KIAs. They're still stylish and reasonably priced.

youngman's picture

GM is talking about building cars with Peugot......that smells Frenchy..Govt car and Govt car

mayhem_korner's picture



Sounds like a recipe to challenge for worst car ever. 

Speaking of which, didn't Renault and AMC have a joint-venture at one point?  I'm imagining a hunter-green Matador or Gremlin powered by one of those French "engines." 

Sudden Debt's picture


Cars... that combine the American style fuel consumption... and French HighTech...

let me think about that one...


mayhem_korner's picture



What about the all-important red wine, crepes, and PED-laced bike races?  Who's winning those battles, eh?

Sudden Debt's picture

Maybe France should just make a one ounce plattinum trillion dollar coin,


france would have 500 billion

Obama would have another 500 billion to make it through the month because he only paid 500 billion for a trillion dollar coin



mckee's picture

Three catagories.... Germany is not bankrupt.



Monedas's picture

Bring back the Panhard .... now, that was a car !  I remember Dad's 1958 4 dr, unibody, 50 hp, 2 cyl opposed, FWD, air cooled, 4 on the tree, chiffon yellow Panhard !  It had great plastic upholstery and accessories !  NO FLOOR HUMP ! It sounded like a CV2 with authority and snare drum roll ! The French were ahead of their time !

AssFire's picture

If Europe was America

Germany would be Texas

I hope they both secede.

SmallerGovNow2's picture

I don't know who would junk you for saying such a thing.  Maybe MDB is in the house.  +1 from me...

knukles's picture

Outlook negative due to silly dismissive arrogant demeanor and body odor

forwardho's picture

Envy leads to anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to...

Travel to far down this road and the way is lost.

GetZeeGold's picture



Envy leads to anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Hate leads to...


.....the progressive republicans and democrats. Embrace the dark side.

spankfish's picture

I always thought it was cheese eating surrender monkeys?


orangegeek's picture

Europe still on that socialist kick - all the way to the bottom.

The Road to Serfdom is the Mein Kampf of the socialist mentality - it's their playbook.

W74's picture

Something tells me that the German numbers are the actual numbers and although they got bad in the early '00s can we assume they were reported correctly?

Something also tells me that the French government is just as crooked as the US is and that their economic clowns are just as intent on fudging the truth as our are. 

From Germany With Love's picture

Headlines here in Germany today: Rising unemployment. If we add a million in unemployment in Germany, the political will to live up to its pedges will have eroded.

ESM and Draghi's put are all smokes and mirrors. If it came to actual payments or inflation, Germans would rebel. It's all a mirage to acquiesce (read: fool) investors.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Amazing.  BMW produces trendy pieces of shit that consume $10K in parts and repairs every year after the warranty expires.


post turtle saver's picture

no kidding... "BMW" means "Bring More Wrenches" and the work needed will invariably "Break My Wallet"

eurogold's picture

Please! lets not even compare Build-Quality of American vs. German cars.... OK?

American cars are very disappointing!

I was in Florida this month and I  just "had to rent" .... for 2 weeks, what I thought would be a 

"dream car".

It was a 2013 Camaro convertible with a big V6 or V8.

Oh yeah with 3020 Miles on it from Herz.

What a piece of "new" junk.


post turtle saver's picture

... which is built on the Zeta 2 platform out of Australia. Which shows what you know about "American" cars. That would be jack all.