Guest Post: The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

In our modern world there exist certain institutions of power.  Not government committees, alphabet agencies, corporate lobbies, or even standard military organizations; no, these are the mere “middle-men” of power.  The errand boys.  The well paid hitmen of the global mafia.  They are not the strategists or the decision makers. 

Instead, I speak of institutions which introduce the newest paradigms.  Who write the propaganda.  Who issue the orders from on high.  I speak of the hubs of elitism which have initiated nearly every policy mechanism of our government for the past several decades.  I am talking about the Council On Foreign Relations, the Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation (a socialist organization posing as conservative), the Bilderberg Group, as well as the corporate foils that they use to enact globalization, such as Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, etc.

Many of these organizations and corporations operate a revolving door within the U.S. government.  Monsanto has champions, like Donald Rumsfeld who was on the board of directors of its Searle Pharmaceuticals branch, who later went on to help the company force numerous dangerous products including Aspartame through the FDA.  Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have a veritable merry-go-round of corrupt banking agents which are appointed to important White House and Treasury positions on a regular basis REGARDLESS of which party happens to be in office.  Most prominent politicians are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which has openly admitted on multiple occasions that their goal is the destruction of U.S. sovereignty and the formation of a “one world government” or “supranational union” (their words, not mine).

However, one organization seems to rear its ugly head at the forefront of the most sweeping mass propaganda operations of our time, and has been linked to the creation of the most atrocious military methodologies, including the use of false flag events.  I am of course referring to the Rand Corporation, a California based “think tank” whose influence reaches into nearly every sphere of our society, from politics, to war, to entertainment. 

The Rand Corporation deals in what I would call “absolute gray”.  The goal of the group from its very inception was to promote a social atmosphere of moral ambiguity in the name of personal and national priority.  They did this first through the creation of “Rational Choice Theory”; a theory which prescribes that when making any choice, an individual (or government) must act as if balancing costs against benefits to arrive at an action that maximizes personal advantage.  Basically, the ends justify the means, and moral conscience is not a factor to be taken seriously if one wishes to be successful. 

Hilariously, rational choice theory has been attacked in the past by pro-socialist (collectivist) critics as “extreme individualism”; a philosophy which gives us license to be as “self serving” as possible while feeling patriotic at the same time.  In reality, the socialists should have been applauding Rand Corporation all along. 

What Rand had done through its propaganda war against the American people was to infuse the exact culture of selfishness needed to push the U.S. towards the socialist ideal.  At the onset of any communist or national socialist society (sorry socialists, but they do indeed come from the same collectivist mindset), the masses are first convinced to hand over ultimate power to the establishment in order to safeguard THEMSELVES, not others.  That is to say, the common collectivist man chooses to hand over his freedoms and participate in totalitarianism not because he wants what is best for the world, but because he wants what is best for himself, and he believes servitude to the system will get him what he wants with as little private sacrifice as possible (you know, except for his soul…). 

The psychologist Carl Jung notes in his observations of collectivism in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia that most citizens of those nations did not necessarily want the formation of a tyrannical oligarchy, but, they went along with it anyway because they feared for their own comfort and livelihoods.  Many a German supported the Third Reich simply because they did not want to lose a cushy job, or a steady paycheck, or they liked that the “trains ran on time”.  Socialism is by far the most selfish movement in history, despite the fact that they claim to do what they do “for the greater good of the greater number”.

Rand also used Rational Choice Theory as a means to remove questions of principle from the debate over social progress.  Rational Choice propaganda commonly presents the target audience with a false conundrum.  A perfect example would be the hardcore propaganda based television show ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland, in which a government “anti-terrorism” agent is faced with a controlled choice scenario in nearly every episode.  This choice almost always ends with the agent being forced to set aside his morals and conscience to torture, kill, and destroy without mercy, or, allow millions of innocents to die if he does not.

Of course, the real world does not work this way.  Life is not a chess game.   Avenues to resolution of any crisis are limited only by our imagination and intelligence, not to mention the immense number of choices that could be made to defuse a crisis before it develops.  Yet, Rand would like you to believe that we (and those in government) are required to become monstrous in order to survive.  That we should be willing to forgo conscience and justice now for the promise of peace and tranquility later.

This is the age old strategy of Centralization; to remove all choices within a system, by force or manipulation, until the masses think they have nothing left but the choices the elites give them.  It is the bread and butter of elitist institutions like Rand Corporation, and is at the core of the push for globalization.

In my studies on the developing economic disaster (or economic recovery depending on who you talk to) I have come across a particular methodology many times which set off my analyst alarm (or spidey-sense, if you will).  This latest methodology, called “Linchpin Theory”, revolves around the work of John Casti, a Ph.D. from USC, “complexity scientist” and “systems theorist”, a Futurist, and most notably, a former employee of Rand Corporation:

Casti introduces his idea of “Linchpin Theory” in his book “X-Events:  The Collapse Of Everything”, and what I found most immediately striking about the idea of “Linchpin Events” was how they offered perfect scapegoat scenarios for catastrophes that are engineered by the establishment. 

Linchpin Theory argues that overt social, political, and technological “complexity” is to blame for the most destructive events in modern human history, and it is indeed an enticing suggestion for those who are uneducated and unaware of the behind the scenes mechanics of world events.  Casti would like you to believe that political and social tides are unguided and chaotic; that all is random, and disaster is a product of “chance” trigger events that occur at the height of a malfunctioning and over-complicated system.

What he fails to mention, and what he should well know being a member of Rand, is that global events do not evolve in a vacuum.  There have always been those groups who see themselves as the “select”, and who aspire to mold the future to there personal vision of Utopia.  It has been openly admitted in myriad official observations on historical events that such groups have had a direct hand in the advent of particular conflicts.  

For instance, Casti would call the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria an “X-event”, or linchpin, leading to the outbreak of WWI, when historical fact recalls that particular crisis was carefully constructed with the specific mind to involve the U.S.

Norman Dodd, former director of the Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations of the U.S. House of Representatives, testified that the Committee was invited to study the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the Committee's investigation. The Committee stated:

"The trustees of the Foundation brought up a single question.  If it is desirable to alter the life of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war.... They discussed this question... for a year and came up with an answer: There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people.  That leads them to a question: How do we involve the United States in a war.  This was in 1909."

So, long before the advent of Ferdinand’s assassination, plans were being set in motion by globalist interests to draw the U.S. into a large scale conflict in order to “alter the life, or thinking, of the entire culture”.  When a group of people set out to direct thinking and opportunity towards a particular outcome, and the end result is a culmination of that outcome, it is obviously not coincidence, and it is definitely not providence.  It can only be called subversive design. 

In the economic arena, one might say that the collapse of Lehman Bros. was the “linchpin” that triggered the landslide in the derivatives market which is still going on to this day.  However, the derivatives market bubble was a carefully constructed house of cards, deliberately created with the help of multiple agencies and institutions.  The private Federal Reserve had to artificially lower interest rates and inject trillions upon trillions into the housing market, the international banks had to invest those trillions into mortgages that they KNEW were toxic and likely never to be repaid.  The Federal Government had to allow those mortgages to then be chopped up into derivatives and resold on the open market.  The ratings agencies had to examine those derivatives and obviously defunct mortgages and then stamp them AAA.  The SEC had to ignore the massive fraud being done in broad daylight while sweeping thousands of formal complaints and whistle blowers under the rug.

This was not some “random” event caused by uncontrolled “complexity”.  This was engineered complexity with a devious purpose.  The creation of the derivatives collapse was done with foreknowledge, at least by some.  Goldman Sachs was caught red handed betting against their OWN derivatives instruments!  Meaning they knew exactly what was about to happen in the market they helped build!  This is called Conspiracy…

One might attribute Casti’s idea to a sincere belief in chaos, and a lack of insight into the nature of globalism as a brand of religion.  However, in his first and as far as I can tell only interview with Coast To Coast Radio, Casti promotes catastrophic “X-Events” as a “good thing” for humanity, right in line with the Rand Corporation ideology.  Casti, being a futurist and elitist, sees the ideas of the past as obsolete when confronted with the technological advancements of the modern world, and so, describes X-event moments as a kind of evolutionary “kickstart”, knocking us out of our old and barbaric philosophies of living and forcing us, through trial by fire, to adapt to a more streamlined culture.  The linchpin event is, to summarize Casti’s position, a culture’s way of “punishing itself” for settling too comfortably into its own heritage and traditions.  In other words, WE will supposedly be to blame for the next great apocalypse, not the elites…  

I might suggest that Casti's attitude seems to be one of general indifference to human suffering in the wake of his "X-Events", and that he would not necessarily be opposed to the deaths of millions if it caused the "advancement" of humanity towards a particular ideology.  His concept of "advancement" and ours are likely very different, though.  I suspect that he is well aware that X-Events are actually tools at the disposal of elitists to generate the "evolution" he so desires, and that evolution includes a collectivist result.

With almost every major economy on the globe on the verge of collapse and most now desperately inflating, taxing, or outright stealing in order to hide their situation, with multiple tinderbox environments being facilitated in the Pacific with China, North Korea, and Japan, and in the Middle East and Africa with Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, etc., there is no doubt that we are living in a linchpin-rich era.  It is inevitable that one or more of these explosive tension points will erupt and cause a chain reaction around the planet.  The linchpin and the chain reaction will become the focus of our epoch, rather than the men who made them possible in the first place.

Strangely, Casti’s theory was even recently featured in an episode of the ABC mystery/drama show “Castle”, called “Linchpin” (what else?), in which a writer turned detective uncovers a plot by a “shadow group” to use the research of the innocent Dr. Nelson Blakely (apparently based on Casti) to initiate a collapse of the U.S. economy by assassinating the ten-year-old daughter of a prominent Chinese businessman, triggering a dump of U.S. Treasuries by China and fomenting WWIII:

Now, I think anyone with any sense can see where this is going.  Casti and Rand Corporation are giving us a glimpse into the future of propaganda.  This is what will be written in our children’s history books if the globalists have their way. The fact that Linchpin Theory is featured in a primetime television show at all is a testament to Rand Corporation’s influence in the media.  But, as for the wider picture, are the trigger points around us really just a product of complex coincidence? 

Not a chance. 

Each major global hot-spot today can easily be linked back to the designs of international corporate and banking interests and the puppet governments they use as messengers.  Casti claims that “X-events” and “linchpins” cannot be accurately predicted, but it would seem that they can certainly be purposely instigated. 

The globalists have stretched the whole of the world thin.  They have removed almost every pillar of support from the edifice around us, and like a giant game of Jenga, are waiting for the final piece to be removed, causing the teetering structure to crumble.  Once this calamity occurs, they will call it a random act of fate, or a mathematical inevitability of an overly complex system.  They will say that they are not to blame.  That we were in the midst of “recovery”.  That they could not have seen it coming.

Their solution will be predictable.  They will state that in order to avoid such future destruction, the global framework must be “simplified”, and what better way to simplify the world than to end national sovereignty, dissolve all borders, and centralize nation states under a single economic and political ideal? 

Is it the Hegelian Dialectic all over again?  Yes.  Is it old hat feudalism and distraction?  Yes.  But, I have to hand it to Casti and Rand Corporation; they certainly have refined the argument for collectivism, centralization, technocracy, slavery, moral relativism, and false-flag dupery down to a near science…

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francis_sawyer's picture

In Logan's Run, it was the palm... I'm just thinking that since our government tnds to fuck everything up, they'll probably miss... Consider yourselves lucky if it doesn't wind up in you butt crack [like everything else]...

robobbob's picture

Outstanding article. Now, how can you condense that down to a thirty second sound bite that can be spoon fed to the average citizen before its too late?

FunkyOldGeezer's picture

Maybe, just maybe there is a rhyme and reason to the globalisation of the human race. Perhaps we, as a race, will need to defend the Earth against a future enemy and that will involve some form of mutualism to make it a reality. Who knows?

What I do know is that naked jingoism and over zealous patriotism will never solve anything in the long run. Globalisation IN ITS CURRENT FORM has been a disaster for most of the 7 Billion souls who inhabit this planet, but in a more general context, enabling more harmonious dealings between the various national factions and less bias toward our fellow human beings, is to be applauded.

IridiumRebel's picture

"defend the Earth against a future enemy"




overmedicatedundersexed's picture

 funky "What I do know is that naked jingoism and over zealous patriotism will never solve anything..globalisation ..enabling more harmonious dealings between the various national factions and less bias toward our fellow human beings, is to be applauded. "

yep more of the same globalism will be the don't work at the fed do you? the fact is small central govs run to protect their own countries interest is better on many levels . a loving term of the left "diversity " is important a walmart world is death to the diversity of man. NWO is real is a goal and is evil to the diversity of man.

the swiss have shown the way, no entagleing treaty, no wars you see the point?

the SWISS have shown the way, no entangling treaty, no wars are brain washed in your view that nationalism is the problem it never was it is a block to NWO, leadership of evil men is the problem and that does not change with an elite NWO globalist world.

newengland's picture For an example: if one child was treated as every child, then there would be no endless war, no globalisation, no fascism.

Only the old feudalist families and their banksters would be worse off.

A Lunatic's picture

Short version: Those who do not think for themselves are fucked. Don't take any wooden nickles.

IridiumRebel's picture

Where was this post 15 minutes ago Capt. Cliff Notes?

jimmytorpedo's picture

Are you kidding?

Do you know what a geniune wooden nickel goes for these days?

I'm long wooden nickels,...

Black Markets's picture

What a load of neo-conspiracy shite.

Such a level of competence simply does not exist. All of these so called elitist institutions are mostly crammed with inbred morons who inherited their vast wealth and have shown no merit since they won the lotto of birth.

Look around banks and governments are all staffed by the same kind of idiots your sister/brother/wife is friends with.

These people are not to be feared. The world is screwed up not because of some super slick, super capable cabal which has monopolised all of the worlds strategic talent... It's screwed up because every institution has idiots and nepotism and desperado's and people with inferiority/superiority complexes, men with small dicks and women who can't cry. Overachieving virgins.

This article is pure shite and everyone knows it. Climb back down the conspiracy ladder, it's not 1999 any more. It's time to recognise the world for what it is, a fucked up mess, full of fucked up people who fucked up. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overfed's picture

Either way, we're lookin' pretty fucked.

newengland's picture

Speak for yourself, 'overfed'. I dislike the Chinese Politburo, but I do very much like the Chinese view that they have overcome their power brokers over time - through sheer numbers and love of family, and neighbor...much like the Republic of the USA was founded to be.

Braverdave's picture

Yeah. I hope they are gentle ;)

Mr Pink's picture

Well....Then I guess you are saying that it will just go on like this forever? Thanks...I feel so much better now

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Uh, yeah.  We're apes, smart, devious apes, but still just apes.  Why would you expect better.

If you can enjoy today, it is a win.

newengland's picture

No. It won't. If you make money, make time for your dearest, and want a Republic instead of a debt slave nation.

1776 and all that. Only 3% actually fought. The rest kept out of the way or covertly assisted the free flow of information, and supply lines.

You don't need to be nihilist or heroic. Just don't harm the Republic.

centerline's picture

I think like anything else, the truth is somewhere in the middle.  I think you are closer to it than thinking that is taking over.  But, there are some really powerful and smart folks out there - some working together, religious groups with significant influence, factions within governments, whatever - all with thier version of the NWO, slice of the pie, doomsday scenerio they need bring to fruition, etc.  Many of them gaming each other too.

It is the cumulative friction between all these groups, coupled with millions of clueless asswipes that have money and/or power, that turns the whole thing into a clusterfuck of epic proportions.


kliguy38's picture

We always calculated there would be enough sheep with your cognitive abilities to see that 1.5 quadrillion in derivatives and the systematic destruction of the constitutional protections of our nanny state would "appropriately" evaluated as "random calculus".......carry on sentry of freedom.

newengland's picture

Fucked up by who, moron? You need to read more and write less, 'useful idiot'.

Clashfan's picture

Black Market, that is one of the stupidest posts I've ever read on here. Your ignorance of reality is astounding. Do some research on the secret societies and what connects all of these people. Read the article again, carefully. Or just STFU.

jplotinus's picture

Interesting article, despite its ideological overlay. It is ever necessary to call "BS" whenever an article seeks to shift the failure of capitalism over to socialists, either directly or indirectly. Here Brandon Smith's bs attempt to do this consists in:
"(a socialist organization posing as conservative)"

No, the heritage foundation is conservative-capitalist. It isn't socialist.

That aside, the article does go in an interesting and fruitful direction in naming behind the scenes controlling entities. Even there, however, the article fails to identify the stalwarts of the MIC as the main forces behind the behind the scenes forces.

Chief among these, and an entity that ZHers would be well advised to study closely, especially those who have an interest in knowing WHAT ( I did not say 'who' or 'why' but I do say 'what' and 'how') happened on 9/11. That entity is:


Enjoy your searches.


fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Barrack Obama is the biological child of Frank Marshall Davis. How come the DNC does not want people to know this? Just a random mistake by a dumb clerk somewhere right?

Joe moneybags's picture

How do all of the powerful, shadow groups like the Bilderbergers, Rothchilds, Council on Foreign Relations, NWO, Greenpeace, CIA/Mossad, KGB, Rand Corp., etc. cooperate so as to not develop internal turf wars?  Do they have cross purposes, or do they all share the same agenda? Are there alliances among different groups that help to maintain their influence over generations?

grekko's picture

They're all owned by the same paople.  No turf wars.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I disagree.

They are broken into many factions, at least now.

"The Fractured Elite"

Banksters's picture

I let my kid stay home to watch the director's cut of Das Boot.   Probably the one of the  best anti war movies out there...


I often repeat the motto of the Royal Society-  Take no one's word for it.


We'll have no bullshit around here.

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The man makes alot of sense, in this senseless era.

tenpanhandle's picture

Is Michael.  Must have changed names (twice) to try to escape the serial down voting, including my own.  Sorry Michael but it is the avitar that is garnering the down votes.  Every time I see it I want to wretch.  It is exactly what Obama would look like if he was a green haired powder-white women.  Yuck.


(did not down vote you)

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More like that movie.

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$100 bucks says the junk bot either didn't read the article or wrote it............

centerline's picture

Funny every once in awhile we get a serial junking spree.  Cool.

lakecity55's picture

I've been tellin you guys it's The Mad Arrow.

I do not know how to unmask him.

At least he's not a Mad Shitter.

grekko's picture

Everyone here absolutley knows this truth.  The only question I have is if we are allgoing to sit idley by and let these plans go on, or are we actually going to draw a line someday..and someday soon?

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Yo Captain downvote....DOWNVOTE MY SWEATY SCHLONG. Eat a dick.

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Pheewww...I'm gettin tired. It's not easy junking every post!

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You don't need to read them, just junk them. That makes it easier; a lot faster too.........

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Yeah, fuck reading....dropped the ball on those cliff notes dude. I want my 15 minutes back.

smacker's picture

"Socialism is by far the most selfish movement in history, despite the fact that they claim to do what they do “for the greater good of the greater number”."


This is perfect. It's the most accurate and honest description of the evil known as socialism I've ever seen. I have never known a socialist who places another person's needs above his own.

IamtheREALmario's picture

We have a saying for this at the dinner table: "I don't want any, I'll just have some of yours".

smacker's picture

I see the socialists and collectivists are out in force down-ticking.

So I'll just throw some sand in to their bearings by saying that Brandon is a brilliant guy who gets it spot on.

Reading his articles and a lot of articles/comments on ZH gives me strength that all is not lost. The nutters haven't won.

Bluntly Put's picture

Sounds like the Tower of Babel all over again.