The Vulnerability Of The Elites

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In a post-financial crisis world, the lack of viable international leadership is potentially troubling. In 2013, the WEF believes, this breakdown of international coordination will go increasingly local: in such a world, governments will focus more on their domestic agendas, which will create new risks in and of itself. Most importantly, the growing vulnerability of elites makes effective public and private leadership that much more difficult to sustain. Leaders of all kinds are becoming more vulnerable to their constituents, generating more reactive and short-term governance. Whether one looks at the dismal approval ratings of the U.S. Congress or the impact that more open flows of information is having on the Chinese ruling elite, it is clear that people are becoming more and more uninspired by their governments. When it comes to unemployment, the widening disparity of wealth, or environmental degradation, highly complex or even intractable issues set politicians up for failure in the eyes of their constituents. Underperformance erodes elites’ legitimacy, making it that much harder for them to lead effectively. Against this backdrop, a host of key 2013 risks and opportunities takes shape.


Vulnerability Of The Elites by

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guillotinez bitchez!!!

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By ANY Means necessary, but only when the time is right, just sayin..........

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Elitism is a relative concept. if you get rid of the top 1%, the next 1% will now move up. If you keep going and going, the bottom will end up on top. So the point is not to get rid of the top but to create a fair world where anyone can move to the top. THis is much more difficult.

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Off topic just to piss everyone off....a true tale frome Amerika....

79 year old woman who inherited money from her husband when he died.  She failed to report $650k in taxes.  So what's the penalty after her full cooperation?  *$26.6 million* plus she faces 6 years in prison.  China isn't the communist country, the US is.


john39's picture

So the poor old widow just forgot about those offshore accounts with tens of millions of dollars in them?

Bandit und Buster's picture

Yeah, just like half the Cons in DC...but are they in prison YET? 

It's all in who you know, ya know?

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The more countries the USA splits up into the better chance we have of creating libertarian ones.

Western's picture

Here you go, everybody;


The true elite are;

-supra/transnational (the queen of england does NOT have a passport, think about that)

-parasitic, they will leave the US once everything has been extracted


-they hoard REAL wealth (no digi dollars, except maybe bitcoins if they were smart)


-source the vatican as their rightful claim to your body mind and soul

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the queen of england does NOT have a passport


Illegal aliens don't need papers to vote in the USA.....just sayin.


Pretty sure those cats don't have passports either.

kralizec's picture

Isn't she supposed to be one of the reptillians?  Jus' sayin'...

trav777's picture

the elites are in no real danger.

Look around you.  Marxism won.

They've got the only plausible opponents to marxism divided down the middle and dancing on strings, salivating at bells, and cowering before sacred cows that they daren't challenge.

They have the entirety of europe browbeaten, especially the germans.  Every time germany gets out of line, they throw up original sin of HOLOCAUST.  In the US it's the same.  Go ahead and appeal to the "founding fathers," they've been totally deligitimized now, so much so that people actually AGREE with renaming things named after them to reflect more diversity.

There've been no real revolutions in marxist countries...the only ones there have been have called for more marxism.

Even on ZH there are massive marxist undercurrents against 'the 1%' and calls for redistribution, class warfare, and implications that inequalities are resultant from oppression. 

Nevermind the idiots who talk about the vatican and the fucking Queen of England.

Melin's picture

+2 . . .the first was for the use of "daren't" and the second. . ."Even on ZH there are massive marxist undercurrents against 'the 1%' and calls for redistribution, class warfare. . ."

Hear, hear!!!!!!!

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

The U.S. Military owns them all.

lincolnsteffens's picture

I'm really upset Trav. This is the second time in a month I gave you the up arrow.  Your loosing your touch

Totentänzerlied's picture

If you're going the neo-Trotskyian hardcore reactionary neo-conservative right's definition of Marxism, then yes.

James_Cole's picture

Yeah, almost no one on here knows a single gawddamn thing about Marx but constantly rants against this thing "marxism." 

"Even on ZH there are massive marxist undercurrents against 'the 1%' and calls for redistribution, class warfare, and implications that inequalities are resultant from oppression."

Don't need any redistribution from the top 1%, all we ask is that money stops getting redistributed to the 1%. That'll never happen of course - if the money stopped being pumped into their coffers the financial world would implode leading to full on societal collapse or something. Or so I'm told. 

Western's picture

Wow, what ghosts are giving you up arrows?


The 1% ? Can you spit any more names that will elicit an emotional response from people that watch mainstream propaganda?


I've never seen you say anything intelligent.

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So since you have decided the main issue is The Queen of England's Passport let us resolve that threat to the global economy. There is no British Passport it is an EU Passport which would make the British Head of State an EU Citizen rather than Head of State of the  Kingdom. So she would need a Canadian Passport as Head of State of Canada or posibly an Australian Passport as Head of State of Australia.

Once this passport is issued the world can return to being a happy, prosperous place with solvent banks and employed people owning their homes and having their personal wealth safe for the future. That is all it needs - a passport for the Queen of England and Jamie Dimon will be burned in the fires of Mordor and Lloyd Blankfein will return to being Smeagol. Everyone will live happily ever after


trav777's picture

you DO understand that major shareholders like Capital Group are fucking mutual funds, right?

Even the big banks that are major institutional owners are holding in trust for zillions of little people out there.

Shigure's picture

Who needs a passport if their face is on the currency?

James_Cole's picture

"79 year old woman who inherited money from her husband when he died.  She failed to report $650k in taxes.  So what's the penalty after her full cooperation?"

Yeah, UBS had her $40m hidden in Lichtenstein and Panama so she could avoid paying tax (a felony) and when the IRS discovered this all of a sudden she became very "co-operative." Boo hoo USA is communist boo hiss.

As far as this article, very funny seeing WEF coming out with a report called "The Vulnerability of the Elites" - is this their 'come to Jesus' moment??'

"Obama may well offer a NAFTA-plus pact to Brazil.If Brazil declines (or even independent of developments onthis front), Obama may focus on enlarging and expeditingthe Trans-Pacific Partnership, perhaps pushing harder forJapanese inclusion. Such an agreement between countries comprising some 40% of global GDP would have far-reaching security and economic implications, particularly for North America and the Asia Pacific region. Progress on an Atlantic equivalent—which is being billed as an ‘economic NATO’—may seem beyond the horizon. But the potential for surprisingly rapid progress could turn this pipedreaminto an explicit goal over the course of the year."

And then they go on to say...

"Where leaders can diagnose this new reality, they can learn toadapt to it. In ‘the new local,’ finding more localized fixes to problems will prove the way forward."

Nope! Same old WEF, bunch of scumbags.

BLOTTO's picture

Evil is will eventually lead it to its down fall.


Good always wins in the end...its the heart of the universe.


vato poco's picture

Uh, no, actually, Good *doesn't* always win out in the end - unless you want to stretch your time frame for "in the end" out to decades/centuries/millenia. Read your history. "Good" may pop up here and there for brief monents, but it's always soon overthrown/deposed & replaced by....welll...."evil". Good wanst to sit back & have a brewski or 2. Rust never sleeps.

In other news, it seems the good folks of North Korea are having to resort to cannibalism. (again). And the slave markets of southern Sudan are booming. (again.) But hey, on the plus side, Jason Bourne wrecked the CIA's Treadstone/Black Briar project, so at least all's well *there*. And the Avengers _TOtally_ kicked Loki's scheming evil ass, too.

BLOTTO's picture

I understand Vato...much respect.


'unless you want to stretch your time frame for "in the end" out to decades/centuries/millenia.'

- yes, thats exactly what i mean....on a long enough timeline (sounds familiar) wins.


In my/our life time...its been all bad (with of course glimpses of goodness). I think the current streak is 2,000+ years...maybe longer.

dark pools of soros's picture

good and evil are relative...  Joan of Arc might of been a catty bitch in school and deemed evil by an ex boyfriend

Totentänzerlied's picture

Good ... to whom? Life on Earth has really hardly ever been better than it is for today's superwealthy. And thanks to all that cheap oil, some of the rest of us got a taste of the good life too, for about three quarters of a century. It merely cost us our dignity, virtue, honor, honesty, integrity, liberty, and wealth.

IamtheREALmario's picture

At the top evil may be lazy, parasitic and disfuntional, but there are all of these toadies running around trying to impress the boss.

gbresnahan's picture

Nice. I wonder how many years Geithner will serve for his tax evasion.

CH1's picture

to create a fair world where anyone can move to the top.

No... If you want to cure abuse from above, you remove "above."

The idea is to forsake all systems that allow a small group of people to dominate and control everyone else.

macholatte's picture


Excuse me. But there's another 800 pound gorilla in the room.


From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
Karl Marx


but who decides?  Oh, yea. that would be the guy with the army police and propaganda machine.

fair world my ass!



Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.
Karl Marx


Religion is the opium of the masses.
Karl Marx

For the bureaucrat, the world is a mere object to be manipulated by him.
Karl Marx

macholatte's picture


How to kill the goose that laid the golden egg...


IRS: Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family

gbresnahan's picture

It's a Life Tax. Want more kids? You're gonna pay, dearly.

krispkritter's picture

Anyone find it ironic that they label their plans in PM names?  Platinum, Gold, Silver, and we'll throw in Bronze...

Seer's picture

Are you talking old paradigm?

Why is there a need for "leaders?"

Full accountability/full responsibility = no need for "leaders."

And, as per capita energy continues to decline those who consume vastly more energy than everyone else will find it very difficult to continue to do so, no "individual" or system necessary to manage this...

IamtheREALmario's picture

That would only work in a world not run by Satan and we would need to grow up a bit.

Confused's picture

Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains.
Karl Marx


Isn't this a variation of - Bankers, Politicians, the Elite, don't actually produce anything. Instead they just siphon off of the productive members of society?


Not advocating Marx. I'm just saying............

Totentänzerlied's picture

You remove "above" and implement a system, to be guarded jealously and at any cost, by each and every member of all generations, which prevents the establishment of a monopoly on violence, a monopoly on law, or a monopoly on "money" (debt) creation. This system is actually rather easy to describe - it's really just private property with both the means and the will to protect it. The key is the love of liberty, which motivates the entire exercise. And therein lies the rub.

TotalCarp's picture

The sheer fact that this sht came out of Davos elites meeting is creepy as hell. We have seen constant denial of pure democratic decision making in europe already (greek eu votes, italian (lack of) election).

To me the fact that this is actually put on paper stinks to high hell.

disabledvet's picture

well it does appear their brand of totalitarianism ("the money printers work for us") has completely failed. the winner so far in my view has been Andrew Jackson
oh, sorry...wrong Andrew Jackson... (clearly the bankers put that picture in.) state and local budgets will be flush with money beyond belief in the USA "those elites" seem to be doing just fine. so much of the economic elites' wealth is attached to a singular rise "in all things" i think the very notion is rather odd...certainly AT odds with reality. this is America...where fortunes are MASSIVELY made and lost with striking regularity. perhaps those that settle down with a "government dude or dudette" really do have it figured out best.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ TotalCarp

+ 1 just for the great moniker!

Actually, I have felt for a long time that it is not just one Elite running the world (or imminetly close to doing so).  I do NOT deny that The Elite exists, I suggest instead that they are TOO FRACTURED ti impose a totalitarian state upon us, for now.

"The Fractured Elite":

Seer's picture

They're doing what they were coached/trained to do.  It's ALL they know to do.  Garbage in garbage out...

But, yeah, it don't matter what they'd like to do, Mother Nature is going to DICTATE what happens from here on out.

The bigger they are the harder they're gonna fall.

zhandax's picture

I just skimmed the headings and realized this was complete horseshit when I saw the bright spot in all this was ogolfer got re-elected.

Freddie's picture

US Senate - a source of great evil.  I wonder why Jim DeMint left.  Maybe he knew somthing.

Louis XVI ascended to the throne amidst a financial crisis; the state was nearing bankruptcy and outlays outpaced income.[7] This was because of France’s financial obligations stemming from involvement in the Seven Years War and its participation in the American Revolutionary War.[8] In May 1776, finance minister Turgot was dismissed, after he failed to enact reforms.

A monarch, bankrupt state, two wars, finance minister who failed to enact reforms.

Anyone know a king and Marie Antionette?  Let them eat cake?   Two wars?  The USA has more than two.  Did Louis get a peace prize? I wonder if finance minister Turgot knew how to run Turbo Tax or was printing money.

If only Louis XVI had drones.

Clashfan's picture

FR was organized by Templars as revenge. Same w/Russian commie Rev.

shovelhead's picture


"Someday, we will shit in your punchbowl."

Jaques DeMolay