5% Correction Sell Signal Triggered... Just Like In January 2011

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We previously explained the obvious similarities (with stocks, bonds, and leveraged positions) with the current period in the market and the end of 2010 and start of 2011 period. Much is once again being made of the 'flows' as $18.8bn (the 3rd largest on record - since 1992) pushed into equities. Retail also bought long-only equities for the fourth straight week ($2.7bn), and $12.2bn was added via ETFs, but the significance of the flows has triggered a "sell" signal for the traders at BofAML. The last time such a sell-signal was triggered was, ironically, late January 2011 - which was followed by an 8% correction. Their Global Flow Trading Rule (based on flows breaking 0.5% of AUM) on average has led to a 5% correction in global stocks over the subsequent 4-5 weeks. Different, this time?


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No. Selling. Ever.

Until there is.

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You may not be aware of this, but the global economy has recovered.  The teevee told me so.

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The tree of liberty is always infringed upon. Until it's watered.

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Homeland Security says a fully automatic rifle is no match for a pair of scissors.

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Are they making semi-automatic scissors now?

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Tyler, if one looks at late January 2011, the major indicies continued up for quite a bit before coming down to just below late January 2011. .... So if one was to go short here they might get their faces ripped off if they are not careful. 

Dow Jones from stockcharts:



S&P from stockcharts:



The Oscilators are reading "Extreme overbought" territory and RIS is running way too rich. I have lost some money over the past two weeks trying to catch a top. I will let this one run until it's obviously a top. 

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I'd buy more of them there mutuals fund things but my 401K will only buy 200.5 worth of stuff.

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They're right, if u can chuck the scissors into the guy's forehead Jack Burton-style.

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A pair always beats one of a kind.

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They are all isolated, insane, lone gunmen..., until they're not.

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platoon, regiment, contingent then zerg hoard.

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I've got your correction.

I've got it hanging between my legs.



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Why do you keep spamming your blog?

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There is only up now...we are going to be trillionaires! 

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The only thing that bugs me about this article is the graph only starts in 2007.

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5%?  Christ!  I'll be under my bed, clutching my scissors per the DHS video.

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Why sell at a discount of 5% when you know the week after you will be up 5%, minimum.

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It took me two years to figure out what ROFLMAO stood for, all while posters were ROLTAO at me.  Now, I have to figure out MSCI ACWI and AUM.  I think I got Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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MCSI ACWI tracks the whole world index. AUM is assets under management.

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Not saying I know shit but what could be different now is that never ending cash printing will continue to come in every day and it all needs a home (.25% from Fed won't get it done)...I guess there is nothing saying it all has to go long, suppose recipients could swarm short to and then re-establish long?

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My concern is we are now starting to enter Zimbabwe inflationary mode where the Fed thinks the only way out is to keep driving the market up. 

Total insanity and facism but Bernake and Ob-MAO are out to destroy.


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I've been positioned for it for about the past 5%.



MachineMan's picture

it's different this time.  Really, scout's honor..

Desert Irish's picture

Add a zero and then we're talking...


ekm's picture

Pure bullshit.

Once it starts there's no way in hell it stops at 5%.


Is anybody aware that any single real and fake security has gone to the moon? That means that there is only one buyer: The governments of the world.


When they remove the finger from the button, it's 1987. Abyss out of nothing.

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I don't know ekm they have been practicing their drop and stops for what seems like ever now. Everyone is salivating for a 5% drop. I don't even think they will get to 5% before money comes in to scoop up some yield on sale. If it gets to an 8% drop they will media bomb us with the buy the dip bunker busters. That is not even including Keven and his buddies in there.

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You are making a mistake here with the notion that "money will come in and scoop."  Corrections need that money to come in dip buying...and the resulting action of dip buyers who are not immediately rewarded.  Dumb money chasing is part of it.

Just looking at SPY volume...and using the comp between this year and 2011...volume is lower now [if you can believe that].  Part of the price of that is...the correction will be faster and harder.  This tape will not react well to actual selling.  


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I hear you cdad. I throw my shit against the wall on here because I want people to beat me up, not agree with me. My question is, who is selling, and why would they sell?

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I've exited the indexes and am now long treasuries (hopefully for the short term--three months max.) so far I've been completely wrong (did this three days ago) but my thinking is this. Growth is slowing, deficits are coming down dramatically at the State level (save for Illinois which really is the worst Government in America), I think tax revenue will surprise to upside at the Federal level..but the higher taxes and dramatically lower spending could put the USA in a technical recession and cause a dramatic spike in savings by Americans. When combined with a Fed MASSIVELY monetizing and Europe on the precipice of "collapse part deaux" and I think you could see a dramatic decline in already low interest rates in the USA. I still hold individual stocks...and would recommend many even now...but I am hopeful that "now is the time to hold back and look for entry points of the good stuff." Of course watch it rally 20% from here instead...bull markets in my view are much harder to trade than the bear ones.

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don't try French if you can't spell it.

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Who?  Mega banks and hedge funds that are levered long up to the gills.  All it really takes to set it off is one disruption in an asset class somewhere...to start the margin calls coming.  I can think of any number of possible candidates.  

Take the GLD for example.  It has been under heavy pressure for months now.  If they should break that baby down...gap it...margin calls will come in, and folks will sell the S&P.  A sharp reversal in the Euro would do it...and I think that is coming.  Or how about a Yen crash?  It has been crashing for weeks...but what about a FXY print of 95...and a trade that quickly becomes a currency crisis? 

I rather think you have been lulled into complacency...if you cannot see what might cause heavy selling on this ridiculously over extended equity rally.

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Personally I think a sharp reversal in the euro is coming, and I have scratch on it. I just think, like everything else, it will be a controlled demolition.

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People who own all stocks, Primary Dealers, are the ones who have all the idiotic money on the sidelines, the reserves that were created out of nothing.


In theory they can keep selling stocks to each other until Dow goes to 10000000, however that would mean that crude oil would go to 100000. 

It's crude oil that desides, not Primary Dealers, not the Fed, not the Gov.

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Ekm, no it doesnt mean that sadly. Every idiot fund manager i know is behind the benchmark and are shitting themselves. They will look to buy any dip. They dont care if stocks go down 60%, its not their money, but if stocks go up another 10% they will be sacked. Its called career risk.

The fin services industry focus on shortvterm and incentive structure is completely upside down. And it will feed buying unless a major dislocation occurs.

disabledvet's picture

That is the fund manager's job and it's a hard thing to work against...especially when so much money is indeed flooding in. This is my own money however and I've been long for so long now I feel no compunction whatsoever to chase thing. At least...not yet. It really is hard cuz playing this thing on the long end has been a great ride...and should a material correction appear I'll be chomping at the bit to get back in (probably too early.) but again...if this thing shoots higher over the coming weeks I'm going to be a right pissed off at myself...and then worried about doing anything.

ekm's picture

Fund managers have no more money. Hedge funds are getting closed left right and centre.

Dre4dwolf's picture

It only took unlimited money to doit, wow guys the economic "recovery" was cheap.

I guess those few dozen people who got trillions of monopoly dollars handed to them for nothing really know how to run a country, I mean look can you argue? 14,000!

Sure people are earning less, but like all the other bad news thats "transitory" or doesn't mean anything, F(*@## those losers , the economy doesn't need them anyway right?

VonManstein's picture

a 5% correction is bullish and expected.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Forget about corrections.  Rules do not apply anymore. The new and only rule is:

"The more absurd it goes, the higher it will go"

James-Morrison's picture

Geesh, I thought it was a graph of a ball from the original Atari 64 PONG game.

That might be the last time that the old rules still applied...

l1b3rty's picture

Right before silver began to go to $50


FreeMktFisherMN's picture

The market is already down a lot when you price it in crude, gold, etc. 

Dr. Engali's picture

This is just incredible. We are reduced to looking forward to a 5% correction. And that "correction" will probably draw in enough stupid shorts who think "this is it" only to get squeezed out by Ben and his magic press driving this market to new highs. The "market " is not going to blow up until something else blows up first.

fonzannoon's picture

Doc you said before. It all starts with the currency. This could take a while.

Dr. Engali's picture

I'm getting impatient. I watched CNBS today for the first time in ages and watching the bulls dancing around there was sickening. I used to have a philosophy that whe Bartiromo got all giddy like she knew she was going someplace nice on a jet it was the time to sell. When she looked all down and out like a used up whore it was the time to buy. Now she's all giddy, but you can't fight 85 billion a month.

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Doc loved these posts of yours, I think youre completely right although as far as I see it that 85bil has very little to do with this. Its really just that people want to believe. "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom"

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Doc, Id just like to say that I would of course feel out of place giving you anything like advice due to the fact that your experience is much deeper than mine, but I just want to sharw with you something that has helped me over the past year. I had an extremely hard time putting cash to work in early 2012 and maintained a high cash balance. I realized I was losing out to the indexes by the day and it was painful. I put my self through a mental exercise every couple of days to costruct a hypothetical portfolio from scratch investing 100% of it within 24 hrs. Because the real challenge of this new normal is adjusting even the most iron stomach to the concept of buy high, seller higher. I found when I employed various correlatioms and used the dead-beta theme to my advantage (look at biotech right now) it overall this really improved and sharpened my risk/reward analysis to better analyze alpha in this extremely stupid market that abhors cash like a vaccuum. So I hope you wont be insulted by my post, I just have found the exercise of investing an entire portfolio on the spot in one sitting like the money would rot if you didnt to be an interesting way to finesse my trading in this situation.

I often take more interesting risks in these hypotheticals so it often leads to further research ideas

fonzannoon's picture

Doc not sure if you watched this today. But listen to Schiff. Listen to every word. Listen to the guest opposing him. Look how many times the other guy tries to put him on the "end of the world" crap.


stormsailor's picture

every huge sell off i've ever seen started in the credit markets.

Grimviewer's picture

5% big fucking deal......I'm long and loving it......i'll buy more on a 10-20% fall.....5% is a tiny condensed turd in a constipated market.