The State Of World 'Macro' At A Glance

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As you shuffle from cocktail party to cocktail party and reminisce on holding NFLX all month and being short AAPL, perhaps the following 'simple' table should be tucked in your pocket. Since everyone is now a genius stock-picking market guru, sometimes seeing the forest for the trees in macro land is useful... note, red is bad...



Source: Barclays

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It lools like the Germans did win the war.

The Reich's picture

Unfortunately not, as we hang in the Eurozone and pay their deficts.

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remember we are in the "experimental" fed world where we are trying out "up is down, and down is up" for a while in the stock market, just to see if it makes any difference, er, socially.

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They call it practicing medicine for a reason.


Sounds better than calling it a crap shoot.

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Belgium is the richest of all on the chart in Net External Assets

It is quite a prosperous place in fact ... tho charmingly and quietly so, we like it that way


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and the winner is Port.


the object of the game is to get the most red boxes right ?

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yep, no government at all for three years right? just getting the dregs from the ecb liquidity sloshing through the manneken pis? too bad the walloons and the flemish can't get close enough together to have a fight because there are too many fat and pig faced eurocrats swilling from the massive troughs! has belgium even got a democratcially elected government yet? its been, what, 5 years now since they had one?

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

5 years with no govt?

Is there a lesson we can learn from this?

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The UK numbers look like they are way off ?

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only that unfunded liabilities (£144bn in civil service pensions, for example) add another 10% to the gross and net debt to GDP numbers.

check this out for a really bearish view that makes barclays look like the spreadsheet jockeys they really are

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I would buy stock in Marijuana.
see here:

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... and too stupid to use a fryer.

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Who the fuck goes to "cocktail parties" anymore?

So quaint.
Like licking stamps.

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Fancy a game of pinochle, ol' chap?

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I remember pinochle.  Played quite a bit until we discovered you could still play uno while "three sheets to the wind."

aka -  pissed as a rat.

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Jenga is my drinking game of choice, the booze calms my shakes just enough to create tall stacks, which these days is all anyone should be concentrating on.   

hooligan2009's picture

i am going to invent a new game called "vent"

it will consist of a zinc bath and glass bottles which you smash in, and here's the real doozy, a glass recycling machine that you put the broken glass make new bottles!

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Wtf; Ireland's all red.

Reminds me of todays IMF report into the country, which concludes that "These findings suggest that Ireland is poised to return to its path of strong growth and low imbalances."

And then has the audacity to note:

"Second, the post-crisis environment of high household debt, high unemployment, and bank fragility presents challenges that do not feature in our analysis and merit to be researched further."

The Jaundiced eye......

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they are already a penal colony of the banks...but then bank of america thinks they are so grubby, they are resiting to a less grubby!

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Blood flows red on the balance sheet.

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Oh "Macro" I thought you were talking about the Cuban anchor baby kid Marco

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If zirp works so damn well, lets go all out and double the annual deficit and have the FED balance sheet double again in 3 years. Is there a point where wage inflation kicks in? Maybe with 7 billion people, there will be only the rich/connected and the poor waiting for their food stamps, watching TV, doing drugs. But the fall out will be seen in decaying society. Will the number of babies being born out of wedlock reach 90%? Will the number of black young men in prison or killed in ramdon acts of violence reach 90%? Are these things connected?

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you got it!! no need to work hard to earn dollars ..or pay taxes to buy missiles and pay benefits...the fed just has to print it!

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All that red and yellow is hard on the eyes. Can Tyler re-post using shades of Krugman's beard, and title the chart 50 Baziliion-Quadrillion-Infinty Shades of Grey?

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Hey! We're equal to Greece! We have 2 yellow blocks, and so do they!

Wow! Cool!


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US gross government debt 113% in 2017 ? Yeah right.

It's already 103% (according to the table even 113%), and they're running yearly deficits of 10%, so 103% plus 10% times 5 years = more like 153%.

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the 51st poodle state (UK) is going to suffer an attack of the clones as well

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Or just an attack by Pakis and Somalis.  KEEP IMPORTING.

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It might be worse if you consider compounding.

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Well at least Germany has one red square (actually it isn't a square it is a rectangle but I'm not going to back space [oops, backspace is one word] and change it - deal with it). Red is the bad one ... right?

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Jesus, it looks like Canada is where the meteorite will strike.

Us or Germany...

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LOL, maybe I’m the only one who got it.

The MSM is ripe with “news” about new planets, space mining, and too close for comfort meteors zipping past earth. The sheeple are being conditioned for the great culling of the herd. 

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I see a lot of blood everywhere...

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state of the world? where is india, china, indonesia, russia?  that's only 80% of the world

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I take from that that everything is okay here, except we should stop using condoms and start having more sex.

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I'll take $500 on USA red 113.