The Complete And Unabridged Works Of Dylan Grice

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Dylan Grice may no longer work at SocGen, and, as we reported previously, has finally put his mouth where his money is and opted to replace his desk at a government subsidized, undercapitalized French megabank with a hedge fund invested 60% in precious metals, but his wisdom remains. And while we are confident that we have covered all of his prior reports over the years, we now provide one handy, 244-page compendium covering the bulk of Grice's work over the past 4 years. Covering the financial gamut: from Valuation, to the Euro Crisis, to Japan, to Asia, to Gold and commodities, all the way to the Philosophically arcane, we are confident that the attached presentation will provide countless hours of reading pleasure for all.

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The only alternative to Dylan Grice this weekend is to stare at the TV & watch 36 straight hours of Network hacks talk about Colin Kaepernick [& the PISTOL offense], while they try to take your guns away & turn you into Edward Scissorhands... 


Oh, & by the way... FREE OF CHARGE... The ANSWER to the only question that matters "Who is going to win the SuperBowl"? is as follows:

- whichever teams QB avoids throwing late across the middle, or gettin a ball tipped up & intercepted...

- Either that, or whichever team avoids the costly yellow flag at the inoppurtune moment from the pocket of Jerome Boger

All the rest is candy ass analysis... But nobody is REALLY interested in important things [LIKE IF THEY WON THEIR BET OR NOT]... It's waaaaaay more important to 'sound cool' at cocktail parties talking about 'READ OPTION' assignments...

Chicks dig that...  

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yeah, it's funny how all of Boger's downgrades for the season were reversed... things that make you go 'hmm...'

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Boger is a joke...


They sent him in there 10x this year to 'fix' games [& he managed to WHIFF 4 of them]...

His crew flagged the 49ers 7x [in week 5 against the Bills]... 3 HOLDING CALLS, 3 FALSE STARTS, & a CHOP BLOCK... They HATE offense... Leodis McKelvin [Bills] also had an 80 yard punt return for a TD nullified by a penalty in that game...

Kaepernick lost a fumble in that game too... The Bills were x-tra sucky that day... Couldn't cover [as AWAY dogs] even by Boger's crew... I haven't finalized my thesis yet, but I think that they toss his crew in there to secure the UNDER [which is 47.5 for the SuperBowl]... Right now 60% of the public money is on the the OVER... The action on the 'pointspread' is 56% ~ 44% [which basically means that Las Vegas, is just steering for the VIG on that line]... They'll clean up like MFers on all the silly PROP bets...

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Here's some better reading material:

If the breakthrough we perceived in the interest graph shown above is a valid short term indication of a fundamental change in the willingness of Treasury investors to keep financing the debt of the United States, it then becomes without question the most feared scenario that the Fed could ever imagine.

Bernanke's Hands Are on His Own Throat.

By John Galt for America's Chronicle

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how many pages do you think reggie would accumulate?????

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Yo' A Lunatic.....Give us the Cliff Notes on this one, bro.....

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Buy low, have patience and sell  high on anything that has inherent value....

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As inflation heats up, you wonT need so much patience waiting for the "value" to rise.

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If you do this on the futures market; and remember that you can always do the selling high first, (called going short), and the buying low later; you won't need a job. Most of the patience is necessary waiting for an obviously crazy price to finish it's "enthusiasm"; and then taking the opposite position. The things to avoid are the standard tools of "normal" humans; things like fibonacci retracements, and Ellot Waves, which don't exist; they are created after the fact by the need to rationalize. Also it's necessary to ignore the consensus wisdom that says, don't pick tops, or bottoms. On the contrary, don't try to trend follow. 90% of price "breakouts", revert to the trading range; astonishingly this is not noticed by the practiciioners. Pick tops or bottoms with great reluctance; don't look for trades; enter the market only when the foolishness has expended itself and the price is obviously crazy. then don't pretend to know what the outcome will be. Sometimes futures markets trend for months; don't take profits readily; be patient; demand that the market prove it's done trending. Also, of course, you have to have a stop loss order. You'll be "wrong" about 50% of the time at first, (ie. early); don't be discouraged; try again. The people who don't have stop loss orders and wait and pray; are the ones who have to go back to paid employment.

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My mentor, who retired permanently when he was 34; told me he would trade wet dog shit if there was a market for it that setttled every day. The inherent value, such as it is; is the currency you get to spend after you pay the IRS. I was perfectly willing to buy BAC stock at $5.00/share and did so. I've been aware that BAC was insolvent for twenty years and I have no more use for a share of that business than for a sack of wet dog shit; but I sold it, at two to one margin; for 7.80$ a few weeks later. Why did I buy it? Because the price was stupid; The company was Too Big To Fail; it would not be allowed to fail; since it could not fail; it's stock price would have to be manipulated up; as $5.00 is not a credible price for the stock of a large investment bank holding company. Simple logic.  How do you know when the price is low? I tried to get people; people just like you; I know this already; to buy Silver at $4.35/oz. I made a serious effort I showed them price and charts and explained to them that the mass of men are always wrong, and that they had been deluded by the mass opinion. All three middle aged; upper-middle class men, with money to invest; refused; indignantly; did I imagine they were fools? Who would buy something that had been going down for 15years? You would have refused too.

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Downloaded and saved as a "document"; thank you.

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I strongly recommend pages 143 to 162, the section related with Gold.

He captures the economists and central bankers stupidity by correlating with history. One of the best analysis why should one buy gold. Great mind.

Thanks ZH for this valuable information.


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For this one post Zero Hedge deserves credit and credibility as a real service to the people of the world. Let those who can read.

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How's ths for the ultimate torture method of the CIA?

Reading aloud the complete and unabridged works of one Ben Bernanke outside the Federal Reserve.

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 Short and Sweet/ Keep it simple stupid.