"Lights Out" Caption Contest

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Someone, somewhere will surely blame the upcoming Q1 GDP miss on what just happened in New Orleans.

Before and after:

.. and in real time:

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Bushes Fault!


Looney's picture

Fuck! It's dark in here... and smells like fish!  ;-)


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Bush/Cheney on the L, Obama/Biden on the R

AssFire's picture

"Tyronne & Lattimore, smile so I can sees ya"

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Oooh oooh, someone please tell me that they broke some glass when that happened.

Love, Paulie K.

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When the economy crashes, it happens instantly. It takes a long time to get it back on line... all the while people are standing around going WT actual F is happening?????

Stackers's picture

half the lights go out - nothing happens

all the lights go out - ????

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Luke, come to the dark side of the stadium.

flacon's picture

When do we get to start killing people? This  *is* New Orleans, right?

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 "Just Kidding"

~ Jonny [from Airplane]


BTW ~ francis_sawyer is ON RECORD [here at ZH] for giving everybody:

- Ravens (+400) on the Money Line vs. Denver

- Ravens (+400) on the Money Line vs. New England

- Ravens (+175) on the Money Line vs. SF


Ummm ~ that's a '28' bagger on the parlay... [Good luck with the the rest of you ~ I hope you make your years]... I made mine by Groundhog Day...

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Solar power brought to you by Solyndra.....who the hell scheduled this game at night?

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When the Circus Maximus of all American Bread and Circuses goes kaput, you know that a 4th rate Banana Republic is at hand.

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"Pay the God damn electric bill, or we will shut the whole damn building down!"  Entergy Bill Collector

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...and now a word from our sponsor, Formaldehyde Freedom

"Anyone can have a toxic asset but not everyone has a toxic trailer...."

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All right, who's the wise guy that's recharging their electric car?

Lore's picture

My thought as well:

"Your new SMART METER has determined that you have exceeded your allotted Peak Period electricity consumption for this month."

GetZeeGold's picture



They had to let them install it......or they would have gone to jail.

Michelle's picture

We're all black or at the very least not white.

Skateboarder's picture

Caption contest? My entry would be:

"Enjoy the left side.. you're going to be seeing a lot more of the right side.

The Future"

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that is called a vagina...

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And, it smells fishy, no?

Mr Pink's picture

Dang it Cletus! You gotta unplug the bug zapper when you're deep frying squirrels!

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This blackout brought to you by Solyndra. 

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Starting with a single rain drop, and doubling by volume every minute, how many minutes until the entire Super Bowl is under water?

bobthehorse's picture

I drove to my poor old mother's house.

I asked her if there was any hope.

She hit me in the head with a can of sardines.



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Why does the Porridge Bird lay its egg in the air?

1C3-N1N3's picture

Brought to you by Yankee Candle Company.

The Gooch's picture

Yankee Scandal Company.

deerhunter's picture

Green Energy,,,, ????   Na,,,,,  bushes fault. 

Jason T's picture

They're letting us know we're half way there to a new Dark Age

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USSA.. the new Potemkin village.. all facade and nothing behind it


papaswamp's picture

US Skeet Shooting association?...oh my bad ... that would be USSSA....

logicalman's picture

Fur coat.

No knickers!


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Anyone sitting in that stadium didn't have any lights on to begin with..........

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Beyonce's tape deck shorted out.

GetZeeGold's picture



I would have preferred a wardrobe malfunction.

JustObserving's picture

They hate us for our football.  

stant's picture

prince of darkness strikes super bowl

GetZeeGold's picture



The satanic references finally got his attention.

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This moment brought to you by Al Gore.

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You do realize we were a hanging chad from that guy being leader of the free world.

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Same thing happening to the players' brains.

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Lights went out? There's an app for that.

erg's picture

Everybody use their phones to bathe the field in its' eldritch, nacre glow.

HD's picture

Ben powered on the printer for Sunday night futures...