Anonymous Claims It Hacked Fed, Releases Confidential Banker Information

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A year and a half ago, when the hacker group Anonymous launched its anti-Bernanke, anti-Fed campaign dubbed Operation Empire State Rebellion (or OpESR), we stated, rhetorically and jokingly, that "perhaps in the aftermath of the IMF "very major breach" by anonymous hackers, it is really time to make sure all external access points to FedWire and FedLine are truly safe and sound. It will be very sad if it is uncovered that this source of externally accessible portal to hundreds of billions in emergency Fed funding has been somehow compromised. Just imagine the loss of confidence in the system... Why, a global distributed attack would really stretch the Fed's 1,200-strong police force quite thin." It appears that either FedWire or FedLine may not have been "truly safe and sound" after all.

Recall that a week ago in retribution for the suicide of Aaron Swartz, Anonymous launched yet another "operation" this time titled "Last Resort", as a result of which it hacked the Department of Justice and released a 1.3 GB folder of still encrypted "warhead" data containing files each named for Supreme Court Justices. And while there has been no additional disclosure on this latest operation, Anonymous may have reverted to the mothballed OpESR, by hacking none other than the Fed.

As ZD reports, last night Anonymous once again hacked a .gov site, this time the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). But it was not the site hacked that was material, but rather what was posted on it. What was posted is an extended data dump sheet, titled "oops we did it again" which lists some 4,606 rows of confidential credential data including titles, names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, logins, password hashes, and much more. The spreadsheet can be found at this link.

And while the data contains primarily B-grade information, with no New York bank disclosure at least on a cursory check, a more important question is where was this data sources. Anonymous itself provides a clue in a tweet from last night:

And judging by the level of detail, it is possible that Anonymous did indeed hack either FedWire or FedLine, although it is just as possible this was merely grabbing root data in some low security regional Fed website.

Anonymous provides some additional information in a further tweet:

In other words, to Anonymous this is merely an escalation of its Anti-DOJ campaign demanding structural changes (good luck) as retribution for the Swartz death. It is unlikely it will get them.

What is curious, however, is if Anonymous really did penetrate one of the Fed's critical money clearing networks, and if indeed it has access to key financial data at the granular, regional bank level. A bigger question then is just how much more Fed-level access does Anonymous have, and will it resort to it as its demands are unmet by the DOJ in the coming days. Or in other words, what else can and will Anonymous release?

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Dear Anonymous, 

With all due respect, either shit or get off the pot.  I'm beginning to wonder why you snoop, hack, breach, and so forth, yet very rarely does the world SEE anything of value.

Burn some bridges, really piss on/off the connected, the wealthy, the powerful, and all those illicit scumbags with massive damaging material(s).

I do not dismiss your potential. I just ask you to name and shame in the name of basic human decency.

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I really do not understand the people here on ZH that dis Anonymous anytime they try and do something.  The self same people who post here all the time how SOMEONE  SHOULD  DO SOMETHING, to Banksters, the Fed, the IMF, etc, etc.  The same people who, themselves, DO NOTHING....except of course to buy more gold and/or ammo to cover their ass and their ass alone.

Bravo Anonymous.



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Yes. Someone has to do it; and that someone always risks the imputation of treason as did Edmund Burke, a Whig who belonged to the world of Adam Smith.

As a partisan of the colonists, he insisted as a member of the House of Commons of Great Britain that all acts concerning America since 1763 should be repealed. It would be wiser to make peace, he said. Instead, George III made war.

Burke was a trail blazer. He drafted for Britain’s Parliament his Catholic Relief Bill (he was a Protestant) which would allow Catholics to inherit or buy land and to teach in school without risking life imprisonment.

After passage of Burke’s bill, the so-called Gordon Riots followed and literally tore England apart.

Socialism spawns politicians; freedom spawns statesmen. That is why America has politicians, who sell their services for votes, and no statesmen, who don't.

Just as Burke, Julian Assange is facing the charge of treason in the U.S. for going up against the abuses of the State.

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I read the above statement "Fed's critical money clearing networks" as "Fed's criminal money clearing networks". Was it wrong for my brain to immediately misinterpret it this way?

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Computer guy here.  Assume for the sake of arguement that anon is real and what they claim. (yeah, I know).  Also an ex-intelligence guy, myself.

You have to get these things right.  As pointed out above, look what happened to Assange for going off half-cocked w/o a worthwhile plan for his own safety.

But there's another issue.  Once you've shown you can really do some of this, it becomes harder to do.  It's best to let the enemy think they're pretty safe when they are not till you "have it all".

If they figure out your sources and methods, you've lost your info sources.  Evidently, being kids, they can't help but boast some when they get a little, and put these threats out there to boost their egos - who knows what's in some encrypted file, after all - could be the goods, could be useless garbage, we don't know at the moment - hell, they probably don't even know, I don't get the idea that they are experts in finance - they might think they have something great, but it not be anything much we don't already know here.

So, the trick has to be - don't spook .gov too hard yet - while garnering support from other like minded to boost their own causes.  It's a fine line to walk, practically speaking.

It's hard to imagine what would light enough of a fire under .gov to actually learn IT well enough to keep a tight network, it's not like they haven't sort of tried before, but .gov is so vast, and so sinecure-seeking in its generally fails miserably.  They might merely have picked off some of the lower hanging fruit at this point, enough to amaze them, but not us, or to spark any kind of general uprising and change.  That's my guess, and that's all it is.

From the tech they've shown, they're not as great as they say compared to a real expert - the fruit truly is low hanging, is all - most of it.  Let's see how they fare on the harder stuff.

Does anyone really think the really big (and shocking) good ol' boy deals are done mainly on computers, versus a handshake, nod and wink at some meeting that isn't easily survieled that way?  Or that many of them weren't done before most of anon was even born, much less computers being common?

OK, analyst hat off.



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"Does anyone really think the really big (and shocking) good ol' boy deals are done mainly on computers, versus a handshake, nod and wink at some meeting that isn't easily survieled that way?"

From Enron, to Worldcom, to MF GLobal, to LIBOR we know that traders, bankers, managers, and executives put shit in email, chat, and text. They talk openly over recorded phone lines. They leave evidence everywhere.

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No but the seemingly random or non connected data tends to be more interelated than meets the eye that is where math, ingenuity and big data analytics comes into play. You most certainly can put together the big picture relationship map like a flow chart from all that information, even low lying stuff. The mistake .gov and the public sector it seems also to thinks it is the tech skill that is necessary. That really is seconday, it is the sharp mind that can wield the tools that is the key. You can always find 20+ IT people and coders with 0 creativity that can write the basic scripts and deal with the hardware issues but they and the information ain't worth a shit if you can't tie it together to put it into some sort of context especially if the individual pieces don't have anything of use by themselves.

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Dumbass gov't contracts to buy computers that will be made in China.

Gee! Wonder why they are so easy to hack?

They buy computer that have USB ports and wonder why they are losing top secret files.

Just like when I commuted to a Naval Base and the seamen in uniform were speking fluent Mandrian Chinese.




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Zzzz...again more blah blah, put out something that is real not just rhetoric...

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Anonymous aint doin shit

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Can't access the file. Someone got a backup?

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Isn't Anonymous a department within the US government?


Kinda like pro wrestling - the good guys and the bad guys that report to the same boss.

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In the MSM news over the past couple of years it has been reported that the Fed extends borrowing rights to foreign countries.  I believe amounts were published and they were astronomical.

The Libor scandal revealed that big banks fraudulently manipulate the interest rates that effect global commerce. Likewise this was in the MSM.

Recently we hear Lanny Bruer say that he can not prosecute fraud by the big banking players due to the potential negative effects on the whole financial system.

The news that the FED does whatever it wants, giving money to whoever it wants and the corrollary that bankers are immune to law enforcement is PUBLIC.

What more could Anon reveal that would be anymore shocking than these revelations?  

The problem is not that the public does not have facts.  The problem is that the public lacks MORAL OUTRAGE.  I think that several generations of teaching ME ME ME and eliminating moral prescriptions such as the golden rule has created a complicit citizenry.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

That they public knows is where you are wrong. There are 2 levels of people here, low information and high information. The fact the MSM only caters to the low information crowd, all you need to do is look at the narrative they push in the news and in popular culture in general. The first rule of disinformation if you don't talk about it, it isn't an issue. It isn't an issue with the low information crowd because they aren't getting the information. The high information people know better and have a general idea what is wrong. Bill Moyer said it best

"An unconscious people, an indoctrinated people, a people fed only partisan information and opinion that confirm their own bias, a people made morbidly obese in mind and spirit by the junk food of propaganda, is less inclined to put up a fight, ask questions and be skeptical."

-Bill Moyer

helping_friendly_book's picture

People have blind faith in...whatever....leadership happens to exist. I could, would and do, show people irreffutable proof and they will still deny and tell me to take off my tin hat. 

Even management, where I work, will deny their own written policy. When I demand a Circuit Court ruling I get a call from the lawyers........never admitting I am right but, saying I should include my points in the discussion.


They must know I will win if I push the point and take it to the judge because I will get the phone calls from the lawyers being all reasonable when I appeal their decisions.

Same with everyone else, except you guys and TD.

I think I can stay solvent long enough to prove I am right.

I don't disagree w/ any of your statement. 

Just wanted to continue the discussion.

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I believe the problem is tptb have dumbed down the public, through abbhorant P. education and never taught anyone to fight for what is right. Also misinformation and erasure of information once made public.

Trying to access the link in this story to give an example. Tptb have already taken the site down.

I make a habit to pdf any hot news item I can because when I try and show others it disappears. Sometimes within minutes.

I remember the Watts riot, and the Rodney King riots. 

When the credit cards and atm machines, SNAP cards stop working then people will wake up. It might not be a man made event. Could be a massive solar flare that does it. Until then no one will give a crap. 

Let them miss seven meals and I guarantee millions on the street.

I believe natural events will end injustice, they always do.

Plague or a natural disaster, massive solar activity. Something like that. 

I can't even talk about this stuff because people either don't want to hear it or don't believe it or think this is supposed to be how it works.


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About fucking time someone pokes the fed a little.

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What? The Fed has its own police forces ? I thought they were dependent on other enforcement arms of the state... 

resurger's picture

i think a post was there on ZH before, check ZH Search

bugs_'s picture


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"If they don't have anything to hide, they don't have anything to worry about."

Right?!?!?  Isn't that the reasoning behind destroying privacy?

devo's picture

Anonymous needs to pull off the big one. Then people will take them seriously.

Pulling off small heists and saying it's a sign they can pull a big one actually hurts their reputation.

janus's picture

janus would like to thank anonymous from the bottom of his dark & bright heart.

gentlemen, you are LEGION.

here's a song, anon:

the honorable of america are become criminals for demanding justice.

it is a demand.  i cannot sufficently emphasize that, amorica.

repent, america...lest ye be damned.

i'm gonna fight em all/

a seven-nation army...

all the words are gonna bleed from me/

and i will think no more,



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What I find a weird coincidence is that just days after and days before an Anon hack China is declared a cyber threat.  That made me wonder why there aren't any Chinese hackers pissed off at their own government.

NaN's picture

Chinese Intelligence has a warehouse of dirt on anyone that matters. They don't have to release it directly, of course.

why there aren't any Chinese hackers pissed off at their own government.

Chinese Intelligence probably gives them a choice: get hired or face charges by a justice system with a very high found-guilty rate. 


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How Anonymous hacks could help: Put the 1% on the no-fly list, zero out their bank accounts...

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Just a suggestion for the anonymous people if they are reading. You might want to shine a spotlight into the school records for the big O. You may find out he registered as a foreign student.........

He is the only President to have ever locked down his school records.

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by announcing what they've already accomplished, has the     DHS scrambling to take down overlapping firewalls! the cats out of the bag and they're just shadowing the Gov't next move,... it's now just a cat and mouse game. but anon's  feline instinct has their pulse honed on the grand-prize-- the timely capture of... 'the-house-of-cards', ie. critical file/ capture? of an outdated anomaly called the FRBNY, et.el. !!!


God Bless You Julian Assange... and may God be with you Anonymous!!!

thankyou Tyler

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I matched the list against my contacts and I got about 20 hits. Those hits were/are peeps I personally know and have knowledge of , some for many years.


So, at least some of the data is/was real.


p.s. they as well as most on the list are just grunts that operate the system, doubt that any/many are masters of the universe on that entire list.




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Audit the FED – Powered By Anons?