China's Creeping Toxic Smog Cloud Blankets Japan

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These days one has to laugh with the Japanese, as the temptation to laugh at them is just so high.

Because, sadly, the endless barrage of negative developments surrounding the "Land of the Rising Sun" may soon require a constitutional amendment replacing that key adjective to "Setting." And while everyone knows that Japan's economy is the Keynesian voodoo religion's event horizon laughing stock, caught between a 30 year deflationary implosion which is the only permissive factor allowing it to sustain interest payments on a 235% debt/GDP mountain, and a banking, debt and funding crisis should the government "succeed" in generating inflation, it is the intangibles that will be the proverbial straw that breaks this particular camel's back. Intangibles, such as 2011's tsunami and Fukushima explosion, which have made sure that every piece of domestic sushi will be pre self-cooked for generations.

Yet glowing in the dark may have just been the beginning: now Japan also has a toxic, photochemical smog problem to boot.

It is true that we were confused why China had not retaliated too aggressively in the ongoing spat over some meaningless islands in the China Sea. At least not yet. It turns out that China was merely biding its time in deciding on how to most Geneva Unconventionally punish its militant island neighbor to the east. Turns out that the punishment will come in the form of an export that Japan will hardly be happy with: the unprecedented smog that until recently was blanketing China. The same toxic smog is now over Japan.

AFP reports:

The suffocating smog that blanketed swathes of China is now hitting parts of Japan, sparking warnings Monday of health risks for the young and the sick.


The environment ministry's website has been overloaded as worried users log on to try to find out what is coming their way.


Access to our air-pollution monitoring system has been almost impossible since last week, and the telephone here has been constantly ringing because worried people keep asking us about the impact on health,” said an environment ministry official.


Pictures of Beijing and other Chinese cities shrouded in thick, choking smog played out across television screens in Japan last week.


News programs have broadcast maps showing a swirl of pollution gathering strength across China and then spreading out over the ocean towards Japan.


Pinks, reds and oranges that denote the highest concentrations form a finger of smog that inches upward to the southern main island of Kyushu.

So on one hand Tokyo has radioactive sea breezes to watch out for from the East, and on the other: carcinogenic particulate matter as a result of China building empty cities to keep its 8% GDP on target. As we said before: laugh with them, not at.

Air pollution over the west of Japan has exceeded government limits over the last few days, with tiny particulate matter a problem, said Atsushi Shimizu of the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES).


Prevailing winds from the west bring airborne particles from the Asian mainland, he said.


Of specific concern is the concentration of a particle 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter, which has been as high as 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air over recent days in northern Kyushu.


The government safe limit is 35 micrograms.


Yellow sand from the deserts of Mongolia and China is a known source for these particles, as are exhausts from cars and smoke from factories.


“At this time of year they are definitely not yellow sands, so they're toxic particles,” Shimizu said, warning that “people with respiratory diseases should be careful.”

Fear not: the Japanese government will simply raise the safe limit to 100 micrograms, as it did in the aftermath of the Fukushima explosion when it was lying non-stop just how safe Fukushima is, confirming that when it comes to treating its citizens it is no better than the USSR circa 1986.

But the bigger problem for Japan is that when Abe set off on his campaign to crush the currency, this is not the kind of bilateral, well really unilateral as China is still not importing anything from Japan, he had in mind. In fact, in the absence of domestic nuclear power plants, the cost of imported Japanese energy will soar, even as the local purchasing power implodes, leading to civil unrest and a prompt sweep of the government.

Unless, of course, this is merely a very elaborate scheme to finally "fix" the old age overpopulation problem Japan is facing, in which the toxic pollution will merely finish what Fukushima couldn't. After all it was none other than Japan's deputy PM who urged Japan's elderly to "hurry up and die."

Since they sternly refuse to do so, has the time finally come to give them a hand?

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IridiumRebel's picture

Japan and China have such a peaceful past....

zebra's picture

healthcare industrial booming will bring China and Japan out of recession.

Moar air pollution, please.

css1971's picture

No paper filter masks going to help with those kinds of particulates. With coal you have SO2, NOx,  you need real gas masks if you're going to be exposed for more than a short time, this stuff can cause permanent lung scarring and reduced capacity. If it's reaching smog levels you should probably not be in the vicinity.

hooligan2009's picture

smokers wont be the only hackers then...anonymous warning!

Black Markets's picture
More US envy at Chinese exports, just accept it you losers. The Chinese make superior smog compared to US working stiffs.
azzhatter's picture

Thank god for Obamacare

samsara's picture

Maybe this enterprising guy should expand to Japan

Canned “fresh air” for sale in China?! (16 Photos)

I’d say when your City is so polluted they’re selling cans of fresh air, things have environmentally taken a turn for the worse. The Chinese city of Beijing is so polluted with smog, that residents experience headaches and breathing problems as a result of this constant exposure.

An entrepreneurial Chinese billionaire, Chen Guanbyao, has used this situation as a way of capitalizing on his wealth and now sells canned “fresh air” to locals on the city’s streets.
pods's picture

Guy was probably a Spaceballs fan.


BattlegroundEurope2011's picture

They can use Whale fat as energy.

pashley1411's picture

The optimal Japanese solution to both their domestic, and foreign policy, problems, is bring Godzilla back out retirement.  Where are gigantic radioactive monsters when you need them?   

Godzilla is the ultimate Keynesian.     

IridiumRebel's picture

I'm sure there is one growing off of the coast of Fukushima right now.

flacorps's picture

Japan seems to invite carnival analogies ... the crises are like whack-a-mole, the country is like the clown that keeps going in the dunk tank. And whatever ride the poor people are on is going to make them all puke--or worse.

Seriously they would be worse off than Greece, if not for the fact that they actually make some things that people in other countries want.

Seer's picture

" if not for the fact that they actually make some things that people in other countries want."

Sorry to put a damper on this, but just because people "want" that doesn't mean that they can "get."  Being broke and wanting something kind of derails things.

Maybe I'd "want" a Prius, but there's no way in hell I could afford one.  But, thank you Japan for the old fully-depreciated econo-car that I've been driving for many years; it'll be cheaper to replace parts on it than buy a new one; and even IF fuel prices go WAY up I'd probably not have any use for a Prius because of what would likely be increased road taxes and insurance (due to Economies of Scale in Reverse- way less people purchasing fuel and insurance [unemployed]).

I suspect that Greece will revert back to what it's best at: grapes and tourism; stuff that the 1% like to do.

smartstrike's picture

Are Chinese building fall-back cities?

hooligan2009's picture

as opposed to build-up or fall down cities? hmmm..loads of gdp with fall down cities that can fall up a year later!

Obama4Ever's picture

Evidently China's not giving them a hand, just giving them a finger.

HoaX's picture

Come on Japan, I´m never gonna give you up!

NotApplicable's picture

Wow, most pathetic troll I've encountered in quite some time.

Mi Naem's picture

No WAY, man!  Check out his gif. 

He's a wild and ca-razy guy! 

tok1's picture

This article is just racist .. Let me give you thr bad news..
For all thr stories Japanese are living a higher standard
of living the people in Europe or US. If your worried about people's
health don't because regardless of fukushima Japanese
ar living longer ( a lot longer) than Americans or Europeans with
lower unemployment and higher assets ( ie wealth) per person

Yes the govt had a lot of debt but they have the funds to support it ..

They can pull their 1 trill from. US any day and their EU holdings
are just as large ..

Wake up people your the ones getting screwed .. With you 14-20% unemployment (U6 14.4% 10-20% in EU) although Obama and members of EU commission seem well paid .. Japans sharing the cost of old age your screwing each other to the wall

btdt's picture

tok2, hold your breath, tok 3 and 4.




Seer's picture

I believe that the ISSUE here is with POLLUTION, TODAY!  What great stuff Japan has done is irrelevant to THIS discussion: unless, that is, Japan has some massive air-scrubber technology that they're sitting on and waiting to unveil (this would be HUGE in the carbon-cap world).

BTW - Japan's demographics ensure that it's in decline; yeah, it might be "up" now, but the trend line is inescapable.  So sorry! (and better start cranking up more nuke plants, as energy imports are going to get less affordable).

hooligan2009's picture

borrowing 8% more than your economic output for 30 years so you can purchase trillions of dollars of other peoples fiat currency (debt) is not wealth. 

you are under the misconception that the lifestyle you have was funded by the efforts of your citizens. it wasn't.

the west has learned, to its cost, that living beyond you rmeans only gives the impression of wealth. 

does the number one quadrillion mean anything to you? that is your debt, in yen, or c. 10 trillion in dollars.

how long will your 130 million people take to repay that debt?here's a clue; the same 30 years it took japan to accumulate it at 8% of gdp. Japanese taxes take in 28% of gdp.

how wealthy will you be when your taxes go up by around 30% to balance your over borrowing and get to a zero deficit, then go up by a further 30% (taking tax to c. 45% of gdp) in order to repay your debts?

the west is, fiscally, in no better shape. However, what the west does realise is that debt and deficits actually matter, not least because of the burden placed on future generations.

i believe that Japan's population is shrinking, with a higher mortality rate than the west. the problem, on a per capita basis, will get worse in Japan than in the west.

Seer's picture

Great rebuttal.

I'd add that Japan is also resource-less.  It's PHYSICAL resources, raw, that generally bring the greatest returns; the greatest is oil, something that Japan has none of, yet depends on plenty of it.  I'm thinking that mobility scooters will be a hot item in the not-to-distant-future (and auto sales collapse).

kareninca's picture

Japan's longevity stats are not reliable.  Don't you remember a few years ago, when the Japanese government sent out state workers to congratulate the country's centenarians?  And it turned out that a large number of them were really dead, but the family members had not notified the government, so that they could keep cashing their monthly checks?

Also, Japan is the country that a couple of years ago made the world news because its social workers KNOWINGLY let a guy starve to death, because he didn't comply with their bureaucratic rules.  Remember the rice ball guy?  Who blogged as he died, writing about how much he longed for a ball of rice?  And then the social workers were interviewed, and said "well we felt that we were SUPPOSED to let him starve to death.  He didn't follow the RULES."

Sick country where guys date pillows.

mogul rider's picture

gold pumpers would say this is bullish for gold cause 6 headed Japanese babies are a counter trend.

I, on the other hand, would say it's bullish for uranium and windmills powered by uranium to blow that crap back towards the mainland.

Seer's picture

"I, on the other hand, would say it's bullish for uranium and windmills powered by uranium to blow that crap back towards the mainland."

chump666's picture

What a toxic sh*thole.

toomanyfakeconservatives's picture

Favored Trade.... err... Pollution Partner!

billsykes's picture

Since the 70's there has been warnings about mercury levels in fish and how harmful it is to pregnent women.

But yet we march on CO2, fix the oceans.

logicalman's picture

We are all downwind - from EVERYTHING

Bandit und Buster's picture

"all over Nancy Pelousys vineyard"...

She'll probably have Reed and Bummer just OUTLAW the smog!


nothing can go wrogn's picture

A radioactive and bankrupt Japan, getting pummeled with toxic smog from the Chinese ecopalypse.

This looks like the kind of story you would see right before industrial civilization collapses, billions of people die off from disease, war and famine, and small pockets of human survivors try to eke out an existence in the smoking and radioactive husk of what once was.

It does give me a chuckle when I think about people who get their underwear in a bunch over the "New World Order" a "One World Government," or "Agenda 21" lol.

When this shit goes in to a steep slide, and it will. There's not going to be any new world nothing when it's over. If you do happen to survive, your biggest concern beyond basic susteance, will probably be the "warlord" trying to run your county.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Next thing you know people will be hiding in supermarkets from otherworldly creatures until it lifts.

Seer's picture

How is this possible when humans have no affect on the environment?


"For example, when Jack Kemp, who was then the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, was informed of a report from the United Nations that told of resource problems that would arise because of increasing populations, it was reported that he said, "Nonsense, people are not a drain on the resources of the planet." (Kemp, 1992)

Jack Burton's picture

This story is a liberal hoax. Mankind is too puny and tiny on this vast earth to affect either the atmospheric particulate pollution and even less able to change atmospheric chemistry and cause any kind of climate change. Earth is boundless, man is far too tiny of a force to harm the atmosphere. Look up, look how vast it is, no amount of mankinds burning of fossil fuels can cause haze or harmful air. The vast and sinister liberal hoax designed to get a carbon tax is called global warming. It tells lies about fossil fuels raising the CO2 level of the atmosphere. This lie is well known and refutable in every respect. No CO2 accumulates from fossil fuel burning. Even if it did, CO2 never causes changes that absorb more heat radiation. And even if the liberal liars were right, this warming would trigger a vast expansion of plant growth and bring on a new golden age of agriculture and forestry.

Global warming = Liberal lie

Chinese air pollution = Liberal anti growth lie.

logicalman's picture

I'm hoping you just forgot \sarc

Jack Burton's picture

Indeed! It should have been tagged SARC!

Seer's picture

And gravity is a liberal hoax too! (YES! -< /sarc>)

chindit13's picture

That's exactly why I pee in the ocean.  But what are all these vending machines with "Asahi Super Dry" and "Pocari Sweat" I keep seeing in my big toilet?

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

3. Gold Sight and Gold Earmarked Accounts

The above description of gold trading introduces two important types of gold account used by the BIS and central banks for gold trading. These two different account types are in use today and are mentioned in recent BIS Annual Reports, but they are not, unfortunately, defined in these Annual Reports.

The May 1997 document, INTRODUCTORY NOTE ON THE BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS 1930 – 1945, provides the following definitions in a footnote, which have been confirmed via an email to the writer as still in use today by the BIS:

Gold on earmarked accounts is allocated gold. The Bank's obligation with respect to gold held in such accounts is to place on demand at the disposal of its depositors, at the central bank where the deposit was constituted, the identical bars which had originally been deposited with it.

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Together with gold loans, leases, swaps and derivatives, these two types of account form the principal means by which gold transactions are handled by the BIS and central banks

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Ooops,wrong article...on last comment but a good read non the less.

W74's picture

Maybe the elderly Japs can come here to die.  My wife will be a nurse in 6 months (top of her class the first year of the program) and in about a decade's time (assuming the US is still around) we plan on opening up a nursing/aging home to reap what's left of the fortunes of aging boomers who's kids don't plan on taking care of them, or of even being around.

This won't be HMO/Hospice type Death-Acceleration, we'll actually care for our patients and provide them with a high quality of life.  We want them alive to suck as much of their savings, equity and fortunes as possible and if some of their kids want to help pay the bills for my medically oriented hotel so much the better.

Cap Matifou's picture

China can now maybe start to think out of the box.
Cars running with Air compressed. Jules Verne dream coming true again.

minakaze's picture

Man, some of you r such xenophobes, and by the way, it's not that this shit is gonna only hover over Asia you morons, it's going all the way to the US... China is suffocating us all...