Madrid Protests Return: Live Stream

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First Italian bank failures, then Greek strikes, and now Spanish protests: Europe is back at square one where the only thing fixed are the local football matches.

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at least they take it to the streets unlike the slaves of the mighty US

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I love Riotcam Mondays (tm).  Take a shot every time you hear "liberta!"



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BEN.......the people are revolting ........PRINT.....PRINT YOU MOTHERLESS PIECE OF SHIT......PRINTTTTTTTTTTT

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This is just people talking loudly in the street.  This is not revolt.


"Until bullets start entering brains, nothing changes."

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Agreed.  As long as most people are showing up to "protest", then there is still a belief that the system can be fixed by using the system itself.  Revolutions don't happen in public squares.  Those are symbolic events which actually meet with the approval of the powers-that-be.  Real revolutions happen in homes and residential neighborhoods where the elites live.   They happen at airports.  They happen *inside* the halls of government, with shouting, torching and citizens arresting elites.   They happen in factories.  They happen in banks.  Real revolutions are messy affairs where the elites start to flee, leaving their lives behind.

All of these live-cam events are contained demonstrations.   Essentially they are a form of "speech".  When the riot cops walk away (or join the protestors) then things are about to change.  Until then this carefully managed and sanctioned behavior.

I'll start being impressed with the "revolution" when politicians are being dragged from bed and incarcerated by the people, and things start to get out of control.


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just debt slaves being debt slaves.    who created the curse of central banking? oh yea roth something or other

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture



"Look, darling, the masses are revolting."

"You might want to come off the balcony, dear, they certainly have germs."

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If they had a show;  "PIIGS RIOT".  I'd watch it on one great big giant high def TV, all in sync with picture in picture to be able to switch from screen to screen with the click of a remote.  Great theatre!  And as an added bonus, they could throw in a new daily hot spot of interest.   Wherever there's an embassy being overrun somewhere in the world, they'll be there to cover it! 

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

"We interrupt our programming to state that Kyle Bass has just placed a massive bet against the US Debt and Currency." 



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No SNAP, no Obamaphones....see what happens?

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Yea, and how long can SNAP and ObaMaoPhones and all the other subsidies really last with a 105% debt/GDP and all of it sinking fast in real time?

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Thats easy Dog, just outlaw real time, you know they wanna.

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Dunno, but I do know that Japan's debt to GDP I 250% while the US stands at 105%. Is our leash that long? I kinda doubt it as entropy seems to be growing at an exponential rate these days. All it takes is one black swan that Bernanck can't print his way out of, then poof!

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It's February. 11 celsius in Madrid, 1 Celsius in Washington, DC. Much easier to protest when it is warm out. I bet if it was 20 below, there would not be protests or riots in Athens or Madrid.

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Americans won't protest when it's celsius out. Too confusing.

smartstrike's picture

Americans won't protest because it's going to look bad on their resume.

resurger's picture

The American _________ 

A: Spring

B: Summer

C: Fall

D: Winter

The correct answer is None of the above



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Martin Armstrongs computer models say 2014 .. after Gov't has to start making big layoffs cause economy doesn't get better, tax receipts collapse faster.

Joe moneybags's picture

"Gov't has to start making big layoffs cause economy doesn't get better"

Thanks for the belly laugh (that's old school LOL).

I'd sooner believe Lance's computer model before Martin Armstrong's, if this is the logic it employs.

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Martin obviously doesn't understand MMT.

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Only when they can't get their latte and their cable goes out then maybe will have an event.

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"at least they take it to the streets unlike the slaves of the mighty US"

The minute the "slaves" take it to the streets of the US, the DHS will lower the 'BOOM' big time!

The "disapearances" will be something to behold! Can you say "bend over and grab your ankles?"

I knew you could. The only justice will come from the muzzles of M-16's.   

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Nakhoy Nakhoy Nakhoy!!

libertà, libertà, libertà libertà


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I live in downtown baltimore. They're expecting 200k-300k down here for the parade. All I can do is shake my head. The masses come together in revelry of cakes and circuses, but not a fucking peep as they're anally raped on a daily basis by the elite. Pathetic.

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It is sad state of affairs.  The people of Cleveland were more upset when Art took the Browns, in the middle of the night, to Baltimore than when banksters steal trillions in broad daylight.

The circuses are powerful in this country, yes!

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The bigger the games, the higher the turnout, the more efficient their propaganda is proving to work.

Romans put on the best games and biggest festivals just before the shit hit the fan. Authorities knew the collapse was coming and that people were noticing how the currency was diluted further and further. Emperor put on on bigger games with more fanfare and galore so that the people were distracted.

Mankind has not changed one iota or otherwise progressed socially for well over 2000 years.

What comes next is just as certain as what followed after the glory of Rome started to crumble.

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Crumbling?  You mean like the electrical grid in the Super Dome?  Let's work on keeping the lights on at these events if we are going to have them shall we?

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Duh... all I know is that Amurikans are happy as pigs in shit, just as long as TPTB don't mess up with their sacred SuperBowl crap..  Fuck them up the ass all you want on a daily basis, no problem... just don't touch their F-O--O-T-B-A-L-L-!   

tango's picture

The fact is that most folks are clueless.  But the real reason is that after struggling to make ends meet they want to have some fun and don't consider it terrible to do a little partying.  I enjoyed the game, food, commercials and friends and don't feel a twinge of guilt.    Sometimes a football game is just a football game. What do you want those folks to do, by the way, instead of enjoying themselves for a night?

Jayda1850's picture

I agree with you tango, but the problem is that the american people haven't been doing just a little partying, our whole economy is built on feeding gluttony and by doing so enslavement through debt. I realize the average american has so much shit on their plate that any chance they have of thinking about bigger issues is fleeting at best, but they also have to realize that the past 30yrs of so called economic progress is one debt fueled illusion and that after 30yrs of monthly payments they will find that they own absolutely nothing. My only hope for my fellow american is that they put just half of the enthusiasm they have for sports to speak out on things that actually matter.

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Oh spare me!   The Super bowl has been going for almost 50 years.

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Could someone chart youth unemployment vs riots?

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We need more Noble Peace Prize for the European Union!!!! Can you print that?

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Ya know, that actually looks kinda fun.  Definitely better than playing 96 straight hours of MW3 on X-box when you're unemployed.  I bet it gets a lot less fun when they bring out the pepper spray and riot shields, though.

I'm tapping my toes and singing along to the songs right now.  Wish I knew the words.  Ah well, when they start happening over here I'll know the words.


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The People!


The Fall of the Regime!

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The friendly gatherings are actually organised by governments as a means of allowing some steam to be let off and to see who turns up.

The unfriendly ones are used by government ss an excuse to introduce further restrictions on the masses.

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A high ranking PP politician said that it appeared the Barcenas papers were done in one sitting.


Ok, what is it, conspiracies exist or they don't?   



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Although I appreciate the fact that people are taking a stand and generating movement, I am not sure if any protest really knows what the problem is.

The problem is not how many hours worked = pay vs austerity, it is not about health is about the crux of the problem:  what is the problem?

The problem is that a cabal of the establishment took over the banking system (or started the banking system in the first place) and have instituted a credit system that is systematically bankrupting the people of the world.  This has been done by getting off of a sound money system (gold and silver is money and nothing else is, by definition of the word MONEY) and issuing debt like it is going out of style.

Now we must make a move against this cabal and we must take back the money supply.

Join me!

Buy Silver!

Banksters's picture

Credit(debt) expansion went exponential as wages fell.  The whole system is based on usury.   Of course, you know that, but I thought i'd spout off anyway.

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Buy Silver!


So you are basicali hedging that everyone else will lose, except few of you who got shiny metal?


Why not buy productive assets and start builiding local interconected comunities, with high levels of trust that will be robust against the breakdown of the economy?

I know, I know, its more simple to just buy metal.

FreeMktFisherMN's picture

I agree those networks could be crucial, but with PMs you have portable wealth that is recognized everywhere throughout history. 

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

Everyone will lose, except the oligarchs, and they are a rare breed indeed.

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.. on a weekly basis since 2008

tango's picture

But if the big guys really control all we do or say or any event, why wouldn't they also control the price of silver?  LOL   I'm a silver bug myself meaning I think either the elite are either incapable of controlling price (in which case they are not so powerful) or there is not a cabal of elites controlling anything - simple a squiggly mess of folks trying to stay ahead of the game as long as they can. 

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Mandy Drury just said that she would never chearlead the markets. What? You can't make this up.

NotApplicable's picture

I guess it's all shameless self-promotion then?

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Mandy Drury as a cheerleader.......hmmm........... I just got a little chubby

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Whats the point of riote?

Better run to the hills.