Madrid Protests Return: Live Stream

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First Italian bank failures, then Greek strikes, and now Spanish protests: Europe is back at square one where the only thing fixed are the local football matches.

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Thieves,  Thieves, Thieves, they chant.    Hard to understand some of it, but they seem rather pissed

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Why are they all speaking Mexican?

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Looks pretty tame to me. No molotov cocktails, burning cars, no gunfire


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just people out shopping on the live feed

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This video is like a bad acid trip.

At least like how it's been described to me...

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Why MSM ignores the biggest bank bailout from the Dutch Govt of a systemically important bank is mind blowing. I question why?

One of the major bailouts and FT carries it on Page 9!! Wtf?

10 billion Euros, doesnt it have any value no more? Where are the tax payers of the Dutch Govt?

ABN was nationalised, ING was sold, Rabo was downgraded and its Sarasin bank sold to Safra and now SNS is nationalised, but the IMF and World Bank on behalf of US and Europe advised Indonesia, Thailand and Latin America to shut down their banks back in 1997/8 and now they nationalise their own banks?!!

Is this objective and unbiased advice and support when it was needed most by those poor countries or is it another form of plundering their assets?

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You´re three days late bud.

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I knew it the minute it happened...thanks to iPhone alerts....I have been waiting and observing last few days, why no one is analysing, criticising, debating or discussing this EUR 10bn bailout, as if it was a non event.

It is a huge event. One of the largest bank bailouts since Lehman and who knows how many more billions will be thrown once it becomes opaque and nationalised! 

If emerging countries nationalise banks, it is called terrible and indicates their 'weakness' but when Ireland, Iceland, UK and Netherlands, and Germany (read HSH Nordbank) or Austria (Hypo) etc nationalise, where are the war cries?

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Europe is having a shitty day.

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Aw, just chanting and waving signs.  I was expecting riots.  Greece has spoiled me.

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But, but, they told us everyhthing is fine!!!!

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Monti is playing real hard,

He hopes you let down your guard,

Just follow the Ace,

It's in the wrong place,

A game thats played with 3 cards.


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This is what would happen in America if only you could drive to a riot.


Too fat, too lazy.

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You mean, Drive-by-Riot, open 24 hours?
You order stuff at one booth and pay other, then drive to riot without leaving car?

Americans would dig that.

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They want the guns in the US BEFORE people are pushed to this point.  The people in the US should already be doing it so when that day finally does come this mofo's gona blow sky high I assure you of that.  This powderkeg will blow eventually.

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I am extraordinarily worried about what is to come.

Government debt levels are unsustainable; the general population has lost faith in leadership in general (European corruption, US politicians, bank heads, corporate leaders, church leaders, etc... ). The US President is talking about guns, and despite the travesty of last December, he is not focusing on THE most critical issue facing the western world... the financial crisis that is to shortly visit the US, and the entire world. The majority of jobs lost in this great depression were those of the middle class and if you look at the employment date, the majority of job creation is coming from low paying jobs. The middle class baby boomers are being crushed and the youth are hopeless.

Bill Gross summarized it today when he said that once assets have too much risk and no return... that's when you'll see the mass migration into hard assets like gold and onset of hyperinflation. His statement is so #uckin plain to see, its simplicity and elegence is brilliant.

I'm not sure what will trigger the oncoming collapse. It will likely be a black swan event, but for sure the way the spring is being loaded, when it snaps for whatever reason, the results will be the same.

I really, really, really don't want to live in a world of $10k gold and $600 silver, and its coming and there's not a #uckin thing we can do about it. I never thought growing up that I'd see our western way of living collapsing as it is in the process of happening.

Les jeux sont faites.

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I have never seen any of the demonstrators in these countries demand that the govt.  spend much less money  or reduce taxes. Only the tea party in this country promotes ideas that work instead of more of the same tax and spend policies. Yes, we are exceptional.

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Meec! We the people in Spain are demanding to cut the government size and the number of people working for politicians. We have a big big problem here because when everything was ok, they took advantage to set up averybody as advisors, positions without public examinations, etc... We also have 17 local governments with a lot of power and money to spend and they are the one of the causes of our depression.