Gold And Stocks Recouple As VIX And Credit Shrug

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S&P 500 (henceforth - under the Un-Patriot Act - to be known as the Moodys & Fitch 500 at least until such time as Moodys too downgrades the US) futures scrambled up to fill yesterday's day-session gap-down open and then pressed on to run stops to new highs. The Dow did not make new highs - but managed a third day in a row of greater-than-100 point swings and tested back above the magic 14,000 level. Credit markets were absolutely not buying it. VIX was not playing along either (though did compress). Treasury yields rose but nothing on par with stock's surge. The USD fall very modestly - not supportive of stocks. And sure enough, after running those highs, S&P 500 futures cracked back lower into the close with the Dow losing 14,000. A gain of around 0.8 to 1% on the day for stocks with reasonable volume as early haters like JCP and AAPL surged handily on the day by the close. The S&P 500 ended the day recoupling perfectly with Gold on the week...

Quite a 3-day run for the Dow...


and the last few days in ES too...


as HY Credit tells a very different story over the past few days (and no, it's not LBO fears - single-names are not the driver; and no - it's not rotation, as rate duration is negligible still in general and HY is notably cheaper as an asset class than stocks now)... hedgers seem active - even if sellers of cash HY remain stuck...


and VIX remains unamused...


as Gold and the S&P recoupled on the week...


FX markets were a tail of what goes up/down must come down/up as EUR retraced its losses and JPY retraced its gains...


So, it seems that equity buyers up here are the greater fool - since, if you are bullish you would be loading the boat with HY credit (higher yield and cheaper) as opposed to stocks...


Source: Bloomberg and Capital Context

Capital Context (@CapitalContext) LLC is the leader in integrating credit-market data to actively trade equity markets. From our world-renowned intraday 'CONTEXT' and 'SPY Arb' models to the daily long-short equity portfolio, sector-weight updates and tactical asset-allocation strategies, Capital Context offers sophisticated hedge-fund strategies to the active trading community.


Bonus Chart: JCP's miracle recovery (as massive vol compression trades went through to help it on its way to recent VWAPs)... maybe they should face technical default every day?


and AAPL's levitation to January's closing VWAP...

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come on guys join for networking opps 

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I think GS, JPM, and the other usual suspects are selling into these ramp-ups.

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Palladium worth taking a look at.

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Worth diversifying into, even. Love the Russian ballerinas.

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Guess the 42 down votes on the last post weren't enough of a hint. 

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An anagram of your name is "Scam It Bro"

Also, "Racist Mob" which is just funny.

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I knew a Tim Brasco once. He was a douche. Is that you, Tim?

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Hey everybody, we're all getting laid!

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VIX at least held the 20 day.

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Those charts are nothing but the imprint of Bernanke wiping his liquid shitting fucking ass on graph paper.


Fuck you Bernanke and your fucking asshole primary dealers.  Take your fucking "market" and fucking choke on it you fucking crooked prick.

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Dont despair, fo every time a "fuck you bernanke" is posted here on ZH, an angel gets its wings...

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Most if not all "fuck you Bernankes" are short biased-Durded following wannabe trader morons who just got stopped out.

Too much *HYG underperforms // VIX term structure no good* post have been read.

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Lol, that sounds right, personally i like to imagine how nice it must be for him to come here and see these day after day as a sort of all is well confirmation. I wouldnt be surprised if Kev kept count for him.

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Or your just an assuming asshat who mental depth extends no further than the subjects of "long" and "short". Fucking tool.

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I want to call a top but with daily POMO who fucking knows.

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I think there is a better chance the next big crash is a crash upward. I mean that sincerely. No sarcasm.


Whiteshadowmovement's picture

I think youre 100% on the money Fonz, you guys honestly think Bernank is not planning a huge blow out for retirement?

Btw, fonz, ive been thinking about your idea from this morning and I a thought occurred. In addition to the 3-hr coke and hooker "power hour" lets also talk to John Malone over at Liberty and see if he wants to give us 2 hours of QVC time, 1 before the power hour, 1 after. Then since Cramer is on his way out at CNBC anyway, well sign him on a comission basis to come on the QVC show and sell only one product (SPY of course) all day, every day 364 days a year (remember QVC tastefully plays music on the 25th). He can do his whole fuckin clown show every time and just shout at people to buy TODAY!

What do you think, are you in or are you in?

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An idea has been born. The first thing we need to do is scratch that music on the 25th and Have a 24hr Bob Pisani festival. Bob spends all day speaking in that surprised tone of voice while describing many tremendous things that are about to occur.

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

PS- I almost forgot the most important part, well be bringing back those 3-am infomercials from the 90's where for a solid hour average people would come on and thank some motivational guru for all the success his 3-step program has brought to their lives.

Itll go like this:

"Thanks Cramer, since I bought SPY, I bought this new corvette!"

"You're the man Jim, since I bought SPY, Ive bought a new hottub for the foreclosure Im squatting in"

"thanks to SPY, my wife and I were able to live our dream of retiring to celebratipn florida"

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Don't forget Eric Estrada from Chips pitching land in Arkansas.

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Thats the stuff! Maybe Astrada'll want in... i guess itll work as long as his teeth are still pearly white and if not, fuck it, well get him dentures

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"You don't listen to me, you a Fracking looser. I am Tom Woo..and I have boat loads of prostitues who have sex with watching TV at 3 AM, you a loooosah."

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My favorite was the nerdy guy with the two bombshells around a pool of wemon. I loved that guys pitch. Almost as good as Ron Jeremy pitching vigor-x

adr's picture

Yay bullshit stocks, way to go!!!!

Meanwhile us in the real business world are wondering if we're ever going to see an order again. I mean, who needs orders when technica defaults can cause your stock to surge.

Fuck, we don't even need sales, look at Amazon. I see what looks like my product on Amazon's website, yet we've never sold to them. Some of my competitor's product in one there too, yet they haven't sold to Amazon either.

Funny thing is the product is listed at 70% off my MSRP. Wow, Amazon got a really good deal, my accounts are pissed. Amazon says they don't sell counterfeit product though, still haven't seen anything from Amazon in accounts paid. I'm sure when Amazon sells a product using our logo, we'll get the money for it.


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What do a coupling S&P and Gold spawn?

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WTF is that headline? Gold and gold stocks looked like shit once again today. $1680 is the greatest resistance ever, then it will be $1690, 1700, 1710 blah blah, fucking blah. Fucking criminals.

Why didn't I just buy physical gold and J & J and forget about it? Gold stocks are the worst investments in any market - ever.

 Gotta bet LongSoupLine owns gold stocks.

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A top is in this week.. is it thee top? I don't know but using .666 says it is a top.. bitchezz

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Oh look, the market traced a squarewave. I'm sure that's totally natural.

(At least it is in digital circuitry.)

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Annoying.  At least crop circles have the common decency to have been produced by aliens -- this shit is absolutely domestic.

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Did you see the 20 point gap up on the unlock?, what was that about?

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We have a perfect fraud instituted by the Wall street gangsters and Ben Bernanke!  Watch out below because that is their plan for you fools buying into this rally!

goldenbuddha454's picture

Absolutely.  They pump like there's no tomorrow all the while they're selling into your buying frenzy knowing full well its allowing them more time to dump before the impending crash.  I've always believed that saying "what the wiseman does first, the fool does last".