Bernanke Responds To RBS' Libor Manipulation Charges

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AND he is good at it!

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until he isn't.  Soon I hope.

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Boris is to ready with torches and forks!

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No, careless tweeter congressman is not to invite.

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In USSA, market manipulates YOU!

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Ah, now you are learn Soviet Speak! In Russia, citizen does not watch television, television watch citizen.

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In Russia, citizen does not watch television, television watch citizen.

Please! thats nothing, In Amerika, Drones watch citizens and then launch missiles at them! In Amerika, citizens do not read e-mail, Gov't does it for them!

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In Russia television watch citizen, so Boris is walk in apartment naked (except for ushanka).

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Everyday feels like the Twilight Zone but today has brought it to a whole new level.  This is fucking unbelievable. There literally is no hope for the world.   

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Friend, cheer yourself, is not so bad... Well, is actual very bad, but is can get much worse. Welcome to Soviet State of Amerika!

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Well, in the grand scheme of things, you will be alone.

When this goes down (and it will), it will be blamed on "speculators", "hoarders", "financial terrorists" (ie anyone who doesn't buy into the official script), etc etc, and as this message will be repeated continuously on TV, even by otherwise pointless wastes of space such as the Kardashian family, 99% of people out there will believe the talking heads.

Better to keep a low profile.

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They will pit us against each other while they get away with murder and the stupid bleating sheep will fall for it.

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just keep your head down and try not to look like grass

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No, go full retard.   Nobody will mess with a mad dog foaming at the mouth. 

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"They will pit us against each other while they get away with murder and the stupid bleating sheep will fall for it."

Sadly, that already began years ago.

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choose wisely

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I Bernank'd your options... (made worthless)

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well played

I have been assimilated

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The problem with people like you is that you don't allow multiple choice. What a bunch of tyrants.

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Bending over the american people and A** raping them with no lube is your preference you a** hat!   

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Ben is change last name is to "Dover".

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Anal probe and penetration from bankster is not funny matter.

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Boris, are you related to Yuri Kutshisnuttsoff?

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No, but is once visit Doctor Turnyurhedankov for prostrate exam.

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Doctor Turnyurhedankov is brilliant man educated at Stalingrad Farm Animal Hospital for his pioneering direct intraveneous potato vodka drip for general anethesia during tough times.

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You are mistake. Advance in Intravenous Vodka Drip is discover of Ivan Tudrinkalot. But true, is discovery in Stalingrad.

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Is strong as ten tractors. Twice as smart.

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Spasibo! You are Boris very friend! Two THX is smart as is Boris!

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Mike Hunt was a real clearing guy. I called him all the time. Mikey liked it.

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No wait, I'm full of rage.

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At least we still have a monoply on Precious Metals Manipulation. In assocaition with GS and JPM.

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No manipulation, PM is price fraud by REhypothecation.

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Ben Bernanke responds to criticism he has manipulated stocks.

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don't forget silver bells at hongkongshanghaiBC

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"Oops, was that my out loud voice?" - Bernanke

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Did I just say that? Is a line I often repeat (inside my head) as I'm sure almost all who have followed me can attest to. Obviously the simple question of "manipulate in what direction?" comes up since it is the empirical reality that such manipulation is impossible if the economy is in recession (save for the "un-poppable bubble called Treasuries). The question that needs to be asked...and "what happens if prices start to fall again?" cuz answering that means "you have to do your homework" vis a vis the equity market. This Panglossian "market manipulation" tells all who listen that "you don't know squat about stocks or stock markets."

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Manipulate this Ben.  (pan down to crotch grab)

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dont do that infront of benny, he likes it.

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Maybe he'll print me some FRNs?

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a bird in the hand is worth a trillion in the bush

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Depends on who's bush (sorry, couldn't help myself)...

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a (gold) bar in the hand is worth more than a trillion (zim) in the bush.