Broke US Postal Service Cuts Saturday Delivery

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The completely bankrupt US Postal Service, employer of some 500,000 government workers, which for the past two quarters has been surviving on liquidity fumes even as it posted it biggest ever loss in Fiscal 2012, and which recently announced its latest stamp price hike (which bought it two extra weeks of time), has just disclosed what was long anticipated: the end of Saturday mail delivery - a crushing blow to shippers of junk mail everywhere.

From The AP:

The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service says it plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays, but continue delivering packages six days a week.


In an announcement scheduled for later Wednesday, the service is expected to say the cut, beginning in August, would mean a cost saving of about $2 billion annually.


The move accentuates one of the agency's strong points — package delivery has increased by 14 percent since 2010. The delivery of letters and other mail has declined with the increasing use of email and other Internet use.

Considering the USPS loss last year was $16 billion, all the postal office needs to do to return to profitability is cut delivery on 7 more days in the week and all shall be fixed. Sadly, we are confident some government worker just read this and a lightbulb went over their head. And no: taxing Americans $0.45 per email sent will not be a popular measure.

Of course, the inevitable outcome is that the USPS itself will have to be bailed out. In the meantime, the USPS can spend what little money it does not have on TV ads on channels such as CNBC whose viewers are certainly unaware of the services provided by this most bloated of legacy government entities.

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Just got an email with the bad news.

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wait until they get into their pensions......then the squealing begins

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The USPS is currently being kept alive by the Church of Scientology, I tthink Their gigantic glossy mailings, many weighing several pounds, are about the only things I get in the "mail". At least four such mailings day, conservatively.

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I'm sorta on the fence......should I give the cult all my money?


Junk shield : ON

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They're no more bankrupt than the Feds.  Just do like Bernanke and print................stamps of course.

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If that woman in the picture was my mailwoman I would use USPS more often and they wouldn't be broke

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Every time Tyler puts the picture of a hottie next to the story I can't help but click.  I could care less about the story, just want to see the hottie.

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Ironically, clicking on the story makes the hottie go away.

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TIS's One Gratuitious Post For The Day (TOGPFTD):

*Borderline NSFW

I Prefer United Parcel Service Delivery Woman

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thanx truthinsunshine, that pic made my pencil spit lead.














































































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Half the addresses get mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

The other half of the addresses get mail on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Fire half the delivery workforce.  Save money on postal trucks, maintenance, and fuel.  Raise rates on junk mail.



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My suggestion to the postal service.  Fire all the employees and subcontract delivery to FedEx or UPS.


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That looks like a viagra delivery.

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She could make any need for viagra obsolete.

Shit, my 87 year old grandfather moves slowly but would hop on that like a horny, sloppy Rottweiler on a Labradoodle.

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Well, I know what brown can do for me!

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LOL!  I am starting to think The Tylers are part of Operation Mockingbird like eveyrthing else.

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I would like to nominate you for "Government Problem Solver Of The Year"...  Sadly, we all know they will not take your recommendation and we'll just have to wait for Hooters to take over the USPS before the government understands how they could have made this business model work.  Of course Hooters will have to change their logo to be an Eagle looking at you instead of an Owl to differientiate their two businesses.

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Fuck 'em.

I used to do a lot of direct mailings. Then i decided to go with Pitney Bowes.

Just to send out postcards requires a full time person to make sure that each letter or postcard is the same thickness, and size.

Then you have to sort by ZIP code. Or they will take it and not deliver them and place them in the trash.

I mean it. Fuck 'em. Get private equity guys in, buy them out, BK their pensions and start over again with head of some publically traded company to make it worth while.

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Now I feel somewhat guilty for throwing those mailings into the trash without reading them..

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As a veteran of bulk mailings for the small company I work for, I salute you.  Fuck 'em.

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What was it that idiot Bill Maher said about Obamacare and the post office ?

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I detest Bill Maher but I agree with him when asked about "American Exceptionalism"

He replied: 'Exceptionalism? Yes, 90% of the people in this country are stupid"

Sad but true, we just have it too good and believe that paper is money! 

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Yes, he ought to know, he continues to live in a country where 90% of the population is stupid. So, what does that say about him?

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if the USPS does this, what are black people in cities going to do for work?  The USPS is an absolutely critical organ of government policy to enhance diversity and to create an artificial black middle class which wouldn't exist otherwise.

Instead of cutting service, they should be expanding it, along with hiring and promotion of blacks.  WHO CARES how much a stamp costs?  That is small change for white people with all their privilege to pay to make up for the centuries of discrimination against black people.

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I read the other day how whites are having fewer and fewer children.

How are whites going to continue paying their slavery debt back to the blacks if they don't have more kids?  Yet more proof of the racism against blacks.

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I think Trav's falling into the same stance as MDB

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Fuck equality in Original Sin terms (Ain't any original sin, folks... if there is then we got real problems with stereotypes... ) The PO along with EBT, section 8 and other enslaving economic programs to maintain the ballot box ownership and mitigate the burning down of the whole of major inner cities is what it's all about.

Now, a bit on Original Sin.
(I'll go to hell for this...)
When's the last time a buncha drunken white trash burned their trailers to the ground in the middle of the NASCAR infield?


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They could always get a ZH account, put up a juvenile avatar and lie in wait - posting allusions to how certain races are subject to favoritism. Nah, on second thought they wouldn't. Only one person is that stupid.

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Sorry read luahg = laugh, one to many wife beaters for lunch.

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Best comment there: "The only way to make a small fortune from investing (as non bank employed person) is to start with a large fortune." ;)

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Please clarify: Are you talking of the scientologists, or USPS?

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Who did you piss off to get on such a mailing list? I'm sorry for you. My biggest problem is that my mailbox is set in concrete. When the USPS goes out of business what will I do with that big useless pillar in the front yard?

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Then you can hide your gold in it?

Leave food and water in it for the homeless?

Tell your neighbors to return your tools by leaving them in the box?

If they go out of biz, then you'll be in big shit and mail will be the least of your worries.

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Rent it out to [insert favorite minority here]

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my buddy can take care of it

My first NSX was totaled taking out such a mailbox with my buddy driving's cool to see bricks going past your face at 60mph while sliding across a yard after he oversteered...luckily nobody was killed lol

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It's kind of too bad nobody was killed.

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You can put weed in there.

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They already have.  I think the USPS failed to make a payent of like half a billion or so into their pension a few months ago.

This has bailout written all over it.  And, agreed, it's basically a jobs program at this point.  Part of the reason it will get bailed out.  Union being the other reason.  It's the GM of the delivery business.

Back in the 90s I cut my teeth in the Direct Mail industry.  Don't call it Junk Mail around Junk Mail people, by the way.  We thought we were SO high-tech back then!  High speed computer-controlled laser printers and customized letters with everyone's name printed right on it- no more blow-on labels!- all shoved into envelopes by intelligent inserters that would put the right "dandruff" into each envelope.  Sheer volume driven by the ever-growing torrent of low introcutory rate credit card offers!

Those were the days, my friend.  We thought they'd never end.


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Y'know maybe, just maybe, they shouldn't have made every one of their employees a millionaire.    How much money does it take to guarantee someone a $75,000 pension starting at age 50?   More than $1,000,000!   So every USPS worker (many of whom have 6 figure pensions) is actually a millionaire.

Who exactly was the jackass who decided to make every public employee a millionaire, and how on earth did they think that was going to work?




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excuse me...we need black millionaires and a black middle class.

Diversity is the most important thing in existence.  The USPS helps us achieve that.  If you say that the USPS does a shitty job, then I say so what?  The quality of product is not important- diversity is what matters.

NASA and JPL and these institutions are failures not because they land SUV-sized packages on planets 50M mi away but because they don't have diversity.  Diversity is what makes you a success or failure, not actual performance.  The latter is unimportant, meaningless.

Because shit is free and someone else can always pay for it; especially white people with their "white privilege."  Stereotyping is WRONG except when using phrases like "white privilege."

Dangertime's picture

 A good post on diversity.  Heartiste is one of the best bloggers out there imo, next to Tyler.

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Pick 2.  you cannot have all 3

edit:  ok, I read some of the reply comments to that blog post.  LOL.  The exemplar of the mental 3rd rail contingent is ever-present.  "Oh, if there weren't evil Potent Director elites controlling us through divide and conquer, we could finally achieve the ideals of Lennon and we wouldn't be fighting each other."  Lennon/Lenin, wtf is the difference.

It's bullshit.   These people are still so scared of their mental 3rd rail and this label that they would concoct Potent Directors to export blame for human reality onto.  It's not that we biologically ARE NOT equal, that we biologically DO NOT get along, that there almost CAN BE NO common ground.  Damn, that's just too sad to contemplate so let's insist there are evil masterminds, unseen, pulling the strings and MAKING it thus.

Everyone:  nature doesn't give a fuck what you think or want.  The truth doesn't require your fucking consent to exist.