Tim Geithner's Book Is Coming: An En-Titlement Crowdsourcing Effort

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While it is a time-honored tradition that every single person who worked with Tim Geithner, usually on spotless terms, never daring to say one word out of place for fears of offending the former Treasury Secretary and jeopardizing their government salary, has upon exit from the public sector penned a book bashing none other than the Tax-challenged former head of the New York Fed (whose leaks of imminent Fed activity will never be investigated by any US judicial body), it is certain that Tim Geithner's upcoming book will have a different subject.

And since the centrally-planned, and very much bored US population is always glad to help out with ideas, today's key trending hash-tag in twitter is none other than #geithnerbooktitles, which as the name implies, is the collective twitter subsonciousness' proposal for what Timmy's new book should be called. The real time list is presented below. Readers are naturally encouraged to provide their own suggestions.


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Banksters's picture

Chapter one: Scum always rises to the top.

ACP's picture

Chapter 2: Plundering the Taxpayers for Fun and Profit.

fuu's picture

Shoots of Green

NotApplicable's picture

Das Schuld

Or perhaps "Das Schulden" would be better?

ACP's picture

Stockbrokers and Cockstrokers: My Journey on Wall Street.

waterhorse's picture

I think Timmy may need a magnifying tool to find his.

TruthInSunshine's picture

 #FiftyShadesOfMeBlowingBankers: by Timmay!

 The Story Of One Elf-like Man's Persistence, On His Literal Knees, for Decades

redpill's picture

Squid Snuggling

(Or, How I Leaked FRBNY Policy Actions Ahead of Time to Large Banks So They Could Screw Everyone)

redpill's picture

The Proper Care And Feeding of Bankers

ACP's picture

Diary of a Cocksucker.

redpill's picture

A Pocket Guide to Condemning Future Generations to Debt Slavery 


It's a Big F'n Club and You Ain't In It 


Fear and Loathing in 33 Liberty 


It Takes a Pillage 

The Beam's picture

It's a Big F'n Club and You Ain't In It  


You Stole that from George Carlin. *acts fake mad before congradulating Redpill*

Would you like to be Secretary of Education. (inside joke nobody will get unless they see what happened to the German Secretary of Education)

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To be a best seller because every library in the country will buy it

willwork4food's picture

Buy his book?

I wouldn't give one thin steel dime to that bought&paid for slime-filled, dual-citizenship scum- weisel.

Fuck you Geithner.


Hopium Dealer's picture

TurboTax For Dummies

Banksters's picture

Truth, take away the italic at the start, otherwise we can't approve that hilarious post.

Bastiat's picture

Be Somebody, Be a Ho . . . but Velvet Jones might sue.


JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Embrace your inner scumbag


aint no fortunate son's picture

The Keebler Elf's Guide to Successful Tax Strategies

syntaxterror's picture

A Miracle on Wall Street. The story of how a tax-cheating, failed bank regulator got promoted to run the IRS.

Inthemix96's picture

I have said it before and will do so again,

I would personally tear this fucking criminal limb from limb if he met me.  Grinning monkey fucking low IQ tax evading cunt.

Your card is marked jeethner you fucking spot on the arse of humanity.  Fucking imbecilic thief nation wrecker.

EDIT: So fucking furious I forgot how to spell, Fucking theiving in-bred fucker has my blood at boiling point.  I hope you get tortured for a fucking fortnight you low down dirty bastard jeethner, you deserve no less.  And brush your teeth you shitheaded skank prick.

dhengineer's picture

My recurring vision is seeing Lil Timmy yanked from his chauffer-driven clown car by an angry mob and beaten to a pulp with a good-delivery 400-oz gold bar... with each of the hypothecated owners of said bar (100 or more) standing in line to take their whacks at him ala the scene from "Airplane".

asteroids's picture

A small squad of retired little old ladies being forced to eat cat food because of the weasel would do the trick. Women, when provoked, can be amazingly cruel. They bring life into the world, they know how to remove it too.

ClumsyBoatman's picture

+1 for ranting what everyone's thinking

Dre4dwolf's picture

Cant we just lock all these people up in a box somewhere so they can't do anymore damage?

edb5s's picture



Maybe we can add a fifth group to this:  cocksucking thieving politicians

LongSoupLine's picture

-How to suck Goldman prick so good, you become Treasury Sec.

-I'm a fucking idiot

-How stupid are the people that hired me

-Being Bernanke's Bitch.

-TurboTax - how the fuck should I know?

-How the fuck am I still alive?

BidnessMan's picture

Should have had a beverage warning on "Being Bernanke's Bitch" +1,000 for that one!

Meat Hammer's picture

My Revenge for Being Picked Last in Kickball.

Shizzmoney's picture

The 7 Habits of Highly Insolvent Bankers

Unprepared's picture

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of McMansions

dhengineer's picture

Timmah: How I Rose From Bevis-and-Butthead to Just Plain Butthead

I need more cowbell's picture

Timmy just plagarizes Fyodor...

The Idiot, and Crime and Punishment ( one can dream, eh? )

Unprepared's picture

Reminiscences of a Market Manipulator*

* A much better book title for Benny.

Mercury's picture

I was born a poor, black child...

Poetic injustice's picture

"How I betrayed my country"

"Sociopathic hints for getting to top"

Watts_D_Matter's picture

Taxing Times...


AndItsGone's picture

Their Eyes Were Watching Fraud

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture



"Geithner: Confessions of a Cum Guzzling, Wall Street Infected, Gutter Slut"

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Good to see lots of folk don't have twatter accounts


Look on my mighty works ye wretches, and despair.

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You've got some zingers Banzai.

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Tax Farmers of Forty Centuries: The Cultivation, Harvesting, and Composting of Dupe Goys by their Khazarian Overlords (Geithner 2013)