Farage Demolishes Europe's "Troll Patrol"

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Whether it is Euro-Skeptic MEPs, tin-foil-hat-wearing bloggers, anarchic facebook-friends, or 'V-for-Vendetta'-atavar'd twitterati, the European Union is now engaging in a social media blast to "correct their misconceptions". In what appears to be a coordinated troll-patrol, Nigel Farage notes the "very very scared" leaders of the European Union are spending taxpayers money to counter growing skepticism at the unelected leaders dragging citizens into a United States of Europe. The outspoken British MEP makes it very clear he thinks this social media smear campaign is leading towards a 'mugabe-like' banana republic, as Europe's leaders, who he believes are the "most dangerous people in Europe in 70 years," are terrified at the citizenry's realization that none of this removal of sovereignty was ever voted for. Banana Republic indeed...


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zerotohero's picture

Farage for supreme world leader. could do worse ;)

redpill's picture

The oligarchy REALLY doesn't appreciate it when someone constantly calls them on their bullshit.  He better be careful on the streets of Brussels, he may find himself a victim of a mayo-coated french fry attack.

otto skorzeny's picture

they'll smother him in that shit

knukles's picture

Can you beleieve it?
Take some perfectly good, if not just downright spectacular pomme frites and slather them with Mayo?

What the fuck?
I know, I know....

Best slather my... Nevermind...

fightthepower's picture

The Rothschilds are the head of the EU snake. 

HoaX's picture

Which of course is why Jacob Rothschild bet on a Euro collapse last year.

Just google it.

If anything, the Rothschilds support Farage.

Ghordius's picture

that old medieval corporation called The City of London - aka "The Square Mile" - the Roman part of Greater London, with it's own "minder" in the British Parliament (to remind parliament of the City's Privileges) that is also the Supreme Headquarter of the Hyperhypothecating Financial Giants supports their Fellow of the City the EMP Nigel Farage

short version: he is a member of one of the most powerful lobbies of this globe

One that is less aggressive than some Wall Street networks, but has more extensive global reach than any other. The CityBoys. The Old Chaps. The Financial Wizards at the Themse. The motherlode that generated Ms Blythe Masters

Hilariously, their mascottes are Gog and Magog, btw

Haole's picture

LOL at Rick Astley.

HoaX's picture

Never gonna give you up babe ;]

jimmytorpedo's picture

I'd take eggs and oil over tomato and sugar anyday.

Although some fava beans and apple cider vinegar,...

cheese curds and gravy?

Payable on Death's picture

The"parliment", and their staff, should represent constiuents. You know, LISTEN. Now they are telling.

The good news is that MDB's sponsors have revealed themselves.

A Nanny Moose's picture

He seems to think that "they" would only "sully" his name. His words underestimate, or belie his estimate of his opponent.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

Actually he already survived a plane crash.....

OutLookingIn's picture

"mayo-coated french fry attack"


More like drinking a cup of strontium 90 laced tea!

Those bastards must make it look like a bonafide accidental, or "natural" death.

Do not put anything past them. Trillions of $'s buys anything/anybody.

samsara's picture

Polonium-coated fries.

Sorry, I guess that is too Russian.

thisandthat's picture

Didn't know the Russians had such a grudge against Arafat.

jimmytorpedo's picture

why do I have ads for bullet proof vests and silver all over my ZH?

what happened to the cougar life and russian brides ads?

thisandthat's picture

Cougar russian brides in silver bullet proof vests all over me, bitchez!

Should I turn off adblock plus...?

jimmytorpedo's picture

cougar russian brides in silver bullet proof vests!!!

1000+ ups

triple plus good!

CH1's picture

Farage for supreme world leader. could do worse

Why would you want to corrupt the poor guy?

rotagen's picture

United states of Europe?  I prefer the Soviet Union of Europe.  I'm still pretending we have elected leaders.

otto skorzeny's picture

of course they're scared-it'll be a bloodbath in London and Paris and Berlin when the muzzies burn the place to the fucking ground and then spread out into the countryside to find food (I bet they won't have a problem with pork when they're fucking starving). also-it sucks to not have "high cap mag assault weapons" when there's a gang of youths beating down your door.

knukles's picture

The muzzies will no doubt eat the Europeans before the pork.
See, this is what wholesale immigration begets.
Just ask an American Indian

otto skorzeny's picture

After seeing the women in Prague I would have no problem with doing that ;)

cynicalskeptic's picture

The former Eastern Bloc countries must be loving their 'freedom' - seems like a disporportionate number of women from eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine are caught up in human trafficking feeding the world-wide demand for prostitutes (especially in the Middle East - seems like the Arabs love tall blondes).  An awful lot of women are working in the porn industry as well.

thisandthat's picture

They love them for their freedom.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Decades of communism destroyed their values.    I mean, those places became even more at sea morally than Western Europe did, as to family, "sex", and what not.   Life was very cheap in those countries for a very long time.

Manipuflation's picture

Alright TBT, I have been agreeing with most of your statements on this thread but I disagree with this one:

"Decades of communism destroyed their values."

Too much a blanket statement on that.  I really fail to see anything like that in my foreign born wife.  She doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs,(all MOAR for me!), backslide, pilfer funds from where ever possible(wait a second, she does pilfer funds from me as I just paid the credit card bill off.)  Well, besides that though, she's pretty good.

If anything, Mrs. Manipuflation should be better at telling .gov and central bankers to fuck off and go hang themselves.  If there is a disconnect with the Eastern Europeans, it is that they too have central banks too which of course is a huge FAIL.

TBT or not TBT's picture

A sample of one?    Family values, the kind needed to perpetuate a civilisation, dropped out of view, and haven't come back.     If you see them let us know.   Russia was doing something like 0.8 children per woman, but a mean of 7 abortions per woman, and so the place is on a collision course with nothingness.

jimmytorpedo's picture

I ate a european woman once.

She was so delicious I married her.

Tastes like it should.

No processed food, no gmo's

Tastes like it should!

Not Too Important's picture

Islam legally allows the cannibalism of non-Muslims:


From the same 'honored' school where Obama gave his concession speech in '09.

Maybe we need to ban all packages of forks that exceed a 10 fork limit.

loftgroovv's picture

I'd shit myself rather harder if each of said youths beatin down the door also had their OWN "high cap mag assault weapon".


It's bizarre Americans equate gun ownership with self-defense, when it technically means every fucker who might be out to kil you ALSO has access to a gun...as opposed to nobody having access to a gun....


Think McFly... think...before it's too late.

Moe Howard's picture

It's called an "equalizer" because it makes physically different people equal.


Think, MORON, think. Before a gang of thugs beat you to death for your iCrap.

Not Too Important's picture

The 'bad guys' get their guns out of a trunk - or boot, if you're UK - from their gun-dealing friends. The law-abiding citizens fill out the paperwork at gun shops, and the ones in the middle get their guns at gun shows.

Every 'fucker' trying to get through my door will most likely have an illegal weapon that no confiscation scheme will net. The emergency call system - what we call 911 - is breaking down, and the broke municipalities are running out of policemen to respond, let alone anyone to take the increased volume of calls.

Soon we, and you, will be completely on your own for you and your family's protection.

I wish you luck with your baseball bat.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Ah no.    Criminals don't carry rifles around much in the US because rifles are CONSPICUOUS.    They carry concealed mostly.   Homeowners on the other hand SHOULD have no issue at all having nice, lightweight, easy to use AR or AK/SKS ready at hand to ventilate goblins.    Now of course, in a mad max situation everyone would carry rifles around in public, because that's a go-to weapon.    Pistol rounds make people bleed a lot, with most of the hits scored, but those hits are usually on young men with some drugs in them, or anyway young men with plenty of testosterone and quite the active lifestyle.   They can keep going better than with a bad case of hyrdostatic shock from a big wound channel from a fast bullet.   

Dr. Engali's picture

I think Nigel is fantastic, but this shouldn't be shocking.I'm would imagine  that there are government trolls on all the sites that matter. I'm sure this site has plenty of NSA trolls on it. I'm not quite certain, but I think Kito may be one of them. ;->

otto skorzeny's picture

I nominate las vegas dave and CB1-but they're mossad.

shovelhead's picture

Have you done your circumcision check again?

If they complain, tell them it's ok...you're a priest.

Meat Hammer's picture

Uh....Million Dollar Bonus.


Oh shit, he just flagged me.

From Germany With Love's picture

All jokes aside, when things get serious... expect governments to create the perception that their view is mainstream and that voices such as on ZH are the voices of basket-cases only. Eventually governments will figure out that they need to flood strategically important net forums with their agents. And to do it skillfully they will try to engineer a gradual shift in the perceived consensus on that forum.

Tyler better be prepared. It might not happen this year but that just mean governments aren't desperate enough yet.

Oh and of course foreign powers might try influence the public consensus so as to lead it astray. Welcome to the 21st century

thisandthat's picture

Frankly, the way the comment system is broken, I don't think they're too concerned with comments or whichever way they go (which in many cases is nowhere).

No Euros please we're British's picture

Yeah, the unelected bit gets you every time. They say the "agreed" EU budget will get thrown out because the UNELECTED Brussels eurosprouts will refuse to take a cut in gravy train expansion and won't "sign it off". Bet they're real experts at "jerking it off" though.

HoaX's picture

You didn´t even bother to google did ya?

The only ones able to block the agreed upon budget right now is the directly voted for European Parliament, next election coming up in 2014.

But please take all your info from the Daily Heil.

Yen Cross's picture

  Europe has leaders? I thought they were a bunch of Builderberg technocrats.  [Watch out for Bloomturds henchmen Nigel]

gould's fisker's picture

Indeed.  I was under the impression that the EU was already a 'mugabe-like' banana republic(s).  My mistake.  Long Live Mario "the Count of Paschi" Dragi!

Yen Cross's picture

 You stand on the "right" side of thought. Just like electricity!

gould's fisker's picture

Thank you.  I hope the EU trollers visit here--wouldnt' that be a treat.  But they wouldn't have the balls.

HoaX's picture

I´m here bro, come at me.

mqg25's picture

Tell me what is the going minimum wage for EU trollers? The big question is does your mum's basement have a window?