Friday Humor: "When It Needs To Get There On Saturday"

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Remember the popular myth that there are some things that the private sector can never, ever possibly replicate the public sector in because, you know, "they didn't build that" and they couldn't possibly build that, even after accumulating some $16,487,564,297,892.03 in debt - no, only the government can be that efficient? We do. And apparently so does FedEx, which does so with just the faintest of a smirk...

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"Vs. 45 cents with us postal."

hmm maybe there's a reason they're bankrupt again...

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I don't mind the increased rates if they would give some sort of delivery confirmation or tracking for overseas mail/packages. I'd even pay extra for that. Too may packages I send to my relatives overseas (yes, even the UK!) are "misplaced" or "Lost" which means stolen imo.

I won't even get into sanding stuff to Italy, etc or most places in South America (like Brazil). That's a lost cause.

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I know the answer to the question you ended with a period! Pick me! It's because one company is profitable and charging market rates and the other company/agency is bankrupt and charging non-market-based rates. FedEx does other crazy market-based calculations like charging a different price for a package going from San Francisco to New York, then say, New York to New York, and provides various scales of delivery times with shorter times costing more (on both the retail side and on the side of FedEx), so customers can choose how much they want to spend! In many cases this actually makes FedEx substantially cheaper than the USPS. It is not even a good argument to compare the two - the USPS is primarily failing to execute the model where they deliver small envelopes, and they are not competitive in either price or service quality with many large package delivery services - it's almost apples and oranges.


I use FedEx a lot (and USPS and UPS for that matter), and I've never been charged $40 for a priority letter. Even sending a standard FedEx 12" X 9" flat envelope with paper in it up to a 1lb, costs about $10-$13 for standard ground delivery (about two days, and comparable with the post office regular service for a few sheets of paper trifolded into their standard envelope size). If you compare faster shipping, and same size envelopes, with a target of shipping it this morning (Saturday) and it arriving Monday, and keep it on the eastern seaboard (as an example - costs go up if you're shipping to Alaska from New York to as much as $36, but that doesn't represent your typical package) then it costs $19.95 at the post office and $17.60 at FedEx.


Then, on top of this failure to compete in the marketplace with consumers, the USPS has a fleet of employees that are overpaid and a bulging middle management that even the letter carriers are up in arms over. Even your flex part-time employee is getting a base of $28 an hour (see the website for their Union's negotiated base rates) to take a pre-sorted group of letters out of a container and place them in the mailbox with a matching street number and name. I can hire someone with an associates degree who understands relatively complex accounting procedures for half that, full-time, and these people are doing tasks my 10 year old could complete (except she can't drive the mail cart legally). The average pay for a unionized postal worker exceeds $70k, and comes with a pension that starts at year 20. So, you can theoretically retire at age 40 (if you started at age 20) and start a new career while earning a retirement pension - that's insane. I realize the pension is not much if you retire at 40, but in the private sector we're generally not allowed to quit working at 40 and receive money for it.

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Soon the USPS will be a thing of the past.

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USPS will be around as long as the US government, that may not be very long.

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Get ready cause it's comin. USPS Mon-Wed-Fri delivery only ! it or lump it

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There will be new life for the USPS and employees when they deputize mail carriers as DHS agents.

Think of all the intelligence they already have on the people on their routes.

Getting packages from APMEX, Adam & Eve, or NRA mailings?

GPS units and HD video cameras on every mail van.

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It's only about 300 yards to the post box from my driveway. .54R will make that with iron sights easy...

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AND collection agents for the IRS.

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And they could also install the sensors to read your new "smart" power meter in their delivery trucks at the same time.

Imagine the Monty Python skit:

Help!  Help!  I'm being oppressed!

By whom sir?

By the post office! 

<Thunderous Laughter>

And now for something completely different....

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Shame! You are conflating Monty Python and Laugh-In.

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APMEX, Adam & Eve, and NRA. Jeez nailed me.  All three this week. :-(

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"Takes one to know one" as the saying goes... ;-)

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Geez, why wait for mail order when we can go to the local Adam and Eve store? The moment may pass by the time it arrives by mail.....

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By the time the Bureaucracy gets done, protecting us from ourselves, that plastic love toy will have a 3 day waiting period on it and they will have to run an FBI background check on you.  Trust me with the thought of Big Sis watching, the moment will have passed..

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Eek the Cat has a point; Any moment like that you have to plan for to make it really worthwhile. 

Wink, wink.

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Needing to go to a store belies an almost criminal lack of imagination.


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Exactly.  My local shitty Gannett-owned newspaper (I'm not a sucker subscriber) dropped the Monday edition and there are 2 sections for every day except Sunday when they distribute the coupons.  Hell, the Times-Picayune dropped Monday too (but they had a special Super Bowl edition this past Monday.  Yay for that!).  Anyway, this is just another sign of our economic Depression.  Suppliers don't change the price, but they give you a lot less of the product.  More filler, less killer.  Thanks, BernanQE.

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Do you suppose people don't want it because of all the bullshit lies of MSM? The one & only local paper here is so biased it's pathetic. 

Get to work Chairman!

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is the delivery of parcels to PO Boxes only for the USPS?  This does not make any sense in saving money...they would be paying the carriers to come in and still run the route.  I could see if the clerks were sorting the parcels for the PO Boxes with no carrier delivery to the home.  They use to ..dont know if they still do...have a hub to handle the express mail on holidays that would carry express mail for various post offices and make the home delivery.

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Reading about the plight of the USPS reminds me off the courtroom scene from Miralce on 34th St. Mr.Gailey saves Kris Kringle by introducing evidence of a highly efficient, well maintained, profitable enterprise. Today Edmund Gwenn would be screwed.

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I remember the PBS "ads" (or is it self-sponsorship in Newspeak):

If PBS didn't do it, who would?


Um, like, a lot of people.  Hell, the penguin filmers rode Morgan Freeman to an Oscar.

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If PBS didn't get Breuer to step down, who would? Of course in the new era of lie about everything Breuer was lying about stepping down apparently.

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Isn't the USPS the only agency and even public company required by law to FULLY PREFUND all future worker benefits 100%???    What if this law was imposed on all public companies and govt agencies?

They are just the canary in the coal mine of REALITY.

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DoD's been doing it for decades. It's how we maintain an "all volunteer army".

But hell, in this job market I bet they could skim a lot off of benefits and still have lines outside recruitment offices.

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The USPS is self funded, the DoD (or Department of Offense) is a leech off of the productive citizens of this country.

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If anyone wants to get informed, here is a link to the first quarter financials for the USPS which came out today.

Summary:  A 1.3 billion dollar loss.  If you subtract the 1.4 billion dollar pre-payment for the future retiree HEALTH benefit (not pension) they made some small change.

Factor in the 2.3% postage increase and the 26,000 workers that retired last week and maybe they can break even, which is what congress has told them to do.

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So the fix looks simple.  Cancel their bloated pensions like has happened throughout private industry.  And I'm not being sarcastic.

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Isn't the USPS the only agency and even public company required by law to FULLY PREFUND its future bailout???

There, fixed it for you. The pirates in CONgress love big idle piles of OPM.

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How about: when it needs to get there not stolen by some government asshole who just decided to take home a guitar I mailed?

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yup...happened to me, too...gotta love the postal inspectors and their guarantee of "we may or may not look into this..."

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Fed ex and ups got a back door bailout when the 2006 congress passed the paea law forcing USPS to prefund 75 yrs of health benefits.

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If you subtract that 5 billion, didn't they still lose over 10 billion last year?

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Good Lord! thing they'll want them to contribute some small meaningless percentile to their own retirement too!

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From The Onion 'WASHINGTON—Responding to widespread dissatisfaction regarding the U.S. Postal Service’s newly announced plans to discontinue Saturday mail delivery service, Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahue told reporters this afternoon that the nation had better hold onto their dicks, because they’re going to absolutely lose their shit when they find out what the government agency has in store for Wednesdays. “You think limited weekend delivery is bad—you assholes don’t even know what’s coming,” said Donahue, adding that Americans will literally shit their pants when the USPS reveals its upcoming fucking insane changes to midweek delivery schedules.'

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The USPS is broke in the same way that Enron was a profitable company.  It's all accounting bullshit.  Because George W. Bush was/is a complete moron, he bowed to UPS/FedEx lobbyists and passed a law that mandated that the USPS must pre-pay the health care benefits of not only their current employees, but of any employee that is going to retire in the NEXT 75 YEARS!

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Bush's Fault!!!

Man its just like old times ;-)

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a turd sandwich in the hand, is worth two cheney's in the bush...

nmewn's picture

O'Barry at the skeet range...PULL!!!


Owww, I'm done ;-)

gallistic's picture

Dick Cheney was banned from the skeet at Camp David.

They buried the unfortunate intern on the camp grounds, sans face...

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Another poorly managed semi-government entity that Bush is somehow the only President in the USPS life span that is responsible for all of its problems.  Never mind the 35 years that "Dems" contolled the spending purse.  Is that you Barracky?

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They will send a letter 3,000 miles in a few days for 45 cents. How can you compare. Is it a government program; of course it is. But if stamps were properly priced at 3 or 4 dollars it would really hurt the elderly and poor. I'm well aware that few people on here give two shits about the elderly and the poor but that is the truth.

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What you don't get, because you are a moron, is that the Postal Service really doesn't have problems.  Their only problem is that they have to fully fund the health care plans for PEOPLE THEY HAVEN'T HIRED YET.  Their losses come from a law passed by GWB that forces them to PRE-PAY the health care costs for any employee they might have over the next 75 years.  Do some research before you put your hands to a keyboard and come off as an uneducated lemming.

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Dickley, presidents don't pass laws, the House and the Senate pass laws.

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Uh, no, they pass's not a law until the President signs it.

"Oh yes I hope and pray that I will, but today, I am still just a Bill"

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Geez, we haven't had Saturday delivery in Canada for 40+ years, I don't see what the big deal is.

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Yeah, another reason Canada sucks a giant bag of dicks. Thoughtcrime/"hate speech" laws, shitty gun laws, it's actually against the law to order a burger medium rare, and they fucking measure your shots so you are forced to order doubles all the time at $12 a throw. And that fucking Canadian "double" is still shorter than a solid American single pour.

Canada stinks.

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Clearly the above is a compelling argument to defend such a grand nation as Canada by investing in the C$16 billion (edit: C$30 billion)stealthy (edit: kind of stealthy) all weather (edit: sunshine-only) CF-35.

misnomer's picture

Yeah, right.  I hear we live in igloo's too...

I thought this was Friday Humour...sorry carry on the hate