Subliminal Message Hidden In Global Central Bank Reflation Effort Exposed

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By now it is no secret that in the past decade, the "Big 6" global central banks have boosted their combined balance sheet by an unprecedented $11 trillion, from $3 trillion to over $14 trillion, just as it is no secret anymore that the only reason the global market trades where it does is courtesy of the "flow" or liquidity generated as a result of this unprecedented intervention, whose inevitable outcome is eventual inflation. What, however, was hidden in plain sight, was the chart responsible for this massive stock market surge, which has seen the S&P double in the past 4 years (if go nowhere in the past decade). Luckily, we now have "deciphered" the subliminal message contained in the global central bank liquidity "flow", which is shown as the deep blue line in the chart below. Technicians have a specific name for the pattern that has emerged: "the middle finger formation" and while others can call it by a plethora of other names, the central bankers' message to the rest of the world is now plain for all to see.

Source: Diapason Commodities

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Subliminal? Who needs subliminal anymore?? It's pretty fucking bliminal, if you ask me.

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wow, so the market was fluffed up by the CBs?


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I'm sure the MSM will play this as making life easier for the fed, since now they won't have to someday "sop up excess liquidity" by tightening. Now it all just evaporates the instant it's exposed to the aether.

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Will you have some Dom LSD with that?

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Take it away, LSL

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It's Bush's fault.

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....and don't forget dog poop piles in the yard...

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 Classic! That's worthy of a screen shot to email to all the liberal entitled fucktards, I have the displeasure of knowing.

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You'd only confuse them. Besides, they are always clamoring for more money, so likely they'd focus on "growth" while not having a clue about the lack of liquidity generated.

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Time for another push?



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OH NO! Not the dreaded middle finger pattern! I wasn't the least bit concerned until I saw that!

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Subliminal message..As in I burried Paul?

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So the entire surge in the equity market wasn't due to increased production and a healthy consumer??!!???




The sad part is people do believe the economy actually got better over the past four years.

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Print that chart out a few billion times and give it to everyone living on a dollar a day. At least they will know what the reason is for their upcoming starvation.

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Well ADR at least Obama didn't come in your mouth.....or did he ?

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One Nation Under Fraud.  The message is it's your "patriotic duty" to BTFD.

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30 years on from 1981..we boomed from many years before the start of the next real boom?

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BOHICA for Bens finger

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What's happening is that while the little guy is getting out of the stock market in order to preserve his assets...the primary dealers are buying stocks curteousy of the money the fed gives them by buying up trash debt.  What we're seeing folks is a wholese purchae of our economy by a very small elite group of people who in the end will own a grotesque amount of wealth.  One question is whether this is intentional or a simple consequence of what's happening.  Once the little people figure out what's happening, they'll try to stop it but the elite who have control of the government will suppress them.  The only real question is when the people have had enough and put an end to it  all. 

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It's intentional. 

No doubt.

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It's a well established fact that in the beginning of an inflationary period the first users of the new money are the ones who benefit.  We are seeing that phase now.  Won't be long until the inflation works its way even more into the general economy.  By that time the crooks will have made the most of the windfall.

Got gold?

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didn't even need WB7 to make this one

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    This link, along with the above article might be of use to a few patrons of Z/H. Find Your Representative ·


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Yeah, because your representative is not influenced by nor indebted to the owners of the central banks nor are they in a position to know what is going on in the world of national and global finance.  That's the only reason this scheme has not been stopped so far and so it is our duty to inform them of this problem and then rest easily knowing that they will now make some immediate and needed reforms.

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  You actually think your representative understands "Global Finance"? Where the fuck have you been for the last 30-40 years?

suteibu's picture

Watching America go to crap because of our witless and bought representatives.  Where the fuck have you been?

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 Thanks for showing some sign of intelligent life.

suteibu's picture

LOL.  Let me know how your representative responds to your plaintive calls for help.  It will undoubtedly come with a donation form.  You know, pay for play, though I doubt you will have the sway of the CB owners.  That said, hope springs eternal, right?

Yen Cross's picture

 The response is inconsequential. It's all about self satisfaction. ;-)

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Why do they have to when it's obvious they suck the teat of the banksters & multinationals?

See Neil Barofsky

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Even with all that orange ink, all we have is high unemployment, faltering GDP and rising food & fuel prices.

But all POTUS and his socialist/fascist/whatever-kind-of-moocher-they-are 'Party' want to do is raise taxes and make homosexuality the law of the land and in the Boy Scout organization. 

And Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician right now?!

America is well and totally circling the drain fucked.

W74's picture

Scouts was awesome for me as a kid.  It really helped me grow into a decent young man and provided a major outlet for my energy.  Friends there were great, most of us stuck around for the entire 8 years.  We went camping every month and developed both skills and character. 

There were no gays: none of the kids and all of the adults had a reason for being there like having their own kid in the troop or being the guy who founded it (who's kid was in it at one time).  No one touched anyone, and all the adults were men of character who led good lives, held good jobs and took care of their families.  It was all subtle but looking back on it it was great to have an entire community of good-examples.

Now?  If I had kids I sure as hell wouldn't let them join scouts today.  What a sorry excuse for an organization it's become in just the last decade alone.  Politics and media have really turned it around for the worse.

donsluck's picture

No honest gays you mean. And what does that have to do with "no one touched anyone" pedophilia? The downfall of the Scouts was the same as the Catholic clergy, protection for the perp and silencing of the victim.

dontgoforit's picture

That's what the BSA meant to me, too.  It was great - and honestly, we learned how to survive: Be Prepared.  Great instruction from the BSA - Loved it!  My kids, too.

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That was my experience with the Scouts too.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

I was a Cub Scout and our "denmother" was my friend's dad. I recall a lot of "adjustments" he seemed to make to my underwear, here let me help you aren't they a little tight? Now my friend is a gay poet living in san francisco

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Back when I was in the cub and then boy scouts in the late 1950s I did not even know that homosexuality existed.

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Rant on. -1 for making no sense at all.

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That's pretty funny.

Need a LongSoupLine comment.

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Since he seems not to be available at the moment, perhaps I can help:

Fuck you fucked fuckers.  Fuckin' fuck the fucked Fuckers' fuck fucks!

Yep.  That'll just about do it.