What's Wrong With These Google Search Results?

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US society in a nutshell: Chris Dorner has been around for a week and has 222 million results on Google; the Federal Reserve has been around for one hundred years and has 187 million results.

h/t Bear

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What's a "chris dorner"?

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100 years of chicanery and disinformation to give thieving bankers a respectful name.


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their concern remains controlling mass psychology, however they operate compartmentally, and the police sector is a variable that historically been relatively easy to manipulate with the complicite allowance of a level of brutality. Permitting this keeps the police at the ready to move on the citizenry if necessary (just view OWS)......keeping the police paid and with retirement will aid the "cause".... The police know this is one of their mandates and most accept it....some actually salivate at the opportunity to be unleashed on the cititzenry and will provide the "tip of the spear" for holding the public in check. Unlike the military which is becoming aware, the police actually will "enforce" the state will very predictably. Of course the caveates are the Sheriff's departments and smaller forces with leaders that are "aware". They'll be identified by HS and dealt with quickly. More than likely they'll be able to maintain control much longer than most anticipate. Only if the military becomes involved will it become unpredictable, but initially the first reaction will still be against the citizenry and in favor of "order".

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Chris Dorner kills you all at once.

The Fed kills you 2% per year.

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I wonder if his manifesto would have received as much air time if he had used it to explain and bash the federal reserve. I'll bet Anderson cooper wouldn't have had as much to say.

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Anderson Cooper is as much an empty suit, useful idiot of the corporate whore media as...

  1. The bearded ballast, Jon Corzine looking Fed chairman...
  2. The teleprompter reading moron in the White House...

Inverted Totalitarianism in Action
They're just following orders for scraps from the oligarchs...

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A Cooper is Mockingbird CIA.  He worked for them as an intern or something.  He was "friends" with the CIA gun running State Dept diplomat in Libya who was killed.

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try "bank for international settlements"

About 4,750,000 results

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try euro, about 1.7 billion results, and ECB has 88 million results

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the administration and the MSM will soon spin this into a "race thing" to create an even bigger smokescreen

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Quick, hit the Internet kill switch Janet !

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Chris Dorner is a distraction from shit that really matters...

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"Enelected European Commission" for 726,000 results.

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Reality:  "Federal Reserve" "singular mandate" = 524 results

Orwellian Deception: Federal Reserve "singular mandate" = 106,000 results

Search "Federal Reserve Section 2A" and read the singular mandate yourself - "shall maintain long run growth of the monetary and credit aggregates commensurate with the economy's long run potential to increase production"

The results of following the singular mandate are as follows: "so as to promote effectively the goals of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates"



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"What's Wrong With These Google Search Results?"


Using Google, that's what's wrong. [duckduckgo.com][/google]

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Technically speaking, that would be 6% annual interest.  Jus' sayin'...

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Too bad he dislikes bankers less than cops

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+1 For the Hamster...

Excellent analysis...

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this article is right-on, chillingly so.

The uniforms transition from relatively inconspicuous attire to “battle uniforms” such are those now standard issue to both the military and law enforcement personnel. These optics reinforce the position of the Praetorian Class as maintainers of public order, convey a message of physical dominance and establish chronic low-level fear among the masses.

case in point, take a look at the photos:


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Top salary for Chicago patrol officer.. $86K  NOT counting benefits, overtime (lots) and side jobs (abundant).

Life is sweet for those serve, protect, and enforce in the nations murder capitol.



For the skeptics..

I know cops and firemen there.. retired and active.. yeah, the job in not ALL champagne and roses.. neither is mine.. but the society ran out of the surplus to afford or not care about that level of extravagance years ago.

The ex-middle class and the kids are shackled for it now. 

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Wow. My kids' pediatrician is stuggling to make $85k and works all night every 3rd night and gets zero pension benefits except for what she socks away in her mattress. Same for her health care. It's a strange society out there that seems destined for some major changes.

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case in point, take a look at the photos:



I've seen many shots like that in the last few years and they always grieve me...but that Pic is truly WTF

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If I had to go after a smart, experienced, well armed guy like that who wasn't afraid to die, I would be wearing a tank!

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well, it's a good thing the cops just happened to have some tanks lying around then i suppose /sarc/

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I wonder what would happen if an armed private citizen took out Dorner in California?  Would they arrest that citizen for murder?  Funny how a citizen doing a cop's job ends up a criminal....nothing against cops mind you, they have a very tough job.  But maybe if society was allowed to find an equilibrium instead of self righteous elitists teling us how to live, shit might be a little different.  When Jesse Jackson tell the world that 'he feel the pain' of a murderer and when our President and SecState both cover up a mountain of lies regarding Bengazhi and no one says WTF...well we now now that just about any behavior is justifiable.  No wonder the banksters are getting away with so much.  One of these days, the people on Man Street are going to get fed up with the lies, special treatment and favors and there won't be enough cops and soldiers to solve the problem.

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As kliguy38 wrote: "keeping the police paid and with retirement will aid the "cause"

In Canada the statistics are clear that overall police budgets and pay are going up and up, way past most middle class, which are barely treading water, while the poor are sinking (& rich get richer, of course). Pensions and other fringe benefits account for about half the cost of policing.  For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) early retirement is possible after 20 years, and full retirement after 25 years. (Of course, the police themselves are not happy, but feel stressed out, and their force is plagued by scandals.)  

Those who find themselves at the brunt of the privatization movements of governments, so that they are forced out into the world of temporary contracts, without fringe benefits, are those who are losing the most relative ground compared to the police, who seem to constantly get more and more of everything. In Canada, one illustration of that is that the government teaching both official languages (mostly French) has been privatized, but still paid for by contracts with government departments. The privatized French teachers who have RCMP students demonstrate the astonishing and growing gap between those who have lost their privileges, compared to those who get more privileges!

When one looks at the full range of increasing pay and privileges for the police, it is no wonder that they are easy to brainwash to support the system. As the runaway fascist plutocracy juggernaut picks up speed, and turns more and more ordinary people into road kill, the runaway fascist police state is the main symptom of that process. When the ownership of private property is widely distributed, then the police work for the people. As the ownership of private property becomes more and more concentrated, then the police become the enemy of the the majority of the people. Since the Federal Reserve's privatized fiat money-as-debt system is the debt engine which was driving social inequality, the Fed is the main mover of the fascist plutocracy, which then is the reason why we constantly get more fascist police.

"The only thing that has evolved from the consent decree is those officers involved in the Rampart scandal and Rodney King incidents have since promoted to supervisor, commanders, and command staff, and executive positions."

--- Chris Dorner

The police are the way that the people pay more and more for themselves to be oppressed, so that social inequality can continue to get worse, faster. This time around it is going to go off the scale, since police will become automated computer/machine entities. The gradual process of man's inhumanity to man is being amplified to an astronomical size, beyond our imagination! ... We are trapped inside spirals of legalized lies, backed up with legalized violence, which constantly get more insane since the violence can never make the lies become true. The only thing that the police develop is the ability to be more violent, but NOTHING gets done about the root problems of them being paid to enforce HUGE LIES ... These social storms are going to get amplified to astronomical sizes by technology, until they mostly destroy themselves.

What this article above demonstrated is the FACT that 99% of the people act like Zombie Sheeple, and the police are the manifest force that works hard to make sure things stay that way, and thus get worse! The Federal Reserve Board is so many, many, many orders of magnitude more important than any passing infamous celebrity, that it is almost impossible to estimate the real difference in their significance. However, the majority of people ONLY know about pop culture, and practically nothing else.

Likely, some of the last people who will understand that they are destroying themselves and their future are going to be the police. They are the agents of the legalized violence, backing up the legalized lies, building a system of ever increasing social insanity, BECAUSE IT IS BASED ON LIES!  The Federal Reserve Board is the heart of that beast of runaway triumphant FRAUDS, that have taken over everything else ... while most of the public do not understand that, because they do not want to understand, and the police make sure to suppress those few who do understand. The problem of police without justice apparently has no correction within the present systems, other than to drive them totally mad, with their madness eventually becoming self-destructive.

At the root of these problems are false fundamental dichotomies and their related impossible ideals. The paradoxical nature of enforcing the "rule of law" was deliberately ignored. The failure to face the social facts that ALL human societies operate on the basis of the principles and methods of organized crime has enabled the best organized gangs of criminals to take control of governments practically unopposed by the masses of mainstream morons brainwashed to believe in the biggest bullies' bullshit. These contradictions are being amplified many, many, many orders of magnitude by progress in sciences and technologies of energy systems being phenomenally successful in every area, except in the domain of human affairs. The basic reasons are simple. The authorities ARE the best organized gangs of criminals, and the police ARE their goons. The real solutions, unfortunately, cannot be anything else than to muddle through the madness of the dynamic equilibria of those factors, where those who most control civilization were those who were the best at lying about what they were doing, while the vast majority of people do not understand that, and do not want to understand that!

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Woofty, what a phenomenal patsy.

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Funny how this moron never said anything like this when GW was president.  I won't spend a dime on any movie this jerkoff is in (he has no talent anyway) and I will turn the channel if I see the guy onTV.

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Chris Rock says B.O. and Michelle are like Mommy and Daddy. Your being good children brings Santa Claus who sends the goodies domn the chimney or direct deposit whatever!

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He is who we are suppose to be talking about. Chris Dorner is the curtain. Pay no attention to the man behind it.

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I am sorry.  Who are we rooting for again????

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....this looks a bit too much like the start of operation mayhem, this Dorner guy was in MY fight club. Tyler, is mayhem a go?

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Kim Kartrashian comes in a close third with 178,000 hits.


Jason Bieber 4th ... the Balloon Boy 5th.

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God comes in with 1,360,000,000 hits but looking at the state of the world one wonders what that statistic actually means for the state of men's souls.

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Sorry man, but sex is #1 with 2bn hits

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Interestingly enough "porn" comes in with just over 1 billion which I guess must reflect the fact that half the world's population is male.

Actually google comes first with over 11 billion.

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Chris Hedges

About 3,240,000 results (0.30 seconds)


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careful CB, kim must be reading ZH.....lol

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Beyonce=263,000,000. Black is white.

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And Briteny Spears has 433 million. So what?

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Even little old me gets 36,100,000 hits. Who would have thought? LOL.

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Was that down vote due to a lack of humour or just plain jealousy?

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I think the down votes come from the losers living in Mommy’s basement. Guessing it makes them feel like a big man …. You know, to make up for their “shortcomings” if you know what I mean ……… 

Peter Pan gets [x] amount of hits – true or false. Not quite sure of the down vote mentality or why anyone would even care / bother. Of course we all know the answer to that one LOL.