Weak Jobs Report? Blame It On Snow In The Winter

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As we said a week ago in "Scapegoating Nemo", it was only a matter of time before Wall Street's heroic band of permabullish lemmings used a snow storm in the middle of, gasp, winter, as a "valid" excuse to justify why an economy priced to central planning-perfection may deviate slightly from a path that has missed every major upside inflection point in the past four years (but... but, there is always a reason... if only for the Fed to print). And appropriately enough, the first such excuse comes from none other than Groundhog Phil's nemesis Joe LaVorgna who just cut his Non-farm payroll forecast to 125K due to "inclement winter weather." Truly odd how there is never an exogenous reason for "better than expected" data. Ever. Next, and as always, rain in the spring will be blamed for a Durable Goods plunge in April, sun and balmy warm weather in the summer will be the cause of a collapse in retail spending in July, and finally, a gust of wind in the fall will lead to a double dip depression.

From Lavorgna:

Commentary for Monday: This is the survey week for February nonfarm payroll employment so we are concerned the next batch of jobs data could be adversely affected by inclement winter weather. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides data on the number of people who could not report to work because of bad weather—we have dubbed this series “weather workers”, and the top five months for weather workers are the following: January 1996 (1846k), January 1977 (1100k), January 1982 (1079k), February 2010 (1031k) and January 1978 (843k). Using initially reported nonfarm payroll figures, the average reading for these five months is +2k, although the economy was in recession in January 1982 when payrolls were down -231k. If we exclude this observation, then the average gain is 62k, better but still obviously very weak. In light of the possibility that February nonfarm payrolls are adversely distorted by weather, we are estimating only a +125k increase, down from a trailing three-month moving average of +200k. However, if jobless claims trend lower during the employment survey week and other measures of employment such as the ISM and ADP surveys show further improvement, then we will obviously adjust our forecast accordingly. Moreover, the level of January employment is likely to be revised higher, as this has occurred in four out of the last five years. Incidentally, the survey for the unemployment rate is conducted one week later, so there should not be a noticeable impact on the rate, which we expect to edge down one-tenth to 7.8%.

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There are no bad news, just good news weighed down by bad circumstances.

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It's got to be "bullish" somehow, look at the USD on a tear.

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Can someone please inform Krugman to adjust his numbers cuz both my shovels broke and my snowblower stalled several times needing a tune up i bet.  I hate having to piss away money on things i don't like or need but the PHD from Princeton tells me this is good for me so i'm gonna take my medicine like a good sheep and spend spend spend.

PS my shoulders and lower back are also soar so i better go to the Chiro and MD to get some adjustments and meds to help boost GDP.  I'm just doing my part

EscapeKey's picture

He'll probably tell you to smash all of your windows while you're at it.

It's good for you!

duo's picture

And STOP using NBC's (Weather Channel) names for storms.  These are based on characters of NBC/Universal movies or other memes they would like to promote.  There is NO government body sanctioned for naming winter storms.

When a blizzard named "The Voice" hits the NE, will you belive me?

moonstears's picture

never noticed, next storm Optimus Prime?

espirit's picture

What fuking snow?  It was raining in New Yawk this am on GMA.

moonstears's picture

yep espirit, saw a newcast from Laguardia during "Nemo" and was like, "WTF?, there's no snow there"

Bodhi's picture

Agreed, but 'Nemo' is actually a Disney/ABC property. 

StychoKiller's picture

Guess Jules Verne's copyright didn't extend to Captain Nemo...

azzhatter's picture

I always wonder if these asshats like LaVorgna realize how stupid they sound

Clayton Bigsby's picture

Every time a gerbil farts, I subtract 1,000 from my NFP estimate and 10 basis points from next Q GDP...

Sudden Debt's picture



DaveyJones's picture

that's why new york snow is a mixed color 

LongSoupLine's picture

fuck you weather channel and al roker.  fucking economy killing fuckers.

DavidC's picture

You're on a roll today!


Zer0head's picture

Comcast's stable of prostitutes




-Weather Channel


-Weather Underground


From their cable to your home 24x7 propaganda

DaveyJones's picture

it's almost as if....the government "allowing" all the media to be held by a small handful is somehow...bad for democracy 

probably why the founders put the first amendment last

EscapeKey's picture

A resort town in the north of Belgium is exploring the possibility of suing the private weather service Meteo Belgique due to forecasting bad weather in the month of August.


StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, first Vulcanology, now Meterology...

Joe Davola's picture

Isn't this what seasonal adjustment is for?

Desert Irish's picture

FAIL!!! That sort of logic is going to get you reeducated.

francis_sawyer's picture

It's Bush's fault that it snows in the winter... [Global warming is his fault too]...

Sudden Debt's picture

Senior or the 60 year old Junior?

moonstears's picture

Well rumor is Senior was in on the JF Kennedy kill, at least covered it later, so that saved us Americans from stupid silver certificates. Imagine those big silver dollars clanking in your heavy pocket they'd have forced on you. Imagine that!

EscapeKey's picture

A Bush involved in something unscrupulous?

Never! And I stand by Prescott's grave as I say this.

earleflorida's picture

prey yahweh... i do hope you relieve'd yourself there-- if not, a totally wasted 'bm`visit'

azzhatter's picture

that's funny, I just watched JFK last night.

espirit's picture

Just looked at my fiat silver certificates last night, and they're worth less than what I paid for them.

I say, bring em back.

Ghordius's picture

Bush's fault? Don't get me started on what is all Bush's fault from the perspective of a foreigner like me

sheesh, partisanship is ok, but please, have one second of honesty from time to time

or perhaps you should explain why Bush had any qualities, for you

except for not being a democrat, that is

Falconsixone's picture

You only get to chose from George III relative in America. That's why things are geared to fail. Somebody told the inbreed phycos they were special. They're not they're just euro.

Sudden Debt's picture

In Belgium, februari industrial output will be bad because to many people are taking a week off...

In Holland, industrial.... whatever they make over there... will be down due to carnaval...

In France, they don't need a excuse and that's why industrial output will also be down...

And in Spain, industrial output will be down because nobody ever explained them what industrial means...


AcidRastaHead's picture

Oh Sandy!  When will we ever be free from your superstorm clutches.

NoDebt's picture

Funny you should mention Sandy. I heard a report just before the recent storm that some 2500 homes were still without power from Sandy.  That's when I did one of those 3 Stooges "spraying my drink out of my mouth" moments.  WHAT!?  They still don't have the power back on everywhere from Sandy?!?

I didn't know.  I mean I honestly didn't have a clue that power hadn't been fully restored 3 MONTHS later.

Bush's fault.  Definitely Bush's fault.  Not the ex-President, the guy who makes those awesome Baked Beans (that I have many cans stacked up in my basement).  Gotta be his fault.  If not him, then it sure as hell has to be somebody's fault.

earleflorida's picture

caution... discard any recent purchase of 'Dinty Moore' [hybred mule`rabbit?]!

DaveyJones's picture

blame it on the snowjob

and the blowjob

snowjob + blowjob =  no job

thismarketisrigged's picture

fuck these assholes.


the storm did not do any damage to the NYC metro area, the only areas that got it bad was the new england area, which does not contain the majority of the population, not to mention the storm hit on a weekend,


they always make excuses and its sickening.


do these fuckers realize there was a time in which we had strong job growth, and a stable economy, and it actually rained, snowed, hailed, iced, there were tropical systems all during that time to.


the weather has no fucking effect douchebags on wall st, there is always going to be weather, stop making excuses and look at the real problems, its not the weather

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

F**** global warming: I thought you were supposed to get heat stroke not frostbite.

NoDebt's picture

Stop using the term "glabal warming".  That's old and out of fashion.  Only the uneducated and conservatives still call it that.

It is called 'Man-Caused Climate Change' now.

That way it doesn't matter if it gets hotter or colder, it's still all our fault.  See how that works?


espirit's picture

"Extremes" is more apt to fit the socioeconomic climate. 

Never One Roach's picture

A few snowflakes paralyzes the entire New England area? What if we had a real disaster?  After the Trillions the gubbermint spent on "protection" the last decade and this is the result?


I want my money back.

Sach Mahoney's picture

Bernanke and the Gov't print 2.5 Trillion dollars per year to pump into this phoney economy just to keep on life support....and bequeath more debt to each of us.  WE STILL HAVE 24mm Americans OUT OF WORK and 20% ON FOOD STAMPS. DOA 

TWSceptic's picture

If you're a central planner or one of its accomplices you have to believe that bad results are almost always a result of bad luck. Otherwise you may indulge in some self-criticism, which, God forbid, may actually open the door to examining the unintended consequences of your actions.

TrulyBelieving's picture

what difference does it make with any number they print when we all know the real unemployment rate would be closer to 20%?


occupant's picture

The National Weather Service does not name winter storms.  This is a Weather Channel creation.  Now you have a name to go with your weather induced paranoia.  

thismarketisrigged's picture

i cant wait this douchebag president tommorow during his state of the union blames the slow economy on sandy and the most recent snowstorm.


fuck u obama

foodstampbarry's picture

He'll blame congress, then he'll blame Bush, He'll Blame Sandy Bush, He'll Blame Bushy Snow, He'll Blame The Bush's dog, He'll Blame Jenna Bush, Some other Bush and then His fat ass wife will give the American Flag the Finger.

We are living in the Twilight Zone.

CaptainSpaulding's picture

Bad shit.. 30 inches on long island.