Caption Contest: European Math Lesson

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Count alongside Spain's economy minister as the IMF instructs him how many trillion in bonds the Spanish pension fund will have to buy before the IMF finally bails out the country.

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Not two billion, two billion per banker in your country....

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"Now practice putting your tongue between my fingers."


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Yes, there are still two hairs on top...

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Rock, Paper, Scissors...

You lose... I have scissors and I'm gonna cut off your balls.

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your punishment? these two fingers...

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Last time I only used one finger and you bled for a week, cross me again and you'll get TWO!

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I just did a number 2 in my pants, can't you smell it?

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TD.. You might need a new lip reader.. what she said was:

“Two quadrillions Euro is all I need for my little bag.”

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Christine Lagarde: I only love the two in the pinky and hate the one in the stinky... until I drown in some Prosecco.  After that I'm DTF.

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OT:  What's going on with the ES sell-off?

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"And Im going to shove the second one up your ass"

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First shalt thou take out the pin, then shalt thou count to two.

No more; no less.

Two shall be the number thou shall count and the number of the counting shall be two.

Youtube Mony Python Holy Hand Grenade

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"You think that smells bad?   Smell the other one."

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"Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men.  Nah, I'm just messin' with you.  Did you see my "bull" lapel pin?"

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So now instead of calling it a Shart, we can call it a Roker.  Excellent, love it

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"Do you have any idea where these fingers have been?"

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"Ah mon cheri, you think you can pleasure me wiss only 2 fingers?   Bend over -- I will show you how to use ze whole fist darling.".

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"wooo  wooo wooo"

"I oughta ...."

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"If you don't put your fingers in the right holes next time, there's more where this came from!"

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:hand on edge finger block:

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Another round of budget haircuts.

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V for violent revolution!

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I'm gonna give you a prostate exam.  This won't hurt!!!  wink wink

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Yes, I quite like the Shocker!

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Gray hair:  1 in the pink, 1 in the stink.

Dude:  **This goes against everything I was ever taught**

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Which man is the Spain's econ minister?

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The one staring in complete disbelief and craving for a jabugo baguette sandwich as it is passed his midmorning almuerzo...everything else can wait!

Sukumvir's picture

The one staring in complete disbelief and craving for a jabugo baguette sandwich as it is passed his midmorning almuerzo...everything else can wait!

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You've got my vote for winner.

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Yes, its true! I have 2 fun holes down there.

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V is for Vendetta

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One finger on each side of ze woowoo, like THIS, THEN give it a little smooch, and get your aid package, oui?

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"Pay the fucking money or we'll feed you BOTH of your nuts - one at a time!"

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... it wassh a long lunsh ... I think I shee ...  shree?

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I said 2 sugars the last time; these meetings about debt are becoming to regular I'm getting diabetes.

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I know it's dry, don't give me that look, but the drill is the same:  One in the pink, and one in the stink.