Caption Contest: European Math Lesson

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Count alongside Spain's economy minister as the IMF instructs him how many trillion in bonds the Spanish pension fund will have to buy before the IMF finally bails out the country.

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Ah ... OK.   Always wondered what happened to the sniggering dorks in my fourth grade gym class.  Apparently, they grew up to be ZH readers.

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Report them to the "teacher"...ya feckin' parrot.

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These fingers made Hillary Clinton moan!

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In OUR little world game, NOTHING beats paper.  Not Hard assetts (Rock) Not Scissors (Arms)...

It's the new war...

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How many times can you fuck the world in a lifetime?

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you're going to have to throw 2 of your colleagues under the bus, to save yourself.

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And then the suckers in the USA were told to use these by the DHS to defend themselves when they take all their guns away.

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Hey, who photoshopped in the index finger?

WB7, was that you?

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No, it's 5 fingers.

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"I can spread my legs wider that you can imagine". 

I love visiting Spain. It's one of my favorite European nations, but they had lots of banksters, who built condo facing the ocean on government owned land in Southern Andalusia ie: Marbella. It was only after all of the Brits bought their condo that they found that their titles were on good. I can see that happening next here in the good 'ol USA. 

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i put one in my ass and one in my puss.  can you tell which is which?

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"Pay attention now, Guindos - there's only two ways the markets can go: up and upper!"

trendybull459's picture injoy your last freedoms,read why in the near future you all will be leaving under much worth leader that Stalin was,Elite should prepare testoments,your last days counted FED,prepare for changes,working for change!Because most of you worthening midlle class conditions,you are blind in your greedy habits to leave some change to poor and middle,then you will loose all like it was many times in hystory under the New Order which not you,others will do very soon! Laggarde ha ha ha,you soon to be trashed into anals of the short EU hystory and new Arabic Winter will cover the EU because its own idiothy

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This time, you only get to bailouts...

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Lets declaire victory and hang a few banksters that are not in the IMF.

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"Yes, I have 2 balls"

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Surpringly popular topic. Usually followed by "not my problem the ECB has already told me...

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Stooge on Right: "pick Two"

STooge on left, holding just poked eyes, "why you dirty rat, I oughtttt to moider you."


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Either you tell them we have fixed the problems right now, or I cut off your balls and feed them to you with your Paella.

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$2.00 bucks and you can see 'em both you twit.

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Give me two more months ... and you know that after the election, I will have more flexibility.

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"So I slipped into Mario's secret conference, but they knew I was not Angela Merkel when I ordered two drinks at the bar. In Germany they order two drinks like this, see?"

Inglorious Banksters

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For 50 Euros I'll give you a 2-fer

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You are getting sleepy.... verrrrrrrry sleepy

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this isn't the pension fund you're looking for

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OT:  I think that dude on the right went to my high school

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Who does number two work for?

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So this is how you do the stimulus thing: one goes in the front, one in the back - got it? Hello?

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I'm saying that fiat money will collapse. it will be our fate just like the tulips. Tulips. Two. Get it.

Christ tabernak

Spanish idiot.