Dorner's Last Stand - Live Webcast

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It appears that the authorities have finally caught up with the infamous LAPD vigilante, who is now engaged in a shoot out with the police in the Big Bear area. Follow his last stand at the following CBS newsfeed live. A separate stream from the inland CHP can be found here.

To those joining in now, here is what you've missed:

A person believed to be the fugitive ex-Los Angeles cop sought in three killings exchanged gunfire with authorities in the San Bernardino Mountains on Tuesday, a law-enforcement official said on condition of anonymity.


The officer requested anonymity because the officer was not authorized to speak publicly about the ongoing investigation.


It's believed Christopher Dorner committed a residential burglary of a cabin where a couple was tied up, the officer said. One of the people was able to get away and make a call.


Authorities responded to the location and gave chase when the burglar fled in a stolen car. Gunfire was exchanged.


The area is in the Big Bear region where a search for Mr. Dorner has been under way since his pickup truck was found there Thursday.


A KCAL-TV reporter in the Angelus Oaks area along Highway 38 reported gunfire in his vicinity. The noise of the gunbattle was broadcast by the station, whose reporter suddenly found himself near the fight. Someone could be heard yelling at the reporter to get out of the area.


Road blocks are up around Big Bear.

From CBS LA:


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KRUZER's picture

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i wish that chriss would shutt up permantely wolf blitzer,,,,please somebody,,,,terminate this mediawhore.

otto skorzeny's picture

zionist mediawhore-you have to be more specific

Squid Vicious's picture

it's not like he worked for AIPAC or something like that... oh, wait

Unstable Condition's picture

How convinient to find him and have a televised shoot out the day of the SOTU side show....and the sheeple will obey.

Useful fools.

Dr. Engali's picture

Are you not entertained people?

Ineverslice's picture


Why won't he die?   !

blu's picture

We have fallen a long way. But there is a bit further yet.

Some day soon, actual gladiators fighting real lions.

Unprepared's picture

Why do I get the feeling I'm watching an episode of Prison Break?

recidivist's picture

It reminds me of the Blues Brothers movie.  "We're on a mission from God..."

dobermangang's picture

All you sheep living in the Big Bear area, grab your scissors and hide under your desks.  Good luck.

francis_sawyer's picture



Duck & Cover [with scissors ~ this time]...

Poetic injustice's picture

Good luck, Dornier. My and prayers of many other people are with you.

IridiumRebel's picture

Get used to these're gonna see a more to come.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

They won't cover them once they are unplanned.

The Swedish Chef's picture

Am I the only one that doesn´t get a feed but 3 unbearable hipster when clicking "play"?

Ineverslice's picture


There goes Montague!

Bastiat's picture

"Pinned down and we are working the perimeter"

rqb1's picture

This seems like a script from a Mel Gibson movie.

otto skorzeny's picture

Mel would have someone shooting up AIPAC HQ in DC

Squid Vicious's picture

send in the Italian-made helicopters!

bigdumbnugly's picture

sure hope charlie crawford wasn't one of the deputies

inevitablecollapse's picture

i think i just saw a drone flyby on the live feed - should have been recording

otto skorzeny's picture

if dorner is shot will he receive expedient medical care like the N Hollywood shooters?

buzzsaw99's picture

I cannot believe how many people here are rooting for that dickhead.

Salt's picture

I wouldn't say it's so many rooting for the dickhead as much as not rooting for the cops.

NemoDeNovo's picture

+1 Quadrillion [in Bernak Bucks]


But I agree a HUGE part of the prob in USSA is the Police Force, when you examine it non-emotionally, why do we need POLICY Enforcers and or Revenue Agents with a Badge and a Ninja Turtle uniform?  Let us NOT forget that "Police" have NO Duty to defend anyone other then themselves, so yeah I am NOT rooting for the Cops, they need a little lesson in humility, not that I think it will come from this, but they have been OUT OF CONTROL for Decades now, they are SERVANTS and not or Masters, so FUCK 'EM!

CunnyFunt's picture

Bring humility to law enforcement? Consider the "humility" that 9/11 brought to U.S. foreign policy. Law enforcement will become more aggressive and less accountable thanks to Dorner.

PrintemDano's picture

@BUZZ The people rooting for Dorner hate cops, yet Dorner is a cop, who murdered innocent people ....which is why the people who hate cops hate cops...because they say cops are they root for the scum, Dorner, who certainly IS a murderer and a cop.......Spock couldn't figure these people out....cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

JOYFUL's picture

Dorner is 'scum'>???

Dorner is a man who picked up a weapon, when he couldn't stand anymore of the institutionalized bullshit of the modern corporate state, and attacked random representatives of it's enforcement arm...

that's the way this script is written. We don't know who wrote it yet, or why.

But it's most definitely a prototype and prologue for what is coming next. Out of control police state crushes all opposition to it's lies and creeping destruction of liberties. Man finally picks up weapon and...

                         oh, he's him.

Be very careful with your judgements.

stateside's picture

Hang on Dorner for 2 more hours or so and screw up the timing of the state address. Which would CNN show?

recidivist's picture

split screen, just like the hurricane and the RNC convention last year...

francis_sawyer's picture

They actually were tormented by whether or not people would be interested in watching the RNC?...

lakecity55's picture

Yes! Upstage the DroneMaster!

Stall, man, stall!

virgilcaine's picture

The results of Militiarization of Society.  They created a  Military Industrial complex but don't want the "nasty side effects".. deal with donner bitchez!

Debtless's picture

He's in the woods. Just went from Mel Gibson to Rambo. "Bring body bags".

lakecity55's picture

where r the dronz?

Is he hit?

This is cool, I thought he was on his way to be the guest of honor in DC at his Controller's speech.

haha, TV reporters now punked by scam caller.

Damn, we need a ZH twitter live feed. We need a ZH reporter on-scene.

I hope there are no newspaper ladies, surfers, or innocent black dudes nearby.

Shit, what if they are shooting at the wrong guy.

howenlink's picture

Hope zee drone doesn't take out zee news chopper.



SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Boss....Boss, its zee drone, zee drone ...

francis_sawyer's picture

Please don't tell me that if he makes it out of there alive we're just going to end up with a new version of the Kardashians...

LasVegasDave's picture

Hee hee Ronnie the limo driver!!!!!

Totentänzerlied's picture


thedrickster's picture

LOL Ronnie the Limo Driver..."you're a real dumbass, you know that". 


mvsjcl's picture

That was sooooooo funny.

howenlink's picture

LOL some guy called in and said "You're a dumb @ss!"