Lightning Strikes Vatican After Papal Resignation - Video

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It appears the pope did not provide the higher power with an advance notice of his resignation notice as hours after his shocking announcement yesterday this happened to the Vatican.

In other news, Ben Bernanke is now printing lightning rods for everyone and certainly for the Marriner Eccles building and the glass headquarters located at 200 West. Just in case.

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can't happen again

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"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful." – Senaca 50 AD

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...and by Hitler youth, career track

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The pope has no spiritual authority.  His followers are superstitious lemmings who are out of touch with reality and the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

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How about one 1,000 times more powerful hitting the Capital Dome in DC tonight?  Floods on Wall St., lightning strikes at the Vatican, etc....  God works in mysterious ways.

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Until banksters simultaneously drop dead or combast internally, it can all be explained.

Their bible, their show, their money. God's left the planet eons ago. Creation is an imperfect mess. Why would anyone care to stick around and watch it feed off each other and go up in flames eventually? We can't cheat death and decay.

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Higher power?  You mean like Goldman Sachs?

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GS is doing the work of a god who their people created in the first place. Therefore they can claim to be above the law. Just like their people don't have land, they can claim to have a nation state based on a fairy tale. Master illusionists.

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Matthew 23:9 - And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.


Just the other night there was a priest being interviewed in NY who said on TV, "Pope Benedict is our Father."

Catholics, and the Papacy, have had it wrong since the death of Jesus.  A pope is a human figure, which clearly shows how the church has directed faith and power toward themselves and away from Jesus.

Can someone find me a bible quote that mentions "pope"?


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This has been covered.  It was called the reformation!  Which started admirably with Martin Luther, and has now tragically become Joel Osteen.


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Joel Osteen is a motivational speaker, not a religious one.  But how to get donations?  Motivational speakers have a tough time, but if you rant things like "believe and you can achieve", and then close by saying "join a bible based church", you get donations.

I noticed on Joel's stage that there is only a globe that spins.  No bible, no crucifix, just a "golden calf".  The guy is a fraud.


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Of course he's a fraud.  But he presents himself as religious.  "Joel Osteen Ministries" is the company name, afterall.  Of course if you hear the guy talk it's about the most un-Biblical thing in the world.  God will get you that new SUV, etc.  Sickening.

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ummmmmmmmm, he might want to take it back...

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Of course he is tax-sheltered, and caters to the masses of sheeple who will willingly throw money at him.

Fraud or not, (i think he's a fraud), he is very wealthy.

I once read someone say a while back, something to the effect of "those who are afraid to look bad or what others think of them will lose and fail every time they step up".

Joel obviously doesn't give a shit.

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take a look at the SCOTUS and one wonders if the counter reformation has won

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Yet St Paul calls himself a spiritual father

Even though you have ten thousand guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel. 1 Corinthians 4:15

Jesus was saying don’t call anyone Father as in heavenly Father or God, not a spiritual father.

Go re-read the bible you ignorant protestant.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

Glad you are here to tell us what Jesus is saying.  I guess the text just isn't enough for we hoopleheads


nope-1004's picture

LOL.... I'm actually labeled "catholic", not protestant.  Ignorant?  Yeah... I'm ignorant because I questions the validity of some human being that bestows all righteousness upon himself, the organization, and its members.  If this human organization is so righteous, then why are young boys molested?  I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, not the mortal Pope Benedict.  So GFY.

With respect to your "spiritual father" vs "heavenly father", I haven't seen those two classified or explained in the bible.  Would be great if you could explain the difference, quoting scripture.

According to scripture, Jesus said, and I'm not making this up, "Call no man on earth your father, for you have only one father in heaven."

If you don't like what he said, deal with it somehow.

EndTheMedia's picture



I’m not questioning that Jesus said "Call no man on earth your father, for you have only one father in heaven."

Im questioning your false interpretation, because it contradicts other scripture.

St Paul in 1 Corinthians clearly calls himself a father, and he was a man. That’s a fact.

So either St. Paul is going against the teachings of Christ or you are mischaracterizing what Jesus was really saying in Mathew.

I’m going to go with the later.



nope-1004's picture

LOL.... ya, Jesus is totally vague and his words open to interpretation.  If you weren't so "catholic" defending your papal position, you'd realize that my "false interpretation" is actually your blasphemy.  You've got it backwards - it's other scripture that contradicts what came out of Jesus's mouth, not Jesus contradicting other scripture.  You're completely 180 degrees messed up.

Matthew 23:9 - And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.

Can't find where Jesus talks about a single, human, mortal church leader, much less "pope".


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So are you taking Thomas Jefferson's postion here?

 "Paul was the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus." -Thomas Jefferson

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Interested in knowing what the bible really says (and not the watered-down, rewritten mass consumption version)?

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It is every good christians duty to sin to ensure that jesus did not die on the cross in vain.

It is just unbelievable how indoctrinated some of you people are with this fantastical notion of jesus as a son of god. You have been programmed, from birth in many cases, to act out the role of a pious follower of the dogma of the day. You are very silly human beings. But I can't blame you I suppose. To have a thought about jesus as a son of god you need the brain structure, the neural network in place, to have the thought. Once the connections within the brain are permamnent through constant reinforcement you can't "not have the thought". It's programmed into you just like a computer is programmed. A computer doesn't have a choice in determining whether it runs a program or not, it just does. Oh, and don't insult your own intelligence further by drawing the childish conclusion that a human is to a computer like god is to a brain and it is actually god running the "jesus is son of god" program on our brain. I reinforce that you are very silly, silly human beings.

Abrahamic faiths won't exist in the future, these belief systems will pass and be consigned to the dustbin of history just like thousands if not hundreds of thousands of belief systems before them. The human being at their particular moment in time though is incapable of accepting that they are full of shit and their beliefs are nothing more than delusion. Why can't you silly cunts see this. History is replete with beielf systems that are no longer meaningful because intelligence has engulfed and overwhelmed their banal idiocy. I also think there is a high likelihood that you bible quoters are Americans. The fact you can't see that you belong to one of the most fucked up races in modern history and have been indoctrinated probably more than any other western country in imperial religious doctrine, whose education standards have eroded to the point children are being abused by creationist dogma, jesus h christ, you can't make this shit up. Your country is overflowing with wide eyed evangelical schizophrenics whose primary goal is to join the banker elite and extract as much money from the plebs as physically possible. Wake up you dills. You've been played by centuries of repression. To cap it all off you cheer your own repression by continually parroting ancient text.

Get this through your thick skulls. The bible IS NOT TRUE. The fables and stories are just that. It is so replete with inconsistencies and errors that if it is the word of god he is one forgetful son of a bitch who needs either a calendar or an iPhone. Being brutal is the only way to get through to you morons. The bible is bullshit, it is not factual, it is not the word of god, it is a fantasy.   


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Your comments assure me that you know nothing of the Bibles real teachings. The prophecies of the Bible assure us God is real. Has man screwed up some of the wording through translation. Maybe so. Can an ordinary man predict things sitting on a rock 2,000 years ago like a one world government in the last days. No way. You are on the wrong side of this debate. Please do your research. Urgently.

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Perhaps, but are you doing anything to make the World a better place than you found it?

Get ye hence, and alleviate some suffering:

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''Without God (Jesus), everything is permitted''. You arent as nice as you think.

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Well, according to legend/prophecy, the next pope is supposed to be the anti-christ and since BHO is not eligible for selection, it's a lock that it will be a Goldmanite.

LongBalls's picture

Not true. The last Pope will be the "false prophet" who leads the unsuspecting into the Antichrists hands.

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Goldman is doing "Gods work", so God is the higher power.

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Jeez, I might regain ome faith if that happens

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How about one 1,000 times more powerful hitting the Capital Dome in DC tonight?  Floods on Wall St., lightning strikes at the Vatican, etc....  God works in mysterious ways.


You mean something like an asteroid?

Friday looks good. Might actually believe that a god exists.

Should we pray ;)

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"Jesus died for his own sins but not mine"

Patti Smith (somewhere end of 20th century AD)

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Patti Smith was or is a dumb junkie - so what does she know.  The Ramones used to make fun of the junkie bands that they played with at CBGBs.  

As far as this resignation - this is not a good sign.  Something is going on with Too Big To Fail that is going to fail soon.

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Is that a Delorean or a Trabant?  88 MPH?  Great scott, 1.21 gigawatts

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Uh, the Ramones WERE one of the junkie bands at CBGB's. Hell, they were the biggest dope fiends in the house. The pope was just tired, and wants to get back to his Hitler Youth program, like when he was a kid. Heil Obama!

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He was forced to join the Hitler Youth because if he didn't his parents would have been marked as traitors.  Who knows?  Maybe the Nazis would have bought his whole family a one-way rail ticket east, you fucking asshat.

Old_European's picture

For those of you who know french, go and check

He wrote a book about prophecies called "777" in which he sort of kinda "predicted" this.


Old_European's picture

As long as you agree that I've quoted her correctly :-)

mt paul's picture

the pope

was to big to fail....

so he resigned 

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Light struck only after the news broke at CNN!!!

The Heart's picture

"His followers are superstitious lemmings who are out of touch with reality and the teachings of Jesus Christ."

True this.

Most so called Christians can not even define the words Jesus, and Christ, nor articulate about their origins and root languages. Part of the babalonian divide and conquer methodology to keep neighbor against neighbor. Dis-empowerment. Were they taught to find that which they seek within first, they might see it manifest everywhere else in their worlds***(matrix's) and have no need to seek what all have already there in the heart place. Plenty, enough, satisfaction at the end of the day, peace within. Love is the Way. Were all men taught to follow their own hearts, instead of the easily fooled mind, more would be on the same resonate page of plenty, and abundance to always be grateful for. Gratitude feeds the Wheel of Good Fortune. This Heart could continue to elaborate for miles but alas, many will not hear the truth until it slaps them upside the head and sideways into the dirt several times.

Hey, look up!


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To paraphrase Goebbels: "Do you want total religious war?"

And the Munich crowds went: "YEEEESSSSS"

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" False Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false and by the rulers as useful."  - Raymond Reason 2013 AD 

Pladizow's picture

What's the difference between "false religion" and religion?

Shell Game's picture

One is used, the other is abused.

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Religion is opium for the sheeple.

Old_European 2013 AD

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The fundamental problem with most commentators on the pope and his religious followers is they make the cardinal (pun unintended) mistake of thinking that Roman Catholicism is Christianity. It is apostate Christianity and is about as far from the New Testament teachings of Christ and His apostles as you can get.