So You Want To Be A Millionaire? This Is How Long You Have To Wait

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The chart below, from the Economist, takes a look at how long it would take an individual from any given country to become a millionaire based on "how much the main breadwinner in an average household makes each year (before tax)." No major surprises here: the fastest spawning place for a budding millionaire, a term that has long ago lost its one-time cachet thanks to the world's central banks who have pumped some $14 trillion into the market, is the US, while those hoping to hit the vaunted seven figures in Bulgaria, Mexico and Romania would need to wait about 2-3 average lifetimes before they hit their monetary goal.

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Where are Hong Kong and Singapore?

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

They were destroyed by the Asian nuclear war. Sunk without trace.

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I thought I was wealthy until I went to the grocery store.

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I'm investing time and in equipment to cut those trips in half by the end of summer.

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I am already a Zimbabwe multi-trillionaire, my kids will be US multi-trillionaires someday, too.  Trust in the Bernak to  make us all millionaires.

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""how much the main breadwinner in an average household makes each year (before tax).""

"Before tax" is the keyword.  How long does it take "after tax".  Its like Amazon.  Lots of top line revenue, but they can't bring anything to the bottom line.  All your earnings belong to the government.

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0% tax, 0% cost of living, perhaps the Economist has cut a few too many from their payrolls

Even before taxes, if the median household income is $50,000 and the minimum cost of family health insurance is $20,000 then it would take several lifetimes to become a millionaire in the US, even before Ben and his banking brethren manage to turn mere millionaires into paupers within the span of few years...

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"Before tax" is the keyword.

Yes, and before regulatory burdens, lawsuits, and so on. 

This is all BS. In lots of those countries, you can make a few small donations and do as you wish. In the EU, US, UK you are ownded.

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All your larbors are belong to us - Central Banksters

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OT, here is what is being presented to the Supreme Court in 4 days.

"As reported here Dr. Orly Taitz filed a petition with the Supreme Court of the United States for the Obama eligibility case Noonan v Bowen. It was submitted to Chief Justice John Roberts on December 26th, 2012, and on January 9th, 2013, the petition was referred to the full court and distributed for conference scheduled for February 15, 2013. Below is the supplemental brief just filed:


Case at hand is scheduled to be heard on February 16, 2013 (15th) in a conference of all the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

This case came from the Supreme Court of California and was brought by Presidential Candidates: Edward Noonan, Thomas Gregory MacLeran and Keith Judd against the Secretary of the State of California, seeking to stay the certification of the votes for the candidate for the U.S. President Barack Obama due to the fact that the aforementioned candidate committed fraud when he provided his declaration of the candidate and when the Democratic party submitted the certificate of the nomination due to the fact that Barack Obama is not eligible for the position, as he is not a Natural born U.S. citizen, as required by the U.S. Constitution Article 2, section 1, §5. The declaration of the candidate and the certification of the nomination were based on fraud, on Obama’s use of forged IDs, , stolen Connecticut social Security number 042-68-4425, use of a name that was not legally his use of Indonesian citizenship and based on aiding and abetting by corrupt governmental officials. most notable example of criminal aiding and abetting was signing by the chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii Brian Schatz a falsified OCON (official certificate of nomination of a candidate) where the usual wording “eligible according to the provisions of the U.S. constitution” were removed in order to accommodate ineligible Obama.

Plaintiffs provided the Supreme Court of California and the Supreme Court of the United States with over 100 pages of official records, sworn affidavits of senior law enforcement officials and experts showing that Barack Obama is:

1. A citizen of Indonesia, as listed in his school registration #203 from Assisi school in Jakarta Indonesia. As a citizen of Indonesia Obama was never eligible and never legitimate for the U.S. Presidency.

2. Obama is using last name not legally his. Plaintiffs provided this court with the passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, deceased mother of Barack Obama, showing that he is listed under the last name Soebarkah in her passport. He was removed from her passport in August of 1969 pursuant to the request and sworn statement of Ms. Dunham and signed by the U.S. consul in Jakarta Indonesia. As the requirement for removal as listed in the passport, is obtaining a foreign allegiance, it is believed that Barack Obama Soebarkah was removed from his mother’s passport when he obtained his Indonesian passport. Barack Obama cannot not serve as a U.S. president as the legal entity Barack Obama does not exist. The only legal entity based on the only verifiable record is Barack Obama Soebarkah.

3. Obama does not have a valid U. S birth certificate. Plaintiff provided affidavits from Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona Joseph Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, experts Felicito Papa, Douglas Vogt, Paul Irey, showing that the image posted by Obama on is a computer generated forgery. When there is a question of authenticity of a document, the only way to authenticate, is to conduct expert evaluation of the original document. Registrar of the State of Hawaii and Director of Health and Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii in charge of the Health Department were obstructing justice and absolutely refused to comply with any subpoenas and produce the original 1961 birth certificate and as such there was never any authentication of the alleged birth certificate. After 4 years of obstruction of Justice, it is clear that the Hawaiian officials have nothing to show and genuine 1961 birth certificate for Barack Obama simply does not exist.

Obama does not have a valid Selective Service certificate. Based on the affidavit of Sheriff Arpaio and investigator Zullo, alleged copy of Obama’s Selective Service Certificate, is COMPUTER GENERATED FORGERY. In this supplemental brief Plaintiffs are providing additional evidence, a sworn affidavit from the Chief investigator of the Special investigations unit of the US Coast Guard (ret) and former special agent of the DHS Jeffrey Stephan Coffman who attested under the penalty of perjury that Obama’s alleged selective service registration is a forgery.

Plaintiffs submitted with their TRO and complaint the Affidavits of Sheriff Arpaio and investigator Zullo and as a supplement an affidavit of the Chief Investigator of the special investigations of the US Coast Guard Jeffrey Stephan Coffman. Based on those affidavits Obama’s alleged application for the selective service is a forgery. According to 5 USC § 3328.every man born after 1959 has to register with the Selective Service and cannot work in the executive branch if he did not register with the selective service. [...]


4. Justices Kagan and Sotomayor should recuse themselves from this consideration due to the fact that they are appointees of Barack Obama and if the court rules that he was not eligible for office, their very nomination becomes questionable, as such their opinion might be biased. [...]

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'he is listed under the last name Soebarkah'

We've been calling him 'Barry Soetoro' all these years. Now it turns out his real name is 'Soebarkah'??

Shit, I give up ... too much dodging and weaving.

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Wouldn't it be great if this actually solved anything?


I hate Obummer for countless reasons that have nothing to do with his origin.  He's a calculating, cynical power monger like most all the rest.

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Based upon the scribd link, the Orly guy really isn't fit to write briefs in front of the SCOTUS...  it's pure theater...  total nonsense.  While I believe that everyone should adopt his or her own writing style, it must also be tailored for the venue and audience, especially when attempting to be persuasive.  The document is disorganized, with virtually no legal foundation or citation, and makes conclusory remarks in a rant like fashion....  I wouldn't expect a good result from this style of writing...  as a general observation, the phrase "pick your battles" comes to mind... 

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A down arrow for the birth cert tedium and I am surprised this cut & paste diatribe still gets a favorable review.  We are way, way past this.

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Please excuse the OT post, but wanted to make sure everyone saw this:

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My cousin became a millionaire after day trading for only 2 weeks.

When he started, he was a billionaire.

machineh's picture

Why doesn't he just make $82 an hour on the internet like my mom does?

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All I did was give my bank account info to the former President of ZaKaZulluLand in return for 500 million bucks!

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

Bernanke makes $120,000,000.00 on the Internet. Per hour.

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A farmer wins a million dollars and is asked "what you gonna do now?"

"Oh, I'll farm it till it's gone."


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A comment here: "The only way to make a small fortune from investing (as non bank employed person) is to start with a large fortune."

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Southern China and Southern Malaysia, respectively.

Just playin'.

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Also missing Zimbabwe. it took just fractions of a second for even the very poor to become millionaires. The way Congress is running up the debt, within a decade or less all  americans will become multi billionaires, if not trillionaires. Forward!



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Only the priveleged few benefit from counterfeiting, the dopey savers who expect that their money will be held safely for them in a savings bank being the mark. Fractional reserve banking is embezzlement of the currency saver's property rights, using counterfeited (unearned) currency as a means of buying goods at today's prices with money created from thin air. They are legally protected where if you or I do it we are looking at jail time. How can there morally be two judical outcomes for perpetrating the same crime?

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The worst aspect of the non-saving attitude is not the lack of capital (although capitalism requires capital).  It is the mindset that rises - the loss of balance, discipline, and order, the decline of long-term planning, the instant emergency mentality we have today when the vast majority have less than a month of savings and must immediately seek governmental help.  Worse, this rotting core is infection out kids who think they no longer have to save because, you know, nobody they know socks away anything.  

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Morality sets standards and requires no written law, unless the natural code of civilized interaction (trust) is broken. The moral decay (lack of trust) grows particulary when those holding positions of trust in government, sanction moral infringments by powerful bankers.

Property (purchasing power) stolen by fraudlently created tokens of trust (money) when established as a norm through government legislation, can only propel a populace down the same path. To fight it is illegal. To copy their deeds is illegal. Little wonder that immorality from the "kings" of society induces the same moral decay in the provincial quarter.

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The Southeast Asian city-state has retained the honor of having the highest percentage of millionaires in the world, according to a new report from the Boston Consulting Group. Singapore had 188,000 millionaire households in 2011 – or slightly more than 17% of its resident households. Effectively, that equates to more than one in every six Singapore households having disposable private wealth of over US$1 million, excluding property, businesses and luxury goods. If those were included, it would likely push the number of millionaire households even higher, since property in Singapore is among the world’s most expensive.

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Wouldn't it be ironic if S&P downgraded U.S. debt again, since the government is going after them.

The best defense is a good offense.

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Where are Hong Kong and Singapore?


That was my first thought.



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What is the point in using pre-tax numbers?!?!?!?!?!?!

Denmark has one of the highest tax rates in the world.  Forget about becoming a millionaire there.

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

"Denmark has one of the highest tax rates in the world"

..but..but we have highest prices in EU!

Hobbleknee's picture

And "free" health care only costs them 80% of their income.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

And by that time all it will do is buy you a virtual loaf of bread. No one will be able to afford the real thing.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

The way the Fed is printing, a 1000 Grand candy bar will cost its name.

Aegelis's picture

Epic, thank you for this ^_^

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Soon it will only take a week.

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Converting it into gold will take years however.

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0% tax, 0% cost of living, perhaps the Economist has cut a few too many from their payrolls

Even before taxes, if the median household income is $50,000 and the minimum cost of family health insurance is $20,000 then it would take several lifetimes to become a millionaire in the US, even before Ben and his banking brethren manage to turn mere millionaires into paupers within the span of few years...

Soon it will be totally out of reach for the average bear in the 50-70k range WAIT until you see the specifics of ODumboCare.'

It specifically states that the gov can access your personal bank funds, and make withdrawls, w/out you even having a say.



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It would only take the stroke of a pen to borrow that much into existence. Much easier than earning it. Who does that these days? 

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oh the good old time of Mugabe where everyone was a billionnaire :-)

Inthemix96's picture

Cayman Isles?




Police force?


mvsjcl's picture

Zimbabwe is like what, 8 seconds?

new game's picture

zimbobby, overnite, japan a half year(as projected) and america-guessing a couple of years...

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Q: How do you become a millionaire???

A: Start with a billion dollars, and buy an airline.


(old joke)


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But it's still good :)