The State Of The Union - Live Webcast

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Last year's 6,977 word homage to jobs provided just over an hour's worth of applause-impacted rhetoric create much ado - more with what was not said than what was said. This year's 9pmET speech will likely be dotted with hope, and change, and jobs, and congress, and of course our union is strong... because the S&P is up 16% since last year's SOTU. But, by our measurement from Bloomberg's data from December 2011 (the last NFP before 2012's SOTU) to January 2013 (this year's last NFP) - Non-Farm Payrolls (NSA) dropped from 133.292 million to 132.705 million (or a 587,000 job loss).




Full breakdown and summary to follow:


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+1 for the avatar-moniker pairing.

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My niece, who is not too bright, worked part-time, has four kids and baking her fifth, husband doesn't work, paid in $1,290 in taxes.

She is receiving $10,300 back due to credits. If she made 3 times her income, her net would be less. She voted for Obama twice.

She cannot spell Indiana, the state in which she was born and lives. This story has no ending, which is why itis so sad.

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Al Queda a shadow


What about all the countries they claim they are in, causing a hell of a time and I heard the CIA is funding Al Queda as they are our allies in Syria


Am I loony or is Obama showing his true mental capacity tonight?

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Funny how he thinks raising the minimum wage to $9.50/hr is a zero-sum game.

We had this change occur here in Ontario, Canada.  Minimum wage was raised to $10.25/hr.  Worked ok for about 6 months before everything started costing more. Now 3 years later they're asking for another increase.

Typical libetards who don't take into consideration the fact that when they increase the pay of those at the bottom, that those at the top won't get an increase either.

And around and around we go.........................................

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Is it over yet? I can only pluck so many pubic hairs to pass the time.

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just pluck the gray ones. I am sure just for men on the balls burns.

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Holy Hell!!!

Here it comes!!!

The pitch for Drone bases anywhere for any reason!!!

Any place in the world, including on U.S. soil to stop any threat that is deemed "terrorist"!

"Our challenges don't end with Al-Queda."  Something tells me Obummer and the cadre of Demican and Republicrat wonks will drone their own citizens before they get serious with other world powers.


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Someone tell Obama i'd rather a random hacker read my emails than the CIA, NSA, FBI etc etc

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What did he just say?

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This Ahole is coming to my town tomorrow to promote a manufacturing company that stole from the local/state/fed taxpayers for special benefits...   Special benefits that other companies could have used...


Yay team crony Capitalism!  trickle down bukkake capitalism.

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He's using his voice to give the impression that his words are inspiring.  He is deluded by his own awesomeness.

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He is STILL TALKING?  And the first fucking words I hear when I just now logged in are "create executive order"?

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All I'm hearing now is...


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It is extremely difficult to discern between the Malignant Narcissist and the raging Sociopath.

Over enough time, dynamics and patterns and impact are finally recognized,

and healthy persons are repelled by both.

This guy is truly frightening, in The Worst Way.

The only thing more frightening is the room full of enablers, sharing the same disorders, and who by design were to prevent this from happening.

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Sociopathically he makes Clinton look like an amateur.

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Yeah thats fucking sick. Hard to read that garbage. Well thats the USA. I would give my life savings when this bitch collapses to see all these people's facial expressions and here their pitty for themselves.

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Room full?!  Half a continent full!!

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No shout out to Ted Nugent?


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Defending what freedom?

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Sit down you fucking worthless government drones, you leeches upon the body public, you ticks of equivocating nonsense, you parasites upon the people, you pox upon the body public, you warts upon the genitals of Lady Liberty.

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A distressed passenger sat with her boyfriend's body for more than nine hours after watching him choke during the Jetstar flight from Singapore to Auckland.

Vanessa Preechakul, a 27-year-old architect, was making the 11-hour journey with Robert Rippingale back to his native New Zealand for a family reunion.

At first Ms Preechakul thought nothing was wrong as Mr Rippingale tucked into his beef dish while watching a movie 90 minutes into the flight.

Then she noticed him shaking.

"I thought he was laughing very hard.

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Barack Obama: Thank you Honey, and thank you Michelle.

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biden his time with phil mcCavity and ben dover again

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Because Diebold didn't get all of those congressional seats.


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And here comes the gun crap.


Edit:  I do need to drink more.

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How does "protecting our most precious resource - our children" jibe with his pro-abortion stance?

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A new commission to fix voting. What the flying fuck is he talking about?

The children?

My god this guy is a fucking evil waste of space.

Yes, gun control to make it hard for criminals to get guns, while our government will hunt us and gun us down.

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Fig newtons.  Got it.

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Shot in Chicago...what are the chances?

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"Just a mile away from my house."

In a city where guns are banned.  Square that circle.

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by a driveby shooter that hasn't been found or charged. Stage, set, match, collateral damage.

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The families of Waco and Ruby Ridge deserve a vote!

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My pre-speech word-cloud is pretty well complete, think I'll go to bed now.

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Here comes the gun grab!!!

"This time is different."

Fuck you!  Fuck you, you worthless asshole, you serpent in the grass, you raper of Liberty!!!

If you can't trust your populace with what your police and military carry than why in the fuck would you trust them with a vote!?!?!?

Those lives were stolen by OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, not the "guns", not the inanimate objects, but the HUMAN BEINGS wielding them!!!

How about busting the punks, the human beings, the individuals responsible for the ACT instead of the inanimate OBJECT used!?!?!?


Take away my Second Amendment Rights and you and I are at WAR!!!!

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We'll put you down as a maybe, eb.

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Living real-time proof this country is screwed,Take away TOTUS, and he couldn't recite the alphabet.

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Rights are subject to a vote of the majority??

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Tyranny of the majority, bitchezz!

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well the majoirty of snouty pigs in the trough anyway

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I vote that you gun grabbers can all go fuck yourselves.  And that includes you Gabby Giffords.

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What a genius? Increasing the minimum wage rate will encourage US businesses to employ the local population. They are so looking forward to increasing the cost of production of their products in times when the world economy is slowing down.

The only thing this will do is create more jobs in developing countries and increase unemployment in the US.

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They stood up and cheered in Bejing....

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If he was really concerned about the employment situation and the cost of living, he would cut the fucking budget, rein in the fed, and pay down the debt.    


Watch the cost of goods become affordable.   Watch jobs stay in the country instead of increasing costs shipping them overseas...

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Look out gang bangers, they gonna make you (background) check yo-self, foos!(I'm sure they'll all line right up)

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"We are not perfect.  We came here to do our best and try to fix things an figure things out as best we can".


There you have it folks, a Presidential Disclaimer.

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Who the hell wants to listen to that baboon bloviate.

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Were not he a sociopath and seriously sick... He wouldn't represent our society.

He's just perfect.

What a twisted fuck he is.