The Thinking, Drinking, And Gambling Man's Guide To The State Of The Union

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Over the past couple of hundred years, the State of the Union has been enjoyed by pamphlet, radio, TV, and webcast and each and every year, the citizenry has sat avidly awaiting their 'word' to come up on SOTU Bingo or for the bets they made on the average length to be confirmed. As WaPo notes, the average minutes spent on the address has grown from a mere 36:53 under President Jimmy Carter up to 1 hour and 5 minutes under the current president. From comparisons of various word frequencies (e.g. tax vs cut or job vs hope) to the ultimate SOTU Drinking Game, and from an 51/53 minute over/under to the color of Obama's tie, below is everything you need to know about SOTU but were absolutely embarrassed to ask...

Very interesting word comparisons across ALL of the speeches (h/t SOTU)


and the average speech length for the past 50 years... (Barack Obama average speech length 1:05:21)...


and the speech length has risen from Carter onwards...


and the drinking image for full size image (Via DrinkingGame)


BINGO for the kids... (via CEPR)


and Paddy Power offers the following odds on these wonderful cliches...

Cliché Betting: What Will Obama say first?

8/1     We have more work to do
10/1     Health care reform
10/1     As I stand here today
12/1     Fundamental belief
12/1     God bless America
12/1     Crossroads of history
12/1     Defining moment
12/1     Make Washington work
14/1     Common purpose
16/1     Pursuit of happiness
16/1     Building a better America
16/1     Reduce the deficit
18/1     War on terror
18/1     It won't be easy
18/1     Hungry for change
18/1     My civil liberties
20/1     Honor for me
20/1     I have a dream
20/1     Willing to listen to each other
20/1     Yes, we can
20/1     Don't get me wrong
25/1     Hard to believe
25/1     I'm fired up
25/1     Withdraw our troops
25/1     There are better days ahead
25/1     Do-nothing Congress
25/1     We'll have to make hard choices
25/1     We can be one people
25/1     A new direction

Enjoy - full live webcast to follow...

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wisefool's picture

If he says the words "War wearyness" I will register as a democrat. Fight club rules.

SilverRhino's picture

He won't say that.   Obama WILL claim credit for law enforcement actions in California.   

wisefool's picture

The landscapes are similar to afganistan. Never understimate.

boogerbently's picture

SOTU ????

C'mon, Rangers/Bruins !!

wisefool's picture

He is getting close. The ammount of money it takes to vote.

cbxer55's picture

I'll be drinkin. I will not be watching the Teleprompter In Chief put out his spiel. Funny, there was a poll on Yahoo homepage most of the day. Last I saw, nearly 80% of respondents said "not interested". 

Bill D. Cat's picture

I like drinking . Not this much .

Cdad's picture

I am officially too old for ZH sponsored politcal speech drinking games.  My liver very recently swallowed my pancreas.  Hi ho.

gmrpeabody's picture

However..., after hearing that whether you are the man flipping the burgers, or the man putting the cheese on the meats, or the man squirting the ketchups on the bun..., you will be getting a higher minimum wage of $9 an hour for all full-time employees. What's dat..., you only working 24 hours? Well, sorry, but this don't apply to you.

Yes..., I'll have another drink.

marathonman's picture

Don't skimp on the Obamacare taxes or you'll get droned.  Have another round, until Moochelle decides its costing us too much for you to drink so much.

Manic by Proxy's picture

Don't look now, but your spleen is beating the crap out of your adrenal glands.

buzzsaw99's picture

The Gettysburg Address lasted a mere two minutes. We've been getting dumber and drunker ever since.

Jethro's picture

Idiocracy was a documentary...

msmith9962's picture

The more the words, the less the content.   I budget my 6 year old 700 words/day.  Its not working.

A Lunatic's picture

I'm not interested in hearing any more fucking lies from the lips of this man.........

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture

I am NOT watching O blah blah blah ma

Bear's picture

51/53 over/under ... this is crazy ... under 1:00 will be a six sigma miss.

stopcpdotcom's picture

I don't envy the poor bastard who sat down and worked all this shit out.

Everybodys All American's picture

The Obama manifesto will be unveiled for all of you this evening and if you have not figured out that this guy is a raging Marxist by now you never will.

DeadFred's picture

I have to say he is the most banker/Wall St. friendly Marxist I've ever seen.

nmewn's picture

If they came up there and said we're fucked they'd be out of a job.

So, its kick the can, thinking they can outrun it (for their own pensions & protection) till it hits the curb. The distance is getting shorter ;-)

grunk's picture

I just watched a man burned to death by police in America.

For some reason I am not up for the president's State of the Union speech.

A Lunatic's picture

Try watching some U-Tube drone footage of us freeing the shit out of foreigners from 30k'. That should cheer you up some.......

grunk's picture

Only if it's a wedding. I like weddings. They are happy occasions.

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Hadst ta go all waco on hiz azz

SilverRhino's picture

The comments from the reporters "This is just one giant department right now; it's a brotherhood of officers" made me vomit in my mouth.   


SilverRhino's picture

CC?   Man they will let anyone on here.   Chat when you can.  


ebworthen's picture

"A brotherhood", yeah right.  Big Brother more like it.

"If you stray - if you report on the thuggery of your own in the LAPD - you will be burned to a crisp."

Great message.  All hail Caesar.  All hail the Kleptoligarchy. 

Believe in the infallibility of the hegemony of the sacred sepulcher of the almighty Dollar and the mammon lusting cronies in Washington and Wall Street and you too can have a hot Wife, an iPod, a 50" flat screen, a mortgage, an illusory "retirement", and a gold key chain and watch, granite counter tops, and edumacation for your den of pups - so they can perpetuate the illusory kingdom of cash and pussy.

ZeroAvatar's picture

ebworthen said:  " A bunch of baboons in uniforms and suits and other costumes disguising their primal behavior with verbiage, labels, catch-phrases, euphemisms, equivocation, and outright lies."


Clap!   Clap!    Clap!    Clap!    Clap!  ...    ....      ....   ...    ..   . 

Wm the Shrubber's picture

And what is to be the trigger for projectile vomiting?

DeadFred's picture

Turning the volume up from 'mute'.

Dr. Engali's picture

Where's that damn asteroid when you need it?

ZeroAvatar's picture

That would be the target.  Still looking for the trigger....

W74's picture

So basically Dems are more long winded than Republicans.  If you take out Jimmy Carter (who is actually the shortest on the list) they're really fucked, but on average about 10-15 minutes longer.

vegas's picture

Attention Sheeple: Time for Preeeeezy Chalky Sotero to spew forth mountains of bullshit for you to ingest. He can fix all the world's problems if you would just give him all your money [and guns and freedom]. Eat the excrement sandwich and be happy.

earleflorida's picture

what's with this monkey fuck always holding his head on high, as if he's a  savoire-fair`y sereph mussolini?, always talking down to his hopium induced myrmidon... does he have some kind of stealthy cloak elevating neck brace, or does he really believe the shit he spews-- someone help!

Ps. just knowing it's... he, that's on msm, makes me fucking sick! How dare he insult my[our?] intelligence...  


thankyou Tyler

Jethro's picture

He probably doesnt have his imperious gold curtain backdrop does he? He just doesnt wield a strong pimp hand like President Elizondo Mt Dew Camacho does....

Jethro's picture

If you take a shot at "uh" or "um", you will have alcohol poisoning in under 10 minutes.

ebworthen's picture

Oh it's going to be a splooge-fest of euphemisms and 1/2" thick mental varnish.

No doubt Gabby Giffords with her patched up head smiling and nodding in that Jim Brady way when Obummer talks about "controlling these guns" (you know, those inanimate objects that somehow "kill" people).

Another nod to the crying Parents of that poor girl killed by Gang Bangers - but of course blamed on the "guns" (again, those slabs of metal that somehow float three feet above the ground and spit bullets out all by themselves).

Will there be mention of funding for mental health care and facilities?  Doubt it (that's what prisons and SNAP are for).

Will there be mention of defending the Constitution, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment? 


Will the messiah of the end times of the U.S.S.A. talk about Drones in the skies of America being about Liberty and Freedom, and murdering innocent Women and Children in countries we are not at war with a "necessary means to an end"?


Equivocation, doublespeak, newspeak, and appeals to "meet in the middle" to solve (compound) the problems created by meeting in the middle instead of standing on principle and the founding precepts of the nation.


A Lunatic's picture

That's not how you play the drinking game.........

ebworthen's picture

A shot of Old Crow Reserve 86 proof to you sir.

I was going to get one of the last fifth's of Maker's Mark 90 Proof but that shit was $28.

The Old Crow Reserve was $8.99.  I would of bought the fifth of Old Grand Dad but it was too good so the State stores quit carrying it because it took away from the high-tax overpriced bling whiskey.

A Lunatic's picture

I thought you'd already gotten into the Mad Dog 20/20.........

ebworthen's picture

I have stooped to Carlo Rossi Sangria, which is actually pretty good, but haven't gone Mad Dog 20/20 yet.  Thanks for your concern.

ZeroAvatar's picture

I feel sorry for Gabby Giffords, I truly do, but the way they trotted her out, and her emmy performance, made me want to stick my hand in the insinkerator.

booboo's picture

and of course their idea of fixing "mental health" is moar psychotropic drugz for the "chilen" that are the red thread that link all these shootings. Fat chance at getting the "legal" drug pushers off that gravy train.


djsmps's picture

I got home from work, and the cabin was on fire. I was hoping this would preempt the Obama address. I usually watch all this stuff, but this speech has been leaked too much. I'm watching DRIVE for about the the 4th time because I think it's a good movie and I like the music.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Turns out, they torched Clyde's place, the Orangutang from "Every Which Way but Loose".  Dorner's nowhere around there.