The (Two) GOP #SOTU Responses

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Well, this is awkward, but in our always fair and balanced way, we present the two sides of the GOP's response to Obama's SOTU - the 'official' Marco Rubio response and Rand Paul's Tea Party Express response, with speech excerpts and streams...


Marco Rubio:


Rubio's not so greatest moment:


A few excerpts from Rubio's speech:

“This opportunity – to make it to the middle class or beyond no matter where you start out in life – it isn’t bestowed on us from Washington. It comes from a vibrant free economy where people can risk their own money to open a business. And when they succeed, they hire more people, who in turn invest or spend the money they make, helping others start a business and create jobs. Presidents in both parties – from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan – have known that our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle class prosperity. But President Obama? He believes it’s the cause of our problems.”


“Mr. President, I still live in the same working class neighborhood I grew up in. My neighbors aren’t millionaires. They’re retirees who depend on Social Security and Medicare. They’re workers who have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to work to pay the bills. They’re immigrants, who came here because they were stuck in poverty in countries where the government dominated the economy. The tax increases and the deficit spending you propose will hurt middle class families. It will cost them their raises. It will cost them their benefits. It may even cost some of them their jobs. And it will hurt seniors because it does nothing to save Medicare and Social Security. So Mr. President, I don’t oppose your plans because I want to protect the rich. I oppose your plans because I want to protect my neighbors.


Economic growth is the best way to help the middle class. Unfortunately, our economy actually shrank during the last three months of 2012. But if we can get the economy to grow at just 4 percent a year, it would create millions of middle class jobs. And it could reduce our deficits by almost $4 trillion dollars over the next decade. Tax increases can’t do this. Raising taxes won’t create private sector jobs. And there’s no realistic tax increase that could lower our deficits by almost $4 trillion. That’s why I hope the President will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead work with us to achieve real growth in our economy.”


The real cause of our debt is that our government has been spending 1 trillion dollars more than it takes in every year. That’s why we need a balanced budget amendment. The biggest obstacles to balancing the budget are programs where spending is already locked in. One of these programs, Medicare, is especially important to me. It provided my father the care he needed to battle cancer and ultimately die with dignity. And it pays for the care my mother receives now. I would never support any changes to Medicare that would hurt seniors like my mother. But anyone who is in favor of leaving Medicare exactly the way it is right now, is in favor of bankrupting it.”


Despite our differences, I know that both Republicans and Democrats love America. I pray we can come together to solve our problems, because the choices before us could not be more important. If we can get our economy healthy again, our children will be the most prosperous Americans ever. And if we do not, we will forever be known as the generation responsible for America’s decline.”


and 5 minutes later...

Rand Paul (via Tea Party Express - no Embed!):

click image for link...


Below are a few excerpts anticipated from Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) Tea Party response to the State of the Union Address.

We are the party that embraces hard work and ingenuity, therefore we must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future. We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities. We must be the party that says, ‘If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.’”


The path we are on is not sustainable, but few in Congress or in this Administration seem to recognize that their actions are endangering the prosperity of this great nation.”


Both parties have been guilty of spending too much, of protecting their sacred cows, of backroom deals in which everyone up here wins, but every taxpayer loses. It is time for a new bipartisan consensus. It is time Democrats admit that not every dollar spent on domestic programs is sacred. And it is time Republicans realize that military spending is not immune to waste and fraud.”


“Not only should the sequester stand, many pundits say the sequester really needs to be at least $4 trillion to avoid another downgrade of America’s credit rating. Both parties will have to agree to cut, or we will never fix our fiscal mess.”


Washington acts in a way that your family never could – they spend money they do not have, they borrow from future generations, and then they blame each other for never fixing the problem.”


“If Congress refuses to obey its own rules, if Congress refuses to pass a budget, if Congress refuses to read the bills, then I say: Sweep the place clean. Limit their terms and send them home!”

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tango's picture

Let's see.  You liked Rand Paul before he endorsed Romney.  You liked his views and ideas and speeches.  As for as I now he has not changed but suddenly he is persona non grata?  If you are only going to like folks who are ideologically pure (shades of Marxism) then it will be a very lonely world.  I am still waiting for Ron Paul to get the boot from ZH when he says or does something slightly different from the party line.  Or maybe he's tainted beause he has thanksgiving with his evil son.

Mr. Magniloquent's picture

I fail to understand what is confusing abou the reversal of favor for Rand Paul. He claimed to stand for a set of values, then publicly endorsed the epitome and incarnate of everything he swore to be against. He publicly and "joyously" endorsed the most polar opposite of his stated moral, political, and philosophical beliefs for the singularly most powerful and influencial executive position in the known universe.

It was a stunning hypocricy and betrayal to most. Even if it were nothing but a career move with no effect on his actual actions and voting record, it displays a lack of integrity. It is irrefutable proof that Rand Paul can be bought, and cheaply at that. He may be the sweetest smelling slime within the cesspool of D.C., but in endorsing Romney he publicly numbered himself among their filth.

Is that so difficult to grasp?

Matt's picture

I wonder what magic plan Marco Rubio has to create 4% growth?!

Mr. Magoo's picture

I think he means the new prison industrial complex

Taint Boil's picture




He said:

But if we can get the economy to grow at just 4 percent a year, it would create millions of middle class jobs.

Exponential function says:

At that 2.3% growth rate, we would be using energy at a rate corresponding to the total solar input striking Earth in a little over 400 years. We would consume something comparable to the entire sun in 1400 years from now. By 2500 years, we would use energy at the rate of the entire Milky Way galaxy—100 billion stars! 



JFC people are so stupid.


VisualCSharp's picture

Exactly. And Obama has it exactly backward: The economy grows due to jobs being performed for economic benefit, not the other way around.

JohnG's picture



Those exponents are a bitch aren't they.  But still, math does not lie.

Wonder if that's why they don't teach that in skool anymore.

tango's picture

You are assuming we make zero progress in non-fossil fuel energies, quit all efforts at conservation and stop striving for more efficiency.  Fossil fuel use in the US continues to decline for obvious reasons - the recession but mainly the miniaturization and greater and greater efficiency built into devices.  A new paradigm will allow growth but that may be unnecessary if technology can provide the things we need at a dirt cheap price.  

Taint Boil's picture



The laws of thermodynamics apply and if you read the link, the author addresses the valid questions that you bring up. It matters not what the source of energy is .. for example: to melt iron – whether it fusion, fission, coal, gas , etc, etc. you would need the same amount of energy (heat). The post used 4% and I used 2.3% in the example. You’re not going to get much more efficiency out of an electric motor ….

Nation of Imbeciles's picture

RUBE-io, a BUSH Mini-Me(feign surprise here), was likely referring to BUSH43's Econo shake-n-bake book, "The 4% Solution: How to Unleash the Economic Boom America Needs in the 21st Century" by The Bush Institute (2012, Hardcover).The remainder of these are almost being given away.

Nation of Imbeciles's picture

OK, I couldn't resist but here it is at eBay's for $5.93 plus shipping:

Also, for those that need a really good dose of happy fun or a laugh at the incompetent leadership of this nation, one need only look here:


TideFighter's picture

The winner of the 2012 presidential election, if he would have ran. 


SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Someone needs to sweep these two clean and send them home.

Lady Heather...UNCLE's picture's all smoke and mirrors, a farce. Congress is a faux debating chamber full of self-interested charlatans making noises of sham and bullshit. They tell tales as of an idiot, full of sound and fury...signifying NOTHING

tango's picture

And what is your solution?  (shooting, hanging or firing all elected officials is an option only if an alternative is offered.)  U see comments like these on ZH and while I may emotionally embrace them I see zero alternatives ever offered. "Going back to 1782" is not really a viable solution. 

Chupacabra-322's picture

Stop Alqueda/AL CIA duh?

Here's an idea Criminal Obama.  Stop funding, arming and training the same terrorists you claim to be protecting us form.

Jeez, should that Criminal house go up in flames all the world's problems would be over next day.  Shit, I'm surprised those Lucerferians didn't burst into flames form all the lies. 

Glass Seagull's picture

In unrelated news: NSA has just allocated a 6th surveillance drone to watch Rand Paul's increasingly alarming moves. The way he refers to cutting debt just won't be tolerated much longer. The milk must continue to flow from the great goy sow.

Theta_Burn's picture

Just look at that dais... Joe Biden beaming from the buffet and open bar, Alfred E Newmwn..I mean john Boenher...what a putz and of course O'TOMma, 3 minute was all i could take of this shambles...

ANY poilitician with a shred of integrity, who can actually sit through something like this is to be commended.

Rand we have high hopes for you..

“If Congress refuses to obey its own rules, if Congress refuses to pass a budget, if Congress refuses to read the bills, then I say: Sweep the place clean. Limit their terms and send them home!”


Id fight Gandhi's picture

Who gives a damn what rand has to say? He went over to the holy land to kiss their ass. Sell out.

bigkahuna's picture


Chupacabra-322's picture


Perp walks now!  Perp walks now!  Perp walks now! 

Perp walks now! Perp walks now! Perp walks now!

Perp walks now! Perp walks now! Perp walks now!

Perp walks now! Perp walks now! Perp walks now!

goldenbuddha454's picture

Fuckin-A-Right!  Shoulda got done in 1994 we wouldn't be in this shit fuckin mess!

Mr. Magniloquent's picture

What do term limits do other than provide incentive for those in office to plunder everything they can get while in office without having to deal with the aftermath? Similarly, no incumbants means there is no person to blame. Short term limits create a perverse time-preference and annhiliate any meaningful accusations.

The only term limit which will ever be effective, is capping time of office at zero.

OldE_Ant's picture

It should say "I am Droner" and please put me out of my misery.  (smoking burnt blackened body and all)

Joe Sixpack's picture

Not according to the LAPD or SB Sherrif's.

IamtheREALmario's picture

It does seem a little convenient to have this crisis created and get national propaganda attention at the appropriate time as a back for a backdrop to the state-of-the-union. It is also extremely convenient that virtually all of the governments victories over the people turn up dead (suicided, dumped in the ocean or burnt to a crisp) so that there is no one alive and no physical evidence that could contradict the propagandized psy-op.

Nation of Imbeciles's picture

Funny how the anagram for Dorner is DRONEr. Timing is everything. I was musing earlier that Obama would pardon him during the SOTU.

OldE_Ant's picture

Amazing.  No one can seem to figure out.  We have an inherent/inalienable RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the persuit of happiness.    What seems to get clearer to me everyday is that the government we created to 'protect' those rights is acting deliberatly to forcably take them away from us.

IamtheREALmario's picture

This is a common misconception of the American people. The US Constitution was based on the Magna Carta... and the Magna Carta only provided rights to land-owners (you know, the real people; not monsters, beasts, slaves or goy). In the US, the only true land owner is the Crown Corporation and everyone else is simply a tenant... check you property deed. Better yet, try not paying your real estate taxes and you will see who really ownes your home.

rustymason's picture

Rand the neocon is so radical. (yawn)

Piranhanoia's picture

When did the Rubio feed go to "this video is private" ?     Marco must have got wind of your trying to air it.   Did he say, "Castro"? 

he must be running for president of something to change from a teaparty into,  well,  whatever it is.

Stuart's picture

I'm so sick of the lies from both sides of the aisle.   About this  all of them, STFU!  

michael_engineer's picture

Funny, no mention by Rubio of trickling the wealth up and out of the country to invest on low wage earners in other countries as being a structural cause of the plight of the middle class. He must have missed that

Kingkongballs827's picture

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PVC Gun Burial Tube.


Where do you hide the shovel to dig it up?

mkhs's picture

You, sir, will want our extra long PVC Shovel Burial Tube.

Monedas's picture

You tie a white nylon rope to it .... kind of like a tampon string !

unrulian's picture

since i don't use ebay can one give bad feedback without actually purchasing something from the troll?

Freddie's picture

Rubio is a pro-amnesty Rovian Bush bot.

kicksroute66's picture

He was really nervous...

Nation of Imbeciles's picture

Let's give him a break, after all it was his Quinceañera.

Oldballplayer's picture

Stay thirsty my friends....

Mark Rubio

HowardBeale's picture

To all the comments about individual politicians and their unique tendencies: Are you fucking stupid! They are, by definition, psychopathic megalomaniacs--all of them. NO differnce. The only sane one among them would be the one that was willing to pick up an assault rifle and kill the rotten lot of them. That would be a politician you could believe in; a person of, by and for The People--and not just of this rotting corpse of a country, but for the benefit of ALL humanity. Enough is enough. Someone in that corrupt collective of cretan cowards get some balls! This revolution could have a one-man army and a hero the likes of which has never been, and never will again be known to history. Imagine...

Lore's picture

Some of them are merely ballast. Some are just joes like you and me who get public office only to get overwhelmed with issues so big they're hard to comprehend.

You don't really want to hurt anybody. That's TV talk.  We need good people to put their heads together and find constructive solutions.

smart girl's picture

In my limited view of politics, candidates are selected by the major parties, then shoved down everyone's throat. I mean elected.