Confirmation Hearing Of Treasury Secretary Nominee Jack Lew - Webcast

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Per C-Span: "The Senate Finance Committee will hold a confirmation hearing Wednesday for Treasury Secretary nominee Jacob "Jack" Lew. If approved, he will replace Timothy Geithner. Among the topics he will address include the state of the economy, strategies for reducing the budget deficits, economic ties with China along with questions about global currency war. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement that the "We need a better understanding of his role at Citigroup, what his knowledge is of financial markets, whether he supports reforming our tax code, whether he believes in a robust trade policy and what kind of plan the Obama Administration has to confront our skyrocketing debt and our broken entitlement programs. As we move forward, I’m hopeful that Mr. Lew will answer some remaining questions that I have." According to AP, "After Wednesday's hearing, committee members will have two days to send questions to Lew to answer before they vote. The full Senate could vote on the nomination late this month."

Live webcast below:

The Lew full testimony can be found here, and the word cloud of the most popular words is below. He obviously, "wants" much.

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Of course they are going to approve him. No one in Congress (who isn't on the take) has the balls to go against the squid anymore except for maybe Rand Paul and Mike Lee in the Senate.

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His name is Jack Lew... but he certainly doesn't "lack Jew"!!!


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I understand jewy lewy is orthodox in some measure and will require kosher. No more expensive than the 16 dollar muffins the DOJ eats I guess.

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Yep he's a strict one. Even when he lends a golf buddy $20 he charges them prime+300bps

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Finally, for the key post of Treasury Secretary the President chose—surprise, surprise—his White House Chief of Staff, an observant Orthodox Jew named Jacob “Jack” Lew, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Brookings Institution.

He is called “Jack” rather than “Jacob” as many Jews semi-disguise their Old Testament first names with more mainstream-sounding nicknames: “Ben” rather than Benjamin, “Dan” rather than Daniel, “Josh” rather than Joshua. Wikipedia‘s page about him, which has been around a long time because of the many prominent positions he’s held, was headed “Jacob Lew” until yesterday, when it was changed to “Jack Lew.”

Over the years Lew has served as senior adviser to Leftist House Speaker “Tip” O’Neill (D.-Mass.), Special Assistant to President Clinton, a member of Clinton’s National Security Council, and Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under both Clinton and Obama.

“My mother could never understand how I became OMB director,” Lew, an attorney, confided to a reporter. “Because I’m not an economist, I’m not a finance professional.”

Smith noted that “Lew was in New York to give the commencement address at Forest Hills High School [his alma mater], where he extolled the values of immigration.” Indeed, Lew keeps a scale model of Ellis Island on his desk in the White House.

Because in a surveillance state the Treasury Department plays an essential role in destroying the financial underpinnings of groups opposed to government policy and surreptitiously undermines the sovereignty of foreign nations targeted by Jews, Israel, the UN, the EU, and the US, Treasury posts are extremely important positions.

America’s first Jewish Treasury Secretary was virulent Germanophobe Henry Morgenthau, Jr. under Franklin D. Roosevelt—though the horrifying anti-Semite (we are constantly told because he expelled Jews from his war zone in 1862) President Ulysses S. Grant in 1869 offered the post to Jewish financier Joseph Seligman, who turned it down.

Morgenthau was responsible for the disgusting Morgenthau Plan, a “vicious campaign for the starvation of central Europe” drafted in conjunction with Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, a Communist spy. Despite his WASP-sounding name, White was also Jewish.

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Story is that the US Treasury Secretary is actually 'above' the US President, because the Treasury Sec is more the key messenger boy and order-giver for America's ruling oligarch families

There is grounds for this in the Treasury Secretary's control of the semi-secret, unlimited authority ESF or 'Exchange Stabilisation Fund' since the 1930s ... used to found and operate the early CIA, to accept the US government share of CIA heroin and cocaine trade revenues, bribes to control media people and much more ...

The ESF funds whose use cannot be legally challenged or investigated by anyone ... under the control of the Treasury Secretary, and whose true income and outflows will perhaps never be known

Not to mention that in Barack Obama's CIA-tied family, Obama's mother worked for Tim Geithner's father ... Geither himself is sometimes reported to have said internationally, that he represents the US gov't even more than Obama, giving away that the Treas. Sec. does indeed represent the ruling families

Now Jack Lew steps in, the faceless face front for others ...


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The last time a President told the Treasury what to do he got shot.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Pretty much anytime a President tries to fuck with the bankers' livelihood, he gets shot.

Andrew Jackson: survived assasination attempt

Lincoln: shot and killed

Garfield: shot and killed

Kennedy: shot and killed

I'm sure it's all one big coincidence.

marathonman's picture

Reagan was shot but survived.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Gerald Ford, too.  WTF did he do?

Not disagreeing, just saying.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

If you're a President, you can get shot at for other reasons, too. Like if you are Ronald Reagan, and your Vice President wants to send you a message about who is REALLY in charge, and uses a friend of the family to deliver that message.

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Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) seems to have infected the Zero Hedge forum.  Don't worry, Sam's Pfizer has just the cure for you terrorists...  BTW, the Rat was fired for laundry reasons, not 2000 years of boinkin' boys...

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Treas. Sec. is also head of the Secret Service ... who provide 'protection' for POTUS and VPOTUS.

markettime's picture

Just another bankster creep. I thought Timmah was at the bottom of the barrel. Where do they find these people?

SamAdams's picture

gee, I don't know... hmmm, i could venture a guess but, the ADL might run a CAT over me...

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Bernie Sanders might be another one of the last of the uncorrupt Mohicans in the Senate. If I miss it I hope someone will post the roll call votes later on.

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Guys, just saw Krugman say he enjoys the hate-mail. Maybe its a benefit to the postal service and therefore GDP?

Anyways, you guys have been slacking on your death threats:

I guess its because of the ammo shortage, or else thered be more bullets in the mail I'd assume...

Manipuflation's picture

Hey South Africa:  Let me be the first to inform you that there is no ammo shortage here.  None whatsoever.

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Glad to hear it, we're good on my end too. Shortage was perhaps the wrong word- I guess demand spike and price increase is what I meant.

Manipuflation's picture

Yes, that would be correct, a demand spike is what it is.  I have observed this phenomenon occur for years here as the gun control narrative recycles itself.  I can't believe the inflationary prices people are paying these days.

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And all you need to know about I-Krugman is in this statement from that article.

Krugman lives in Princeton, N.J., with his wife Robin Wells, an economist and yoga teacher who has co-authored several books with her husband. So, who’s in charge of the family finances? “Oh, Robin, of course, the Nobel prize winner said. "I mean, I'm good at thinking about big macroeconomic issues, but balancing a checkbook—boy, no.”

Sums it up right there.......

Manipuflation's picture

Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Not exactly the same as a Nobel Prize but they seem to be effective at coronating new idiots every year none the less; with an endowment.

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Nothing new here.  The revolving door between the money-changers and washington remains intact.  Stupid fucking sheep.  When the fuck are those banks (CITI included) going to pay back TARP/TALF asshole?


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Obama has won, he has created a class war and has the numbers on his side.  The power structure that supports him has won and truth and and level playing field have disappeared, perhaps for a very long time.  I could say that our founding fathers left a fatal flaw in our constitution when they allowed unemployed people to vote themselve benefits, or renters rent control, or members of congress special treatment and exemptions from programs their constituents must abide by...but then I think of the wisdom our forefathers must have had to allow their baby to be corrupted so that it could, over time, purge the filth that brings it down.  Things will get better, maybe not in my lifetime, but someday Atlas will shrug and the moochers and looters will beg for the industrious people to come back and save them.  It's only a matter of when.  You can count on it.

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I knew my kids would be a minority, but never in a million years did I think I'd become a minority.

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Please pass the box of Crayola Crayon's, so we can Squid Lew our signature on the rubber stamp approval form.



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No thank you. I'd rather not watch a bunch of pussyfied repukes roll over again.

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Get to work Schumer, you asshole!

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Do you promise not to use lubricant when screwing the public? Hired!

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Great Jew observations, classy crowd.

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The jews are the most girly-sensitive people I have ever seen...........what the fuck are they hiding?

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If I scratch your back... will you scratch mine?

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Yet another jew Communist.

Forward, Soviet!

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I'd take "Con-Firm-A-Zion" for a quadrillion Alex.

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All rehearsed last night.

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If he had balls he would ask the same questions back to Hatch & Schumer.  They hold as equal a part in this mess as anyone.  Fuckers.

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Those long loopy OOOOOOOOO's for a signature on the Currency.. how appropriate!

optimator's picture

Looks like a model for "Die Sturmer" cartoons, glasses and all.

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This man is very dangerous. Word has it, Obama is going to transfer the power of commerce from the BATF into this mans hands which *may subsequently shut down gun factories from selling out of state. commerce clause can be transfered to this guy. 

And no, he doesn't Lack Jew.. He is Jack Lew.

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why does the word cloud in my head not match ZH's word cloud?

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Joos get to work.  When u have Uncle Chuckie on your right side you know it's smooth sailing They might as well as well stamp "Joo Certified" on his forehead.

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My word cloud interpretaion shows other words;













I guess I need another cup of coffee...sort this out.


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The workers having a meeting to ask questions of the boss.  Seen it may time in real life.  Don't be afraid to ask any question at all, we certainlly would't hold it against you (come election time.)

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does the guy have dual citizenship?

 No big deal, jes askin'