Market Breaks Again As Stocks R Through Y Unavailable For Trading

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Someone must have sold at least one share of a stock between R and Y. Ergo: market breaks. Luckily, all is well with stocks A through Q (and Z of course) - zombified ponzi participants can just keep on buying those full bore.

CNBC spin: "pent up money on the sidelines demand for stocks R through Y"

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An Algo glitch, damn.

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Wha?? I spent A LOT of money on these programs damnit! I demand a Congressional Inquiry.

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All the bots went to the next available letter, hence Zillow (Z) is up 10% today. 

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What;’s the big deal?

Back in the day, guys on the floor with names starting in the letters R-Y simultaneously got laryngitis all the time.

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Good thing RIMM changed its ticker symbol to BBRY!

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PRLB: Proto Labs Inc. -- UP 23.69%

PRO:  PROS Holdings, Inc. -- UP 19.79%

AAPL: Crapple -- UP 0.47%

If AAPL is up, everything in the kingdom is good (except my grammar).

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it may be invisible but you can definitely feel it

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Does this mean that $SPY finally died?

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Hope this doesn't stop the R-all-Y!

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When no real demand exists, make some. Or at least make it appear to be there...

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all your ticker symbols are belong to us...

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Y? Because we like you.... M. O. U. S. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee

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No problem, Apple and Google are not 'R thru Y' so all is well...stock indexes still safely ramping thru all-time highs.

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"CNBC spin: "pent up money on the sidelines demand for stocks R through Y"

No they didn't.

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crap, I kicked the cord out of the wall. it should just take a minute to reboot.

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I thought Obama said our stock market was rebounding? You mean he didn't fix it?

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I tried to borrow shares of TESLA yesterday and, low and behold, there were none to be had.

Tsar Pointless's picture

I guess they didn't mind their Ps and Qs, did they?

Just another indication of what HFT computers have done to the "markets".

And by "HFT" I mean "Hopelessly Fucked Trading".

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Well that's one way to humble vix and tvix but not xiv.

ekm's picture

Actually. It's true.


There's not much left to trade because primary dealers and other major banks own everything.


That's the death bed for HFT. QEs are the curse for HFT.

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QE's are the death knell for the whole industry.

They will settle in at some it 2.25% on the 10yr. $1,500 gold....1.33 Euro/USD etc....

They will leave them there. They will gently ping the indexes up and up with a small correction here an there to try to make it look like an actual market. Grab yourselves some index etf's and go to sleep. The only enjoyment people on here will get will be watching banks shedding their commodities/equities desks.

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Yet another reason why the market is horrible broke. A 'market' with 10 billionaires trading amongst themselves is really more a betting game among friends than a real market. It takes more than lots of fiat money to make a market. It takes MANY REAL PLAYERS.

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Now you get it; the CBS are now out to CHILL the PD market; fasten the arrival to the aysmptote, and then control the whole shooting match from central bank plays.

Today the PDs like Jamie hold the financial WMD; tomorrow it'll ONLY be the CBs.

Banks will be obliged to do what CBs say. State oligarchs now have upper hand. And the Squid is on BOTH teams.

Lol, now ain't that just cute???? 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Just as long as stocks FEDERAL thru RESERVE are trading all is well.

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He'll fix it. you dam straight he will........

Kevin Rowland, WALSTREETPRO2, is coming back to YOUTUBE.........keep an eye out for him This from his FaceBook page...... "Well got me a big ass eye hook with a chain in it hanging from the ceiling still need to clear me off a spot cause im gonna need some room to move around but it looks like a video is going to be in the works. I just hope its not a dud lol only one way to find that out, but im getting stressed and its been a long time a coming still might be a few days but its on the way."
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i'd rather watch him rant than anything else at this point.

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Anyone have or know of a list of company symbols that are in the R - Y range? I'm drawing blanks what companies would be not in the best interests of the FED and squid to drop too quickly or to contradict the hopium O'great one keeps selling.

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... just when I was readying to sell my Yum® brands!

toady's picture

...and my T that they gave me for my years of service.

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So "R"etard through "Y"ou just got fucking Corzined.


Fuck you Getco, regulators, Wall Street, and anything labelled "electronic" dealing with wall street.  fucking electric pick pocket fucks.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

No worries, my 3-year-old nuts up R-Y all the time.  It's like LMNOP is a REAL stumbling block, but they always remember Z, don't they?

How many trillions are funnelling through this fun filter?

Liquid Courage's picture

LMNOP ... used to think that was one word, like:

Elemenopy, Dr. Watson!

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Cute!  Do you think the shiny black box of quantum processors that runs the economy is potty-trained yet?  I can only imagine what the Fed spends on changing its diapers every month.  Look at how much crap it makes!

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I wouldnt worry to much about this.

Seeing as a few companies cant be traded for a while will not stop the ever inventive fucking thieves on wall street stealing more of your hard earned cash through a fucking computer in other ways.

Nothing stops for the wall street crew, Forward Thieves.....

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Long gone are the days when NYSE would pat its own back for having 99.999% uptime ...

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"Burn that f**king house down!"

oops, that's LAPD...sorry

toady's picture

Was that a drone strike? I didn't see any video of the standoff. I didn't go looking for it either ...

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there will be no more dips to buy. just buy. buy buy buy.

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Looks like Spell-Check is also down...



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Ebonics for the financially literate is still in.  Huh! remains the catchword for the illiterate.

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Hmmm... Stock symbols R through Y. Does this mean i cant trade AAPL?  


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<<Someone must have sold at least one share of a stock between R and Y>>



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Prolly the pimply bot operator spilled his mocha latte on the R, T, and Y keys fat fingering an algo redirection. Nothing to see here...move along. SNAFU.