19 Year Old Sets Himself On Fire At Rome Airport

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The series of tragic European self-immolations continues, this time from Rome airport in front of hundreds of people, where moments ago Sky News reports, a 19-year-old man from the Ivory Coast, due for deportation, set himself on fire. From Sky: " The 19-year-old man, from the Ivory Coast, doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire in front of dozens of travellers and workers at Fiumicino airport, 10 miles west of the Italian capital. Police said he arrived at the departures area of the airport's terminal three with a deportation order, and had been due to leave Italy. But as he spoke to police he suddenly pulled out a plastic bottle of petrol, tipped it over himself and ran off through the terminal. Officers gave chase, but he then used a lighter to ignite the fuel in front of stunned passengers.... A spokesman for the Italian Refugee Council confirmed that the man had arrived in Italy from Holland earlier this week and had tried to claim asylum but had been denied and was ordered out of the country. He had been due to board a flight to Amsterdam when he set fire to himself. The spokesman added: "One can only imagine the desperation and frustration he must have faced to carry out such an act." He had been due to board a flight to Amsterdam when he set fire to himself. The spokesman added: "One can only imagine the desperation and frustration he must have faced to carry out such an act."


"People were screaming because no one knew what had happened and I think the first suggestion was that it might have been a terror attack."

Fellow traveller Silvana Urso said: "There was a lot of shouting and police running after someone, that was all I saw.

"There was a smell of smoke and then police were telling us to evacuate the terminal because there had been an incident.

"It was only when I was outside that I heard a man had set himself on fire."

One policeman grabbed a fire extinguisher to douse the flames and was slightly injured.

Paramedics wrapped the man in specialist blankets before taking him away in an ambulance.

A spokesman at the Sant'Eugenio hospital where he was being treated said he was in a "serious condition with extensive burns".

Sadly, since this is hardly the last episode of people self-immolating out of desperation in Europe (and elsewhere), perhaps it is about time the centralized government of the world finally banned lighter fluid. And matches. And lighters.

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camaro68ss's picture

Those dam f***ing bankers. There destroying the youth.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Why can't this man get a job in his own country!?? Fuck 'free trade' and 'free enterprise'. I'm just sick of these fat cat corporations hiring foerign labor. Why can't they hire more deserving first-worlders in their country of registration? 

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Why can't MDB, Timmy Geitner, and Ben Bernanke have their own self-immolation bonfire together?

TruthInSunshine's picture

It'd be far more productive & of genuine use to their fellow citizens if these self-immolators would immolate the morally corrupt and wealth&power-is-our-true-god establishment enablers, instead.

They'd save themselves while furthering the cause of helping to save their fellow citizens in doing so.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

The flamethrower was invented to clear out tunnels, pillboxes, and trenches.  There has to be some kind of mod available for central banks.

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

and if they ever hit the ink dump, it'll be all over.

monkeyboy's picture

Would his travel insurance policy cover him for self immolation?



GoNavy's picture

Make Geithner "extra crispy".

You want fries with that?

thisandthat's picture

In what would that help "third-worlders" stay in their countries?

Freddie's picture

Why should I be forced to pay for people who invade my country literally at gun point with my tax money?  Things suck in the Ivory Coast?  Do something to make it better.  Don't expect Italians to pay for you.  Maybe people siding with illegal immigration should have these people dumped in your homes and you can feed them and house them on your dime.

Eally Ucked's picture

Your tax money is not enough to pay for your fucking basic needs, where is that money coming from you fuck genius?

redcorona's picture

Its called Cultural heritage (Increment of association with all past inventiveness,  e.g., thus, crops from improved seed; American wheat after Carleton’s researches; a few men hoisting a locomotive with machinery).  His basic needs are being met at such a low cost because of the inventiveness of his White ancestors. 


Eally Ucked's picture

He does not even recognize what it takes to run his fucking wars, society producing nothing on meaningful scale except soya, corn and weapons, then only problem is color, fucken douche.

thisandthat's picture

Yeah, and that also includes occupation, colonization, slavery, ransacking and profiteering. If with that alone you couldn't pay for all the props in the world, you'd be doing it very wrong.

JR's picture

A man’s life is a precious thing... A life is greater than gold and better than all else.

“It is a good thing to live, to walk out…and feel the wind, to walk in the forest on a moonlit night or out upon some great plateau and look westward." —Louis L’Amour

The Fed, the IMF, and the World Bank, are one. The thirst for power by the international bankers does not stop at any border. It was always to be the world; their gold, their oil, their empire, all is bought with blood.

thisandthat's picture

Yeah, those fuckers, who do they think they are, right? As if it wasn't enough we've been pillaging them for centuries without even asking for permit... What more could they want from us? I mean, Jeez, what this world is coming to...

Funny story: so, beet sugar isn't competitive with cane sugar, right? No problem, just subsidize the shit out of it - but wait, chocolate uses sugar too, so they also want subsidies, too bad if it hurts their producers (losers; never heard of them, either). So, now, their (corrupt, of course) politicians threaten to raise import taxes to protect them, so what to do? Simple, just send someone "advise" them to not even think about it...

And for the save the world crowd: when you hand out clothes "for Africa" (because you're a caring, giving person) and it ends up in local markets (because it does), you're killing the local (traditional) clothes industry, who just can't compete...

This is why they flee ever here and we don't flee over there (yet?), but go tell that to anyone...

So when you hear about redistribution of wealth, remember it never ceased to happen for centuries, in our benefit... it's how we got this rich. We're their Goldman-Sachs.

fuu's picture

MDB, let's face it. And I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you're a cunt. You're a cunt now, and you've always been a cunt. And the only thing that's going to change is that you're going to be an even bigger cunt.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

I like the cut of your jib.

Elliott Eldrich's picture

Yes, but he's a professional cunt. 

Freddie's picture

Yeah it is sad but he should have been sent back the day he arrived.  Deport them all.  Why should poeple be able to import poverty?  Illegals helped "reelect" choom man.  Hopefully Italy will do a lot more deportations.

petolo's picture

Poor Africans will never measure up to the massive theft and waste perpetrated by joo banksters and their ilk. Deportation or immolation for all of them . 

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Who is paying for all of these flights? Who payed for his flight to Italy? Who was paying for his flight back to Amsterdam?

How many government jobs are associated with asylum seekings getting sent back and forth between countries who do not want undocumented immigrants?

Ag Tex's picture

Ironically, there are no free trade, free market and free enterprise.  That's the problem!

walküre's picture

Bankers and their political whores. Hitler had great programs for the youth. He created lots of work for the Germans and the youth were lifted out of the gutter and trained for life. I know it's not pc to point out the benefits of Hitler's programs but nobody can deny the fact that the youth grew up to be men and women with guts and hard work ethic. The German survivors of WW2 rebuilt that country which was largely leveled to the ground with their bare hands, shovels and buckets. They made it work after the bombings and maybe their training in the youth groups was a part of that. They fought and lost and they picked themselves up and came back from hell. The party is over in Europe - again. The bankers adn the current crop of political whores have wrecked the place. The generations coming now have a choice to make. Either continue to be slaves to the banking system and the political leadership or organize and drive them out of town. Then reset all assets and currency and start with a fair and ethical finacial system which doesn't rape 99% to fill the pockets of 1%. Let's try something different.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

How many of the children born to German women in the 12  months following the fall of the Third Reich had German fathers.

A significant number were children of Communists. Soviet style Communists. Stalin style rape.

Facism is as facism does.















SheepDog-One's picture

So you're saying you get BORN with a political ideology and that it's genetic??

walküre's picture

East Germany was a wasteland following the war. What you suggest might have some merit considering how many problems East Germans have adapting to the more productive West German lifestyle after the wall came down.

Never thought about who the fathers of West German kids were born in the 12 months after the war. French, Brits, Canadians, Americans .. quite possible.

Fascism is such a big word. Every society has their own propaganda and ways of brainwashing kids. Here in the US it's the churches, the military, colleges and Hollywood of course which are all doing such a fine job of misinforming the kids and making sure they grow up well behaved, controlled and without any resistance to their oppressors. This is decades in the making now. We have "good" kids but they don't want to work and can't survive without being told what to do or what to believe. Their level of frustration is rising because they bought into the education lie and cannot find jobs suited to their levels of education. But will they understand that they've been lied to and exploited as dumb tools for the benefit of the banks and the political class which made a killing on student loans?

A. Magnus's picture

"He created lots of work for the Germans and the youth were lifted out of the gutter and trained for life."

To be a bunch of murdering, pillaging assholes who made a living by stealing other people's property at gunpoint. If that kind of socialism is your example of 'positive central planning' then you have no business bitching about bankers when you promote the fruits of their labors like that...

walküre's picture

That's a very generic statement. I could argue that every effort by the US military leads to abuse like we've seen in Abu Graib. You missed the point of my comment. Before any shots were fired, Hitler fought against the financial repressions under the treaty of Versailles. That treaty was a complete failure and Germany paid a huge price for the loss of WW1 and subsequent reparations. Never heard of before in the history of warfare.

Now we have a similar situation in Greece and similar financial treaties which have put the Greeks in eternal bondage to international finance. Who is responsible for international finance? Same group as always, same as it ever was. The icing on the cake is that the group is using Germany as their scapegoat (again) in order to get their money back. The money that was loaned under odious terms in the first place by the same group who fudged the Greek accounting in order to get the money flowing.

It's a huge conspiracy and the Greeks are being played like fiddles. The Germans as well. At 60% youth unemployment it will take a few months, maybe a year before Golden Dawn or other populist voting blocs take matters into their own hands and start revolting. There will be blood in the streets and it may even bring war between Greece and Germany. Greek partisan terrorists bombing the banks in Frankfurt would not surprise me the least.

The youth across Europe needs to organize against the cabal that put them in bondage. It starts with Greece and Spain but they're all in this together. Kick the current crop of political whores to the curb. Their mostly corrupt and have tunnel vision when it comes to tackling the big issues. If it doesn't benefit them, they won't listen. The European elite needs to take a major haircut on the debt they've created. The debt that was leveraged on wealth created from thin air. It's not real and neither are the obligations to pay it back. This is odious debt and we have no problem declaring debt such when we're talking about allegedly "corrupt" tin pot dictators for example.

BigDuke6's picture

The MC crowd have made sure that german/western women have black man fantasies.

There are plenty more africans running around where this guy came from.

Christian parents of  a friend of mine helped bring this guy from the Gambia to the UK.  They got him a job but he soon got the lust for white women and headed off to Germany where he impregnated 2 before getting slung out of europe for a while.

Europe has had it unless Walkure and his generation gets fired up

thisandthat's picture


Bankers and their political whores.

Like Hitler.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

How sad. Thoughts and prayers.

On the other hand for Vday. Hunka hunka burning love...

fourchan's picture

thats how great italy is.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

Italy is great enuf that all the boyz from Africa want to land there and then they would rather immolate than leave again.

Dr. Engali's picture

Yeah I watched a guy get torched in a cabin two days ago...a bomb blow up at a check point yesterday. I'm pretty much done with the fire thing. Can we start throwing bankers to the lions now? That would be much more exciting. We could turn it into an event..Something BIG like at a football stadium..yeah that's it.  Hmmm this all sounds familiar...

dracos_ghost's picture

Panem et Circenses my friend. Panem et Circenses.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

I wonder how much effort would have been broght by LEO's if it had been one of my family murdered?

Good to see government employees working so hard and long for the people.

Kill a citizen and we will do everything in our power to find the bad guy. /s

Kill anyone associated with LEO and you will see what we can do when we actually care.

Zwelgje's picture

"Let me into your house!"



Dr. Acula's picture

The difference is, unlike a house, the country of Italy isn't legitimately owned by anyone.

For example, there is no justification for interfering with a private property's owner willingness to admit the migrant on his property.


katwoman's picture

No one will give a damn until 'bankers and TPTB' start doing things like this.  It really makes you sick to think how desperate someone must be to this.

Yellowhoard's picture

I get it!

He had a choice of flying coach to Amsterdam during the off season or setting himself ablaze.

Duh. No leg room in the back of the plane and all of the quality Amsterdam hookers are wintering in Southern Italy.

sitenine's picture

Deported to Amsterdam? Oh! The horror!

Squid Vicious's picture

They were going to throw in a free Carnival Cruise... that's when he took out the lighter

sangell's picture

And what is Europe to do. Allow Africans to take what few jobs there are for their own young people? Europe needs to deport millions of these foreigners.