Bonds Up, Stocks Up, USD Up, JPY Up! Fed Up?

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Nothing matters - that is all. Some of the ugliest macro data we have seen in a while (apart from an 'estimated' initial claims print) and the moment the US opens - the bid is in (discounting Buffett's inflows?). It seems that the market has decided that if it quietly goes up day after day by a point here or there then noone will notice - and call it for what it is. S&P 500 has closed within a 4 point range for the last week - 1518, 1517, 1519, 1520, 1521. Financials were bid, Utilities offered, and Tech tracked AAPL up and down. Treasuries rallied notably from the open of the US day session, recoupling with stocks from yesterday's 'great rotation' sell-off. The USD leaks higher, with GBP weakness and modest JPY strength on the week, weighing on PMs further as Silver ran lower this morning (to test unchanged YTD) but bounced from the open on. VIX compressed to 12.65% and held stocks up.  Oil remains bid above $97 - handy outperfortmer on the week. So summing it up - 4 days of uber low volume, falling average trade size, gently rising stocks, flat USD, flat Treasuries, lower gold, and higher oil. And for the record, S&P options skew (complacency) is now at pre-crisis levels. 


Short-term realized volatility has only been this low once in the last 10 years! Each time the market has been this quiet - volatility has smashed higher shortly after...


The S&P 500 volume was once again well below a falling average and average trade size the lowest in weeks...


Oil is holding in as Gold and Silver slip..


Silver's dump this morning appears to be a test of the YTD unch line...


As the USD ends +0.2%, EUR unch and JPY regaining some much-hated strength (that we are sure Abe or his proxy will allow just through the G-20 weekend)...


as Bonds disappoint the rotation meme once again...


Charts: Bloomberg

Bonus Chart: This is the skew implied by option prices - i.e. by looking at options prices we can discern the distribution of potential returns implied by the market (as opposed to moneyness skew). This chart is interpreted simply - the higher the level, the more complacent about any downside - we are now at pre-crisis high levels of complacency!!

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Yeah, it is way past the point where it just doesnt not matter anymore.

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The Careless Whisper Afternoon News Update & Threadjacking

Senator Elizabeth Warren Asks Regulators Today; "When Was The Last Time You Took A Big Bank To Trial?"  Followed by: "Why Are The Big Banks Trading Below Book Value?"  Anyone? Anyone?  VIDEO

Matt Taibbi Explains How HSBC Partners With Drug Cartels And Terrorists

GE $14 Billion Windfall To Be Used For Buying Spree

Florida Law Would Limit Time Of Alimony Payments To 50% Of Marriage Time

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And guess what? Silver and gold smashed. Though platinum and palladium remain incredibly resilient. Just think, a few months ago platinum was $200/oz cheaper than gold. Today, it's $100/oz more expensive! Invest in rarities, invest in physical wealth, and wait it out.

The entire paper wealth paradigm is one gigantic ticking time bomb. ETFs, futures, and other forms of digital junk are about as useful as a chocolate teapot for us non-initiated into the cult of 33 Liberty street.

Meanwhile, as you can see from the charts on and , the smack has simply led to higher premiums in the physical market. 

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LOL. All those suckers who junked me earlier could have checked out the link, paid attention to at least my gold model (freely available), and might have either A) found some opportunity or B) saved their asses by using a bit of superior intel.

Anyway, today's action in gold and silver was yet again no surprise. If you're paper trading these markets or trying to gather enough physical at decent prices, you better be using good tools or you're giving away your money.

And no, DCA is for losers - especially in this day and age. - Updated.

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What will crude peak at in USD this year? Seems to me that is what matters at this point.

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My PM's are priced in PM's.

Always worked for my family over 200 years.

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A point a day keeps the bears away!

why didn't we think of this before, rig it for a point a day and we will get another 200 points on the SPX for the rest of the year or 13%....yea...were gonna be rich bitchez

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God bless the USSA!  

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This is what QE and ZIRP were meant to do.

Drive retail out of the equity markets, to make it easier to lurch them higher on little-to-no volume.

Less volatility=higher prices=rich get moar richer.

Sure, a 401(k) will boast nice gains, but then, so will commodities and food stuffs.

So, stick that in your retirement portfolio and smoke it.

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I would argue "major league unintended consequence" actually. And with 200 billion still vaporized from Lehman and it's no wonder Syria was declared "verboten." unfortunately we appear to either a: have double dipped or b: are about to. It won't be hard to tell if so. Look for retail prices to start plunging "and proceed from there."

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Pro's afraid to sell, Fed buying what it can, and retail is already gone.

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well...don't fight it...

my portfolio - UP!!!

Just playing the game with 'em.

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Hey Fred! ~ Ya hear that?.... add another joobuck gazillionaire to the scrap heap...

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Unemployment Up, Mass Murders Up, Real Inflation Up, People on Welfare Up - awww, who gives a shit any more!  This ponzi scheme is going to the moon bitches!

I'm going long tulip bulbs before they run out!

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Alternatively, the headline could read Dollar Down.

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USD closed up on the day, no?  It's been rallying all month.  

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Feels like the calm before the storm.  QE was just increased to over $1 Trillion a year and the market is D.O.A.?  WTF?????!!!!!!

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I wonder how many secondary offerings we'll have today?

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lol, no worries, if your company isnt really living up to expectations, you will just get taken out by buffett. At the end of the day the Fed can just underwrite Berkshire to sweep the markets clean of anything too onerous to ramp

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You're all fucking expecting "fundamentals" to fucking kick in when chief of all fucking ponzi's is fucking pumping $85+B a month into the fucking TBTF's to take and fuck everyone else up the ass?


Fuck you Bernanke.  You have succeeded in fucking creating the fucking financial bomb to end all fucking bubble bombs you fucking pure evil dick.

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You're becoming blatantly gratuitous, and for that I thank you.

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I scroll through posts to look for Mr. Bubble which means you, which means a shitload of fucks. 

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It is Valentines Day.......everything is locked and loaded and ready for take-off.

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5 cents please... [nickles bitchez]...

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how about if a stock in a company that was  minted on a physical gold coin. Say a 1 oz APPL gold coins that had 10 shares of apple stock printed on it. dividend paying gold and hedged equity in the palm of your hand.

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As one of the last shorts standing and having my a$$ handed to me along with giving back all my January gains (not to mention getting beat by a 16 yr old trading genius), I must admit that another day of this will drive me to cover and stand aside.  I may have to make a sacrifice to the short gods.  A market fall will arrive shortly thereafter.

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You *should have* been right. It's just that the overlords are running the game.

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Sequester drama + "sell in May and go away" will claw back Jan. and then some.  We'll end the year up 8-10%, but there will be some swings.

Remember, ever year we've had since the 2009 bottom has had some "down events" peppered into it in order to make it seem like the market isn't totally fucking rigged.

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Don't bail yet.  Given the recent GDP news both here and in TROW, the tide may finally be turning, and if we slip into "official" recession again, even Ben's $85B a month won't be able to keep stocks up.

Give it another week or two, at least.  I've been waiting years, and am not about to give up now.

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RETAIL is ALL OVER THIS is the "pro's" that are screwed. All the guys I know (retail) have been short gold/silver, long the banks for sixteen months and making huge dough. Yeah it looks and feels phony but all this really represents is my "Best trade for 2013: SHORT CASH and CASH EQUIVALENTS

Cash is trash and while stocks may be overpriced, cash is absurdly expensive. The Central Bankers are telegraphing that and have been since 2008. "No deflation on my watch - no-sir-eeeee."

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fuck you troll.  You do know what fucking website this is right?  Go back to Yahoo fuckstick.


(note: if you forgot the "sarc/" tag at the end of your post, disregard the above fuck you's)

francis_sawyer's picture

That was fucking hilarious...


Now I want to hear this guys 'Oscar' predictions... Let me guess...

- A Spielberg sweep [because of his ACCURATE portrayal of Lincoln]...

- Statues for Zero Dark Thirty [because of the riveting, edge of your seat, depiction of the Bin Laden raid]...

More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

Well they got me.  I blew my load fighting the fed, even though I was told as a young man to never fight the fed.  I just refused to believe they would take the ponzi to this level.  Well, I'm out now don't give a rats ass and will never play again after a lifetime in the business because well really....what's the point.

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Well, I'm out now don't give a rats ass and will never play again

Sorry you went through that, but welcome to the outside.

Screw the system!

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Yeah, me too, lost it all shorting the market on fundamentals.  I finally lost another little $5K nest egg (saved up from wages) on SPY puts over the last month.  Figured the market wasn't going to get its good earnings, rebound in hiring, rebounding Europe, and robust Q4 GDP growth it was pricing in.  I got everything right except the which direction stocks would go as a result of all these negative macro surprises part.  But, now I'm out-OUT.  For good.  Fuck them and their short term ill-gotten trillions.  They only had to bring down America to do it, but eh, when you have a few hundred million stashed in Cayman accounts and Picasso's, who needs America anymore anyway?  As the above poster noted, I'm finaly free...nothing left to lose is another word for freedom.  Let's get going on this reset so at least my kids might have a future. 

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That is why options are useless.  They zeroed all the puts on both SPY and IWM today and there are massive numbers of in the money calls ready for the ensuing crash.  Seen it happen over and over to gold and silver, looks like the same setup for the call holders tomorrow and next week.


SPX looked to me like it topped yesterday, I went 100% short and am just trading in and out on the rips and dips.  When it dips, I sell some SPXU and when it goes back up as it always does, I buy it back.  Been a good trade for a week or so, you just can't hold the stuff or if you do, at least trade half of it in and out.

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HYG and JNK still sending the "sell" signal, as are emerging markets.  T bills flip off every single talking head meme for the last seven weeks...the so called "great rotation"....pffft.  The TLT actually gave a significant upside reversal signal today before during and after today's auction.

European fundamentals absolutely roll over...not that they were any good to begin with.

The NY Fed makes a statement in the closing hour that it has not intervened in currency markets.  LOL!  There is your Bernankster laughing at you...talking to you as if you are a moron.  

CNBC talking heads urging folks to quick open up their 401k statements in an obvious attempt to locate moar greater fools...while simultaneously giving air time to Bernie Madoff bitching from his prison cell.

And the Roach Motel [SPY] closes up.  We have truly entered that market phase that the ZH brotherhood can love...with only the severely mentally retarded algos firing now.  

What an embarrassment this has all become.  What a laughing stock...a truly ridiculous joke.  Sell anything with a pulse in the morning...and ahead of closed markets on Monday.

Good grief...and by that I mean...I was born in the morning...just not yesterday morning.

Thank you Ben Bernanke for this ridiculous wasteland you have created for us.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Wheres Robottrader to cheerlead this market higher?  I miss the tits on his avatar.

Pairadimes's picture

1518, 1517, 1519, 1520, 1521.

Must have dawned on the person programming these results that it would look suspicious, so they swapped the Monday and Tuesday numbers. Much better.

Meat Hammer's picture

Is it wrong to actually WANT the crash to come so I can watch the ignorant fucks of the USSA wonder what the fuck happened; as those in the EBT brigade kill each other for Hot Pockets because the ghetto Visa cards don't be workin' no mo; as the self-appointed most-compassionate liberals, who always vote to raise my taxes, fist-fight over the last bottle of water on the shelf; as the public-sector employees who voted for Democrats to consort with the unions to give themselves the ability to retire at 55 while I work til I'm 65 to pay for it wonder if they're going to have to eat Alpo because the state can't pay their ridiculous pensions, etc. etc., all while I enjoy my stockpile of food, water, fine tobacco, and exquisite liquor, run my fingers over my stacks of gold and silver, and laugh like a maniac?


IridiumRebel's picture

Please give it a month so I can sell my house.


Conax's picture

You could see it all today in microcosm aboard that drifting disaster in the gulf.

It's a carnival of shit out there.