Guess Who Was Buying HNZ Stock From Its Clients

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An investment bank having a Sell rating on a stock? Usually an unheard of thing: why alienate the management, why prevent future banking business - it's not like banks are ethical creatures - and sure enough in this particular case, the bank in question had sell recos on just 14% of the stocks in its coverage universe. Which begs the question: what does a Sell rating really accomplish? Well, in this case, and in all such cases, it merely provides the firm's prop, pardon flow, traders the opportunity to accumulate the shares its "clients" are advised by the same bank's sellside group  to Sell, preferably to the bank in question. Who are we talking about? Take a wild guess...

Bottom line: 20% gain for Goldman's prop traders who bought all the HNZ stock they indirectly "advised" their client counterparts to sell to them.

Is it time to buy all other Goldman "Sells" on imminent Buffet takeovers?

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I shall short Goldman.

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I'm glad it was Government Sachs. I was afraid there was another firm out there trying to fuck everyone over. What? There ARE other firms? Well, shit. My faith in the whole system...oh nevermind. I never really did think much of TBTF and fascism.

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That these fuckers have "clients" is a tribute to human stupidity.

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"Stupid greed is as stupid greed does."  --Mamma Gump

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"Nest of schemin' bastards!" - Braveheart

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couldn't agree on the color of shite!!


The appearance of the law must be upheld, Especially when it's being broken

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the beauty of the advice is that the analysis is spot-on 

it's just that the recommendation came a bit early

perhaps could have been tweaked to say "sell *after* the transitory bump that will result from
fed --> banks --> berkshire --> hnzHolders

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Greed is the fear of missing out.

more powerful than the fear of getting F**ked

GS sorted this by making sure they have no fear to deal with 

1. use other peoples money

2. tell govts what to do, have your people in govt

3. have cash in your pocket - govt cash, investor cash, tax break cash, any which way you can get it cash....

4. do god's work


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A Simple redistribution of wealth from the top down.


Now all you who think something, one day, will happen to these bums best read your broker agreement.  If you buy one share of stock, you are considered a 'professional' and the broker has the right to choose the arborator and require YOU to surrender all finincial documents ( ALL not just with the brokerage) for the last 10 years including your bank records, credit cards, etc..  Think I am kidding? This is why ZIP has happened.

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Buffett is no better than Goldman - America's "Favorite" investor has blood on his hands.  Dont buy any of this "Buffett Investing" crap...

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I stopped drinking Coke and later all soda, Switched from colgate toothpaste to other brands, bought an electric razor so i don't have to pay Gilette, don't eat at Mcdnalds, yanked my money from wells fargo and now I can stop buying Heinz Ketchup.  Fuck u Buffet, bernanke, JPM et al.  I'm doing my part.  If 20% of the population did what i did this shit ends in 3-4 quarters.  Stop spending your money in conglomerates and buy local even if it is a bit more.  I get the satisfaction of knowing at least I'm helping a local business owner rather then some fat cat with an enormous salary, bonus and golden parachute if he/she fucks things up. Still trying to save on oil and gas.  I'll figure it out eventually

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I thought about boycotting Heinz ketchup (catsup) until I realized I haven't bought it in years... I get it from free restauraunt packets...

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Better yet, if 20% of the population would turn off the boob tube.  Just think if the constant flow of MSM propaganda, commercials and hollywood's version of reality were cut off.  TPTB would be in a fix.  

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well, when you are a pro politician and you needs to be re-elected every coupla years....who you gonna call? those elections take money....the more you be corrupt, the more money you need to gloss that over and sling more mud at any opposition. so at the day's end you got a sorta defacto facism in place....those with the gold make da rule.

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Anybody look at MDLZ 's balance sheet ? Did they get saddled with all the debt from the Kraft spin-off leaving the parent debt free ? 

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MY BIG question IS.....what the hell has Heinz got worth this price????  Did the old fart lose this mind?  Or was this to get some money into some political hands nice and clean?

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12. do as we say not as we do.

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I did not know Berlesconi was into little boys!

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Principal versus Agency, bitchezzz.

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that effin geezer really getting on my nerves.

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There is no injustice in a wolf acting like a wolf.  


There is only ignorance in the belief that a wolf will not act like a wolf.

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like a stihl chainsaw, after third pull and little varoom, that would be your sell signal, or well you know what the chainsaw will do....

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An investment bank having a Sell rating on a stock?

Only a fool would ask a pack of wolves where to winter his sheep.

Glass-Steagall was to help protect some of the foolish sheep, and we know what the wolves did to that sheepdog.

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The real question is what will be done to deal with the wolf problem?

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The wolf problem will continue as long as campaign contributions are bribery is legal and a select few control the money and the elections.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws"


— Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild  



"I don't care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating."


- Boss Tweed.

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a nice deterrent is to piss all around your boundary line.

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Bad news: all the sheepdogs have been killed, the ranchers have been disarmed, and poison is outlawed.

Don't be a sheep.  

Do blame the lawmakers that didn't prosecute the murderers, disarmed the ranchers, and outlawed poison.  HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

This will continue as long as campaign contributions are bribery is legal.

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being a wolf = acting like a wolf  = doing gods work 

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So I suppose I'm not ignorant by believing the SEC will do nothing about this?

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As regarding the Wolves... ?

Read Synagogue Rising! 

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Hold it, Own it, Bitchezz..


Edit:  for my down voter - the House ALWAYS wins. Go back to your casino, fucking heroin addicts.

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Muppets get wiped out again!!!! LOLZ

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Surely you mean "sophisticated investors".

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Classic, Kermit strung out on heroin in the gutter

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You know, that was the image in my brain when I read the title. But it wasn't a dead Kermit, it was a sodomized one. Call it...., Muppet rape.

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Fuck you Goldman. Fucking assholes. You all should be in fucking prison getting your asses torn open while holding fucking hand with Madoff. You fucking pig balls sucking pricks.

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thinking soup is being nice today.

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you will know nice is over when the question is: is it safe? as the drill revs up.

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So Muppets like holding Goldman's Sack?

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Caveat venditor

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Insider Trading alert...ding ding ding.