Mike Bloomberg Wants To Ban Styrofoam

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If 2012 was the year Mayor Mike crushed the (apparently second) greatest evil in society: super-size sugary drinks, in 2013 he has found a new target in his neverending nanny-state vendetta: the pure, concentrated evil that is styrofoam.

From Reuters:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will propose a ban on Styrofoam, the substance commonly used for take-out food containers that is almost impossible to recycle.


The mayor who has already targeted fat, sugar and salt in the city will turn to extruded polystyrene foam, saying it clogs up landfills, does not biodegrade and might harm human health.


Styrofoam, he says, should go the way of lead-based paint, which the city banned from residential use in 1960. An estimated 20,000 tons of Styrofoam enter the city's waste stream each year, and it can add an estimated $20 per ton to the cost of recycling because it needs to be removed from the recycling stream, the city said.


"After all, we can live without it. We may live longer without it. And the doggie bag will survive just fine," the text of Bloomberg's speech says.


Dow Chemical Co, which makes Styrofoam, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Similar bans have been adopted in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.


The plan was likely to meet opposition from small businesses, since alternatives to Styrofoam tend to cost between two and five times as much.


"As this proposal moves forward, we hope that the concerns of the small businesses it affects - like cost increases - will factor in at least as heavily as environmental concerns," said Andrew Moesel, a spokesman for the New York Restaurant Association.

Since it is pretty meaningless to comment on this latest stupidity (as there will be plenty of other opportunities to do so in Mike's 4th, 5th and 6th terms as mayor), here is the Mayor himself presenting this brilliant idea to the masses.

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francis_sawyer's picture

I frankly don't remember any sort of comment like that... But if you want to go find it & pull it up, I'd be happy to elaborate or provide context [if I said anything like that at all]...


I say that with 100% confidence, because I have made literally DOZENS of comments on ZH that state in no uncertain terms that anything related to genocide or ethnic cleansing IS NOT the answer to the problems & IS NOT somthin that I support...

This is why I take exception to any comments that immediately try to move the needle of 'critical' comments I make [towards the greedy, immoral, & irresponsible, behavior of many jews in important positions] from a basic uncovering of FACT to some kind of CRAZED genocidal lunacy... [which is ~ frankly a tactic that jews have taken to an 'art form' for as long as I remember being alive, but which I didn't really begin to take notice of until the past decade or so]...

You know ~ kito... It is really the responsibility of THE READER to understand what's going on here... On the surface, it may appear that all francis_sawyer ever does is blame EVERYTHING on DOZE EVIL JOOS... But in reality ~ in every 'con job', it requires two parties... There are the 'grifters' & there are the 'johns'... If a 'john' would not allow himself to be conned, then the con will be unsuccessful [no matter how elaborate or well played]... If the 'john' is too stupid so as to allow himself to be conned, then it's partly his FAULT as well...

That's the distinction that I try to make every day...

Not ALL grifters are jews [but there are an extraordinarily large number of jews who have the 'grifter' gene in their blood ~ especially in banking, politics, & mass media ~ which are nodes that make LARGER swindles possible]... The 'grift' doesn't work on me... [& I hope if I can be vocal about it, I can help others to avoid to be unwitting 'johns']...

Tompooz's picture

"The dear Menachem. He always had such a way with words."

jjsilver's picture

It may be true that statement was not said by her, But, the behavior that statement describes is no hoax

Bandit und Buster's picture

But your mind at ease Kito,

Canaanites and Ashkenazi don't share the same dna as true Israelites/Anglos

Harbanger's picture

I know one thing I do HATE.  That is Hotels with windows that don't open.  wtf? it's getting harder to find one with real windows.  Why am I forced to breath recirculated air like I'm on an airplane or something?  I know it's the result of some BS federal regulation somewhere.  No more laws to save me and the planet please.

Piranhanoia's picture

If anyone tried to give me food in styrofoam it would be one less sale.  Does anyone want to eat or drink something that tastes like shit, if they aren't expecting shit?   You ever break up a piece of styro?   a 2 inch square goes into a thousand pieces.   What the hell is wrong with getting rid of trash before it becomes trash?

Totentänzerlied's picture

You deseve Sodom and Sodom deserves you.

"Just admit you failed, you can't make it here"

Yeah I bet you read Gulag Archipelago and said "Solzhenitsyn's just a little bitch, he's just mad cause he couldn't "make it" in socialist Russia". Your economic ignorance is staggering and more to the point who in the fuck would want to "make it" in that reeking pollution-filled authoritarian socialist utopian cesspool you call home?

Jealous of the people who did? Really? Is that you with the 5th Ave pent-house getting chauffered to your corner office job at Goldman Sachs? Didn't fuckin' think so. You and your fellow urban peasants haven't "made" jack or shit of yourselves, unless we take "slaves of the East Coast liberal establishment under the leadership of Der Fuhrer Herr Bloomberg" as something to which we should all aspire? And here's some history for you, when my great grandparents "made it" in NYC after immigrating from Europe, guess what they promptly did? THEY GOT THE FUCK OUT.

"we could just be honest and admit it's not Bloomberg you all hate, it's NYC"

I see you're not very good at logic either. It is entirely possible to hate 2 things simultaneously. Like you for example; you obviously hate places that aren't remiscent of prisons in the socialist-realist/neo-classical Imperial architectural styles, whose air doesn't cause one to gag and choke, and which isn't filled with hyperegotistical social-acrobat automatons.

What can I say, some organisms prefer to live in animal excreta, others choose American cities like NY.

Raymond Reason's picture

Hahaha, loved your post.  Like my dad used to say, "New York is a great place to be from". 

Theta_Burn's picture

For all Bloomberg's micromanagement lately on what people can and can't do, styrofoam containers really ARE bad for health and environment.

The guy can get one right no?


Bandit und Buster's picture

"For all Bloomberg's micromanagement lately on what people can and can't do, styrofoam containers really ARE bad for health and environment."

That OR he's just LONG paper and cardboard!

ultraticum's picture

Short styrofoam . . . or just a megalomaniac statist.  Probably both.

Teamtc321's picture

BK you actually have it turned around on this Texas "Redneck". I went to NYC once, once only, was there a whopping fucking two hours and left. That is a noisy, stinky, over ran shit hole. 

Please, keep the good mayor since he doing such a good B-job for ya all!


No pun intended, Bitch.

DaveyJones's picture

Guiliani is a lowlife crook

Bloomberg is a highlife crook

For all its pretending, the Bloomberg family helps push agendas 

BKbroiler's picture

sure they do.  BloomBERG definitely has his alliances, but so does every politician. Doesn't change what he's done right.  I wouldn't vote for him again because 3 terms are enough, but he turned this place around.  

Count de Money's picture

I call BS and you've only been here as long as Bloomberg.

I've seen the good (Koch, Giuliani), the bad (Lindsay, Dinkins), the mediocre (Wagner, Beame) and the fascist (Bloomberg). Go back to daddy's house in Scarsdale.

BKbroiler's picture

I moved here during Giuliani, after I finished college.  So you've been here your whole life, which means you didn't have to struggle like the rest of us to make it here. You lived in daddy's house in Scarsdale, mooched off your rich uncle in the upper west, and now, as a bitter old fart, ally yourself with the other bitter losers who hate a city that laughed at them.  sucks to be you.

Count de Money's picture

u mad bro?

Grew up in Brooklyn where twerps like you would get their asses kicked on a daily basis.

BKbroiler's picture

My first apartment was on Malcom X Boulevard in Bedstuy, so don't give me your war stories, pussy.  

Harbanger's picture

That was the old Brooklyn where people would knock your teeth out for looking at them the wrong way.  He lives in the modern Brooklyn with hipsters fags and west coast transplants.  That's why he thinks he da man.

DaveyJones's picture

people who go to prison can point to things "they've done right." Dick Cheney understands peak oil.

we're talking about an influential city in the heart of an influential industry in the heart of a collapsing economy, legal system and "influential" country. These are lines in the sand in a very unique time and predicament. History will judge the followers and the whores against the brave.   

RSBriggs's picture

if you're so fucking brilliant, then name me ANY city on the planet that has a "couple hundred million people".  There's just over 'a couple hundred million people" in the entire United States....

BKbroiler's picture

ok, so I mistyped.  Obviously I meant a couple million.   I'll go get your trophy.

Raymond K Hessel's picture


Bloomberg's in his 3rd term becuase he spends $250-$500k for lawyers to challenge every signature that puts a candidate on a ballot.  I know one guy who said if he knew Mickey Blue Eyes was willing to spend $250,000 in legal fees to get him off the ballot, he could have just signed the check to him instead.   

He's in his 3rd term becuase he has completely bullied the NYS GOP into total submission.  He probably has the Dems on a short lease too.

He's a tyrant.  

You are a dick.

BKbroiler's picture

He's on his third term because his competition was weak.   The GOP is a creationist joke, and people in NYC actually learned things in school, so they don't vote for them.   Maybe I am a dick, but what's that got to do with anything?

Totentänzerlied's picture

"and people in NYC actually learned things in school"

Yeah, they learned how to be good little liberal slaves who don't even acknowledge the possibility of anything outside of the Mass Line, who are grateful and proud of the garbage dump they inhabit. Your schools are a fucking joke, your teachers are an abomination, and your people are kowtowing self-loathing trash. But that is the price you pay for "building socialism", right?

Count de Money's picture

"Maybe I am a dick"

The only thing you said that's correct.

PrintemDano's picture

There is nothing "dangerous" about styrofoam, you liberals are just brainwashed fools.  You sir, Mr BKbroiler, are also a dick.   I live in the suburbs of NY and can't wait to leave this effing state, Cuomo Jr's gun grab attempt has pushed me over the edge.  Fuck liberals. There are 2 classes of liberals, brainwashed delusional fools [useful idiots if you will] The other is evil scumbags, like Ozero and Bloomterd, Cuomo Jr types.  Fuck em all.

Teamtc321's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, Dick. But didn't Bloomy win by about 50k votes in which he spent 85 million of his own banster  cash on buying votes? As we say in Texas, All hat and no cattle fits well. Please do keep that gun grabbing troll in your lovely city, all to yourself k. 

Must eat red meat, must eat red meat. Chant it broiled dick.


Zap Powerz's picture

So we do need government to protect us from ourselves?

Who protected us from ourselves before the state existed?

How did we ever evolve to be the top of the food chain without all that centrally planned help to do so?

Your ancestors would be ashamed that that struggled, fought and died to pass on their genes just so you could turn into a parasitic statist needy neederton.  What a waste.

BKbroiler's picture

parasitic statist needy neederton

Right, except I probably pay more in taxes than you make in a year, and made it form scratch in the most competitive city in the world.  I think my ancestors would be quite proud.

Count de Money's picture

I'm sure grandpa Adolf would be very proud of you.

Totentänzerlied's picture

And that is why you compulsively must defend the wasteland you live in. Keep paying your fuckin taxes little slave, and keep lording it over those greedy barbarian capitalists (who pay, as a percentage of income, as much as you ever have) you've driven out of your urban worker's paradise. All the taxes in the world couldn't fix your city, but damned if you guys won't stop trying - and grandstanding while bankrupting your poorest neighbors.

Forward, Soviet!

Zap Powerz's picture

BK....maybe you do pay more in taxes than I make in a year.  It would mean you make many millions of dollars per year, which is possible, but less likely.

I write 6 figure income tax checks every year. :)

I dont live in NYC which means the money I get to keep buys a LOT more than the money you get to keep! LOSER!

BKbroiler's picture

yes, a multi-millionaire who trolls ZH all day and ends his sentences with :)  

I've read your nonsense posts on here, you're really not fooling anyone.  

Zap Powerz's picture


Youre the guy claiming to pay more in taxes than I make in a year and now, suddenly, IM the multi millionaire trolling ZH?

Dude, are you on some kind of binge drinking angry ZH posting rampage or something?

Your ass is figuratively getting handed to you on these threads because you make really stupid arguments, use poor logic, and think there are "hundreds of millions" of people in a city you claim to live in.

You should log off and sleep off the booze.  Trust me.  Ive done it before.  Youll feel mildly better in the morning.

Count de Money's picture

Feels good to let out your inner fascist, doesn't it?

Chupacabra-322's picture

This is a test case (Dorner) to see whether people are “ready” for further loss of their due process and trial by jury rights. If the actions of the police don’t generate a sufficient level of outrage, government will escalate the Constitutional revocation plan.
Removing Constitutional rights operates under the boiling frog principle: keep increasing the temperature slowly, slowly.
They don’t want everyone jumping out of the pot; they want the majority of people to never realize they’re being burned alive.

They're Criminal Fascist Globalist's.

fuu's picture

" If you guys ever leave the farm and decide to live in a city with a couple hundred million people, you have to make concessions."

Dude put the crack pipe down.

PowerzThatB's picture

No, it's just that Bloomberg is a hypocrite is why I have a problem with him.

Stoploss's picture

You better hope that idiot can ban hurricanes..  LOL!!

alangreedspank's picture

This is not a big deal, just idiot fodder for page views.

And how are you not an idiot exactly ?

thisandthat's picture

You just hate yourself for your freedoms.

20834A's picture

Bloomberg barely won a third term by (buying it) spending $90m of his own money. He got the chance to run by blatantly overturning term limits, which voter's had pushed, and which HE had originally supported (hypocrite). That alone earns him a noose.



unrulian's picture

wait a minute...he spent 90m on his re-election...of his own money?...to get a 200k job?...that alone should tell you how much that fascist donkey theives on the dole. he might be an idiot but he's not retarded

bilejones's picture


" If you guys ever leave the farm and decide to live in a city with a couple hundred million people"


I'd be interested in your list of cities with "a couple hundred million people" in them that you reference.

TMLutas's picture

Last I checked, NYC proper was 8M and with the surrounding collar counties it goes up to 20M. Wait, a majority of NYC's metro area lives out of the city. I wonder why that is... 

Look, I love NYC. I grew up a suburb kid and worked in it. And I understand why NYC re-elected Mike Bloomberg. The local Democrat party has about 80% of the vote and they've developed into a bunch of brain-dead incompetents who can't be trusted with running the city. The relatively few Republicans that exist in NYC are in a permanent defensive crouch and tend to have a major case of Stockholm syndrome. So, enter Mike Bloomberg as mayor for as long as he wants to be because a city of millions has created such a dysfunctional political climate that its bench depth is just embarrassingly thin. 

So Bloomberg's the man until he gets bored of the job and then you fall back into the hands of the looters who brought NYC the collapse of the West Side Highway. Nice plan B you got there. 

azzhatter's picture

I thought he was a poofster?

Squid Vicious's picture

I had jury duty with him, he's no more than 5'5" but his bodyguards were rather large, and well armed i'm sure